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Chapter 809 - One Man Blocking the Entrance

"Sinner's blood descendant!"

In the distance, someone muttered. There were a few heavenly deities whose eyes were resplendent, carrying killing intent as they stared at Supreme Being Ancient Altar. This type of freak appeared, powerful to a shocking degree. 

A few top figures were incredibly gloomy as they stared forward. 

Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, and Luofu True Vally's people were the most upset. Shi Hao killed their heroic disciples and acted so tyrannically, it was unforgivable. 

In front of Supreme Being Ancient Altar, Shi Hao's clothes weren't dyed by blood and his eyes were clear. Even though he looked delicate and pretty, he exuded an insurmountable aura, blocking the path by himself.

"Too arrogant!"

"What do you treat Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley as? Just a supreme expert, yet you dare to look down on all of those heroes?!"

Someone said coldly, causing the surrounding temperature to drop. It became extremely cold. 

This time, there were eight or nine ancient sects that sent out their talented inheritors to block off the paths in Supreme Being Ancient Altar, all for the sake of stopping that sinner's blood descendant. 

There was no way they weren't going to attach importance to this. They bestowed supreme weapons, yet in the end, those two individuals were greatly defeated, their corpses laying bloodily on the ground.


An incomparably oppressive sound rang through the air, as if a streak of thunder resounded through this place, ringing through everyone's minds. Even the big names and heavenly deities of different sects were no exception. 

Everyone felt the blood in their bodies speed up, their bodies greatly shaken. 

"Start ascending the altar." That cold voice sounded, no emotion or mood fluctuations to speak of. It was formed from natural laws, an existence that presided over this trial. 

Of the seven to eight hundred thousand supreme experts, only a portion were able to enter through the eight paths, reaching the Supreme Being Ancient Altar. Less than half of them made it in, yet in the end, it already begun. 

It was clear that if Sin Province entered last, many people would have lost their qualifications, being left behind by others with similar strength as themselves.


The space between Shi Hao's brows shone, releasing a golden beam of light. It turned into a divine sword, hacking into the crowd. 

After passing the tribulation, his primordial spirit became extremely condensed. Right now, it turned into a weapon, terrifying the people around him. All those that dared to turn their primordial spirits into weapons were freaks.


Within the group, six to seven people cried out, their hands holding their foreheads. Dark red blood trickled downwards, and then they turned into corpses one after another, collapsing onto the ground before ultimately turning into a rain of light, disappearing from this place. 

These were disciples from Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, those who didn't block the road previously but searched about within the crowd, so they made it through the disaster. However, they were killed now, following in the others' footsteps. 

"Too domineering!"

In the distance, there were deities who were furious. The disciples of this path were all killed, not a single one able to escape. This made their faces cold, their expressions incomparably unpleasant. 

The main reason was because those people had symbol markings on them, unable to escape Shi Hao's inspection. They thought that they would be safe by hiding in the crowd, yet in the end, they still fell. 

Shi Hao's figure flickered, disappearing from this place. He began to ascend the altar.

This place was noisy, several tens of thousands of experts rushing forward together with excitement, great emotions, and shock. They all began to ascend the altar as well. 

The descendant of sinner's blood killed two great sects' disciples. This was the same as eliminating powerful competitors for them.

At the same time, this slaughtering method made their hearts tremble. How many years has it been since something like this happened, daring to brandish a blade against the top inheritances of the higher realms? The sinner's blood descendent was powerful as expected. 

"Hurry and look, he isn't heading up straight and is instead changing directions." Someone was given a fright, shouting out loudly. 

Shi Hao was as strong and healthy as a divine ape, crossing the Supreme Being Ancient Altar and rushing to another direction, not going up.

"He is going to kill the people of other paths!" Someone said.

"Truly… powerful to a terrifying degree! Is he moving across the ancient altar to kill the people of other areas?!" 

Everyone was stupefied. How powerful was this? How exuberant does one's vitality have to be to do this? Normal people would all feel a mountainous pressure after reaching the altar, their movements sluggish.

However, he was like this, as if he was walking on flat ground, heading towards another place. 

Supreme Being Ancient Altar, truly an extremely massive place. It exceeded great mountains and was entirely pitch-black in color, towering into the clouds. 

As a result, the distance between the eight directions was quite far. Cultivators from different directions were in a different place, making it difficult for anything to happen in between paths.

Even with this type of great distance, Shi Hao still sprinted over, moveover extremely quickly. He was going to put all disciples from those ancient inheritances in check.

"Just a trifling supreme expert, yet he dares to do this? He is showing contempt for our ancient eternal inheritances!"

The creatures that watched this battle were all furious, their eyes cold. They moved as well, following his figure to see what his next actions were.

"He arrived!"

On Supreme Being Ancient Altar, someone cried out loudly. 

This was someone from Luofu True Valley who left before to report ahead of time, joining another group of people.

"This is bad. He came from Fire Cloud Cavern and Phantom Drake Dao Gate's direction. Could it be that those people have all been slaughtered clean?"

The expression of the people who were guarding this path changed greatly, all of them given a fright. 

"Do you all want to go back yourselves, or do you want me to send you all on your way?!" 

Shi Hao soared over, landing on the altar's stairs with a hong sound, blocking this path and looking at this group of people.

"He could actually jump that high from Supreme Being Ancient Altar?" Someone said with a stupefied expression. 

One had to understand that the pressure on Supreme Being Ancient Altar was tremendous. Even when powerful supreme experts ascended, their movements would still become sluggish, unable to fly at all, only able to climb. 


Someone raised a bone mirror, shining it this way. 

In that instant, Shi Hao's forehead bone released holy light again, scattering the clouds high up in the sky, immediately making the tens of thousands of supreme experts' hearts stir restlessly.

"Heavens, it's him!"

Now, everyone who participated here knew who it was that arrived!

"Descendant with sinner's blood, you are too egotistical! We didn't come looking for you, yet you dare take the initiative to show yourself. Are you here to cause trouble?!" One of them was unable to restrain his anger.

"Coming out first, you will be struck by disaster!" A female even directly laughed coldly. Even though she was alarmed, she still couldn't hold back her anger and resentment. 

It was because these inheritances jointly overlooked Sin Province, high above all others, supervising and controlling sinner's blood descendents. There was an innate superiority within their hearts. 

"It seems like I can only send you all on your way." Shi Hao didn't want to waste any words, directly taking action.

In that instant, this place erupted with brilliance. Bone texts were layered on top of each other, divine force fluctuations intense, surrounding a large portion of the ancient altar.

A great battle began, one that was especially intense. 

There was no way these people would resign themselves to this fate. There were people who held supreme weapons among this group as well.


However, soon after, that girl was the first to release a miserable cry, a string of blood splashing out from the space between her brows, her skull crushed by a single finger from Shi Hao. her corpse flew outwards. 

Then, a streak of light flew across, hacking four people at the waist. Blood dripped outwards, corpses resting by Shi Hao's feet.

Even though the people here did everything they could to resist, they still couldn't avoid their fate of destruction, all of them killed soon after. There was only a single youth standing there, the altar beneath his feet dyed red. 

"Sinner's blood descendent, he is challenging the great ancient sects with his actions! Too domineering!"

The supreme experts here cried out in alarm. They didn't know that Shi Hao had already taken action in two other places, killing a group of people.

The ones who were inspired the most were naturally Sin Province's cultivators. Their blood were surging, loudly cheering.

In the distance, the big names of various sects were all greatly shaken, some of them almost couldn't endure it any longer. This youth was too egotistical, actually daring to unleash a slaughter like this!

"Damn it, he is moving again!" Even a heavenly deity revealed a furious expression, his emotions stirring and his eyes overcast as he stared at Shi Hao. 

As expected, he moved around the Supreme Being Ancient Altar, strong and vigorous like a dragon, fast and furious as he rushed towards another area. 

Now, this place completely erupted. Many supreme experts from other directions knew about this, and great commotions erupted everywhere. 

As for outside the battlefield, those spectators were chasing after that youth's movements as well, following him around the altar. All of their eyes were focused on him.

Shi Hao displayed the Earth to inches great divine ability to its limit as he moved around the ancient altar, unleashing a great massacre.

Eventually the people of five directions were greatly defeated by him. Meanwhile, the people of the other three directions had already ascended the altar. This left all sides greatly shaken. 

"He deserves death, deserves to die!"

Outside the battlefield, the true deities and others who were watching clenched their fists, their bodies shining. The ones that died were their disciples, so it left them feeling quite sullen.

There were a few heavenly deities whose faces were also dark like dark clouds, a wave of formless killing intent pervading the air around them. Their own disciples, disciples of their sect died right in front of them. This was truly a humiliation. 

That youth unleashed a great slaughter like this, this was an undisguised provocation!

Of course, even more of the spectators were excited, noise erupting everywhere. They had nothing to be concerned about themselves, so this was naturally an interesting sight, seeing these great ancient inheritances being treated like a joke. 

How many years had it been since something like this happened? It made everyone's hearts rise and fall greatly. 

Shi Hao looked outside this altar, his eyes releasing two beams of cold electricity, gazing towards those top level great sects' people. He didn't say anything, but this type of glare made those people even more angry.

Shi Hao raised his head towards the enormous altar. He moved quickly, rushing upwards. 

The black ancient altar was nine layers total in height. Each time he ascended a layer, the pressure he faced would increase several times, the greater the further he went. It was difficult to overcome. 

However, when Shi Hao moved, the supreme experts he passed were shocked, only seeing him speed past as if he didn't receive any restrictions, rushing towards the first layer's highest point. 

Then, his body slowed down. He continued towards the second layer. 

Everyone was in an uproar. This was just too full of energy! One has to understand that many people were still working hard in the first layer, their heads covered in sweat, their bones about to be crushed. 

With a shua sound, Shi Hao's figure moved, once again leaping up. Even though his speed was now a bit slower, he still wasn't hindered, rushing towards the third layer. 

"He's mad, truly a freak! How could his flesh travel at such a great speed while under that kind of pressure?!"

Supreme Being Ancient Altar was extremely massive, far surpassing archaic demonic peaks. There were several tens of thousands of cultivators crawling, densely packed like ants. Everyone couldn't help but raise their heads and cry out. 

Others were still clenching their teeth while struggling to climb up, yet he was rushing upwards like this.

Soon after, Shi Hao arrived at the highest point of the three layers. He was speechless. In this place, all eight directions merged together, only one path leading further up.

If he knew this earlier, he would have just came here first, no point in visiting the separate directions. 

Shi Hao stood here, blocking the path alone, overlooking everything below.


Someone came up from a certain direction, shocked and angry, but also feeling some fear. They already received the report that the sinner's blood descendent was unleashing a massacre like a devil king. 

"What are you trying to do?" Someone berated.

"Are you an idiot? Isn't it obvious?" Shi Hao said coldly. His hands were behind his back, his clothes fluttering about and black hair dancing in the air. His eyes were resplendent like divine lamps.

A single person was blocking the path here, overlooking the world like a demonic lord, releasing a suffocating pressure. 

These people were shaken, and at the same time incomparably furious.

A girl cried out, "Do you know what kind of disaster you provoked? Even if you can behave so atrociously here, once you return to the outside world, you will definitely die, murdered by others!"

The others' expressions were furious, their eyes carrying resentment. They were supposed to be the ones taking the initiative to attack, yet in the end, someone else was blocking the path, about to deal a fatal blow. 

"Your inheritances, are they worth anything? There will be a day when the injustice of sinner's blood will be brought to light. Now that I am standing here today, not a single one of you can think about passing!"

Shi Hao said. He started ascending after everyone, yet he was the first one to arrive. This left everyone shocked. 

Regardless of whether it was the several tens of thousands of supreme experts or the endless spectators, they were all shocked. The ones that were being stopped even more so felt their hearts trembling.

"Boasting shamelessly, kill!" Someone shouted.

It was clear that this group of people still weren't his opponent, slaughtered until blood flowed like rivers. That group had over a hundred people, a rather large size, yet heads continuously tumbled and blood splashed outwards. 

"Ah, it hurts me to death!" Outside the arena, a low roar sounded from the big names watching the battle. He couldn't take it any longer, about to take action!

"You… don't come over!"

In the end, someone collapsed, truly scared stiff by Shi Hao's viciousness.


There was a girl who was even more direct, ending her own life, moving the sword across her neck. Bloody light flashed, and then she turned into a rain of light, leaving Spirit Realm. 


This created an uproar, making everyone's hearts tremble.

As for the remaining people of these sects, they were all stupefied. This was a great shame. 

"This… how can this hatred be tolerated?" Outside the arena, deities roared, their voices rumbling like thunder. 

This was intolerable. These were ancient and powerful inheritances that intimidated the world, yet their disciples were slaughtered until they lost confidence, actually committing suicide to leave the battlefield! If news of this got out, for these great sects, it was a stain, a joke. It was too embarrassing.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Hao wiped out this entire group. He stood there alone, overlooking the crowd.

Supreme Being Ancient Altar could not calm down again. Regardless of whether it was the spectators or the tens of thousands of cultivators on the altar, all of their eyes were focused on the youth on the third layer. 

"You are strong, however, today, you will still be fleeing from a calamity!" Suddenly, someone spoke.

This was a group of people that was led by six white clad individuals. The six individuals each carried a precious case that was solemn and serene, surrounded by holy radiance. They walked over step by step.

Shi Hao was speechless. They came down from the fourth layer, their speed actually this fast, reaching a higher layer, but coming back down again just for him. 

"Six Crown King wants your life, so no one can change your fate. Not even the heavens can save you." Someone from those six individuals spoke, extremely cold, but also quite aloof.

"Just by relying on your strength?" Shi Hao laughed loudly.

"By relying on Six Crown King's methods, we will bestow death upon you!" Someone said, standing from a high location, looking down on Shi Hao. 

"Six Crown King? What does that fart think he is? If you all are seeking death, then I will help you all do so!" Shi Hao said coldly.

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