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Chapter 808 - Devil King Displays Power

Eight directions, eight paths, they all surrounded the massive altar at the center. 

Supreme Being Ancient Altar, a structure even taller than mountains, reaching into the clouds, incomparably massive. Apart from this, there was even strange spatial natural laws surrounding this place. That was why the decisive battles of another path would not be witnessed by people of other routes. 

When Shi Hao appeared and walked forward, he didn't attract any attention. 

On the contrary, there was a disturbance up ahead that drew the attention of all of the supreme experts here. There were people from Sin Province who wanted to forcefully make it through.

"You, and the rest of you, who are you trying to fool? Don't think that I cannot tell that you have sinner's blood. You still dare get in the front? Get as far from me as can be and make way for the others!"

The thin lipped woman from Phantom Drake Dao Gate spoke, her words sharp and her face cold. Her face that was still considered beautiful carried disdain and contempt. 

This time, it was clearly different. There were many people from Sin Province, and all of them activated precious artifacts, planning to attack together, because they felt too repressed.

Fire Cloud Cavern's scarlet clad male had blood at the corners of his lips. He held the precious ruler while coldly looking out, releasing a great pressure. 

In his surroundings, the other individuals looked like they weren't serious, but they were all taking precautions. They weren't looking at this group of people, but instead at the entire supreme expert crowd, searching for something. 

It was clear that they were worried that the one who used the golden lotuses would reappear. 

When both sides were nervously confronting each other, everyone suddenly saw a youth walk forward, stepping into the scene. This type of mood was terrifyingly tense, yet he unexpectedly broke this silence.

You, back off to the side first. Enter after we dealt with these people." Phantom Drake Dao Gate's woman spoke, her thin lips carrying cold intent as she shot Shi Hao a look. 

"If I want to enter, why would I need your permission to do so?" Shi Hao didn't stop his steps, his pace unchanged as he continued forward.

"You… are quite daring!" The woman frowned as she looked at him.

At this moment, everyone became shocked. This youth was full of confidence, unexpectedly daring to talk to the people of these two inheritances like this, not simple at all.


A streak of light flashed past. In front of the road, behind Fire Cloud Cavern's scarlet clad male's back, a young expert who looked rather nonchalant lightly moved the bone mirror in his hands. 

As a result, something no one expected happened. With just this casual sway, the forehead of the youth that was walking over shone, his entire body erupting with brilliant radiance. 

He looked like a sun god's child, wrapped around by the brilliant radiance, blood energy surging. A 'Sin' character appeared on his forehead, scattering the clouds above.

"It's you!"

"Found you, sinner's blood descendent, great vicious engraved patterns!"

Everyone was shocked, their expressions changing greatly. This casual illumination unexpectedly exposed the one they were looking for. So young, acting so carefree as he walked over.

This didn't seem that realistic. They originally thought that it would be hard to find him, believing that this person wasn't in Sin Province, yet in the end… he truly appeared!

As for the other party, the other supreme experts were stirred on. During these past few days, the events regarding the sinner's blood descendent whose forehead released sacred light, scattering the clouds, had stirred up great commotion, making all sects unable to sit still. Who would have expected to see this person with their own eyes?!

"He appeared! Is he going to challenge several inheritances?" Everyone's eyes began to sparkle, all of them holding their breaths. Great emotions and excitement stirred within them. 

Especially those of Sin Province, all of their blood surging, feeling like they couldn't stop themselves from screaming out. Now that this kind of figure appeared, were they going to get them out of this predicament?!

As for Shi Hao himself, he was quite cold. He looked at the ones blocking the road indifferently.

Through what had happened, he knew which inheritances it was exactly that was targeting Sin Province, suppressing sinner's blood descendents. Luofu True Valley, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, and others. They were all the most ancient, top level great sects. This made his mind sink.

No wonder sinner's blood was wronged. With these unmatched inheritances joining up, it truly made one's heart tremble. They really could cover the sky with their hands, concealing the truth. 

Only, he didn't know why these people didn't completely wipe out Sin Province's people.

"Do they have some misgivings, are they worried over something?" Shi Hao was exceptionally calm at this moment, thinking of many things.

Could it be that after sealing the sky and earth, the sinner's blood descendants who were protecting the borders were still alive, some of them still alive in this world after all these years?

When he thought of this, Shi Hao's mind violently trembled. If those people returned alive, what kind of events would take place?

Thinking up to this point, his war blood began to boil!

"All of you back off!" Shi Hao said, having Sin Province's supreme experts retreat to the side. He faced these people alone. 

"Gather the others!" These people trembled inwardly. Even though they knew that sinner's blood density didn't mean that Shi Hao would have an advantage, they were still worried, reporting to the other inheritances.

There was someone who wanted to leave and send a message to the other seven paths.

"Not a single one of you should even think about leaving!" Shi Hao said. Even though he looked delicate and pretty, when he walked up alone, there was a wave of pressure that made others' hearts tremble. 

"You think you can stop others from leaving just by saying those words?" A person sneered, turning into a stream of light, about to leave.


Shi Hao's body shone, Earth to inches, shrinking thousands of zhang into inches, crossing this distance. He blasted his fist out. 

Everyone's minds trembled. How fast of a speed was this? With just a flash before their eyes, they lost track of his whereabouts.


At the same time, heavenly overflowing divine radiance surged. This was only this youth's fist radiance, yet it streak across the sky like lightning, shooting down an expanse of shooting stars. 

This was too brilliant!

"Ah…" Someone shouted loudly there, using divine weaponry to block this attack and used secret methods as well, but they were all still useless. 

This was a supreme expert that reached the consummate level, as well as a heroic elite of a great sect, yet he was blasted out like a scarecrow, and then exploded in midair. 

That youth's fist was too vicious, destroying divine level magical artifacts and blasting a genius to pieces. This was all done by a single strike. 

With a shua sound, a shadow flickered. He stood in the battlefield again, the corners of his clothes dancing about. His eyes were clear, his body surrounded by holy radiance, as if he had never left this place.

This type of methods shocked everyone!


Fire Cloud Cavern's scarlet clad male took action. He brought out his precious ruler. A streak of scarlet multicolored light moved through the air, illuminating the eternal.

This ruler was too special. If it didn't receive the restriction of this Spirit Realm, its power would be boundless. This was a supreme level secret treasure, one that could also be called the supreme weapon of a cultivation realm. Normally speaking, it was unmatched here. 

At the same time, Phantom Drake Dao Gate's girl took action. Her palm shone with multicolored light. A Flood Dragon tendon appeared, forming a rope that extended towards Shi Hao. 

"Immortal Binding Rope!" Someone cried out in alarm.

This was not an ordinary object, but the secret treasure personally refined by her sect's ancient dao master. Even though it could only display might at the Supreme Expert Realm here, it could still be considered a supreme weapon!

This was a great expense, coming here with such a great killing weapon, moreover not just a single one. This made the supreme experts of all sides feel fear. These super ancient and flourishing great sects cared this much about the sinner's blood descendent?

They were clearly trying to kill the one whose forehead released holy light, fearing that something unexpected would happen.

At the same time, others took action as well. There were a few individuals that rushed over from all sides to provide assistance. 


In Shi Hao's surroundings, golden lotuses were everywhere, surging with endless radiance. It was as if golden waves were rising and falling, illuminating the heavens. They stopped the scarlet precious ruler.

At the same time, he bare-handedly caught the Immortal Binding Rope, and in his palm, stars moved one after another. Those were formed from lightning, forming a stellar river. 


A great battle begun. The group of people attacked Shi Hao, but he didn't retreat half a step, instead welcoming these two supreme artifacts. He pressed forward with unmatched valiance, fighting a great battle against them.

Meanwhile, within his body, figures shot out one after another, fast to the extreme. Those were spiritual bodies, catching up to the individuals that had just left for the distance. 


Simple and tyrannical, the auras of Shi Hao's spiritual bodies devoured mountains and rivers, their might heaven overflowing. Their opponents were blasted through one after another, exploding in midair. A rain of blood scattered down.

Sin Province's people's eyes were brimming with tears of excitement. Just now, their hearts were sullen, suffering great humiliation. Now, someone came out for them, unleashing such a great slaughter, pushing ahead unstoppably, making their blood surge within them. 

"Supreme weapons are useless?!"

The nearby supreme experts were alarmed. There were several tens of thousands of them, and all of them were stupefied. They represented the extreme, magical artifacts that were unmatched here!

Yet in the end, this person stopped them, moreover in an extremely unflustered manner as he slaughtered forward. 


His fist smashed outwards, directly landing on the blood-colored precious ruler, blasting it flying. It turned into a streak of blood-colored lightning, almost killing Fire Cloud Cavern's scarlet clad male on the spot.


Electricity erupted endlessly from Shi Hao's palm, turning into a string of stars, colliding with that Immortal Binding Rope. Lightning erupted endlessly, blasting it until it released wailing sounds, as if draconic cries were shaking the nine heavens. 

In the distance, the big names and heavenly deities from all different sects were shocked. This youth actually had such power! It wasn't that the supreme weapons weren't enough, but rather that this youth was too formidable! He… was an outstanding talent among supreme beings!

Supreme weapons, against supreme individuals, even if they had one or two, it was still not enough. The youth's black hair danced about, his eyes releasing cold electricity. At this moment, blood energy surged into the heavens, roiling like a sea.

He was just a single person, yet his might seemed to have oppressed heaven and earth, suppressed the world, overlooking all enemies!


Fire Cloud Ruler was blasted flying again, releasing a light cry.

Shi Hao was like a devil king. With a raise of his hand, divine radiance collapsed the void. He blasted out an extremely powerful fist.


Fire Cloud Cavern's heroic expert, the scarlet clad manl that was ranked in the forefront of his sect, even while using this type of supreme secret treasure, couldn't protect himself. The precious ruler flew outwards, and he coughed out large amounts of blood.


The wind caused by the fist swept about. Half of his body split apart. The young devil king whose entire body erupted with holy radiance pressed forward, once again striking outwards.


Heaven and earth rumbled. Fire Cloud Cavern's hero was blasted apart, his mind and soul destroyed. As for the precious ruler, it turned into a stream of light, unexpectedly escaping into the void, directly disappearing from its original spot.

Shi Hao turned around, staring at that woman. 

"Move together, kill him!" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's female screamed. Right now, she was truly scared. Not even exceptional talents, young supreme beings of a race could be this strong, right?

Even supreme weapons were useless, unable to do anything to the other party.

This left her feeling terrified, completely lacking her previous arrogance. Her harsh expression was replaced by fear.


Golden lotuses blossomed everywhere, tangling with that Immortal Binding Rope to forcibly break it. 


Immediately after, Shi Hao's hand flew over like an exceptional heavenly blade, sharp and resplendent. That woman's head flew out, carrying large amounts of blood. Her headless corpse collapsed onto the ground.

Shi Hao walked over, his entire body shining, his fists reaching flesh and palms seeing blood. The heroic disciples of two ancient sects were killed one after another, all of them slaughtered.

Fist radiance overflowed into the heavens, blood energy like ocean waves. Shi Hao stood on the battlefield alone, corpses resting all around him. Everyone was killed, blood dying this place red. 

Then, a rain of light surged, and these bodies disappeared.

Several tens of thousands of supreme experts were in silence, all of them stunned, their souls trembling. What kind of power was this?

In the distance, the big names and heavenly deities of various sects were trembling. This individual could actually do this! Even supreme weapons were useless, unable to stop him at all!

Shi Hao released a cold glance towards the distance. The higher levels of each sect trembled inwardly, especially Fire Cloud Cavern, and Phantom Drake Dao Gate's heavenly deities. They were all shocked. What was this sinner's blood descendent trying to do? Could it be that he was going to challenge them?

"Killed them well!" Sin Province's people snapped back, their blood surging, crying out loudly. This place erupted with commotion. 

Shi Hao walked forward, approaching that magnificent Supreme Being Ancient Altar. "Since you all dare to block the road and do this, then don't blame me for taking action as well."

He approached the ancient altar, and then he suddenly turned around towards the cloud, saying, "With me here, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Luofu True Valley, Fire Cloud Cavern and the others, all of you inheritances can forget about having a single one of your people enter the altar. If anyone dares to take a step closer, I will kill them without exception!"

Everyone was shaken up. Those powerful inheritances, all of their disciples were going to be locked out, unable to pass this trial?

This was too crazy!

This was cutting those great sects' natural luck short, seizing their opportunity to enter Immortal Ancient.

Shi Hao was like a great mountain as he stood in front of the altar, stopping all sects, suppressing all enemies here!

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