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Chapter 803 - Meeting By Chance

"This won't do, I need to find the Divine Striking Stone for protection." He felt that his body was currently undergoing transformations. He had to find a peaceful place. 

The great rain poured downwards, covering the world in rain.

Then, Shi Hao moved. The mountain ground below was scorched black, many of the mountain peaks collapsed, yet the great rain couldn't even eliminate the smoke. Electrical arcs were still flickering about. 

When he was passing through the tribulation, it was so far from the ground, yet such a large area of the mountain region was destroyed. One could imagine how terrifying it was. 

"Holy shit, you're still alive." The Divine Striking Stone flew over from the distance, saying this kind of sentence as soon as they met, making Shi Hao so mad he immediately wanted to beat it up. 

"Scaring me to death! The lightning tribulation just now was endless, pouring down from the heavens. I thought you were already turned into charred coal. I was ready to make a commemorative monument for you." The Divine Striking Stone muttered. 

The Emperor Butterfly flew over. The scene just now was truly shocking, that area surrounded by thunder radiance, falling down like a silver stream. It left them so shocked they could only watch from the distance. 

"Hurry, bring me away from here. I need to go into isolation cultivation." Shi Hao immediately sat down on the ground, because his chest bone was shining, making his entire body extremely uncomfortable. It felt as if he was being bit by many bugs. 

A streak of divine radiance tore through the sky. The Divine Striking Stone shone, bringing Shi Hao into the distance. They definitely couldn't stay in this place any longer. The lightning tribulation was tremendous, perhaps sensed by a few vicious beasts. 

They departed far from this place, descending into a valley.

Shi Hao's chest bone was in great pain. The most fundamental vitality within the lightning tribulation liquid rushed towards that area. Was this an omen of the supreme being bone's rebirth?

He was quite shocked. The precious liquid of the lightning pool was extraordinary after all, unexpectedly leaving his chest sore, as if it was going to produce something. However, it didn't seem too likely. 

It was because the other parts of his body felt a bit out of sorts.

"I already guided the supreme being essence blood to my entire body. Will I even be able to amass it towards my chest?" He was quite doubtful.

Sure enough, this time, it was a bit different. His entire body released a weak light. Of course, his chest was the most brilliant. His entire body seemed to be growing, undergoing some type of change. 

At the same time, Shi Hao felt dizzy, entering a daze, finding it difficult to even open his eyes. Sleepiness attacked at his mind. He couldn't resist this no matter how he tried.

In the end, he collapsed within the flowers and plants, entering a deep sleep.

After who knew how much time had passed, he then woke up in an absent-minded manner. Morning multicolored light was brilliant, and large amounts of golden radiance scattered down onto this body, warm and gentle. 

The thunderstorm had long ended. Right now, it was early morning.

The Divine Striking Stone was hiding in the distance, carrying a look of caution. It looked at him again and again. The Emperor Butterfly was doing the same.

"What's wrong?" Shi Hao asked. 

"You are still asking what's wrong? Late into the night, your entire body flowed with undecipherable symbols, almost putting our lives in danger!" The Divine Striking Stone looked like he still had lingering fears. 

"I was tossing about while asleep? Tell me about it more in detail." Shi Hao frowned. He wasn't aware of these things at all. 

"Who knows what was going on with you? You were sleeping there like a corpse, but then your body automatically flowed with all types of random symbols, as if it the Six Dao Reincarnation Gate was being opened. It was really weird and abnormal!" The Divine Striking Stone stressed. 

Shi Hao was completely speechless. He didn't remember any of this happening, only feeling like he slept quite deeply. It seemed like his flesh underwent some type of transformation, producing some type of instinctive reaction.

He carefully inspected his own situation, but he only felt that he had become more powerful than ever before!

Aside from this, his body was a bit peculiar, but he couldn't say for sure what part was different. He forcefully exerted strength, activating the True Primordial Record, and then he discovered that there were many mysterious specks of light around his body. 

"Is it supreme being blood?"

Shi Hao was incredibly shocked. He always felt like a few transformations had happened, but he couldn't understand them right now.

The human body was quite strange, able to open up Martial Dao Heavenly Eyes, mind's eye, and all types of potential treasuries. Shi Hao felt that his own transformation was similar to one of these treasuries that were opened up. 

He couldn't figure out exactly what happened. It should be related to the supreme being bone and blood. 

"I won't worry about it for now. Either way, it seems like some good transformation." Shi Hao put on a set of clothes, and then he brought the Divine Striking Stone with him out of the valley.

During this period, he took out some lightning tribulation liquid to feed the Emperor Butterfly. That stone was so jealous it really wanted to produce a flesh body to devour a few mouthfuls. 

Shi Hao carefully reflected on what had happened. This time, the tribulation was successfully crossed, truly making him much stronger, unlike ever before. He was now standing at a peak he had never reached before.

Now, he felt like he could relax quite a bit. He just had to wait for the great battle of three thousand provinces to start, using battles to test his accomplishments!

"The so-called Six Crown King is looking for me?"

Shi Hao revealed a strange look. This ridiculously powerful young supreme being that had been recorded in the ancient books appeared again, and he was unexpectedly looking for him. 

His clothes were white like snow. Six Crown King Ning Chuan was extraordinary. He was different from everyone else since birth, carrying a heavenly diagram on his back, his forehead carrying dragon patterns. That night, when he emerged from his mother's womb, divine light shone resplendently, heaven and earth as bright as day.

Some even said that he might be the reincarnation of an unmatched forbidden individual!

However, there were never any true examples of reincarnation, so this was just a saying.

There were others that claimed that he was related to immortals, inheriting the foundation of immortal dao, that there were unmatched imprints that merged with him while he was still within his mother's body, creating an incomparable great path for him. 

"I came for the sinner's descendent whose forehead released holy light, 'Sin' character scattering the clouds. The great dao must be protected, cannot be blasphemed against." This was what he said when he arrived in Sin Province. 

When Shi Hao learned of this, he looked towards the distant sky. 

In that instant, he seemed to have peered through space, seeing a white clad great enemy that filled heaven and earth, blood energy overflowing the heavens. Great dao rumbled, draconic cries piercing the nine heavens, waiting in the distance. 

"Boasting shamelessly!"

Shi Hao said coldly. No matter who this person was, how extraordinary he was, Shi Hao didn't fear him. Once they entered Immortal Ancient, they would fight decisively to the end!

Six Crown King Ning Chuan already left. Sin Province was so large, so there was no way he would stay within that region for a long time.

Moreover, there was a rumor going around that there were other freaks of ancient eras appearing who wished to see Ning Chuan. 

"Li Fire City." Shi Hao's heart was slightly moved.

This was the information he unexpectedly obtained when he returned to Fire Country Capital and carefully asked around. The father and daughter who came from the lower realm might be in Li Fire City. 

The information was vague, but having a trail to follow already wasn't bad. Shi Hao immediately set out. He wanted to visit the Fire Emperor and Huo Ling'er. These two had both treated him with kindness before. 

They had previously lent a helping hand, and they had also allowed him to cultivate in Fire Clan's ancestral ground. Fire Emperor had even personally given him advice. 

The great battle was about to start, so Shi Hao wished to be able to meet Huo Ling'er before entering Immortal Ancient. Otherwise, who knew how many years it would be before he would have a chance to do so?

Li Fire City was surrounded by many Flame Mulberry Trees. A few thousand year old ancient trees were even more throbbing with blazing flames, the heat they released great.

Fire Clan was founded on fire, a sect that was established through flames. 

They were naturally close to fire, and thus, their residence was close to this place with many of these trees. 

Shi Hao walked over, arriving at the border of a large expanse of Flame Mulberry Trees. There were people working here, picking the mulberry leaves to feed the Flame Silkworms. From time to time, great flames would surge.

Within the forest, the temperature was not low. The Flame Silkworms moved along the leaves, eating the mulberry leaves, all of them shining with scarlet multicolored light. Symbols swirled about them.

The silk these creatures produced was incomparably tough, often refined into precious clothes. It was a type of wondrous bug, and they possessed fighting prowess that wasn't weak.

A few young ladies were picking the mulberry leaves to feed the Fire Silkworms.


When he turned around without paying attention, Shi Hao saw a figure that was currently picking the leaves. His body immediately became rigid, looking absent-minded.

That figure turned around, a bamboo basket on her back, its contents flourishing with scarlet multicolored brilliance, full of fire mulberry leaves. She wore rough hemp clothes, but her skin was white like snow. She was extremely beautiful. 

Huo Ling'er!

Without any untold hardships, nor any accidents after falling into misfortune, quite calmly and naturally, they met each other. 

However, Shi Hao felt his heartstrings being tugged at. A strange emotion surged within him.

Huo Ling'er was tall and slender, her eyes clear, naturally beautiful. There was sweat on her face. She did her work extremely naturally, as if she was just a normal worker. 

Her clothes were extremely rough and simple, but it was washed until it was faded white. She was tranquil and graceful as she worked. This was quite different from her previously lively and fiery temperament. 

The princess of a country was now picking mulberry leaves here.

Shi Hao felt suffocated inside. He ceased to watch blankly, about to walk forward. 

At this moment, Huo Ling'er turned around with the bamboo basket on her back, heading in a certain direction.

 Shi Hao didn't say anything. After watching for a moment from the distance, he followed along. 

There was a grass house, and behind it was the Fire Mulberry Tree forest, in front a bamboo forest. It was extremely quiet, and also rather natural. There were a few tree stumps, natural chairs. 

It was just too simple, to the extent where it could be called poverty-stricken. She previously lived in a bejeweled palace, yet now, all of that went up in smoke.

Huo Ling'er lowered the bamboo basket, and while carrying a cask, she arrived by the not too far off riverside to wash clothes. She had a beautiful face, her tall and slender body began to work seriously and calmly. 

For some reason, Shi Hao felt even more sore inside. 

Huo Ling'er seemed to have sensed something. She suddenly turned around, looking towards this side.

That male wore black clothes, his appearance rather delicate and pretty, eyes bright, carrying a trace of emotion, but also a bit of soreness. He was currently looking at her.

At that moment, Huo Ling'er's heart beated fiercely. That youth had a different face, but he had a similarly clear pair of eyes, as well as a similar aura.

"You are…" Huo Ling'er heart trembled as she looked at him with a stupefied manner. He didn't want to cry, but watery mist appeared in his eyes, glistening as they slid down. 

"It's me." Shi Hao walked forward.


The cask fell onto the ground. Tears continuously fell from Huo Ling'er's eyes, and with a trembling voice, said, "You… are still alive."

These words represented too much.


From the Fire Mulberry Forest behind the thatched cottage, a gray shadow pounced over, bringing with it great winds. It shrunk from several zhang in length, in the end becoming less than half a foot in size. It fluttered its wings, latching onto Shi Hao's body. 

"Little wolf."

This gray little wolf was the wolf deity descendent Shi Hao obtained from the Hundred Shattering Mountains, but later given to Huo Ling'er to raise. After all these years, its sharp nose still immediately recognized the familiar aura. 

Shi Hao carried the little wolf while walking to the river side with large steps, heading over to Huo Ling'er.

"I knew that you would definitely live…" Huo Ling'er carried a smile on her face, but tears continuously fell, sliding down her cheeks. There was a true natural beauty to her appearance. 

Seven deities appeared in the lower realm, news of this spread to many great sects, and quite a few people of the higher realms knew. Huo Ling'er came down from the lower realms, so how could she not pay close attention to this?

Back then, she heard that Shi Hao faced the seven deities, but ultimately fell. She became dejected, unable to accept this.

In the end, she heard that a youth named Qin Hao came up, Shi Hao's younger brother. This made her feel waves of emotions, thinking back to old friends. Tears were shed once again. 

The little wolf turned a bit larger, jumping onto the ground, using its mouth to tug at Shi Hao's pants, following him. 

There was a mound behind the Fire Mulberry Forest. There was no gravestone, no coffin, only the battle clothes of a youth.

Shi Hao's heartstrings were tugged. He turned around to look at Huo Ling'er. 

Her face was covered with tear stains. "I heard the news, didn't believe them, but couldn't accept it either."

This was a grave created for Shi Hao, not too far from the thatched cottage.

Shi Hao felt his eyes become sore. He looked at her, not saying anything for a long time.

"We were worried to death. Ling'er often felt depressed, crying." The little wolf spoke. It was the descendent of a wolf deity, so it was naturally unordinary. 

Shi Hao's heart was greatly shaken. Even though not much time had passed since he arrived in the higher realms, he experienced many things, always hanging on between the border of life and death. He didn't know that there was always someone that thought of him, silently shedding tears for his sake.

"You… are Huang, as well as the one whose forehead released divine light, sinner's blood scattering the clouds?" As Huo Ling'er listened to him slowly talk about all of his experiences, she was extremely shocked. 

Shi Hao helped her wipe the tears from her face. He nodded, telling her everything. 

A long and drawn out bell sound rang through the air, spreading through the great earth. At this moment, no matter how far they were, all cultivators could hear it.

Shi Hao suddenly raised his head. He knew that the hundred rivers converging into the sea, the great battle of three thousand provinces was about to start. This moment had finally arrived!

"You… leaving like this, it's too dangerous! Six Crown King, Immortal Palace's inheritor and others, they are all extremely ruthless." The moment she heard the bell sound, Huo Ling'er knew that this world's most intense and brilliant clash was about to begin. 

"Don't worry, wait for me to return. Regardless of if it's Six Crown King, Immortal Palace's inheritor, or other formidable individuals, if they provoke me, I will slaughter them all." Shi Hao said.

It was just like in the past, like the moment they met by chance in the Hundred Shattering Mountains, he was still just as self-confident. 

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