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Chapter 802 - Lightning Pool Rebirth

This place wasn't large, only about twenty square meters in size. The accumulation of time could be seen, with a haziness of time and mottled traces on its walls. 

Lightning energy was dense within, a pool of liquid sparkling and translucent, flowing with auspicious multicolored light. Waves of fragrance wafted about as well.

This was lightning tribulation liquid, rebirth after destruction. It contained astonishing vitality, one of the world's most precious divine liquids. It was extremely difficult to see it. 

It was because it was accumulated within a lighting waterfall, so how could a normal person hope to get access to it? It was accompanied by destruction. As soon as they got close, they would be blasted into ashes. 

Those with weaker cultivation couldn't even get close to the clouds, while those with greater strength, the lightning tribulation they incurred would match their cultivation realm, so it would be even more dangerous!

As a result, generally speaking, they would only go in after the thunderstorm, and they would still only find a single drop in the mountains, splashed out from the lightning pool. 

Shi Hao only made it through the tribulation with great difficulty. Just now, he almost died, being hacked by all types of lightning miserably, and only then did he struggle his way through, closing in on this precious liquid. One could see how difficult this was. 

If he was asked to do it again, he would have to carefully think about it, because it was too dangerous. It wasn't easy to remain alive. This process was filled with danger.

"How fragrant!" Shi Hao relaxed. Even though there was lightning radiance in this place, it was far from being comparable to heavenly tribulation. It was gentle in comparison, unable to harm his body. 

The lightning pool was created from some type of ancient stone. When one touched it, there was a feeling of chilliness, as well as an aura of passed time. 

This was quite strange. It was clearly in the clouds, so how could there be a rock like this that was turned into a pool within the blazing lightning? 

Even Shi Hao couldn't be sure if this was made of lightning or if it was real. Regardless, it was extremely mysterious, difficult to truly understand. 

The fragrance was rich, the sweet scent assailing the nostrils.

Shi Hao had just fought until his body was half crippled, his limbs broken and bones about to fly out. His current body was one pieced together with great difficulty, covered in cracks. 

He took a deep breath here. The sparkling purple liquid immediately surged, entering his mouth. With a hong sound, dense purple energy wrapped around him.

"So comfortable!"

Shi Hao felt his four limbs and hundred bones extend outwards, his body extremely comfortable. An expanse of multicolored light nourished his body, slowly extending to every inch of his bones and flesh, mending his injuries. 

The effects were too clear. He had only taken in a single mouthful, yet a layer of purple energy wrapped around Shi Hao's body. A purple cloud floated above his head, mysterious and unfathomable.

An exuberant wave of life force unfolded here, thriving and full of power. There was a flourishing aura of life. 

Pipa kacha!

Within Shi Hao's body, his bones were moving about, releasing metallic cries. These bones were recombining, carrying out an adjustment. They released sparkling bone luster.

On his bones, all types of symbols would flicker from time to time. They weren't engraved on top, but instead flowing through those areas. 

Upon closer inspection, those were the patterns of the True Primordial Record. They flowed within Shi Hao's flesh and bones, flickering with all types of radiance. They carried a simple and ancient power.

Shi Hao's flesh had just been tattered, so right now, he was recovering his wounded body, using the True Primordial Record as the needle and threads to guide the lightning tribulation liquid's vitality, allowing it to flow through every inch of his body.

The second mouthful of lightning tribulation liquid entered his mouth, the scent like sweet dew. It flowed like jade liquid, sparling with brilliant multicolored radiance, making Shi Hao's lips and teeth shine with a hazy radiance. Fragrance wafted in all directions. 

Under this mouthful, Shi Hao's body unexpectedly released a sound, as if someone was chanting a scripture, ringing vaguely. It made one feel clear-headed, their spirit peaceful.

At the same time, the space between Shi Hao's brows shone. The primordial spirit that formed a little figure stepped outwards, also opening its mouth to absorb the lightning tribulation liquid.

This was a shocking sight. The primordial spirit directly absorbed this type of vital substance, taking in its essence to make itself more translucent and brilliant. It was extremely peaceful. 


This place had lightning radiance wrapping itself around Shi Hao's body and his primordial spirit, strange and hazy.

The lightning tribulation liquid was good stuff after all, a priceless divine liquid. Shi Hao could feel his injuries quickly improving. This was just two mouthfuls, yet there were already these types of changes.

Lightning, one of the world's most powerful offensive attributes, represented destruction. Some people claimed it to be the whip of heavens, one that could ruin all powerful individuals. 

Heavenly tribulation existed to control the nine heavens and tenth earth. The tribulation lightning could strike any living creature, so all clans had to respect it.

Towards these types of sayings, there were too many insider details, so ordinary creatures couldn't know about them at all. Only the unmatched forbidden experts could truly touch upon this truth.

It was precisely because it represented destruction, that the life force accompanying it was so precious, hard to find in this world. 

This was a type of miracle in itself. Death and slaughter contained a bit of the most fundamental type of vitality. If one obtained it, then they could naturally cleanse their body and become stronger. 

Shi Hao sat here, with each breath, his body shining with holy radiance. The purple energy above his head formed a 'dao flower', surrounding him. There were even more golden lotuses all around him.

This was a type of auspicious scene, accompanied by a type of zen chanting, ringing through these clouds. 

If someone else was here, they would definitely be shocked, and then be influenced, sincerely bowing down, carrying out a most simple and pure worship. 

Shi Hao was silent. All types of scenes flickered around him. He was like the most powerful guardian spirit in this heaven and earth, absorbing the worship of tens of thousands of creatures, chanting sutras here. 

His flesh was better, his primordial spirit, after being cleansed by the lightning tribulation liquid, became even more translucent, as if it was carved from a divine diamond. There wasn't a single blemish, round and sparkling, the light able to illuminate the stars in outer space. 

This was a type of divine scene!

Shi Hao's injuries were better. With just a few mouthfuls of the purple liquid, his broken bones around his body connected, his tendons and arteries regrowing. His flesh shone with divine light, and even his hair was glowing, every strand brilliant.

His flesh was originally already powerful to a point where he couldn't break through any further, stopped before a gate. 

Now, everything changed. His flesh released all types of brilliance, and then his body trembled violently. It was because blood was surging with great speed. He was undergoing a blood exchange bone transferring transformation.

"It's starting!"

Shi Hao became serious. When his injuries disappeared and his body completely recovered, a shocking transformation began. 

He took a deep breath of lightning tribulation liquid. His entire body continuously trembled, releasing deafening pipa sounds. Then, his flesh and primordial spirit began to clearly split apart.

This was not a collapse, but rather a shedding of the shell, like a cicada breaking through its husk. He was getting rid of his former body to create a new self, a type of rebirth.

Only the lightning tribulation liquid could have this type of power, making a cultivator carry out a deep level transformation. Otherwise, it was extremely difficult!

Shi Hao was in intense pain, his bones feeling as if they were being pared by a hatchet. Kacha sounds rang out. This was the legendary bone moulding, a reconstruction of the core.

Moreover, his old skin split apart, continuously coming off of the surface of his body.

These types of changes were extremely mysterious, but also extremely terrifying. It was because they were too fierce. It should have been carried out in a step by step fashion, but they were all being completed right now. 

It could be said to be extremely tyrannical. Shi Hao's body was flowing with blood, the old skin that came off carrying wisps of blood. There was even bone stubble. If one saw this, they would definitely be absolutely horrified.

Apart from this, his primordial spirit was also splitting apart, and then recombining. This process repeated itself again and again, just like a piece of immortal steel that was being refined numerous times, reforged again and again.

It was clear that this type of consumption was huge as well. Shi Hao opened his mouth to absorb the lightning tribulation liquid, replenishing his body's life matter, quickly forming a powerful origin core. 

Then this reconstruction was nearing its end, Shi Hao unfolded his body that was tall and powerful. It possessed even more force, his old skin and other things all coming off. His skin shone like jade. 

The instant Shi Hao opened his eyes, divine light was like a sword, sharp and forceful, but soon after, he became calm again, returning to his true self.

At that moment, his flesh and primordial spirit had undergone a deep cleansing, completed a transformation. He was quite a bit more powerful than before. 

His physical body was powerful to begin with, but now, his primordial spirit was like this as well. After undergoing the lightning's refinement and precious liquid's nourishment, his primordial spirit became exceptionally exuberant. 


The little figure formed from primordial spirit took in and sent out energy, the clouds still moving with lightning from all directions. It already didn't belong to heavenly tribulation, but it was still being absorbed, entering the space between his brows to be absorbed by that little figure. 

Even if he were to face those that specialized in the divine senses, those with extraordinary primordial spirits, he could still remain without fear, able to show them contempt.

However, he still felt as if there was further room for growth, as if he could improve a step further. He continued to devour the lightning tribulation liquid to strengthen himself.

"These symbols obtained the lightning energy's nourishment, becoming more rich with vitality."

The True Primordial Record and Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, at this moment, appeared. They were engraved within his flesh and primordial spirit, continuously unfolding, appearing incomparably clearly.

They flickered like stars!

Shi Hao sat there, immediately entering another deep level of dao comprehension. After who knew how much time passed, he opened his eyes. The entire world seemed to have brightened. 

Just now, he seemed to have experienced more than a decade of time, reviewing everything he had experienced during his life. He then stepped forward.

The True Primordial Record was now comprehended a step further, grasping the true fundamental meaning. The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram was like the record of a war god, recording all types of scenes in the primordial spirit, able to be seen clearly.

"Expounding the ten thousand spirit dao, the most primitive, as well as what's closest to the source…" Shi Hao said softly. His comprehension was deep. He touched upon that domain. 

For him, this meaning was significant. He was already about to enter the Divine Flame Realm and ignite ten thousand dao. Now, he felt like his own road immediately became clearer. 


In his surroundings, golden lotuses were everywhere, taking root in the void. Meanwhile, flower petals floated about in the sky above. They were extremely sparkling and translucent, also accompanied by purple energy. 

Shi Hao was lightly shaken. These golden lotuses broke through the air, more formidable than precious artifacts. They turned into divine killing weapons!

These types of auspicious scenes truly appeared, becoming a type of offensive method. When Shi Hao was quiet, he had a transcendent aura, but when he moved, it was as if he turned into a war immortal.

Shi Hao stood up. The surrounding golden lotuses swayed. With a raise of his hand, countless flower petals danced about with unstoppable power, distorting the void and scattering the clouds. 


He was shocked. Not only was the power of these divine magical images shocking, far surpassing his imaginations, it was also because he saw a wondrous scene.

Up above, there was a layer of 'lightning dao heaven'. There weren't any clouds, but there were mysterious lightning radiance, forming a layer of sky.

He revealed an expression of surprise. Just now, he successfully passed the trial of tribulation, continuously lasting through ten of them. It could be called a 'lightning dao heaven'.

Now, he saw another lightning dao heaven.

This was not something he could cross at his current cultivation realm. It contained great danger. He could feel that once he stepped inside, he would inevitably be turned into ashes. 

"That is divine tribulation." Shi Hao said softly. 

In addition, he passed the lightning dao screen of light, vaguely seeing a golden pool. The liquid inside was different from the purple lightning tribulation liquid!

He could vaguely see ancient trees, a house, Golden Crow, Dragon, and others. The scene was extraordinary!

Shi Hao was shocked, but he was quite excited. Once he lit his divine flame and his own body reached the consummate level, he was definitely going to enter that tribulation. The natural luck there was shocking.


He released a breath, not looking there again. That was not something he could touch right now.

He brought out a bone cauldron, starting to store the remaining lightning pool. He only used a small half of the twenty square meter pool. 

"Why is it vaporizing?" Shi Hao frowned. He discovered that when it entered the cauldron, this lightning tribulation liquid was quite sinister, part of it mysteriously vanishing, not being sealed at all. 

Why was this? He didn't dare act recklessly, because this purple liquid was too precious. Every drop was priceless. 

In the end, he carefully tried a few times, but this was still the case.

"Once the day passes, it will be the afternoon, a flourishing age will gradually decline, too far is as bad as not enough, is this the case?" Shi Hao frowned. He thought of some dao Qi Daolin told him. 

Once one reached a certain cultivation realm, not only did they have to pursue fighting power, there were also some simple principles that one had to understand.

Qi Daolin had spoken about these things before. There was a Third King who had obtained an opportunity within 'Immortal Ancient', and he wanted to completely seize the root of the opportunity, fully bring it away. In the end he went too far, causing his own body to fall.

At the same time, Shi Hao could feel that the roiling 'lightning dao heaven' above his head was currently pressing downwards, releasing a sinister and dangerous energy. 

That was divine tribulation. Once it erupted, he would undoubtedly die. 

Shi Hao nodded, but he was still quite shameless. "I am still not perfect, my body having injuries. My supreme being bone was broken, needing nourishment."

He raised his head towards the layer of lightning dao heaven while swallowing large mouthfuls of the lightning tribulation liquid, merging it with his body. 

In that instant, the surrounding lightning rumbled, crazy winds stirred about, accompanied by a downpour of rain. The scene was horrifying.

Streak after streak of lightning hacked down on Shi Hao's surroundings, almost striking his own skull. 

He devoured the lightning tribulation liquid while continuously watching his surroundings with shock. Was there really something existing in the darkness, something that could sense that things here weren't right?

"Hey, don't scare me like that! I am at my prime, at a golden age. I don't want to be taken by you!" He muttered with a soft voice.


Ten streaks of lightning descended, hacking down by his body. The void even split apart, it was utterly terrifying. 

Shi Hao felt his blood run cold. Was there really something in the darkness that could sense something?

"Is it a beauty? Why are you in such a rush to find me? I'll catch you sooner or later!" His mouth moved, secretly muttering this.


This time, a hundred and eight streaks of blood-colored lightning appeared, brushing past his body, making all of the hairs on his body stand up straight.

Moreover, a divine bird flew above his head, and a dragon reached out its head from that layer of heaven, staring at him.

"Things are becoming strange!"

Shi Hao shivered inwardly, not tarrying in place.

"Going to take half of the great dao."

He spoke like this. Of the pool of lightning tribulation liquid, he absorbed close to half, and then stored a bit in the cauldron. Afterwards, he rushed to the ground without turning around. 

The void split apart, lightning radiance appearing in tens of thousands of streaks.

As soon as he left, that place was drowned by lightning.

"Aiya, it really hurts me, no, it's a pain right down to my bones…" In the distance, Shi Hao cried out strangely, his pretty and delicate face frowning slightly. His large eyes blinked as he covered his stomach. 

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