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Chapter 801 - Greatest Tribulation

Inside the cauldron, that strange beast shrunk, struggling viciously. However, it still suffered greatly while fighting against Shi Hao, being forcefully pressed down. 

The cauldron formed from lightning radiance refined the man and beast within. 

Shi Hao was in pain, but he was also happy. His entire body was releasing smoke from being blasted by lightning, especially since he couldn't even dodge in the cauldron, only able to passively endure it, refining his body. 

However, this strange beast was like a great mending tonic. It grew dim, its eyes without radiance. Its lightning dao essence was completely absorbed by Shi Hao. 

It was now much bigger than Shi Hao, yet on the contrary, it cried out like a cat, unable to struggle free after it was grabbed by Shi Hao. It turned into strands of lightning radiance, shrinking and releasing mists. 

"This feels too good, What is this? A soul within the lightning dao?" Shi Hao inspected it, but he discovered that it didn't seem to be the case. It looked like a creature, but it didn't have a soul either.

Regardless, Shi Hao received great benefits. This strange beasts possessed pure lightning dao radiance, and all of it entered his body, granting him a baptism. His primordial spirit was incomparably brilliant.

Finally, everything disappeared. The strange beast vanished, completely refined by Shi Hao. 

"It should be the end now, right?" Shi Hao walked out from within the cauldron, raising his head towards the sky. The surrounding clouds pressed down, roiling as they moved about. It was extremely oppressive. 


Suddenly, five streaks of lightning blasted down, striking Shi Hao until he bled from all seven apertures. It also released blazing electrical radiance. This strike was too powerful, even the sturdiest iron and stone would shatter. 

"Fuck, what did I even do?!" He cursed. His entire body flew outwards, blasted out by the lightning. 

This was the end of it. Another round began, the skies flickering with blazing electrical radiance. It was as if a waterfall was pouring downwards, boundless. Purple energy rose from the east. 

Shi Hao felt a bit dizzy. He immediately became stupefied. There were just too many, right? Hundreds to over a thousand streaks of lighting hacked down, descending from the void and releasing deafening noise as they hacked down on his body. 

Was it even leaving him with a path of life at this point?

He stood under the waterfall, doing everything he could to defend himself. The Lightning Emperor's precious technique frantically circulated, activating to its limit. 

Despite this being the case, his hair was still dishevelled, blood splashing outwards. Large amounts of his blood was scorched black as well. His hair was all burnt, falling off. It was a tragic sight. 

Later on, even his skin was cracking, burned rotten, as if it was a withered great earth. Piece after piece came off; Shi Hao was in great danger. 

"There is life within lightning, it contains the essence of the world! I am going to find it!" Shi Hao roared from deep within.

This was a great disaster. He was struggling to hold on. As long as he stuck it through, his flesh and primordial spirit would definitely become sturdier. Only, this type of sharpening was too ferocious, a single mistake might result in wiping out his body and spirit. 

He released a great roar, smashing his fist against the waterfall, continuously fighting back.

It was just like when he was young, carrying enormous rocks several tens of thousands of jin in weight, practicing his fists against the waterfall, defying heavenly might. Only, the situation now was much more terrifying.

Shi Hao was dripping with blood, seriously injured. His body was scorched black, and large amounts of dried up old skin fell off. 

However, his spirit was still condensed greatly, a wave of spiritual essence produced within his body, releasing brilliant radiance. 

This was like refining Immortal Gold, eliminating slag stones and washing away impurities to leave behind the essence, forging the sharpest and most powerful weapon in this world. 

This was the true improvement, wandering between life and death, forging forward to revise the flesh shell and soul, displaying a transformation of true meaning. 

His body was in great pain, to the extent where old skin was coming off. However, Shi Hao's vitality was becoming more resplendent, refining down to the purest source and storing it within his body. 

The space between his brows glistened brightly. A small figure shone, similarly brandishing its fists, carrying out a similar type of training. 

Shi Hao's flesh was powerful, this went without saying, and that was why he could support this power. Meanwhile, hid primordial spirit was extremely terrifying as well. After ingesting the Golden Bodhi Fruit, it broadened his sea of consciousness, but it wasn't condensed enough. 

And now, after suffering from the battering of this type of lightning downpour, his primordial spirit was being compressed, and extracted, becoming extremely brilliant and resplendent, eliminating the leftover impure primordial force of the heaven and earth wondrous fruit. 

Shi Hao watched as his flesh dried up, and old skin shed off, but the bone texts within him were flickering. He himself was transforming. 

Finally, he sensed the life force of this lightning downpour. He opened his mouth an roared, facing the waterfall directly. His fist smashed outwards. Then, his entire body surged, devouring that lightning radiance. 

Heaven and earth rumbled, lightning radiance surged endlessly.

Shi Hao underwent a shocking transformation. His flesh swelled, his forehead bone brilliant. Lightning radiance poured unendingly into his body, altering his withering state. 

This was a wave of life force; his flesh was undergoing rebirth. 

Purple energy came from the east, auspicious, peaceful, and intense. 

The waterfall dried up, and then a steep cliff unexpectedly appeared. This was extremely strange, formed from lightning. 

Shi Hao rushed upwards, sat down on the cliff, continuously using bone texts until he finally calmed down. His flesh was sparkling white, the little figure within his forehead bone even more resplendent and incomparably powerful. 

The transformation this time was much greater and effective than before! 

The world became calm again. Shi Hao didn't dare act carelessly. Whenever he thought it ended, there would always be more lightning descending. He already suffered two times in a row. 

"Huh, is it snowing?" Shi Hao was speechless. In the air, heavy snow descended, carrying cold air and bone-chilling frigidness. 

It really was strange. Even if there was ice and snow in the clouds, it shouldn't be like this. 


When a few palm sized snowflakes landed on Shi Hao's body, they erupted with lightning radiance. The cold energy was oppressive, the thunder earsplitting. It was extremely terrifying. 

This ice and snow lightning was extremely strange, with every single snowflake able to blast Shi Hao until he was sent flying and coughing with blood. The power was just too terrifying!

This wasn't like ice and snow, but more like falling stars that were extremely heavy. They continuously smashed over, landing on Shi Hao's body before exploding. 

Now, he was convinced that the Immortal Ancient had passed and this era changed. He couldn't casually invite lightning tribulation, or else there would be ominous and strange matters. 

Right now, he personally experienced it. The lightning radiance he experienced was completely different from before, unlike what was recorded in the bone books. There were creatures, waterfalls, and now even snowflake lightning appeared. 


In the end, fluttering snowflakes covered the sky, crazy winds roaring. All of the ice and snow condensed together, sealing Shi Hao within, freezing him within a large crystal-like chunk of ice. 

It was ten zhang in height, and it suspended itself in the void, exuding bone-chilling coldness. Even those as powerful as supreme experts had their flesh and primordial spirit frozen, their magical force suppressed and solidified, unusable.

It was clear that this was not just an issue of temperature. There were natural laws contained within as well. 

This ice and snow lightning tribulation was extremely strange!

Shi Hao felt muddle headed. He was sealed within, experiencing unimaginably bitter cold natural law attacks. At the same time, lightning dao power entered his body, directly trying to break him apart.

He knew that he couldn't fall asleep, couldn't close his eyes, or else he would die within this strange lightning tribulation.

Little by little, his body began to shine, and then it flourished with radiance. Blood energy roiled and great yang energy surged. Even the 'Sin' character by his forehead surged into the air. 

Shi Hao was doing everything he could, releasing all of his body's potential. His entire body began to burn like a fireball. In the end, he turned into a great golden sun that shone with incomparable brilliance. 

Finally, the ten zhang block of 'ice' cracked, and then blasted apart, turning into an endless rain of light, scattering down on his body, ultimately absorbed.

"So sinister. The lightning tribulation I experienced definitely has an incredible history!" Shi Hao believed firmly that even though this trial was extremely dangerous, his benefits would be similarly great. 

He could clearly sense that each time he passed a trial of death, his body seemed to be slowly transforming, becoming more resilient and sturdy. His primordial spirit was becoming more and more pure, turning into a resplendent sphere of light, wrapping around that little figure.

"I am becoming stronger!"


After a brief moment of silence, another lightning tribulation descended.

Just like that, Shi Hao experienced great trials, continuously undergoing tribulations, with each one continuing for quite a while. After counting them all, he actually passed nine different heavenly tribulations. 

"This… " He was bit shocked. The nine types of heavenly tribulation could be considered the most powerful lightning tribulation. The Immortal Ancient era's experts would only experience three or four.

However, those who surpassed five great heavenly tribulations were all not ordinary people. 

"The nine types of tribulation I faced just now were mostly strange and never heard of before, only three types were recorded in the bone books as the most powerful lightning tribulations." 

Shi Hao remained silent for a long time. This was just the first time he experienced a tribulation, yet he encountered this type of treatment. 

It was easy to talk about, but he was blasted miserably five or six times, the worst time almost having his head hacked off. His limbs were broken, and pieces of bone flew out. 

Only, he still ultimately made it through with great difficulty. 

The ones that were recorded were all so strange, but he felt that the ones that weren't recorded were even more sinister. 

"I finally made it through…" Shi Hao released a sigh.


An enormous streak of lightning slammed down like a great sea, directly blasting Shi Hao until his bones snapped. Not even his bone texts could protect him, immediately causing blood to cover his body. 

"Why is there still more?!" This time, Shi Hao was truly nervous. Even sharpening one's body had a limit! He continuously passed nine heavenly tribulations, and even in the Immortal Ancient era, it was the greatest type of tribulation.

Moreover, every single tribulation was ridiculously strange and terrifying. 

Why did a tenth one appear?

This was simply asking for his life, not being satisfied until he was dead! This was completely a great tribulation intended to destroy him!

He recalled a vague saying within a damaged bone book stating that there might be a tenth great tribulation, but normally speaking, it wouldn't appear in the world.

He… unexpectedly encountered it!

This was definitely the punishment he had to face for rashly attempting this in a world originally without heavenly tribulations, which was why every single tribulation was so powerful and terrifying. 

This was especially the case with the final blow, the tenth great tribulation!

This time, Shi Hao almost died. He was blasted until his flesh flew everywhere, his white bones visible. Both of his arms were broken, and he was hacked by the unmatched lightning radiance at the waist. 

"You want to kill me? Impossible!"

Shi Hao roared angrily, using all of his dao skills to forcibly gather his flesh and bones, piecing his body together. His blood energy roiled, wrapping around himself.

This was a life and death refinement. Shi Hao experienced the most bitter trial. 

In the end, the lightning radiance became weak. He leapt out, rushing into a mountain region.

"En? Why is there a mountain region?" He was shocked, realizing that these ten tribulations hadn't ended yet. 

The mountain region swayed, sounds of hooves ringing through the air, trampling on the ground. It was as if a great earthquake was happening. A figure was crazily running over from the distance, a warhorse that was scarlet red like blood. The hair on its temples burned like flames. 

On the back of this horse sat a figure who held a Heavenart halberd in his hand, his divine might world shocking, war energy rushing into the heavens. 

It was extremely dangerous!

Shi Hao released a long roar. His flesh surged with power, his mind strengthened, preparing to carry out a final battle.

The individual within the lightning stirred on his mount. This was beyond reasoning, but right now, it wasn't time to think about this. There was only a life or death battle.


The Lightning Emperor's precious technique erupted. Shi Hao was forced onto this extreme path. He displayed all of his profound mysteries to carry out a great battle, clashing with that great halberd.

Soon after, blood blossomed from his body, almost hacking him to death.

"The tenth great tribulation has appeared. You wish to end me here? I won't let you have your way! Reincarnation!"

Shi Hao roared. The reincarnation precious technique appeared, its radiance brilliant, drowning out everything.

The man and mount in front of him took on this heavy blow, both of them coughing out blood and flying in reverse. They were formed from lightning. 


Shi Hao immediately went crazy, his entire body slaughtering over. That person had his body blasted apart by Shi Hao. 

Then, what Shi Hao didn't expect was that lightning descended, replenishing that individual and mount, regenerating it in that spot. They slaughtered over again, and this time, their fighting strength increased.

This was an extremely terrifying thing. They couldn't be killed, and each time they were defeated, they would become even stronger.

This battle left Shi Hao half crippled and his bones splitting. It was extremely miserable. He had never encountered such a terrifying opponent before.

Reincarnation precious technique, and Kun Peng precious technique, they were both fully displayed. This was something that had never happened since he arrived in the higher realms. 

This was his final bitter struggle. He almost couldn't hold on any longer.


Shi Hao's eyes were still brilliant, his fighting spirit not vanishing. Regardless of what type of serious injury he received, no matter how terrifying his opponents were, he still did everything he could to resist, not showing fear. 


He didn't know how many times he blasted that person back, but finally the lightning radiance disappeared, and the man and mount disappeared. 

This time, Shi Hao's vital energy was about to dry up. That battle was too difficult, that individual powerful to a ridiculous level, Moreover, the man and mount could regenerate even after having half their bodies blasted away. Their strength also increased as time went on, adjusting from their previous defeats. 

"I've suffered greatly this time, my body almost ruined." Shi Hao sat down on the ground. The lightning tribulation this time was inconceivable.

At the back of his head, there was a divine disk made completely of symbols. Just now, it had continuously shone, completely recording everything before disappearing. 

However, Shi Hao didn't notice this.

The mountain ground was blurry. This place was formed from lightning, retreating together with the heavenly tribulation. It finally became unstable, on the verge of vanishing.

"I… successfully passed the tribulation." Shi Hao said softly, silently inspecting himself. He realized that he had long reached the great circle of the supreme expert. 

At this moment, even though his bones were broken and muscles snapped, the flesh that had split apart became more sturdy, flickering with a radiance that was difficult to describe. His primordial spirit also shone with incomparable brilliance.


A little figure walked out from between his brows, and then it took a deep breath. The sky of clouds were moved, and it was unknown how much lightning radiance surged over. The lightning aura was dense, wrapping it within. 

This was the scattering heavenly tribulation. He didn't waste a single bit, not letting a trace go.

His flesh and primordial spirit were wrapped within lightning radiance, absorbing the tribulation lightning that was rarely seen since ancient times.

Shi Hao could clearly feel that he became stronger. Regardless of whether it was his flesh or primordial spirit, it was as if they were reborn. This was an unimaginable cleansing!

"Over there…" 

He raised his head towards the cloud depths. Lightning radiance curled about it. There was a pool, a full body of water. 

"It really did appear!"

Shi Hao rushed over. He knew that everything was now worth it. Even though he was blasted miserably by the ten malevolent lightning tribulations, this pool of precious liquid was enough for him to undergo rebirth.

His body's injuries couldn't be considered much at all, and they would definitely transform again. 

In the blink of an eye, Shi Hao rushed through the lightning radiance, arriving in front of it. The simple and unadorned lightning pool was rich and dazzling. There was a powerful wave of energy, as well as waves of fragrance. 

This was a tremendous gain!

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