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Chapter 794 - Descendants of Sinners

Sin Province, east to west two hundred and thirty million li, north to south eighty million li. 

It wasn't that large, nor could it be considered small. In the higher realms, it was a lower mid sized province.

Shi Hao used up several days of time, borrowing various large scale transport formations to return back to this side of the world, travelling several hundred provinces before finally arriving in Sin Province's lands. 

Shi Hao walked out from an altar together with some travelers. The void gate behind him closed. He sized up the surrounding scenery, wishing to understand a bit about this place. He was already able to obtain some clues from a city.

Mulberry City, a place with sparse spiritual essence. The entire city was primarily grayish brown in color and made of enormous rocks. It looked rather primitive.


The ground trembled. Several elephant headed individuals walked past, their enormous bodies making the streets shake. Their skin was a bluish green color and full of bloodstains. There were manacles and leg-irons on their hands and feet. 

These were slaves. They had just been bought and were currently being escorted away. 


While in midair, great winds stirred about. Several dozen demonic bats took to the air like pterosaurs, exuding a type of baleful aura. They were all mounts, currently bringing people into the distance. 

This was all just what Shi Hao saw from the altar, a random scene he saw immediately. 

Mulberry City carried a type of primitive aura. Compared to the large cities of other great provinces, it seemed to be falling behind in development. 

"Severely lacking in spiritual essence. This place isn't too suitable for long term residence." Someone frowned and said. 

Because it allowed passage over provinces, these great transport formations would already send at least several thousand people with each delivery, or else it wouldn't be worth it. When the large group of people walked out, they felt rather disappointed in this large city. 

"Don't feel so disappointed. This is Sin City after all, a previously cursed ground. What were you hoping for, some grand place full of spiritual mountains and clear waters? Just be content with how it is." Someone said. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he frowned. The living environment of this place wasn't all that great after all. 

"Why did it become a cursed land?" Shi Hao wanted to know how this came to be. It was because this was where the descendents of creatures from the lower realm gathered. 

"A long time ago, a few powerful prisoners, as well as the descendants of great vicious existences from the lower realms were exiled here. They had the blood of sinners flowing through them, causing this province to be cursed." An elder said. 

Shi Hao clenched his fists, and then he loosened them. He asked a few more question, being careful not to raise any doubt. It was because the higher realms was too vast, and aside from the province they resided in themselves, it was normal for them to not know too much about other places. 

"Curse, it is definitely something only exceptional individuals who are powerful to the extreme can display, right?" The others were interested.

"Wu, this question is something we best avoid. Rumor has it that it is a curse from the heavens." The elder said. 

Si! Quite a few people couldn't help but gasp, feeling great restraining fear. They weren't willing to ask more about his. 

However, there were a few youngsters that were more curious, asking those beside them why this was the case. At the same time, they didn't seem to really believe these skeptical sayings. 

"What heavens? They were all created by creatures, nothing more than a joke that ended up becoming a bit more scary." Someone muttered, not really believing this legend. 

"Correct, there were a few rumors that it is related to some ancient sects that have disappeared or hid themselves in this world. Back then, a few forbidden existences from these inheritances joined hands to create this curse."

"This is a rumor!"

A few people argued and discussed among themselves. 

"I say, everyone, now that we've arrived in this place, it is still better if we stop chatting about these taboo topics. Otherwise, if something bad happens, we might provoke a huge disaster." A rather calm middle-aged man warned. 

Mulberry City was extremely massive. It was made of rocks, and even the ground surface was made of rock material, giving the city a rather ancient and savage feeling. 

After walking out from the transport formation and entering the city, most people dispersed, no longer moving together. 

Shi Hao already knew that there were quite a few people who wanted to participate in the great battle of three thousand geniuses in Sin Province, wishing to obtain a good ranking in this primitive and lagging place. 

It was because the number of entrants into the 'Immortal Ancient' was limited. The cultivators of various sects were all thinking of ways to enter, trying to ender through comparatively weaker provinces to obtain the qualifications. 

Sin Province was the goal of many supreme experts. Large amounts of people gathered here.

Mulberry CIty was just a small part of this effect. The other cities of this province were already swarmed with outsiders, so it was difficult for this province to become peaceful again. This place was quite restless. 

"With so many people participating, is there any point?" Shi Hao asked someone next to him. 

It was because the people who came to participate from other provinces were endless, not hesitating to cross provinces all for the sake of the final qualification rights. However, only a single person could become number one under the heavens. 

Shi Hao felt like swarming over like this was not worth it at all. 

"The starting stage isn't that dangerous, and the cultivators from different sects all understand themselves, knowing their own statuses. They wouldn't fight against those freaks, exceptional talents and others. If they had the misfortune of truly meeting them, they would immediately surrender. Everyone is only entering for other opportunities in the Immortal Ancient. There are too many divine objects, enough to make all of these sects' eyes red."

It was quite clear that those participating had different goals. Only a few people aspired to be number one, while the multitude of supreme experts only wanted to enter to pick medicines, obtain inheritances, and other things. 

Among them, not only were there bone books left, secret treasures, and other things left behind by past generations of geniuses, there were also immortal texts, and even more Saint Wood, immortal seeds, and things that would make sect masters go crazy.

One person sighed and said, "There were people who dug up immortal treasures, others who obtained wordless heavenly books, and there were even some who left that place as a heavenly deity after eating the Heavenly Deity Fruit."

Another person nodded and said, "There are even people who discovered True Dragon eggs, Immortal Phoenix nests inside. The heaven defying things are beyond your imagination. It's not that it's not there, but rather you cannot even imagine it."

There was no way Shi Hao wouldn't be shocked. Were there really that many heaven defying things inside?

"This can't be some fake rumor that was purposely spread, right?"

"It's not. At the very least, I know that some ancient great inheritance's freak, after ranking first, went into hibernation. During the endless years, he has participated four or five times. Aside from the greatest natural luck, it was also because sealed dragon caves were discovered that surged with chaotic energy. There were True Dragon eggs inside!"

"You even know about this type of thing?" Shi Hao didn't seem to believe him.

"There are no walls in this world without gaps, and it wasn't him alone who discovered this. Quite a few great sects know about this now, and there were sect masters who even personally spoke about it."

When Shi Hao heard about this, he was speechless. After entering the Immortal Ancient… he had to stake it all to the end!

"What does this count as? There were people who found a phoenix blood pool. All of the essence blood of a True Phoenix was contained within that immortal pond. As long as one could enter it… their future accomplishments would become unimaginable!"

It was because a single drop of phoenix true blood would allow one to undergo rebirth, while that Ancient Immortal pond contained all its precious blood.

Even if cultivators like the ancient monk appeared, their mortal hearts would be stirred, let alone Shi Hao.

He parted ways with that person. He was a foodie to begin with, and the 'Immortal Ancient' had so many things. At this moment, he was already extremely impatient, wishing to immediately go inside.

"So many great natural opportunities! Me, the stone of fate, will definitely rise up after entering and illuminate the thousand ancients!" The divine striking stone drooled within Shi Hao's hair.

Mulberry City was an extremely large city. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao discovered that all of the inns were full, with most of them occupied by cultivators from other provinces that wanted to seize one of the entrance spots from this province.

Soon after, he revealed an expression of discontent. 

It was because the Supreme Experts of other provinces treated those from Sin Province with great disrespect. This was a cursed land, so in their eyes, they were all descendents of vicious prisoners. 

Many of them looked down on these people, treating this province with contempt. 

"Descendents with the blood of sinners were placed here, cursing the entire great province. One can imagine what kind of heaven overflowing crime these prisoners committed!"

"Back then, they should have directly slaughtered all of these people. What is the point of leaving them alive?"

These were the opinions of a few extremists. It made Shi Hao's face fall. Regardless, quite a few of these were descendents of people who came from the lower realm. They were actually being looked upon like this!

No wonder this province had the word 'Sin' as part of its name, making him feel extremely uncomfortable inwardly.

"In these past years, there hasn't been many outstanding individuals from this province. The entrance spots will likely all be seized by outsiders."

"A cursed place, an area with sparse spiritual essence. After the ancient battle, they were slaughtered until all of them were terrified. What kind of experts can they still produce? The ones that came from other provinces are all elites, coming here to seize the participation slots from the hands of these sinners, so it's only right and to be expected. The strong will prevail over the weak, it should precisely be like this!"

Shi Hao's face became more and more unpleasant to look at. A flame was burning within him.

In the lower realm, he had heard the saying 'descendants of great vicious', and now that he came to the higher realms, there was actually this kind of province treated as a land of exile and cursed. 

This province had people from the lower realm, as well as the descendents of the higher realms' ancient vicious disciples. 

He felt extremely uncomfortable. How many generations had passed? Even if their ancestors truly did do something wrong, the sin shouldn't fall on the shoulders of the descendants, right?!

Shi Hao felt that he should understand the situation in more detail. 

Soon after, he learned that Fire Clan was considered a large power in this province, the ancient country of an area. They would not tolerate contempt.

In addition, the other news he received left him deeply shaken.

"There was a Stone Country… but it was wiped out in the ancient times?!"

Shi Hao's expression changed. This was absolutely terrible news! If his predictions weren't wrong, it should be the ancient country established by the ancestors of his Stone Clan!

"Why did this happen?" He asked around.

"The blood of sinners was too strong, startling all areas. It was cursed by the heavens, causing this ancient country to vanish into thin air." Someone replied. 

"How is that possible?!" Shi Hao definitely didn't believe this saying.

"Shush, lower your voice a bit. Stone Country flourished in the ancient era, producing a few formidable individuals that were quite stunning. Someone saw a large hand reach down from the heavens, flattening this ancient country and burying that clan!" One person said mysteriously. 

Shi Hao left for the distance. For him, these news were quite bad, making him almost erupt with anger!

After searching around, he successfully arrived at Stone Clan's remains.

There wasn't a single blade of grass that grew here, a place completely desolate. There were ruins everywhere with broken walls remains. This was an enormous area of ruins. An enormous country's capital city had previously towered here. 

Shi Hao paced about here for two days, feeling angry inwardly. This ancient country was unexpectedly wiped out so ruthlessly, being completely destroyed. It was too cruel and merciless. 

Finally, at the border of these ancient country remains, he found a tattered village. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that these individuals could be considered Stone Country's descendents. 

"Actually declined to this state…" He looked at the old and weak, as well as the ordinary youth. They had long become mortals, not understanding cultivation.

"They could have properly survived before like other clans, but only because Stone Clan's ancestors learned of some truth, they provoked a disaster of destruction…"

When he found another tattered stone village, Shi Hao unexpectedly heard this shocking information from the mouth of a muddle-eyed elder!

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