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Chapter 793 - Rendezvous

Shi Hao left from an enormous city, using a large-scale transport formation that could travel over dozens of provinces. 

Otherwise, if he relied on flight alone, only heaven knew how many years it would take. 

A single province, from one end to the other, was at least several tens of millions of li, the longer ones even more endless. It was an astronomical figure, large to a boundless degree. 

There was even less of a need to talk about several tens of provinces, or over a hundred provinces of distance. 

Demon Province, a place where demons had emerged from since the ancient times, shaking heaven and earth. Every few years, there would be a great battle. It was also a place of crime and blood. 

The plant species sect Demonic Sunflower Garden whose reputation shook the higher realms was precisely in this province, and it also bordered Heaven Province, which hosted the Celestial Clan on the far side.

Shi Hao arrived in Demon Province, naturally not to provoke those great powers. Even if the relationship between those clans and himself were like water and fire, now was still not the time to pay them a visit. 

He came only to see his grandfather. They had already been separated for a period of time, and soon after, he was going to participate in the great battle of three thousand provinces. He came to say his goodbyes. 

This was a desolate region. Rarely were there signs of human life. Vegetation was sparse. At the innermost region was even more a group of volcanoes.

The great demonic god was precisely living here in isolation. Before they separated, because Grandpa Fifteen had absorbed the Demonic Sovereign's true blood, as a result having yin energy within him, he needed to soak in the volcanic magma to feel comfortable. 

Volcanoes surrounded this region. Not a single blade of grass grew here. Mountains released fiery light one after another, and there were even more streams of magma, bright red and shockingly hot. 


There was no unexpected things that happened. Shi Hao carefully looked around, and then he saw his grandfather within a volcano.

Grandpa Fifteen was sitting within magma, his head of gray hair carrying black strands. He was seated, but when he heard the shout, he woke up, immediately revealing great joy.

"Child!" He walked over. He wore gray clothes, quickly hurrying over, his face full of happiness. 

This place was isolated from the world, so he didn't know what Shi Hao had experienced. However, being able to meet again so quickly was still something to feel gratified and moved about. Blood was still thicker than water in the end. 

"Grandfather, your complexion looks much better, your white hair even turning black! When I meet you again, will you directly become a young man?" Shi Hao was excited, joking with his grandfather.

"Haha…" Grandpa Fifteen's mood was extremely good. The yin energy in his body was almost completely expelled. He also reached out his own arms for his grandson to see. 

"Ah, it grew back! This is too great!" Shi Hao was overjoyed. Grandpa Fifteen's broken arm finally grew back, no longer being crippled. 

Once one reached the Supreme Expert Realm, they could regrow limbs, not needing a large amount of time to do so. 

"Child, you returned so quickly. What did you end up encountering outside?" Grandpa Fifteen asked. 

"There wasn't that much trouble. I ate well, slept well, and even encountered many great natural opportunities." Shi Hao feared that his grandfather would become worried, so he didn't talk about the various miserable things.

Stinky brat, still wanting to hide things from me. From your appearance, you are purposely only reporting the good news. Just talk about it all, grandpa is not an outsider." Grandpa Fifteen's eyes were deep, as if they could see through everything.

When Shi Hao honestly spoke about everything he experienced during this period of time, Grandpa Fifteen became furious. "Celestial Clan has gone too far!"

At the same time, he was also grateful. His grandson obtained a formidable master.

The grandfather and grandson had many things to talk about, a single chat taking them late into the night. Shi Hao told his grandfather that he was going to join the great battle of geniuses soon, and that he might be gone for many years this time.

"Hao'er, you definitely have to be careful. We don't need rankings, just need to be alive!" Grandpa Fifteen grabbed him. He was a man of steel, but in that instant, old tears almost flowed down. 

Shi Hao also felt his nose becoming sore. He hugged his grandfather and said, "Grandfather, don't worry. I will definitely come back alive! No one can deal with me!"

Even if it was not for anyone else, just for his grandfather alone, he would keep himself safe and return alive.

"Bring this." Grandpa Fifteen took out the True Primordial Record and Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, having him bring them with him. After repeatedly studying it, he felt that this palm sized sparkling white bone was quite unordinary. It might be able to display some use. 

Shi Hao nodded, bringing it with him. It was because in the wasteland region's Western Tomb Beast Mountain, this diagram had displayed some changes, displaying some exceptional qualities.

"Grandfather, this is the Heaven's Mandate Stone." He wanted to give this to his grandfather. 

"If this thing could still be merged with, then that would have allowed you to improve a step further. What a pity." Grandpa Fifteen shook his head, saying he didn't want it. 

After the Heaven's Mandate Stone chose someone, even if it was taken out, it wouldn't choose another person to merge with. It could not display a perfect evolution.

Kacha! Shi Hao directly hacked the Heaven's Mandate Stone in half, putting one half into Grandpa Fifteen's hands. "Even though it can't merge with others, this thing can still be crushed into powder and used like divine precious medicine!""

When it was time to part, both of them were reluctant. There were too many things to talk about. 

"Right, Hao'er, this place might have some ancient flame, the reason why there are so many volcanoes here." Grandpa Fifteen told him, wanting his grandson to stay behind and collect that fire seed to increase his strength.

"There's no need, I'll think of another method." Shi Hao shook his head. He also passed down all of the Immortal Ancient sacrificial language to his grandfather. If there is karma, he might be able to obtain that ancient flame.

Finally, it was time to separate. Both grandfather and grandson couldn't help but shed tears. 

It was because after they separated this time, it was unknown when they would meet again. Perhaps it would be a few years, maybe a hundred. It might even be an eternity.

The great battle of three thousand provinces, ordinary cultivators might be fine, but those that wanted to seize the greatest natural luck would definitely fight life and death struggles. It was the most dangerous!

Shi Hao left. When leaving Demon Province, he was especially careful, taking several detours. Only after departing from this province did he borrow an enormous transport formation to head for Five Elements Province. 

"I wonder if the divine striking stone and Emperor Butterfly are still there." They previously made arrangements for them to wait at a certain place without leaving, but such a long time had now passed. Were those two fellas still there?

Verdant and lush ancient trees towered along the bluestone path. This was a small town that had quite a few ancient trees planted.

Shi Hao stopped here for a short period of time. After ascertaining the direction, he then flew to a nearby mountain range and descended on a short mountain. 


A streak of divine rainbow flew over, smashing towards Shi Hao's head. It was fast to the extreme.

He was alarmed, quickly avoiding. However, that thing followed him relentlessly, smashing at him again.


"These mountains were opened by me, these trees planted by me. If you want to pass, pay the troll's toll!" That divine rainbow released a strange cry.

Without batting an eyelid, he brought out the pill furnace, and opened the lid to collect that divine rainbow.

"Youngster, you are too evil, wanting to use the immortal tomb's curse to deal with me!" It was precisely the divine striking stone. With a chi sound, it fell out, appearing in front of Shi Hao. 

Then, the Emperor Butterfly appeared, moving like a golden streak through the air and descending into Shi Hao's hair.

Shi Hao was extremely happy. These fellas had waited here this entire time, not leaving after all. It saved him the trouble of looking for them. 

"Youngster, you've waited for so long. I heard that a string of fate brought you several hundreds of thousands of li away, and then the girl you brought away to take as a wife almost got you killed?" The divine striking stone roared with laughter, looking like it deserved a good spanking. 

"Rotten thing, you are putting salt on wounds as soon as we meet." Shi Hao grabbed him, his right hand shining and fiercely pinching down.

"Ah… stop, bastard, why is your hand so hard?!" The divine striking stone cried out strangely. Of course, it was still exaggerating to some extent. Its magical force wasn't all that, but the material it was made of was top level, incomparably sturdy. 

"You are too unreasonable, leaving for so long at a time. What are we even supposed to do while waiting here? Getting into trouble everywhere on your own, experiencing such stimulating events… you didn't even bring us!" This lowly divine striking stone was always wishing to see the whole world in chaos, and then it pompously asked Shi Hao for gifts as compensation. 

Shi Hao slapped it outwards and said, "Don't try to distract me, immediately trying to argue with me. Some kind of disaster definitely happened. Tell me, where did silver go?"

The so-called silver was precisely that sleeping Silver Phoenix. Now, Shi Hao was naturally sure that that was definitely the silver-haired girl. 

When Origin Sky Secret Realm opened, it had strict rules that forbade other creatures from following him in, so he could only enter alone. The Silver Phoenix was sleeping, so Shi Hao had the divine striking stone take care of it. 

"That stupid bird was frightened off by me!" The divine striking stone put on an arrogant look.

"Nonsense!" Shi Hao knew that it was lying through its teeth right off the bat. He hurriedly looked towards the Emperor Butterfly, asking it. It was because the silver haired girl knew where Supreme Hall had appeared before. 

As a result, the Emperor Butterfly transmitted a bit of divine senses, telling him that the Silver Phoenix woke up, turned into a beautiful and outstanding silver-haired woman, and then it crazily beat up the divine striking stone, chasing it for several tens of thousands of li and fiercely venting its resentment before leaving in the end. 

"Didn't you say that she was chased off by you?" Shi Hao asked the divine stone.

"Fuck that damn bird, she is the descendent of a phoenix, almost returning to her roots. Once she turned into a Silver Phoenix, reawakening from serious injuries after bathing in divine flames, it became even stronger. Angering me to death! What you laughing at brat? You cut off the other party's silver feathers, doing an absolutely terrible job, making her look like a pigeon, but in the end, she vented all of her resentment on me. Those phoenix flames truly are intolerable, I am… so fucking unlucky!"

The divine striking stone was so angry it was hopping in fury, cursing continuously. This time, it was humiliated again, making it feel incomparably downcast. If not for it running fast enough, it would have been caught.

Back then, Shi Hao feared that the Silver Phoenix would be recognized by others, so he directly gave her a 'complete makeover', cutting her precious feathers that were flickering with silver radiance all uneven and scraggly. That silver-haired woman was immediately so angry she almost fainted. 

When she revived, he knew without even thinking about it that she was definitely driven mad. 

"You were in charge of looking after someone else's girl, so if you weren't the one to take anger on, who else would be?" Shi Hao didn't feel the slightest bit of sympathy, laughing in ridicule.

"Brat, I'm gonna stake it all against you! It was you that tormented that girl okay? Why are you putting this crime on my head?!" The divine striking stone roared out angrily, throwing itself over. 

However, immediately after, its eyes immediately went straight, saliva flowing out. He stared at the strange stone that dazzling strange stone that surged with immortal multicolored radiance. That thing was too strange, dyed with the bright colors of the heavens. It was incomparably divine and auspicious.

"This is…" It immediately began to drool.

"Heaven's Mandate Stone." Shi Hao said calmly while weighing it in his hand.

"Aowu, give it to me!" it directly threw itself over, opening its mouth to bite down.


Shi Hao shifted outwards, dodging to the side.l 

"Big bro, do you see how loyal and devoted I am? I followed you bravely with no thought of personal safety, risking life and limb. You have to give it to me!" The divine striking stone was so sickeningly corny that it gave others goosebumps. 

"Who cares about that Silver Phoenix troubling me? Next time we meet, I'll directly settle things with her in front of her face!"

"No, such a gorgeous silver haired girl, cool and elegant to the extreme, it's up to you to deal with her. If it's too troublesome, I'll carry her back!"

"You even helped her trim her silver feathers, personally doing the work. This kind of thing I promise I will tell the entire world, let everyone under heaven know, leave her with no choice but to marry you!"


"What mess are you spouting, absolute nonsense. Can you not bring me more trouble?" Shi Hao glared at it. This fella was clearly trying to curry favor through threats. 

Shi Hao divided the Heaven's Mandate Stone in half, giving half to his grandfather. The remaining half was precisely for the divine striking stone.

"Big bro, you are too awesome. Unfortunately, I am male, or else I would completely devote myself to you!" The divine striking stone shamelessly cried out, devouring the Heaven's Mandate Stone in one gulp. 

In that instant, its entire body shone, turning scarlet red, then purple energy came from the east, then becoming pure white like jade. It continuously changed, appearing incomparably divine.

"You can merge with it?" Shi Hao was shocked.

"Of course! It's a rock, I'm a rock, we'll merge sooner or later. The so-called selecting masters, that is just for other creatures!" The divine striking stone spoke proudly. 

When Shi Hao heard this, his heart beated crazily. There was something like this? 

"Hehe, I am going to rise up soons, undergo a perfect transformation, becoming the number one stone under the heavens! Youngster, hurry up and praise me a bit. In the future, big bro, I'll cover for you!" After devouring the Heaven's Mandate Stone, it began to act cocky again. 

"You scoundrel, abandoning your benefactor after achieving your goal." Shi Hao glared. 

"I'll help you take on a disaster. That silver-haired girl chased after me for tens of thousands of li, almost taking me down, so this is only natural!" It acted boldly and confidently as if justice was on its side. Then, it declared loudly, "From today forth, I want to change my name to stone of fate."

However, soon after, his eyes went straight. He stared at Shi Hao's palm. There was piece of stone there was was unadorned and without radiance. However, there was a type of great dao aura.

"What… is this?" The divine striking stone trembled. 

"Origin Stone." Shi Hao said in a carefree manner. 

"Big bro, you are my dear big bro, give it to me, you have to give it to me!" The divine striking stone threw itself over, saliva flowing everywhere. It unexpectedly produced a pair of stone arms, grabbing Shi Hao's legs, not letting go even if it died. 

Shi Hao shot it a look of disdain, ignoring it. 

"Big bro, give me the Origin Stone! Once I successfully merge with it, I will definitely be the number one stone! In the future, you don't even have to take action, just leave it all to me!" The divine striking stone wiped away its saliva while promising fanatically.

Shi Hao weighed the stone material in his hand. This was just a small piece. There was still much more in the spatial magical artifact.

"Dear big bro, as long as you have any orders, I promise I will smoothly take care of it."

It rolled about on the ground there while hugging Shi Hao's leg, not letting go no matter what.

"Big bro, I will warm the bed!" In the end, it seemed like it would stoop to any level, saying something like this.

"Get lost!" Shi Hao flung his leg out, feeling all the fine hairs on his body stand on end. 

"Uh, I didn't mean that, what I wanted to say was that I will bring back people who will warm the bed! Isn't that cool and elegant noble silver haired girl insufferably arrogant? Watch me capture her and have her warm big bro's bed!" The divine striking stone patted its own chest while saying this. He also boasted that once he merged with the Origin Stone, it could go capture the holy ladies of any sect.

"Where is your integrity?" Shi Hao looked at it speechlessly.

"For the sake of the Origin Stone, anything is okay! I can do anything!" The divine striking stone's skin was exceptionally thick as it cried out. 

"Take it, stop shouting already." Shi Hao truly couldn't handle him, tossing it several pieces, leaving the divine striking stone dumbstruck. Then, it began to cry out unendingly.

"Dear big bro, see how I will serve you in the future!" It finally no longer dared to destroy the bridge after crossing the river, because it felt that Shi Hao definitely had quite a bit more origin stone on him.

Shi Hao didn't pay it anymore attention. He turned to the Emperor Butterfly and said, "I don't have much gifts for you this time, but we are about to enter the 'Immortal Ancient'. There are heavenly deity fruits and all types of precious medicines. You'll definitely be able to eat your fill and quickly evolve."

They then left this place, directly heading for Fiend Island. Shi Hao felt that with the great battle of three thousand provinces happening soon, the disciples of all sects would definitely have terrifying trump cards. He had to prepare seriously as well.

This time, he was more scared than hurt. He walked to the heavenly river path, using up several days, blasting himself within an inch of his life. He collected a large amount of the river water with the pill furnace. 

He similarly collected quite a bit of immortal tomb earth. 

Fortunately, he studied the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, and he understood the curse of this place as well. Otherwise, it would be like last time, using up half a month just to get a bit.

"Let's go. We should set off. The great competition is about to start." Shi Hao said. 

"Where are we going?" The divine striking stone asked. 

"Sin Province!" Shi Hao said. It was rumored that this was where the creatures of the lower realm gathered. Fire Province also set their foundation there, so Huo Ling'er might be there as well. 

Sin Province, this kind of name made Shi Hao feel extremely angry inside. He also hoped that this province would rise up and create a bright world through slaughter, shine brilliantly through the great world, ascend to the peak.

"Great battle of three thousand provinces, I'm coming! What present world geniuses, what ancient sealed freaks? They will all be put down!" The divine striking stone cried out. 

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