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Chapter 780 - Dao Master

Everyone became stupefied. They looked into the distance towards the rising smoke and dust. Every single one of them looked like clay figures as they stood there petrified, unable to say a single word. 

This was a small shoddy monastery with broken walls and rubble everywhere. There were withering ancient trees and tall weeds, creating a desolate scene.

However, who dared look down on it now?

An earthen large hand retreated from the void, disappearing into that mountain gate. 

This scene left everyone stunned! The cultivators of all sects stood there unmoving. They were all shocked, going stupid. This scene and result left everyone shaken. 

In the distance, the mountain ridge was smashed apart. That was a Heavenly deity, yet he was ferociously slapped outwards, collapsing more than twenty mountain peaks. The great earth split apart, and enormous rocks scattered the clouds!

There was blood on the ground, flowing like a small river. It covered the mountain region in dark red. It was a shocking sight. 

"Is what I'm seeing real?" Someone said with a soft voice, fearing that he would anger any taboo existence.

"I… what did I just see? Heavens! A high and mighty Heavenly deity that looks down on the creatures of all sects was slapped flying!" Someone roared outwards, as if awakening from a dream.

Everyone became stupefied, and sounds of swallowing could be heard. They felt that this was inconceivable and difficult to believe. This kind of scene, this kind of result was just too shocking!

In front of the damaged monastery gate, there was only a youth standing above the ruins. His hair was long, his eyes pure. He gave off a calm and unperturbed appearance.


In the distant mountain region, an enormous figure stood up, shaking off the mountain peak crushing on his body. He towered between heaven and earth, his eyes like two blood moons. It was incomparably terrifying as he stared here. 

He carried heaven overflowing killing intent as he walked over, making the entire mountain region tremble violently. Mountain stone tumbled about, and large amounts of heaven reaching ancient trees rustled. Leaves flew everywhere.

The cultivators of every sect were feeling great fear. They couldn't help but move backwards. They shivered with coldness, trembling under this shocking pressure. Their souls were shaking.

Many people were shaking uncontrollably. Under this unsurpassed might, there were some who couldn't help but kneel down. Bone texts flourished all over their bodies as they prostrated in worship towards that Heavenly deity. 

This was a type of allegiance, not something forced by the Heavenly deity, but instead an instinct that originated from these individuals' souls. Towards Heavenly deities, there was an unconditional feeling of obedience and reverence!

The might of a Heavenly deity couldn't be resisted. There was no way lower realm cultivators could contend against them, their bodies producing an innate fear. They couldn't help but kowtow. 

Only, this type of high and mighty expert had just been slapped flying by someone, moreover having an arm destroyed!

"Qi Daolin!" 

Heavenly Deity Mo Luo was furious, his voice resounding through all sides. It was as if thunder appeared from the heavens above, scattering the clouds in all directions.

"Ah!" A few people cried out, covering their ears as they staggered backwards. There were even a few individuals who began to bleed from all seven apertures, their faces extremely pale as they stepped backwards in horror. 

This kind of power was just too shocking.

"Old ancestor!" The Celestial Clan's people cried out loudly, looking at the Heavenly deity that was hurrying over.

"What are you being so noisy for? If you don't show any respect to this place, I'll wipe you out!" An impatient voice sounded from within the small shoddy mountain gate. It was full of domineeringness and disdain. 

Chilliness crept down everyone's backs, feeling waves of fear. How horrifying was this, saying he was going to slaughter a Heavenly deity right from the start, moreover as if it was to be expected as a matter of course. 

"Dao master Qi, why are you doing this? There are no wrongs or grudges between us."

The great earth trembled. An enormous Heavenly deity moved, and then a few enormous rocks were unexpectedly uprooted from the ground, as if they were just grains in a basket, raised into the air. They then fell down again. 

Whenever he took a step outwards, the mountain stones on the ground, dead trees, and other enormous objects would be like this, blasted into midair. Meanwhile, those enormous old trees that took root on the ground would violently tremble, about to snap apart.

It was as if there was an enormous earthquake!

He was close! Everyone could already see him!

"No wrongs or grudges, why did you run to my mountain gate then? Bullying my disciple, are you all looking to die? Do you all want to become ashes?!" Qi Daolin's voice sounded, so domineering it made everyone here speechless. 

This was not some random cat or dog, but a Heavenly deity, yet dao master Qi's attitude was so impolite, his tone cold and firm. He was implying that he could crush the other Heavenly deity to death at any moment.

"The old ancestor was wounded!" The Celestial Clans experts shivered in fear, feeling a wave of horror. Such a powerful figure from their clan was struck to this state!

For them, this was the same as the sky falling. The clan's higher level figures that protected the clan were unstoppable, able to continue their legacy in the higher realms, but today, one of them lost an arm!

This all happened because of a youth. 

The Heavenly deity got closer. He wore purple golden armor that flickered with terrifying radiance. There was an imposing murderous aura. On his head was a purple golden crown that gathered his hair. 

His eyes were incomparably terrifying, more brilliant than the sun, making it hard for others to look straight at him. Whenever others looked at his eyes, they would all feel as if their souls were in intense pain!

One could only face him with a lowered head, or look at him from behind, not directly into his eyes. This was a type of heavenly might!

Only, currently, this Heavenly deity's state wasn't too great. Half of his body was flowing with blood, and his right arm was splitting. His purple golden armor was shattered and his blood almost reached his long hair.


Heavenly deity Mo Luo shone. The void trembled. The arm bone and blood energy that exploded just now flowed in reverse, gathering together to reconstruct his arm. Then, symbol light flourished, and a thriving vitality surged; his broken arm reformed.

This was the might of a Heavenly deity. Even when the limbs broke, they could quickly recover, not needing a long time to recover. It was because when one reached this type of cultivation realm, they were already high above everyone, surpassing the understanding of many powerful individuals. 

"He is just a loose cultivator, many people know this. How could he have become dao master Qi's disciple?" Heavenly deity Mo Luo's attitude clearly became quite a bit softer.

"I took him in recently, is that not acceptable? Also, why do I have to give you an explanation? If you don't act respectfully, don't blame me for being ruthless!" Qi Daolin berated.

"Dao master Qi, do not forget that you had previously studied within my Celestial Clan." Mo Luo reminded. 

"Shut up. I was stealing from masters back then. Also, are you going to get lost or not?" Qi Daolin spoke, not feeling that it was embarrassing at all, instead saying it in a righteous and self-confident manner. 

Many people were speechless, shaken up by his domineeringness, but also sighing in admiration. This dao master was too strange. 

Only a few older generation figures knew the reason. The reason Qi Daolin stole methods from those great sects was mostly out of hatred; that was why he purposely went to steal methods. 

Qi Daolin had previously been a certain ancient inheritance's only inheritor. When that sect was jointly attacked by Immortal Palace and others, there were some great sects that threw rocks at them while they were down, and a few powers that they had good relations with treated them like they were already dead, not coming to the rescue. 

That was why Qi Daolin later on crazily stole from masters to strengthen himself, purposely causing chaos in a few great sects. 

Heavenly deity Mo Luo's face fell ashen, stopping there. This really was humiliating. Dao master Qi didn't show them any face, acting domineering and cold, putting him in a difficult position. 

At the same time, he was greatly shocked inside. Back then, Qi Daolin had been surrounded and attacked by all the different sects. Even though his strength wasn't weaker than an ordinary sect master, his cultivation realm was still a bit lacking. 

Back then, him and Qi Daolin were both Heavenly deities, but now, Qi Daolin had long surpassed him. Mo Luo felt extremely unwell inside!

Mo Luo was quite a bit older than Qi Daolin, but the other party quickly rose up, becoming the lord of a region in the shortest amount of time, leaving him far behind.

He found it difficult to stay calm inside. That was why he directly called out the other party's name to make himself look more intimidating. 

However now, he was silent.

"Old ancestor, half of the six heroes have died, and True deities as well as others died. You Yu has been bisected at the waist, his Heaven's mandate stone in that little monster's hands!" A deity from Celestial Clan secretly transmitted, expressing his resentment.

"What?!" Mo Luo was furious. Everything else was still tolerable, but You Yu being cut down, losing the priceless Heaven's mandate stone was not forgivable. 

It was because a single Heaven's mandate stone meant an exceptional expert that could protect the Celestial Clan, perhaps even reviving it, recreating its former glory.

He stared at Shi Hao, his eyes releasing icy cold radiance. Killing energy pervaded the air, deciding not to waver.

"Dao master Qi, have him hand over my clan's wondrous stone!" Mo Luo said. 

"What qualifications do you have to make such thoughtless remarks here? Just because I didn't kill you, you are treating it as if my temper is good?"

A tremendous sound rang from within the small mountain gate. Everyone was horrified, because they saw golden ripples spreads outwards, rushing towards Mo Luo.

That was just sound, yet it solidified, becoming more resplendent than bone texts, more boundless than a sea. They all crushed down on the high and mighty Heavenly deity. 

Mo Luo was shocked. The first time was one thing, but this time, he was prepared, and he even had the body protecting secret the Old Celestial bestowed upon him, yet he still couldn't withstand this power!

Under this dao sound's power, the golden ripples, his entire body flew outwards as if smashed by an enormous hammer. The bones in his body released cracking sounds, and large mouthfuls of blood sprayed outwards. 

Heavenly deity Mo Luo smashed into the distance mountain range, severely injured. He couldn't crawl back up for a long time. 

This place was in absolute silence. Everyone was shivering with fear. What kind of power was this?!

Celestial Clan's faces were deathly pale, all of them shaken, from Supreme experts to deities. How were they even supposed to fight now? Even their clan's Heavenly deity couldn't take a single blow, being blasted flying like this.

They looked at the youth in the mountain gate. This was the first time they felt like they provoked huge trouble. They actually brought such a great disaster onto themselves!

However, it was too late to say anything now. A great grudge had already been produced. 

Suddenly, a wave of fluctuation rippled outwards. A golden wave of radiance covered who knew how many tens of thousands of li, quickly arriving. There were two people that released heaven overflowing divine splendor from above. 

A middle-aged male who had a sharp gaze was lending an arm to an elder. The two of them were accompanied by great dao sounds as they walked on the golden passageway that stretched several tens of thousands of li, appearing here! 

This type of methods shocked the cultivators of all sects. They all kept quiet out of fear, not daring to speak randomly.

"Dao protector great one!"

The Celestial Clan cried out loudly. They were about to cry already. They were truly oppressed miserably this time. When they saw their clan's taboo figure, it was as if they found a mountain to lean on. 

In the past, it was always them who oppressed others forcefully, yet today, they experienced setbacks after setbacks, and even their Heavenly deity was berated, blasted out until he spat out blood. One could very well imagine how they were feeling. 

"Brother Qi, are you declaring war against my Celestial Clan?" The middle-aged man on the golden light path spoke. He was also a Heavenly deity. In the past, he was at the same cultivation realm as Qi Daolin.

"Do you all dare to go to war?" A calm voice sounded from within the mountain gate. Then, he added, "I don't mind doing so!"

Everyone was shaken up. Qi Daolin was just one person, but he was going to challenge an entire clan? This was a former Emperor Clan we were talking about here!

This place was deathly silent.

That Heavenly deity didn't dare to say any more, because this affected too much. If he dared to continue, then that might be a battle involving their entire clan. It would affect the history of their clan for hundreds of thousands of years! 

"Little Qi, your temper has become greater and greater." The dao protector of Celestial Clan spoke. His body was withered up. On his head was a pair of black horns that were surrounded by hazy radiance. 

Radiance flickered about. Another figure appeared in Supreme Being Dao Rite. Qi Daolin appeared, his golden robes fluttering about, his figure giving off an immortal feeling, as if he transcended this world.

"The younger generation is struggling for supremacy. It is one thing for Divine Flame Realm experts to interfere." Qi Daolin stood there, divine splendor shining gloriously. His voice became cold. "But even Heavenly deities dare to come, truly a joke. However many that comes, however many I will kill!"

His voice was resounding, echoing through this place. Everyone's hearts were shaken, feeling a wave of fear. 

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