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Chapter 779 - Go on the Stage

Yun Xi's body trembled a few times. She looked at Huang, at the lower realm Shi Hao. He wasn't even eighteen years old, yet he could already look down on the exceptional talents of the higher realms. 

"Hurry up and take action, kill him!" The deities in hiding said with a low voice.

In the end, Yun Xi stabled her mind. She walked through the void towards that mountain peak, getting closer to Shi Hao. 

"Yi, there is someone else from Celestial Clan's younger generation who is going to fight?" Everyone became shocked. Things have already reached this level, but the Emperor Clan of the past was still not willing to give up? 

Things already became like this. Everyone already firmly believed that there really weren't many people in the three thousand province around Shi Hao's age that could compete against him. It was clear that Celestial Clan's heroes were not included among these people. 

"This woman truly is beautiful, like a fairy who walked out from a painting!" Many people cried out in astonishment. Yun Xi was too pretty, her skin like fine jade and her eyes like gemstones. Her figure's curves were wonderful, and as her purple clothes fluttered about, she could be called an unmatched beauty. 

"Shieis Celestial Clan's pearl. She also merged with the Heaven's mandate stone, so her status is extremely high." Someone recognized her. 

Yun Xi's skin was sparkling white and translucent. She raised her head, looking towards the other mountain peak. That youth was extremely calm as he carried the Heaven's mandate stone in his hands. Brilliant radiance filled the skies, holy radiance rushing into the heavens, making him look like a divine lord. 

Her emotions were complicated. They had faced each other before, fought with life and death on the line, traveled together, and now, they ended up like this.

"You cannot head forward anymore!" Celestial Clan secretly transmitted, telling her not to get any closer. 

It was clear that there was no way she could be Huang's opponent. Only by using the connection between the two, making the other party distracted, and then from far away, suddenly using the Heavenly deity magical artifact, would she be able to deliver a fatal blow. 

Celestial Clan's deities were warning again and again, and then were also going to take action.

"She is…" Feng Wu's eyes revealed divine radiance. She looked at the battlefield, and then at the Celestial Clan. "Huang is in danger. There is no way the Celestial Clan will let him go."

The space between Qing Yi's brows shone. A streak of green flames jumped, shining brilliantly. Her snow white clothes were not tainted by dust, and her figure was pure and otherworldly. She said softly, "I don't think anything will happen. His life is quite persistent."

"You are going to lend him a helping hand?" Feng Wu noticed the changes happening to the space between her brows, already knowing that that was an ancient flame -- Green Lunar flame, one of the world's rarest flames.

In the air, Yun Xi released a sigh. Her body was graceful, her lotus feet elegantly moving. Her purple hair shone, and like clouds, they rose. Her entire being became a bit indistinct. 

Her black eyebrows were slightly knit, her eyes flickering with radiance as she stared at Shi Hao. She opened her mouth several times, parting her cherry red lips to speak, but she always closed them again. 

Now that they met again, what was there to say?

On the other side, Shi Hao was extremely calm, appearing undisturbed. He had a clear conscience. They both came from the lower realm, and he believed that he already acted with virtue and benevolence. 

In the City of Heaven, Yun Xi might not have any power, unable to make any decisions, forced to go into isolation by the Heavenly deities, so that was why she wasn't able to save him. That was why he didn't direct any hatred at her. 

Yun Xi felt a wave of burning pain. The other party's gaze made great waves stir within her heart. She stopped her footsteps, appearing a bit absentminded. She felt a bit uncomfortable as she looked forward. 

The two still didn't say anything. However, Yun Xi stopped just like that, no longer moving forward.

In the rear, the Celestial Clan's deities nodded. She was still at a safe distance. This was also a type of test for Yun Xi, seeing if her heart truly belonged to the clan.

This place was extremely quiet. Shi Hao didn't say anything. 

Yun Xi's expression was complicated. The past events, the laughter between them, the disputes and nagging, as well as the protection along that entire journey, all made her completely speechless when they met again. 

Then, she put away her melancholy, her expression calming down. Her eyes gradually became bright, releasing brilliant radiance.

She resolutely moved and unfolded her palm to use the precious artifact.


A metallic sound rang through the air, shaking heaven and earth. Her palm released auspicious multicolored light. An artifact appeared, releasing divine force and extremely powerful symbols. 

In that instant, the atmosphere of the scene became tense!

Shi Hao's pupils narrowed. He looked in that direction at Yun Xi. All of his bone texts flourished. 

"Not good!" Someone said softly, feeling that things were turning bad. There were Heavenly deity fluctuations. That magical artifact was extremely special. Even without using a lot of force to activate it, it could display great might. 

Yun Xi's eyes were resolute as she stared at Shi Hao. She raised her palm, and a pure white lotus flower appeared in her hands, releasing heaven overflowing divine radiance into the heavens. It released terrifying bone text fluctuations. 

She held the flower as she stood there, holy and auspicious. She pointed forward, aiming it at Shi Hao. 

The cultivators of all sects revealed surprised looks. It was rumored that Shi Hao had previously escorted this woman for hundreds of thousands of li, but now, it seemed like that might not be true! Otherwise, how could she face him like this?

When Celestial Clan saw this, a few experts revealed faint smiles. 

Soon after, Qing Yi realized how ruthless this was, making those at the scene appear and using real actions to deal with Shi Hao. This was more effective than saying anything, not needing to refute anything. 

Since Yun Xi took action, how could they still believe the rumor that Huang escorted her through the Blood Plains? This was not good.

As expected, when everyone saw this scene, their expressions all changed, starting to discuss this with a soft voice.

"Huang truly is vicious. It seems like what the Celestial Clan said might not be false!"

"The first impression is strongest. It now seems like the truth might not be like that."

Yun Xi held the flowers between her fingers, stirring on bone texts. This Heavenly deity magical artifact released kengqiang sounds, the auspicious radiance flourishing even greater, submerging the mountain peaks in front, making this place brilliant. Clouds of energy surged. 

"Her battle instincts are lacking. How can she be like this? Only by attacking directly would she have had a chance." A deity from Celestial Clan frowned, feeling a bit discontent. 

You Yu's face became pale white, not saying a single thing as he watched the scene. Today, he had completely been defeated. He could only watch Yun Xi take action.

"It's starting!" The cultivators from various sects cried out in alarm. 

Celestial Clan's pearl held the magical artifact, and then she unexpectedly slaughtered over, closing in on Shi Hao. 

"I'm sorry!" Yun Xi's large eyes were completely red as she spoke, staring at Shi Hao as she rushed over quickly. 

In Goddess Academy's direction, a few elders frowned. There were flames jumping around their bodies, releasing powerful auras.

"Wu, should we help out this youth? This is quite troublesome. Celestial Clan definitely has experts descending, and a great battle would be unavoidable then." Someone said softly. 

Feng Wu frowned. She felt that this youth was quite familiar. He was unexpectedly a bit similar to the fella she encountered back then on the Copper Sparrow Altar. 

The space between Qing Yi's brows shone. A streak of green divine flame shot out, and like a green moon, it moved through the sky, flickering with undying radiance. She stared at the battlefield, simultaneously watching Celestial Clan's direction.

Shi Hao sighed. They really still ended up like this. He was going to take action against her!

He was going to unleash forceful attacks as soon as she moved out a hundred zhang. He didn't lack terrifying magical artifacts on him. Anyone who looked down on him would inevitably die. 

Yun Xi quickly rushed over. The magical artifact in her hands flashed, unexpectedly splitting the void. One could imagine just how powerful it was!

Shi Hao was astonished. He easily avoided it. 

A large expanse of cracks appeared. The void was unstable!

"I'm sorry… in City of Heaven, I really couldn't do anything." Yun Xi spoke, her face carrying guilt. It seemed like she truly felt uncomfortable.

Cracks extended everywhere in the void. It already erupted, disturbing everyone's divine senses. "She quickly said, "I will give you this Heavenly deity magical artifact. You can use this to move through the void and leave. It can pierce through the void!"

Shi Hao was stunned. The blazing bone texts in his body receded, not taking action. He looked at Yun Xi with shock, never expecting her to say these words. 

"Hurry and go. I don't know if they are here yet, but if not, they are arriving soon. You have to use this final chance!" After disturbing the void, she still used her divine senses to speak. She appeared extremely anxious and worried, also extremely careful. 

"Who?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Two Heavenly deities! They went to welcome the Dao protector! With that kind of taboo existence descending, even if there is someone protecting you, it is still not enough! You have to hurry and leave!"

When she spoke up to here, she raised her hand, sending the spotlessly white lotus outwards. It spun lightly, taking itself into the air and descended towards Shi Hao. However, there was no killing intent.

Shi Hao's eyes became brilliant. This went completely against what he expected, because Yun Xi was going to take action against him, so he couldn't help but feel despair. Now, however, everything turned out to be completely different!

"Hurry and leave! Otherwise, you won't have any time!" Yun Xi urged.

"Who am I? I'm Huang! Celestial Clan can't do anything too me. You don't have to take risks for me." Shi Hao calmly spoke, but there was a powerful confidence to his appearance. 

He moved his hand, and then a gentle radiance stopped the pure white divine lotus, making it turn around and fly backwards into Yun Xi's hands. 

Yun Xi was stupefied, feeling a bit distressed. She felt like Shi Hao had some kind of misunderstanding, not forgiving her for the City of Heaven's events and that was why he didn't accept her help. Tears immediately flowed from her beautiful eyes.

"I've… let you down!" Yun Xi's voice was trembling.

Regardless, this powerful youth underwent a torment of life and death to escort her back to the clan, yet he was treated like that, imprisoned in the black prison. It truly was difficult to forgive. 

"Hurry and leave, or else you truly won't be able to leave…" Yun Xi wiped away her tears and said seriously, pleading Shi Hao to leave with the Heavenly deity magical artifact.

"Yun Xi, you've misunderstood, I am not against you." Shi Hao shook his head, and then he revealed a smile. His teeth were snow white and sparkling, extremely brilliant. 

When Yun Xi saw his appearance, she felt momentarily distracted. Why was this fella like this, not running even in this type of crucial moment, still acting like the past?

"Something's not right!"

It was clear that many people discovered the strangeness of the situation. Weren't they going to fight? Why were those two standing there without moving?

Even though Yun Xi took the initiative to attack, splitting open the void, the great void cracks isolated everyone's divine senses, there were still some people who deduced what was really happening. 

"It really was the Celestial Clan that wronged him! That girl is helping Huang!"

When these words were spoken, an uproar immediately sounded within the mountain region. This type of thing unexpectedly happened!

In that instant, the faces of many experts from Celestial Clan became ugly. Yun Xi unexpectedly did this, turning her back on the clan to help Shi Hao escape. 

"Isn't this the same as Celestial Clan being slapped in the face? They now have the bad name of biting the hands that feed them!" Someone said softly.

In the mountain region, there was a huge uproar. It was difficult for this place to become calm. 


The faces of many people from the Celestial Clan fell ashen. The divine level experts were furious. They no longer thought about redeeming any face, directly taking action, slaughtering forward.

"Why are you not leaving yet?!" Yun Xi cried out, feeling extremely urgent. Her extremely beautiful face was full of worry. She wanted to give the Heavenly deity magical artifact to Shi Hao again.

"I don't need it!" Shi Hao shook his head. In addition, a pair of lightning divine wings appeared behind him. With a light shake, lightning radiance were released in tens of thousands. He turned into a streak of lightning, unexpectedly facing the deities!

Everyone became stupefied. This youth didn't run, unexpectedly going to challenge these deities?!

At this point, there was no reasoning or face left. Twelve of Celestial Clan's Divine Flame Realm experts immediately rushed over. All of them erupted with power, activating precious techniques. 


Shi Hao was shocked. There was a great killing weapon among them, not simple at all. Even though it wasn't at the Heavenly deity level, it was still extremely terrifying. 


He didn't hold anything back. The heavenly river and lightning, yellow earth, and others all poured out from the pill furnace, drowning out everything in front, attacking indiscriminately. These substances carried powerful curse power. 

In addition, there was a pure jade vase that flickered with radiance that slaughtered forward. 

This was the spoil of war he obtained from the descendent of a king from the War Clan while escorting Yun Xi through the Blood Plains. It was close to Heavenly deity level, but it had previously been corroded by the yellow earth. Right now, it was still barely usable. 

The twelve deities moved out of the way, none of them wanting to be infected by the pill furnace's curse or be attacked by the terrifying magical artifact. 

They never expected Shi Hao to have so many treasures on him. He stopped all of their great killing weapons and even suppressed them with his counterattack.


Shi Hao moved his wings. The brilliant wings formed from lightning were extremely powerful, allowing him to move at extreme speed, as if he was a human shaped streak of lightning!


He collided with a Divine Flame Realm expert, and after the two greatly clashed, everyone's hearts trembled. That Divine Flame Realm expert exploded, turning into a blast of bloody mist.

"What?!" Many people cried out loudly, not understanding the details.

Shi Hao changed directions, quickly rushing towards another individual murderously, still taking action with all of his power. He erupted with divine light, sending out a fist. The second Divine Flame Realm expert was blasted to pieces. 

In this mountain region, everyone was shaken. They all cried out in alarm. 


Then, the third Divine Flame Realm expert was caught by Shi Hao's lightning speed, blasted apart alive, turning into a blast of bloody mist. 

This was naturally because of his Magical immunity. Forget about the cultivators of the other sects, not even Celestial Clan's deities knew that his ability was this powerful and terrifying. 

It was because in the great battle of divine mines, the Divine Flame Realm experts that personally experienced it were all killed, so nothing leaked out.

Even though the Celestial Clan were aware of this ability, they definitely never expected it to be this shocking, the immunity so great that not even the magical force of Divine Flame Realm experts could do anything!

They knew Shi Hao had methods, that what he relied on was a great killing weapon. It was clear that they had made preparations, but in the end, this wasn't the case.


Someone cried out miserably. Shi Hao's fist blasted a deity apart, causing them to explode in midair. A rain of blood scattered everywhere. 

Everyone began to rant and rave in fear. This… was this still a fucking Supreme expert? He was actually slaughtering Divine Flame Realm experts!

The twelve divine level experts originally surrounded and attacked Shi Hao, trapping him at the center, yet in the end, the distance was pulled so close, as if a mad vicious beast was pursuing them. 

Shi Hao was like a lion among wolves, his hair dancing madly about and his eyes like cold lightning. He unleashed a great slaughter!

"Little evil creature, you dare?!" In the rear, five True deities appeared. Their faces were sinister as they roared angrily. They all slaughtered over as well. 

This result was difficult to accept. The other party actually slaughtered the Celestial Clan's experts like this.

They had long researched thoroughly. The reason why Shi Hao was able to slaughter True deities was because of the thunderstorm. He brought down world shocking heavenly lightning tribulation. However, right now, it was bright day, so there was no way he could use that type of forbidden magic.


Without even taking the time to think, he produced a scarlet red, blood like symbol seal. With a move of his hand, he flung it towards them, making it explode in midair!

The skies shook, scarlet multicolored flames erupted, covering most of the sky. It was incomparably terrifying. Magical force surged like great waves. 

This was a symbol one of the Celestial Clan's six heroes, Yu Lun obtained, and now, it was being used by Shi Hao. 

Yu Lun's identity was extremely special. It wasn't because of the six heroes reason, but because he was a Heavenly deity's descendent. He was doted on heavily, and that was why this type of rare divine symbol was bestowed onto him.

Not many of his clansmen even knew that he had this type of thing on him, and there was even less of a chance of them knowing that Shi Hao got his hands on it.

Right now, the divine symbols exploded, leaving the five True deities stupefied. They then quickly retreated backwards!

They were previously rushing forward with great killing artifacts, but in the end, this divine symbol exploded, destroying almost all of them. Those terrifying secret treasures all shattered, turning into fragments. 

Moreover, there were two individuals who were swept through by the radiance. One of them immediately had his body and soul wiped out, unable to resist the might of a Heavenly deity, and the other was seriously injured, flying outwards. His body was covered in blood.

 The other three's reactions were fast, narrowly avoiding this disaster. 

What made the Celestial Clan's eyes to pop out of their sockets was that the lightning divine wings behind Shi Hao moved, bringing him downwards. He beheaded the seriously injured True deity and destroyed his primordial spirit.

"Ah…" A group of people went mad, angrily roaring outwards. 

In that instant, four great Divine Flame Realm experts was killed by Shi Hao, and then two True deities died with remaining grievances, their blood splashing everywhere, dead but eyes still open. 

This result, forget about making the blood of the Celestial Race boil, but even the cultivators watching from the side were driven mad. This… was too inconceivable! He actually produced this type of result!

The Magical immunity time was up. Shi Hao decisively backed up, collecting all types of magical artifacts to defend himself. He descended to Supreme Being Dao Rite's monastery gate.

This battle result could be considered extremely glorious. It shocked all of the creatures here!

"How could it be like this? Many people were shocked. This youth was a monster!


A moment later, a rumbling sounded from the distance. A resplendent radiance ignited, and a terrifying figure approached, making this entire heaven and earth tremble. 


It was clear that the existences that arrived felt that something happened. They were incomparably furious, their voices shaking heaven and earth.

"Heavenly deity!" Many people trembled, feeling this type of pressure. Their bodies were trembling.

"Old ancestor!" The Celestial Clan's experts cried out loudly. They continuously suffered defeat today, so a flame had long begun to burn within their hearts!

"Trifling little ant, repeatedly offending my clan, today, I want to see where you will run to!" Even with so much distance between them, a large hand reached down. It was even more enormous than a mountain ridge, covering the entire heaven and earth. It surrounded Supreme Being Dao Rite's mountain gate. 

Everyone's expression turned pale. This was heavenly might; how was he supposed to defend against this?

Suddenly, a large hand reached out from within Supreme Being Dao Rite as well. It directly slapped outwards, and it was accompanied by a voice. "Insect, you dare touch my disciple? Get lost!"

Everyone became stupefied. They thought they heard wrong. Who was calling the Heavenly deity an insect?

Something that made them tremble was still waiting to happen. After that large hand swatted out, with a hong sound, that Heavenly deity's entire arm was blasted apart, disappearing from this place.

In addition, an enormous sound rang through the air from the distance. An enormous figure flew outwards, and then dropped into the mountain range, crushing quite a few mountain peaks. It was clearly the body of a Heavenly deity!

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