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Chapter 774 - You Yu Versus Great Senior Brother

Heaven and earth swayed. Bone texts flickered.

Blood splashed outwards, bright red and striking, accompanied with scarlet multicolored light. It was extremely dazzling. 

"Divine blood, there is an abnormal scene!" Even a few older generation experts became serious, their pupils releasing strands of radiance.

The blood that scattered outwards released blazing red multicolored light, almost as if it was burning. A terrifying fluctuation rippled outwards, every drop more resplendent and beautiful than rubies. 


Palms and fingers collided again, producing a thunderous noise.

The two young experts passed each other. Symbols interweaved and divine light rushed into the heavens. They each backed up, and then they pulled back their fists, standing on different mountain peaks.

"Supreme Being Dao Rite really has produced quite the character, actually able to take on You Yu's fist head on without dying, only bleeding a bit between the palms and fingers…" Someone released a light sigh. 

Everyone saw that this pretty and delicate youth's hand was bright red, carrying blood drops. His head was currently lowered, looking at his palm.

"Being able to do this is already quite excellent. Blocking You Yu's strike, this individual can be considered stunning. How many people throughout the different provinces could accomplish this?

The exceptional talent of an Emperor Clan, one that merged with the heaven's mandate stone, had a fighting strength that was difficult to appraise. Yet now, a shoddy monastery's disciple could actually stop him, not dying immediately. 

On the other mountain peak, You Yu stood there, his purple hair thick and dancing about in the wind. His eyes were like divine lamps as they released terrifying radiance that was resplendent and intimidating. There was a type of unmatched temperament.

"You Yu is unmatched, who can compete against him?!" Celestial Clan's youngsters were all excited, because You Yu injured the shoddy monastery's youth with a single strike. It stirred them on.

Recently, there was just too much bad news for Celestial Clan. Their immortal treasure was stolen, Huang unleashed a great slaughter, and then Yu Lun was killed by a small monastery's disciple. It really was terrible for them. 

Now, You Yu took action, moving unhindered, exuding a type of insurmountable power. It made the blood of Celestial Clan's younger generation boil.

"You Yu, this child truly is extraordinary, even a bit stronger than what we had anticipated. How could a trifling monastery's disciple compare to our clan's young supreme being?"

It was a Divine Flame Realm expert that spoke. His eyes were full of praise. He was quite grateful that Celestial Clan had qualified successors. They would definitely display their brilliance again in the future. 

"But of course! My clan's exceptional talent has ancient Emperor blood flowing within him, the imprint of being unrivaled in his bones. If he cannot even easily dominate the disciple of a small monastery, then how can he overlook the higher realms' three thousand provinces?" Another Divine Flame Realm elder said proudly. 

The group of young celestials were even more excited, feeling proud for their own race. They envisioned the future where You Yu led them on a path of resurgence. He would definitely rise up, his aura devouring mountains and rivers, his name left behind in the annals of history.

The Celestial Clan's True deities arrived, only their expressions were serious. They didn't reveal looks of joy like their disciples, instead releasing cold radiance from their eyes. They really wanted to personally take action. 

"You Yu is so powerful, it seems like Supreme Being Dao Rite's inheritor is going to be defeated quite easily. It won't take long."

"Just a single fist from You Yu injured that youth."

Under everyone's discussions, Golden Wolf, Crack Demonic Butterfly, Blood Sea young master, Feng Wu, Jiaotu, and others revealed a look of shock, their eyes releasing radiance as they stared at the battlefield. 

"Shut up! What do you all understand? That's not the case at all! The blood is You Yu's!" The Golden Wolf shouted. He turned into a youth, his head of golden hair shining like the sun, releasing blinding light. Meanwhile, his pupils were penetrating like blades. 

Everyone trembled at first, intimidated by the terrifying might that was released. Then, they were shocked. What did he mean? The blood wasn't left behind by Supreme Being Dao Rite's disciple?

Everyone became stupefied, their expressions becoming rigid. 

Originally, they were still discussing how powerful You Yu was, believing that he injured his opponent with a single fist. However now, they heard these words. It was just too sudden. 

"You Yu's blood?" Quite a few people swallowed their saliva, feeling that this was unbelievable. Their faces were full of shock as they looked towards the battlefield. 

You Yu's figure was straight as he stood on the mountain peak like a demonic god, the powerful spiritual pressure he exerted making them feel a great pressure. His eyes were deep. They couldn't see the situation of his hands due to the long sleeves. 

On the other side, even though Supreme Being Dao Rite youth's hands were red with blood dripping down, it seemed like… he really didn't have any injuries. 

Everyone erupted into an uproar. This was just the first strike, yet You Yu was the one that suffered a loss, not this small shoddy monastery's disciple? This was too hard to believe.

"This can't be true!" Celestial Clan's group of youngsters' faces became pale. They forcefully clenched their fists as they stared forward. 

It was actually this type of result, completely different from what they had just cried out, not like that at all. This left them shocked, as well as a bit fearful, worrying that You Yu would be defeated. 

Celestial Clan's Divine Flame Realm elders were shocked as well, because not even they saw the truth just now. The main reason was because they had too much confidence in You Yu, not expecting that youth's flesh to be so ridiculously powerful.

In the distance, the ones that were watching the battle clamored with noise, voices sounded loudly. 


Celestial Clan's True deities' eyes flickered, feeling a bit relieved. They released a breath. 

Apart from this, the outstanding figures of different sects widened their eyes, revealing looks of shock.

Meanwhile, the Golden Wolf, Sword Palace's holy lady, Feng Wu, Mu Zixiao, Crack Demonic Butterfly, and others revealed serious expressions as they watched the changes that were taking place on the battlefield. 

Shi Hao's right hand was entirely red, releasing scarlet fiery radiance. It also extended up his entire arm, covering it with bone texts. Waves of rumbling sounds could be heard.

"Blood paste hand!"

Divine Cliff Academy's outstanding talent Mu Zixiao shouted, his expression grave. Those three words seemed to carry demonic nature. 

When the others heard this, their expressions all changed.

Even a few elders trembled, their eyebrows standing on end as they widened their divine eyes. They carefully inspected Shi Hao's arm, and then they couldn't help but gasp.

The cultivators from all sects shivered coldly, feeling a layer of goosebumps appear on their bodies. 

Blood paste hand was an extremely terrifying fist imprint. Once it was refined, when it landed on the body of a similar level expert, it would immediately make that person's flesh wither away, exhausting its spiritual essence and turning it into a bloody paste. 

This type of secret method was extremely vicious, known as a forbidden method.

In the past, there were quite a few Heavenly deities that died under this fist imprint, to the extent where there were even a few sect masters that nursed grievances because of this as well. It was known as a 'demonic hand' for killing great figures. 

This type of method was extremely difficult to cultivate, not really some secret method restricted to a single sect. If one had the patience and was willing to pay the price, they could obtain the complete scriptures. Only, it was too difficult to cultivate, with a single mistake exhausting one's blood essence, making one suffer a loss themselves. Not many people were able to cultivate this ability.

No one expected You Yu to grasp this type of secret method, using his own blood as a medium to display the Blood paste hand!

Supreme Being Dao Rite's inheritor was clearly in quite a predicament. 

Shi Hao's entire arm was in burning pain, experiencing a type of terrifying corrosion. This type of feeling was not good at all. It was a bit troublesome. Blood paste hand was one of the higher realms' most vicious fist imprints. 


He shouted loudly, his breath like thunder. Electricity appeared in the void, and his entire arm released auspicious multicolored light. He used his own powerful precious techniques to expel the blood colored symbols. 

Only, this type of secret method was quite unique, as if it attached to his bones and nerves. Once it stuck on, it was difficult to expel, as if it was going to completely merge with the flesh.

This was where the Blood paste hand's frightfulness laid. It would turn the flesh into paste; this process was difficult to stop!


Shi Hao didn't try to just passively get rid of it, but instead using offense in place of defense. The flesh and blood within his entire arm moved, blood surged, turning into a divine sword, releasing blazing sword energy.


His pores shone, releasing a bloody mist. Then, bone texts grew dim, and his arm that seemed to be burning returned to normal, no longer fluctuating with symbols. 

"Supreme Being Dao Rite's' great senior brother' is so formidable, unexpectedly able to neutralize the Blood paste hand!"

Forget about the youth, even a few elders widened their eyes, feeling extremely shocked.

In the past, the reason why many Heavenly deities and sect masters died under this fist imprint was because it was extremely strange and sinister. When both parties were at the same level, it was extremely difficult to stop.


That mountain region released blinding radiance, because the two young experts took action again, clashing together. It was like two great peaks colliding, releasing tremendous power. 

The two of them quickly exchanged attacks, turning into two indistinct shadows. There were expanses of divine light that surged around them; their speeds were too fast. In the blink of an eye, they exchanged over a hundred moves.

This left everyone shocked. They originally thought that a few dozen exchanges would end the battle, never expecting Supreme Being Dao Rite's 'great senior brother' to be so powerful, unexpectedly evenly matched with You Yu. 

When this result appeared, it toppled the prediction many people had before the battle. Both sides were tyrannical, the battle unpredictable. This would definitely become a great battle whose results were difficult to predict.

You Yu was extremely powerful, taking the initiative to attack from the start of the battle. Vicious attacks were released unendingly, sometimes like a Zhuyan leaping into the air, other times like a great Peng spreading its wings as he rushed forward murderously. 


His hands each produced an imprint, shaking the void. One had was a tiger, the other a dragon, and while accompanied with tremendous roars, a tiger and a dragon appeared, throwing themselves forward. The precious imprints were truly shocking, and at this moment, they charged viciously at Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao's fists released resplendent radiance, blasting the void until it distorted with his world shaking divine force. He faced the tiger and dragon head on. 

Blinding radiance erupted between the two like lightning. This was all produced by the collision, the clash of divine force. Beams of light rushed into the heavens. 

If any of the spectators were caught in the blastwave, they would definitely explode on the spot, turning into bloody mist. 

Shi Hao blocked the other party, and at the same time, his entire being erupted with brilliance, releasing a wave of shocking fluctuations. One of his legs became like a dragon snake's tail, lashing outwards with great force. 

This was the Golden Snake leg, a precious technique he obtained from Origin Sky Secret Realm. Its name was quite ordinary, but its power was shocking, like a whip produced by a Dragon Snake. Its power made the void tremble. 

You Yu was extremely outstanding. With a raise of his hand, he raised a mountain peak and smashed it at Shi Hao.


Shi Hao's Golden Snake leg left behind a golden whip shadow, thrashing on the mountain and blasting it apart. Enormous rocks scattered the clouds, smoke and dust flew everywhere. Meanwhile, this leg's direction didn't change, locking in on You Yu, continuing to lash outwards, unexpectedly containing a resonance of a Dragon Snake.


You Yu's arms guarded against this attack, shaken up greatly, his blood and qi roiled. His head of purple hair danced about crazily, and his eyes shone. Two resplendent and blinding spears shot out from his pupils.


An expanse of lightning fired out as soon as Shi Hao opened his mouth, blasting them away. It turned into bone texts before scattering into the void. 

Meanwhile, Shi Ha's right palm slapped down. A sphere of light wrapped around it, ultimately turning into an enormous ball of lightning the size of a mountain before smashing down on You Yu. 

This was an application of the Lightning Emperor's precious technique. It turned into a lightning palm that immediately erupted with power. 


You Yu roared loudly, producing heavenly sound. The symbols in his mouth rippled outwards, and then it produced a wave of symbols that swept out like a tsunami.

It was similar to the Lion's roar divine ability. This was 'Celestial roar', an incomparably violent attack that made the void tremble and caused several great mountains below to split apart inch by inch. The scene was extremely terrifying. 

Shi Hao's hand drew out an arc, and then an expanse of bone text appeared, isolating the heavenly sound. In addition, a golden spear formed from lightning appeared in his hands. He directly pierced it outwards towards the area between You Yu's brows. 


Heaven and earth erupted. You Yu's hands merged, clasping the spear's edge in between, and then erupted with endless radiance. His figure was imposing and magnificent.

Many people trembled inwardly. This was heaven's imprint! When two hands merged, it was known to be able to sever all tangible objects in this world, one of the Celestial Clan's restricted arts!

Sure enough, the edge of the spear exploded into heaven shocking lightning that covered the world. Electrical arcs flew in all directions, terrifying to the extreme. It was as if golden waves were engulfing the skies. 

However, there were quite a few people who had sharp eyes. They saw a drop of blood flow out from between You Yu's fingers. That place was injured. 

"It was true! During the first collision against Supreme Being Dao Rite's inheritor, his palm was injured, dripping out blood. That was why he directly used the Blood paste hand."

Everyone was greatly moved. They now understood that it was because You Yu's hands were injured that he displayed the terrifying Blood paste hand. 

How terrifying was Supreme Being Dao Rite's inheritor's flesh? To actually make You Yu suffer a light injury right from the start, it really was terrifying, almost a bit absurd.

A declining monastery silently nurtured this type of young supreme being? Their name wasn't known before; this was a bit strange!

Many people stared at Shi Hao, and a few of them even revealed looks of surprise. 

Heaven's imprint merged together. You Yu was cold and ruthless. It was as if worlds collided when his hands merged, blasting apart the expanse of symbols Shi Hao produced, making the heavens tremble.


Shi Hao's body shone. Bone texts covered it densely. Heavenly calamity light appeared, and as if it was going to destroy the entire world, it submerged everything below. This was the precious technique of his former supreme being bone!

This place completely erupted!

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