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Chapter 770 - Undesirable Future

After a pitch-black thunderstorm, the extensive grasslands became more fresh and clean. It was dark green everywhere. 

The depressions on the ground became great lakes, azure and resplendent. A group of pure white unicorns appeared, releasing holy radiance. There were several hundred of them that arrived in a large herd. 

This was an auspicious omen. If the prairie's herdsmen saw this, they would definitely be elated. However, Celestial Clan was not feeling this type of mood. The mines before their eyes were sunken, the blood of deities covering the ground. Their losses were astronomical. All of their faces were ashen. 

"This is the number one divine mine, a place where large amounts of heavenly materials have been excavated from throughout the years, yet it was destroyed in a single morning, blasted by lightning into dust. There were even three True deities killed."

Celestial Clan's Heavenly deity Mo Luo's expression was ashen. As he looked at these ruins, a powerful aura spread outwards, crushing downwards like a mountain, making it difficult for others to even breathe, feeling as if they were suffocating. 

"This isn't the most important point. Divine mines can still be opened! The most unendurable thing is that this was all done by Huang, a Supreme expert, yet none of you lot were able to capture him, allowing him to escape. What is there that is more absurd than this? Not even True deities could stop him! Useless!"

Mo Luo roared. He couldn't endure it any longer. Everything that happened during these past days humiliated the Celestial Clan. Even a Heavenly deity like him had his face covered in grime.

"We understand our wrongs." The group of people lowered their heads, not daring to look him in the eyes. Their bodies were trembling. Many of them kneeled under the Heavenly deity's might. 

"So what if you understand your wrongs?!" The other Heavenly deity shouted. "Can you all bring back the lost 'immortal seed'? That is a priceless item, something that might have been able to create a Celestial Emperor!"

Meanwhile, what was the most intolerable for these two Heavenly deities was that the one that did this was actually Huang, a brilliant youth that they had to kill. He actually took action in such an unbridled manner. 

This was an undisguised humiliation. Shi Hao was retaliating and getting revenge. They had personally experienced the events of the past, so they clearly understood the secrets and inner details. 

They had sent Shi Hao into the black prison, turning him into a prisoner, using the most strict and cruel methods, leaving his body with many bloody holes that went from one side of the body to the other. 

From the day Shi Hao left, there was no way for there to be any good relations between them!

Did the revenge already start?

However, the two Heavenly deities didn't feel regret. The Celestial Clan's decision was made for the entire clan. If they could obtain the Kun Peng and Lightning Emperor techniques, then they could make their clan's power increase sharply!

This would have long lasting effects. If they were given time to accumulate power, the Celestial Clan might make a recovery, reproducing their Emperor Clan's unmatched might. 

Only, an unforeseeable variable appeared, a Ye Qingxian appeared, one who reached an agreement with the Old Celestial, allowing Shi Hao to leave. This was not within their predictions.

"Just now, I received a secret report that the great dao protector will personally come. All of you better shape up!" Heavenly deity Mo Luo said with a cold voice.

"What? Dao protector great one…" Everyone became stupefied. The dao protector of the clan had an extremely terrifying background. If not for the six great celestials, he would have become the guardian spirit that the clan worshipped. 

"Didn't the great one already reach his declining years?" Someone said with a soft voice.

Everyone knew that the dao protector already had one foot in the grave, his great life about to wither up, unable to fight any more great battles. Why did he decide to personally move out this time?

"Because of the great things you all have done!" The other Heavenly deity berated. 

If not for them losing the unmatched treasure that was surrounded with heaven and earth source energy, how could the dao protector have been startled, thus deciding to come out to release his final bit of power? 

"Dao protector great one is going to use his final bit of life to divinate where Huang is. This is all because of you bunch's stupidity!" Mo Luo angrily berated, his hair dancing madly about.

In that instant, the space he stood in began to distort, and streak after streak of cracks weaved about. That area of heaven and earth seemed to have become dusky. 


The group of people knelt down, including the True deities. 

It was because they knew that the dao protector's intention was to use the last of his life's light to deduce Huang's real location, accurately seizing his whereabouts. 

This meant that that dao protector was going to leave this world. 

At the same time, they were shocked. The reason the dao protector was willing to do this was one, because he regarded that 'immortal seed' highly, and the two, because he attached too much importance to that lower realm youngster.

"That youngster is so terrifying, worth of the dao protector great one to go so far…" Someone said, his face revealing his inner emotions. He began to foresee grave consequences. 

Since the ancient times, there would be stunning youth that would rise up from each province, but many of them would die prematurely, and most of them would later disappear. They wouldn't make an Emperor Clan feel so nervous. 

However, it was different this time. The dao protector actually made this decision, displaying a final bit of power before death. What did he foresee? Those with heaven defying cultivations, even though their blood energy withered away from old age and their battle prowess sharply declined, they would still often have spiritual reactions, able to see some strange things. 

When they thought of this, many of them broke out into a cold shiver. This was not good at all. Everyone felt like the dao protector might have grasped a fragment of time and saw an undesirable future. 

That was why he wished to do this, not hesitating to use the last of his life to divinate Huang's whereabouts, and then capture him!"

"Now you all know how serious the consequences are?" Mo Luo berated. The surrounding black cracks became even more terrifying, shaking this prairie. 

The other Heavenly deity loudly roared, "The only thing you all can do to salvage this situation is to find that person before the dao protector great one hurries over, and then capture him!"

This prairie became ice cold. Everyone kept quiet out of fear, because they knew that big trouble had been created. 

"Mobilize all forces, have all the inheritances that are related to our clan send their people out. We need to search continuously for the next few days to look for clues!" Mo Luo ordered.

"Understood!" Everyone braced themselves and loudly replied. Whoever dared to voice any objection would undoubtedly die. No one dared to incite the anger of a Heavenly deity. 

The order to wipe out Huang sounded throughout the grassland. Celestial Clan took action, asking all of the sects that they had good relations with to aid them in the search for Shi Hao. 

This was a great and powerful encirclement. They did not spare any costs, only wanting results!

However, Celestial Clan still didn't publicly announce that Huang was the lower realm Shi Hao, still holding this back. It was clear that they still desired his precious techniques, wishing to have them alone.

This place became chaotic, entering turbulent times. Countless people moved about, blades flashed and swords flickered. Metal battle armor released chilly luster, filled with murderous energy. 

Shi Hao heard about the news, but he didn't pay them any attention. 

He was still standing by the mountain gate and looking downwards. "My identity will most likely be revealed, right?"

His heart was surprisingly calm, not feeling fear, instead seeing his own road even more clearly. His eyes were resolute. He had to become strong!

"Once I become an Emperor, who dares to humiliate me like this, daring to steal my precious techniques, imprisoning me?"

Shi Hao sighed softly. This was the boundless three thousand provinces of the higher realms where the strong preyed on the weak. It was incredibly cruel. There were times when reasoning didn't apply. 

Once one rose up, every clan would hold you in reverence and many experts would pay their respects. It would be a completely different scene. 

Within Goddess Academy, there were a few individuals of the six heroes who couldn't stay calm.

Apart from You Yu and Yun Xi, the others had all hurried over later after hearing that an 'immortal seed' emerged and that they could comprehend the dao through it. As such, the higher ups of the clan allowed them to come as well.

Only, who could have anticipated that this type of unusual event would take place. The grasslands were in chaos, and the clan's divine level experts were badly burned, unable to worry about other things. 

"I truly want to break Huang's corpse into tens of thousands of pieces. He actually dares to humiliate my clan, truly deserving death!" Yu Lun said, clothed in white clothes with a head of purple hair, an appearance like jade. 

He was one of Celestial Clan's most outstanding disciples. His cultivation was high, someone who previously dared to challenge You Yu and fought great battles against him. 

He didn't obtain the heaven's mandate stone, but he was still ranked near the front of the six heroes, far greater than the Kun Mo that was squeezed out. 

"It is a pity that we are not his opponent. Even if You Yu fought against him, he still might not necessarily win." Another person said. He was the last of the six heroes.

"He killed True deities, so he definitely has a secret treasure and used special methods. His true fighting prowess might not be that great." Another person deduced the truth. 

In reality, this was what everyone in the outside world believed, because no matter how heaven defying a Supreme expert was, there was no way they could kill a True deity by relying on their own power. 

"Let's not talk about other matters. That small shoddy mountain's so-called 'great senior brother' is provoking us like this. Do you feel like there is a need to let him continue living?" Yu Lun spoke, his eyes cold.

He had long received the report that the clansment had been defeated, and the so-called eighth hero Kun Mo even more so had his cultivation crippled. He had long wanted to pay that place a visit and cripple that person.

This was especially the case when that so-called 'great senior brother' had previously entered Goddess Academy, saying that he was going to wipe out whoever dared to challenge him. This made him feel a wave of anger. 

Celestial Clan was experiencing bad luck already, and now, there was someone who provoked them like this. This naturally made the killing intent in his heart surge, wishing to immediately get rid of the other party.

"You cannot act careless. Rumor has it that he is quite powerful, or else he wouldn't have been able to cripple Kun Mo. We shouldn't act rashly either." The sixth hero spoke, even though he also wanted to take action.

"What are you scared of? I've seen Kun Mo's injuries and understand that person's strength. He is definitely not stronger than me. Even if we take a step back and say that he can match me in strength, with the secret treasure I was bestowed by the Heavenly deity, killing him is too easy!" Yu Lun said. 

"It's still best if we don't act too rashly. Many things happened to my clan, so it is still best if we act calmly." The sixth hero said.

"That is precisely why I want to vent out a bit of my resentment. Even some random cat or dog can climb on top of my clan's head. Intolerable!"

"I will ask senior brother You Yu to see how he feels." The sixth hero said. Another person also nodded, expressing his agreement. 

In the end, they split apart in somewhat bad terms. 

Yu Lun was proud and arrogant, feeling that if not for You Yu being an exceptional talent, he might not be more powerful than himself. He felt the same way towards the other party obtaining the heaven's mandate stone, attributing it all to luck.

"Brother Yu Lun, did you hear the words of that fella from the small shoddy gate? He is waiting for you all to challenge him, claiming that he'll wipe all of you out."

When they saw Yu Lun appear, a few people spoke, calling out to him like this. 

Yu Lun was currently taking a walk. His face now fell even further. "What insignificant thing is he, even daring to provoke my Celestial Clan? I'll conveniently wipe him out after returning from sightseeing!"

Many people in the academy looked over. After learning of his identity, they all began to discuss among themselves, revealing looks of shock. 

"Celestial Clan was badly burned, humiliated by Huang. I really don't know if they can capture him."

"Yi, the six heroes still haven't paid that dao rite a visit? I thought they would take action and quickly suppress that 'great senior brother'. I never thought that they would still not go after all this time. Could it be that they're scared?"

When he heard this discussion, Yu Lun's face became even uglier. He was extremely handsome and dressed in white clothes, so he should be confident and at ease, yet right now, killing intent instead pervaded the air. 

He received news again and again, and all of them were so terrible, it truly made him distraught with anxiety. Together with his intrinsic nature being proud and arrogant, he naturally found this unendurable.

It was because he was the disciple of an Emperor Clan, one of the six heroes, the outstanding talent of his clan. Even without the heaven's mandate stone, he still might very well become one of the clan's most powerful experts.

"Who knows the way? I am going to slaughter that person. Just a trifling shoddy sect, a foolish lunatic that doesn't know how high heaven is or how deep the earth is, what does he think he is? I will kill him with a single strike!" Yu Lun coldly said. 

When these words sounded, it naturally drew quite the attention. Many people said that they would lead the way.

"If my clansmen look for me, tell them to prepare a pot of alcohol for me. I will be right back to drink after taking that lunatic's head. Also, help me tell Kun Mo to wait for news that will help him vent some resentment." Yu Lun said.

The academy entrance immediately began to bustle with activity. It was unknown just how many people began to move after hearing the news. Many cultivators gathered over, all of them looking forward to the battle. 

Yu Lun released a whistle, and then a pure white Flood dragon beast moved through the air, releasing a thunderous cry and quickly rushing over. This flood dragon had the body of a horse and the head of a Flood dragon. Its entire body was covered in pure white scales and flickering with brilliant radiance. It was a divine spirited horse, and there was even a wave of terrifying aura spreading from it. It was extremely powerful, far greater than normal young experts. 

"Lead the way. I am going to cut him down!" He got on the mount. 

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