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Chapter 765 - Divine Object

On the prairie, the Celestial Clan's True deities were going crazy. They searched all throughout the great earth, but they returned with nothing.

"Why are the clan's Heavenly deities not here yet?" Their eyes were already becoming red. They actually lost this type of important divine object. 

If they had been careful enough, having a Heavenly deity come here ahead of time, there would definitely not be this kind of result. Regret and self blame made them feel as if wild beasts were chewing on their hearts. 

"Who was that person?" The group of experts' faces were ashen. They really wanted to find that person immediately and skin him alive, using the most cruel methods to deal with him.

"With just a Space shattering symbol, he won't be able to escape that far. His coordinates can completely be determined and found. It's just that his movement techniques are a bit too strange, fast to a ridiculous degree." One of the True deities spoke with a downcast expression. 

The others' expression were also unpleasant to look act. One had to keep in mind that they were all True deities, yet while chasing after a supreme expert, they were outran, thus escaping. 

"As for his body technique, one is the Earth to inches technique, a human race great divine ability. The other belongs to a type of divine bird." An old True deity spoke, one that had great experience.

"I feel like it is like the golden Peng's movement technique." Another individual spoke, because he vaguely saw a pair of golden wings appear on Shi Hao's back. 

"No, it should be even faster than the Golden Peng movement technique!" The old True deity spoke.

"Even faster than the Golden Peng, could it be…" Someone widened their eyes. 

"Correct, it should be that brat. He is getting revenge!" The old deity's face sunk like water. His eyes flickered with cold light. 

"The youngster that was captured and ultimately fled?" Another expert's eyes became treacherous, clenching his fists tightly. Someone who they had previously imprisoned stole their great natural opportunity?!

"Apart from him, who else knows the Kun Peng technique?" The old deity's face was unpleasant to look at. Based on his suspicions, that was Huang, as well as the lower realm's Shi Hao!

"Is he tired of living?!" Another person stood up, revealing a mouthful of snow white teeth. With an incomparably cold voice, he said, "That little bastard, my clan is still looking for him, yet he revealed himself on his own. This time, we definitely can't let him go!"

The other True deities were furious as well. They all erupted with killing energy. The temperature of the surrounding divine mines immediately plummeted. 

I reckon that he purposely exposed this, deliberately wishing for us to guess that it is him. This is an undisguised revenge! He is telling us that he came to make our Celestial Clan feel the pain." Someone spoke.

"Just a trifling supreme expert, yet he seized my clan's divine object. This is intolerable! My heart… feels like it is being burned by the flames of hell!" A True deity spoke softly. When he thought of the fact that it might be Shi Hao getting revenge, he simply felt like he was going mad. Fury surged within him. 

"He succeeded, making our hearts feel regret and torment. Heh, you better not let us get our hands on you!" One individual's hair was flying crazily about, eyes like blades.

They believed that the strange stone that they lost most likely contained an 'immortal seed' that was currently being nurtured. This loss was just too great. If any great sect learned of this, they would be driven mad.

This… was enough to create an unmatched expert!

It was because they had heard that in the great battle of three thousand provinces, there were those that became number one who used 'immortal seeds' to reach the divine flame realm. Those people overlooked their peers and were unrivaled under the heavens. 

On the prairie, Shi Hao didn't know how many tens of thousands of li he escaped. Even after he used the Space shattering symbol, he still continued to run, continuously changing directions as he sped along.

In the end, when the sun was about to descend behind the mountains, only then did he stop, feeling like he truly broke free from Celestial Clan's experts. 

"What kind of thing is this exactly?" He looked at the item in his hands.

It was wrapped within a sphere of multicolored light, sometimes being large and other times small, not stable at all. When it was large, it was like a millstone, while when it was small, it was like a Dragon Eye Fruit.

Moreover, its weight was changing as well, sometimes being heavier than a mountain, while other times becoming as light as rice straw.

There were bone texts all around Shi Hao's body, circulating divine force to support this object. It was because this object was too heavy sometimes. If not for this, he might be directly crushed underground.

In the end, it finally stabilized, seemingly reaching an equilibrium with the outside world. It also became peaceful, becoming extremely light. Even if it was placed on the prairie, it wouldn't sink.

Shi Hao sat down. He then carefully inspected it with his divine senses. 

The sphere of mist surrounding the strange object was extremely dense.

"Is this heaven and earth source energy?" He was quite skeptical, because that was something out of legend. However, the Celestial Clan's True deities had previously cried out in alarm, so that might very well be what this is.

Rumor had it that heaven and earth source energy could nurture creatures, and it could also produce unmatched treasures. It was a wonderful type of substance itself. If enough was condensed, it could be used as an immortal material itself. 

Of course, its most shocking specialty laid in the fact that whenever it appeared, it was because some unmatched divine object was going to emerge in this world. It was because through it, one could absorb this world's essence.

The reason it was called source energy was because it was just like a placenta connected to the supreme treasure that was being nurtured. This was a bridge that connected the treasure with the world's source and great dao. 

Shi Hao looked at it again and again, and in the end, he confirmed that this really was heaven and earth source energy. It was exactly the same as what was recorded in the bone texts!

When this object was heavy, a strand would be enough to crush a great mountain. When it was light, it was like nothing, able to float in the sky. 

In addition, it easily harmonized with the dao, receiving the world and great dao's engraving and 'transporting' it into immortal materials or supreme treasures. 

"With source energy nurturing this, how precious is the object within exactly?" Shi Hao was startled. His eyes burned fervently. 

From the outside world's perspective, even source energy was a rare precious matter. If there was enough, it could be used to refine immortal materials, so just how extraordinary was the item within?

Source energy was extremely special. Even if it was the dual pupil, it was hard to see through. Shi Hao was extremely careful as he investigated within the heaven and earth source energy to see what there really was inside.

It had to be mentioned that heaven and earth source energy was extremely special, always pushing his hand out, separating that object from the outside world. 

After many tries, he finally succeeded. He immediately revealed a strange expression.

It was because its shape was actually… an egg!

"Immortal seed?" He was a bit stupefied. 

The immortal seeds others talked about were all general references, such as some immortal blood, immortal bones, and other things. They could all be used to refine oneself, planting the dao when ascending into the Divine Flame Realm to achieve the most powerful evolution.

Meanwhile, he now truly obtained a type of 'seed', unexpectedly an egg. It would most likely produce some type of creature.

Immortal egg… when he thought of this, Shi Hao's eyes revealed a thievish light. It might very well be a True Dragon egg or an Immortal Phoenix egg!

"If I were to eat this, how great of a transformation would I undergo?" He said to himself, feeling like saliva was about to drip out.

If anyone else heard this, they would definitely become stupefied and then loudly berate him for being a foodie and wastrel. This type of thinking was just too unusual. 

This egg was slowly changing, changing from three feet in diameter to an inch, and then from an inch back to three feet. The size continuously changed, leaving him a bit puzzled. 

Shi Hao naturally wouldn't act rashly. He began to inspect it, placing his hand on the egg and then closing his eyes to earnestly sense it.

In the end, he was stupefied, and his body trembled. He felt that this was inconceivable. A look of shock covered his face.

This egg's shell contained a type of engraving that was supported by the heaven and earth great dao. It seemed to be able to communicate with the entire world. He seemed to have been able to see all things in heaven and earth down to a single blade of grass or a single tree. 

"I can't eat this egg…" He was greatly shocked inwardly. He was always thinking about how he wouldn't use something like the Great Scarlet Sky flame to ignite his body, but instead search for other methods of becoming a deity.

It was because he always felt that even though the flame left behind by a True immortal was powerful, allowing one to undergo a perfect evolution, in the end, it still became a framework. One would be walking the same path as an ancient being.

"With the entire world as the furnace, with the heavenly daos as a flame, if I refine myself like this to become a deity, it might make me more powerful."

And now, he saw a bit of hope, because this egg seemed to be interconnected to the various natural laws of heaven and earth. He could vaguely sense a few different things.

"Right, based on what was recorded in the bone books, when a few divine objects take form, they need the world to nurture it. All types of dao would irrigate it. It seems like this was what they were talking about!"

Shi Hao understood, and then his body trembled slightly from excitement. This was a rare opportunity. He he held this egg while comprehending, using this to connect with all types of great dao, using this as tinder to ignite his own flame, it would become more powerful than anything else!

"No, this isn't enough. I have to go ask that old man. He knows more than me." Shi Hao didn't waste a moment, because this was related to his future.

Only, after calming down slightly, he began to feel a bit of doubt as well. Qi Daolin wasn't of the kind sort, a notorious individual. What if he decided to kill Shi Hao and take this egg for himself?

"I believe in him!" After thinking it over, Shi Hao still resolutely went on his way. 

Even though he hadn't associated with him for that long, he still heard various bad rumors of Qi Daolin. However, Shi Hao's intuition told him that the old man had his own set of principles and wouldn't do that.

After all, even after learning of his identity, he never showed any intention of seizing his Lightning Emperor or Kun Peng techniques. 

Shi Hao returned to that shoddy mountain gate. He began to ask for guidance. 

"Wu, you said you stole from a bird nest and stole an egg?" Qi Daolin widened his eyes, and then both his eyes immediately became straight.

"Dao Lord, what kind of egg do you think this is? If we eat this, what kind of result will there be?" This had always been nagging at him at the back of his mind. If he ate this immortal egg, he could still comprehend the dao. He would rather enjoy this type of delicacy.

You wastrel, you still want to eat it? I'm going to beat the shit out of you!" Qi Daolin stood up and ran after Shi Hao with his palm raised. 

"Aiyou!" Shi Hao cried out miserably as he ran for his life. He never thought the old man's reactions would be so great, not allowing him to say anything else at all and instead directly beating him oup.

"You are blaming me unfairly! It's not like this!" Shi Hao cried out miserably. His joke now ended so terribly, being beaten up for some strange reason. He truly felt wronged, wanting to slap his own mouth.

He never thought that just a single sentence would make the old man chase after him in beating. 

In the end, Shi Hao explained everything clearly while grimacing in pain. His entire body was sore, and he angrily said to himself, "I… who did I even provoke?!"

"You said that this was an egg?" Qi Daolin looked at him strangely.

"Is that not what it is?" Shi Hao was suspicious. 

"You only know how to eat. Just because it looks like an egg it is an egg?" Qi Daolin corrected, telling him that this was definitely not some immortal egg, but rather something that developed a shell after being nurtured by heaven and earth. 

"So what exactly is it?" Shi Hao asked.

"It is most likely a type of immortal gold, perhaps the seven-colored immortal gold, or void immortal gold… either way, it isn't an egg!" Qi Daolin sighed and said. This fella's luck was too good! If the Celestials knew the truth, they would most likely go mad. 

"Immortal gold…" Shi Hao said to himself. He nodded to himself again and again. This type of thing would make all great sects go mad. It was something that could be encountered but not begged for. 

"Even though immortal gold is enough to make people go mad, enough to make great sect masters stake it all… this is not this item's most precious area." Qi Daolin said.

"There are other secrets?" Shi Hao asked. 

"You already sensed that there are all types of natural dao laws interweaving on the surface of this shell. This is the natural luck that is hardest to find since the ancient times!" Qi Daolin said seriously. 

Based on what Qi Daolin said, regardless of what there was within, the greatest value was not the immortal gold itself, but the current 'placenta'. 

The so-called placenta was precisely the source energy, shell, and substances that have all combined together. It could connect with all types of dao in this heaven and earth, absorbing its nutrients. 

Since the ancient times, just how many people could see the formation process of divine objects?

When it was being produced and taking form, the 'placenta' that accompanied this process was an incomparable wondrous process. It communicated and merged with tens of thousands of dao in heaven and earth; it was simply invaluable.

Neither source energy or the 'shell' alone had this wonderful effects. Only when it was being nurtured and all types of substances intertwined like this would there be this natural luck. 

"I don't need a divine flame anymore right? I can use this type of dao to enter the Divine Flame Realm." Shi Hao found it hard to remain calm. He exposed all of the thoughts he were thinking before. 

"I can only say it is a possibility, a trace of hope." Qi Daolin said. He became serious and said, "There were many stunning saints since the ancient times. You were not the only one that had this type of thoughts. There were too many of them, only… they should have all failed. I reckon that not a single one of them had succeeded."

If it was using other immortal seeds, then that was that. However, if one wanted to use all of heaven and earth as a furnace, using all types of dao as the flame, becoming a deity like this was just too difficult. 

"Dao master, what should I do?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Use this placenta for yourself. If you take advantage of it, there is a twenty percent chance of success. If you fail, the immortal gold inside will all be ruined, and you will, of course, also turn into ashes." Qi Daolin seriously warned. 

"Don't say such depressing things. Can't you just say some more auspicious things?" Shi Hao muttered. 

"The best odds are that you have forty percent chance of success, and the immortal gold will also be unharmed, even resonating with you because of it, turning into a weapon that will do what your heart wishes it to. Heaven and earth will cast dao traces for it and develop its natural laws." Qi Daolin said. 

"The best odds is still only forty percent?" Shi Hao was stupefied. With chances of death being greater than life, how was he even supposed to proceed?

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