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Chapter 764 - Produced From Heaven and Earth


This strange rock released a brittle sound, and then streaks of cracks appeared. It began to split apart as dao energy was released, the cracks interweaving. 


Celestial Clan's True deities cried out strangely, their eyes all standing vertically. This was stealing food from the tiger's mouth! An outsider actually appeared in Celestial Clan's number one divine mine to steal their treasure!

"The source energy!" Someone said with a trembling voice. After making sure that he wasn't seeing wrong, his entire body began to tremble and his eyes became bloodshot. He frantically rushed over.


In that instant, there were four people who took action. Four great True deities rushed murderously at Shi Hao. They definitely couldn't let him leave.

"Careful, don't let the strange stone be damaged!" A True deity reminded, roaring with a low voice. This sudden change was truly unexpected.

Shi Hao was quite decisive, using the strange stone to defend against their symbol light and protect himself. Since the other person was scared of breaking it, then there wasn't much to be hesitating over. 

"Little evil creature!" A True deity roared. He forcefully pulled back the bone texts he fired, not forcefully striking him out of fear of damaging that mysterious stone.


Reality proved that this stone truly was quite fragile. Even with Shi Hao running while carrying it on his back, this type of movements still created several terrifying cracks. 

"Are you trying to destroy a heaven and earth treasure? Hurry and put it down, or else you will be condemned by history! Not even a hundred lives will atone for your crime!" A True deity berated angrily as he clenched his fists. 

Moreover, he spat out an expanse of symbols from his mouth. It turned into metal words, and when those characters smashed together, they flickered like clusters of stars. There were also waves of clanking sounds. When these tangible symbols connected together, they formed a divine chain, suppressing towards Shi Hao to lock him down. 

A chi sounded. Shi Hao turned into a beam of light, moving several dozen zhang and making his way through the enormous underground mine to avoid this attack. His speed made the True deities feel fear. 

How could he be so fast? The pupils of the four great experts rapidly contracted, now truly scared that he might escape.

"This really might be source energy, energy that is currently forming a divine substance. It cannot be lost!" The four great True deities were now nervous.

They thought that there was some wondrous matter within the stone, perhaps immortal blood or some other thing left behind, things that could be used as immortal seeds. They believed that it already developed spirituality, and after being sealed inside, now, some type of changes happened. 


The four of them took action again, only, they didn't attack him, instead trying to cut off his path of escape and interfere with his route. Bone texts filled up every inch of space. 

Right at this moment, Shi Hao displayed an inconceivable movement method to evade. His flesh seemed to have distorted in the void, shrinking several hundred zhang into an inch as he made it way through the expanse of bone texts.

This was a reflection of the Earth to inches precious technique evolved to its limit. His body became blurry as well, avoiding all of those attacks. He turned into a wisp of smoke and then appeared in another place. 


Someone shouted. With a fierce stamp of his feet, this ancient mine shone, and a chain of order appeared, streaking towards Shi Hao's waist, hacking at him like a sharp weapon. This was just too sudden.

There were clearly things that had been previously set up in the base. There were a few formations, and now, they displayed their effects. They were enough to kill True deities. 

Shi Hao's expression changed. A faint pair of wings appeared behind him, and they fiercely shook. He was originally like a streak of light that rushed forward, but now, he abruptly changed directions. It defied normal reasoning.

This was the Kun Peng technique, allowing the movement of space distortion!


That streak of divine chain imprisoned the void, blasting apart a mine, hacking it into two parts. It also rushed out of the surface of the earth, blasting apart in the grassland above. 

One could imagine how terrifying this strike was!

By now, all of the Celestial Clan's experts were alerted. They swarmed over, especially the True deities. Their bodies shone one after another like a dozen or so small suns, illuminating heaven and earth. 

Everyone's heart blood began to surge, feeling great anger. Who was it that dared to do this? A single person barged into Celestial Clan's restricted area and stole their natural luck; this was something completely unprecedented!

Not even those great sects dared to do something like this, because this was the same as a declaration of war! The two sects would fight, and there would definitely be countless that die. The result of this was extremely severe.


Shi Hao continued to run. Another streak of holy radiance surged, a restriction from the cave. It almost surrounded him, and he only barely managed to avoid it.

Fortunately, there weren't too many restrictions in the cave, because there were people who came every day to excavate divine materials. If there were too many terrifying formations weaving together, they might even harm their own people. 

Shi Hao ran frantically the entire time. During this process, the strange stone on his back would release cracking sounds from time to time, and even more great dao energy would be released. 

In the depths of the ancient mines, there were countless black caves. Some of them would reach several hundreds to thousands of roads, making it seem like a labyrinth. Shi Hao entered a fork in the road, and then he immediately charged forward. 

These were all new caves that had been created over the past thousands of years. In the ancient era, there were even more numerous spider web like old caves, vast, boundless, and densely covering everything in the distance. 

This naturally made it much easier for Shi Hao's escape. Meanwhile, a total of eleven True deities were still chasing after him, moving through the caves to try and stop him.


Suddenly, a loud cracking sound rang through the air. The strange stone on Shi Hao's back released a cracking sound. It was originally four zhang long, but now, one zhang directly came off, smashing onto the ground.

"It won't be destroyed, right?" Shi Hao was shocked. This thing was too fragile, even running while carrying it would cause it to break.

"You dare to do this? Even if you die thousands of times, it won't atone for your crime!" The True deities were becoming anxious. This situation was too terrible. 

They believed that aside from there being an 'immortal seed', there might be a holy treasure inside which exceeded heavenly treasures that was currently taking form. If it was destroyed because of this, it would be too unfortunate. 

Otherwise, it might have become part of the Celestial Clan's hidden power, something used to protect the sect. 

There were priceless and unique things in heaven and earth. During the initial phase, it would be accompanied by source energy that nourishes its spirituality. It would only disappear when it completely formed. 

However, anything that went through this process would be extraordinary objects. Its price would be invaluable, and when it appeared, it would definitely make people go crazy! 

Shi Hao turned around and gave it a look. He discovered that the zhang chunk that fell off wasn't part of the main object. Its dao energy quickly disappeared, while the  mists the enormous rocks on his back released became even richer. 

He didn't want to put away the stone material on his back, because the was using it like a shield to stop the attacks of the people behind him, preventing them from going all out.

"Something isn't quite right. With my speed, I should have rushed out of the ancient mine a long time ago. Why am I still running in circles around these caves?"

Shi Hao discovered a few abnormalities. This was too strange, almost like he was travelling through a maze. He had long lost his sense of direction. There were formations guiding him; it was quite strange. 


Shi Hao shoved and bumped about, no longer walking along the underground palace routes, but instead directly breaking through the stone walls and smashing into the rocks. He chose a direction and began to forge his own path.


Suddenly, a tremendous force appeared. It appeared extremely abruptly, an energy that came from underground. It was going to shake Shi Hao's legs into dust through his feet. A true deity took action without holding back at all.

Shi Hao couldn't block with the strange stone even if he wanted to. One could clearly see that bone texts were burning about, erupting in this place.

Meanwhile, the rocky walls exploded, and an enormous open space appeared. Several True deities appeared here, cutting this area off.

"Is he dead?" One of them said. 

Soon after, everyone became shocked, discovering that the center of the scene was shining. It was gentle and holy, blocking all of the destructive bone texts from just now, not allowing that area to be affected by anything.

"Protection symbol, what level of an item is this?" Several True deities cried out in alarm. 

At the center of it all, Shi Hao carried the enormous stone while completely unaffected. A layer of light appeared around him, surrounding him within. This was precisely one of the symbols he brought out from the Three World Coffin's ruins. 

This was also one of the reason why Shi Hao dared to take a risk. When the small world within that bronze precious case exploded, it was still able to resist destruction. Not even the boundless void cracks could destroy it, so it could definitely block the attacks of True deities. 

The only thing that made him worried was if this symbol would be ruined because of this, because that would be quite unfortunate.

"It wasn't even damaged!" Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised. The True deity's attack wasn't even able to make a single crack appear on that ancient symbol. It was unexpectedly completely unaffected; this meant that he could use this many times. 


When the screen of light faded, Shi Hao's body leaned forward, and then he began to flee into the distance with his inconceivable body movement method. The True deities' faces fell, quickly chasing after him. 

This person had a precious symbol on him that exceeded their expectations. Now that he displayed this type of treasure, how could he possibly be the disciple of an ordinary sect? His backing must definitely be unordinary.


A crisp sound rang through the air, this time even more clear. Two zhang of this strange stone broke apart, making even Shi Hao alarmed. He quickly abandoned the piece in his hands and picked up the stone material on the ground, because that was the source of the dao energy. 

In the rear, Celestial Clan's True deity's eyes became dark, feeling both alarm and fear. If they were stolen from like this, they would suffer tremendous blame. 

"The aura has become even more dense. It really is an unimaginable wondrous object after all, most likely containing an 'immortal seed' that can allow one to display the most shocking evolution."

A True deity trembled inwardly, feeling his blood surge. If the Celestial Clan was able to obtain it, they might be able to bring up an exceptional individual. 

The ground was smashed to pieces. Shi Hao rushed out, breaking free from the ancient mines. Meanwhile, the eleven True deities appeared as well, frantically trying to stop him. They now seemed almost a bit unfearing of consequences as they attacked viciously.

"How formidable!"

Shi Hao was shocked. If he was a bit unluckier, he would have been swept through by several streaks of natural dao laws. It was clear that the Celestial Clan's True deities were going crazy. Even if the stone material was damaged, they still had to make Shi Hao stay behind.


While breaking out from the enclosure, the Protection symbol shone again, helping him block another attack. He then disappeared into the great meadow and quickly fled.

"You won't be able to escape!"

Someone roared with a loud voice, and then he brought out a crimson curved blade. It carried fiery light, splitting apart heaven and earth as it quickly descended in this direction. 

"Heavenly deity magical artifact?" Shi Hao was greatly startled. He began to run with everything he had. 

However, that magical artifact was extremely terrifying, following right behind him under the True deity's control. The scarlet radiance began to flourish greater and greater like the weapon of a death god as it descended.

Even while far away, Shi Hao already felt the fine hairs on his neck stand on end one after another, producing a layer of goosebumps. This magical artifact was clearly coming after his neck to remove his head. 

"I really don't want to ruin the Protection symbol though!" Shi Hao frowned. He feared that the precious symbol on his body would be destroyed under this strike.

However, strange changes took place. The strange stone on his back moved, and streak after streak of mists rushed out. Like hundreds to thousands of waterfalls, they surrounded his body. 

Shi Hao was shocked. He felt that his body immediately became heavier, as if he was carrying an extremely great mountain crushing down on him. Even his shoulders began to become sore. 

If not for his flesh being far greater than other supreme experts, he would have definitely collapsed under the weight and his body would be turned into bloody paste. This was an unendurable weight, and it happened too suddenly.


In the rear, True deities were shouting loudly. They all put away that scarlet sickle blade out of fear of harming that strange stone. 

It was because at this time, they noticed that Shi Hao's speed was quickly slowing down under this weight, almost sinking into the great earth. Strange changes had happened to that stone.

Celestial Clan's True deities swooped down, slaughtering over together.

Shi Hao clenched his teeth and cursed inwardly. Why did something strange happen now? It seems like he could only rely on the ancient symbols he had, only, he didn't know if he could still bring away this stone material. 

Everyone descended. Energy surged as several large hands reached out towards that wondrous stone. There were others who went to suppress Shi Hao.


Suddenly, the strange stone on Shi Hao's body split apart, erupting with strange and terrifying beams of dao energy. It immediately made everyone's expressions change greatly. 

Shi Hao even more so cried out with a loud voice. The Protection symbol in his hands erupted, releasing brilliant radiance and surrounding him within.

At the same time, the Celestial Clan's True deities quickly flew in retreat, feeling that things weren't quite right. The void was even splitting apart, and these cracks were extending towards them. 


A crack appeared on the Protection symbol on Shi Hao's body. It was extremely striking, unexpectedly suffering damage under this explosion. This made him greatly alarmed.

One has to understand that not even the explosion of the small world was able to destroy this symbol.

"This is a reverse devouring of heaven and earth. There is some kind of  unmatched object contained within after all!" Celestial Clan's True deities cried out loudly. They were pleasantly surprised, but fearful as well, because the great cracks of the void were spreading over. A few people were affected, their bodies splitting apart. There were others that coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, almost dying right here. 

The strange stone completely split apart, and something wrapped within the source energy fell out from within. It was at times as large as a millstone, while other times shrinking to the size of an inch. It was extremely strange. 

"Heavens, it won't be destroyed, will it?" The True deities that suffered serious injuries were going crazy. If this type of thing was not properly nurtured and emerged prematurely, it would be too regretful. 

Shi Hao took action, because it was within reach. WIth the Protection symbol around his body, it didn't move too far. When he saw that this object wasn't erupting with terrifying energy any longer, he grabbed it and then ran. 

"Chase!" The True deities' faces fell. They chased after him.

In the end, Shi Hao disappeared. He used one of the Space shattering symbols he exchanged for in Fufeng City, and then together with the Earth to inches and Kun Peng techniques, he fled.

As for the Realm shattering symbol, even though he found two in the ruins, he didn't want to use them on True deities. 

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