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Chapter 763 - Natural Luck

Shi Hao's eyes lit up. He didn't say anything else. This old man really was domineering, only saying those two words. However, it was just what he needed!

"Huang, this name isn't bad. You can go." Qi Daolin closed his eyes and continued to sit there.

Shi Hao originally turned around, but his body was a bit sluggish, somewhat hesitating before leaving. This old man only mentioned Huang, why didn't he mention his name Shi Hao?

"He should know that I came from the lower realm right?" He was a bit suspicious inside, but he didn't say it out loud.

It was because Qi Daolin was completely calm, directly cutting him off each time, not giving him the chance to say it. He should understand everything then.

Shi Hao left to make his preparations. The first matter was acquiring details on Celestial Clan's visit to Fire Province's mines. He had to understand this matter clearly first. 

Below the mountains, the group of people were about to return. The mood was a bit heavy. They came to a small sect today, yet the events that played out were simply unbelievable. 

"Goddess Academy's dao brothers, what is that person named?" Celestial Clan's people spoke, their tone not all that friendly. It was because they felt like they were tricked today.

How could Goddess Academy not tell them about such a powerful individual beforehand?

Kun Mo's face was deathly gray. He was carried on someone's back. His fists were tightened and his teeth clenched. His eyes were filled with bitter resentment. Today's events were just too wretched. He was actually crippled!

This type of punishment was even worse than death. Shi Hao was using him as a written challenge of war, one made for the Celestial Clan to see!

"I don't know. He calls himself the great senior brother." Someone from Goddess Academy replied. 

"Great senior brother?" The disciples from various sects all revealed looks of shock. This really was a special title. This fella's way of speaking wasn't small. However, he really was ridiculously powerful.

"Is he really the disciple of a small inheritance?" Someone asked. This was also what everyone else was wondering as well. The events that took place today were too unusual. 

"He is. This inheritance has been tattered for several thousand years and should have long stopped passing down its tradition. It has only risen from the ashes recently." Someone from Goddess Academy replied, but they had to pluck up their courage. 

"What kind of sect is it exactly?" One of them couldn't wait any longer and directly inquired. 

"Supreme Being Dao Rite." A female disciple from Goddess Academy said with a soft voice.

"It sounds a bit familiar… Why do I feel like I heard of it before? How could a small sect leave me with this kind of impression?" Holy Feather Race's heroic talent said to himself. 

Oblique Moon Ancient Cave's people cried out in alarm, seemingly realizing something. 

"Supreme Being… Dao Rite?!" Kun Mo clenched his teeth, feeling incomparably resentful. He then became clear headed, because he recalled that this was a evil sect!

The master of this inheritance was previously well known in the higher realms, stealing from hundred families and clans. He entered all different inheritances to learn their secret methods, an absolutely notorious individual. 

Yin Yang Academy's people were stunned as well, clearly understanding some inner details. They sighed inwardly. It was actually this type of inheritance! This really was unexpected. 

"Even a sect like this has the nerve to reopen its mountain gate?" Some of them carried hostility, because this was definitely one of the higher realms' most unique inheritances. It stole from the halls and pavilions of all different sects, and later on, all sides grouped together to destroy it. 

After so many years had passed, this sect unexpectedly reappeared. It really was like ashes burning once more, exceeding everyone's expectations. 

"I recall that several thousand years ago, there were several disciples of this dao rite, but in the end, they were beaten up by various sects until they didn't dare come back, becoming a laughing stock. Someone actually dares to stand here again?"

When this sect was brought up, many great sects felt their teeth ache. The main reason was because Qi Daolin really was something else, stealing from hundreds of families and even bringing away various sects' symbolic buildings. 

"The most notorious sect has appeared again. I feel like that place will definitely become bustling with activity."

"As soon as news gets out, many people would come to this place to recreate the scene from thousands of years ago. The disciples there would be beaten up until they are in sorry states and not dare to reappear." Someone said. 

It was clear that this place was going to become lively!

However, there were others that frowned, because they knew that Qi Daolin wasn't good to provoke. 

He had a notorious reputation, but when he was surrounded by various sects in the past, he ended up escaping safe and sound. So many years have now passed, so he was definitely much more terrifying now. 

Fire Province, within a vast and boundless prairie. 

A youth was heading along with great speed. It was precisely Shi Hao. He had secretly paid Goddess Academy a visit, obtaining a lot of information from Yue Chan. Right now, he was moving through the great earth like a streak of lightning. 

He already understood many things. He carefully observed Fire Province's map, differentiating the scope of power of various great sects as he headed towards his objective.


Up ahead, silver flames surged, surrounding an area of several li. The grass was completely unharmed, but there were creatures that were burned into ashes. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly after experiencing Fire Province's nasty environment a bit further. There were some areas where fiery light would surge, coming fast and going fast. It was extremely strange.

"It really is a strange place. What exactly is there underneath the earth? Why is there always strange flames surging?"

Even now, Shi Hao didn't know the answers to these questions. 

In reality, forget about him, even Fire Province's great inheritances couldn't claim to truly understand what was going on.

The divine minesthe  Celestial Clan occupied bordered Goddess Province, not situated in the depths of Fire Province. That was why Shi Hao didn't need to borrow a transport formation, only needing to fly there.

Several hours later, he arrived in that region. 

This was the Celestial Clan's divine mine region. The amount of space they occupied was vast, and it was abundant with rare materials. This was an extremely well known precious land.

In this region occupied by the Celestial Clan, there were two divine mines that were the most well known. They had been mined for many years, yet divine materials came out unendingly. 

Rumor had it that one of the divine ore mines even produced an Immortal gold granule, triggering a huge uproar. Many great sects came here, and there was almost a great conflict. There was great disorder raised. 

Unfortunately, in the end, there was only a granule of Immortal gold with impurities, so it wasn't a true immortal mine. It was only because of this that the great chaos calmed down. 

Shi Hao arrived. He gazed over from afar and silently thought about everything. He wasn't extremely nervous, because he knew that there were no Heavenly deities here. The most powerful individuals were only True deities.

After all, Heavenly deities were too extraordinary. Normally speaking, they wouldn't be assigned to protect a divine mine. They would all remain by the sect and focus on cultivation, stationed there to protect the clan. 

In reality, True deities were enough. As one of the most powerful inheritances, there really weren't many people who dared to steal from them.

This was, unless Immortal gold appeared in the world!

Shi Hao was fearless. Now that he came with the Kun Peng technique and Earth to inches great withdrawal technique combined, his speed became even faster. He could escape even if he encountered True deities. 

He wasn't in a rush to take action, instead moving from one place to the next. He gave both well known divine mines a look.


Suddenly, Shi Hao was shocked. With the dual pupil, he saw that one of the divine mines had a trace of dao energy seeping out that seemed quite unordinary. 

When he put away the dual pupil, it immediately disappeared.

"It is a bit different…" Shi Hao used the dual pupil again and carefully looked it over. That place was completely quiet. Only after a long time had passed did he discover a wisp of white mist seep out from beneath the earth. It was extremely faint and mysterious. 

What exactly did this place have?" Shi Hao was confused. 

It was difficult for him to capture that mist even while holding the divine pupil. Only after a long time had passed did a wisp seep out.

He didn't take action, instead going into hiding here. He watched everything quietly, and then he discovered that this ancient mine looked ordinary, but actually guarded a secret. There were ten deities standing guard here alone. 

This was still just what he saw, yet it already left him shocked. Normally speaking, even if True deities came, they would only be overseeing this place. Why were they continuously patrolling this place?

"Something might have happened here…" He said softly. 

"Why haven't You Yu and the others arrived yet? This is a rare opportunity. It will be unfortunate if it is missed." Someone said. Shi Hao heard this through his powerful divine senses. 

Even though this place was a savanna, there were still a few mountains scattered about. 

This ancient mine was precisely at the foot of a mountain. There were a few True deities sitting on a different mountain peak, quietly discussing something. 

"You Yu has just merged with the heaven's mandate stone and needs to consolidate his foundations. In addition, a few Heavenly deities went into isolation after the last incident, so they still haven't been awoken…" 

From their words, it seemed like there would be Heavenly deities escorting You Yu and the others here. This made Shi Hao shocked. Celestial Clan's geniuses were coming because of something in the ancient mine?

You Yu's arrival in Fire Province to look around the divine mines and interact with Goddess Academy were all a facade. There was actually another objective!

This stirred up Shi Hao's interest. He watched closely, observing everything in detail.

Sometimes, a strand of mysterious mist would seep out after just a moment, while other times, it would take a few hours. That type of weak mist stirred Shi Hao's heart. 

"This stone is quite strange. It can even make us sink into a state of dao comprehension, so its value is definitely extremely great."

"We didn't notice anything at first, but who would have anticipated that it would have such wonderful effects. If we knew earlier, we should have exaggerated the reports a bit so that the higher ups would be shaken."

"Wu, I already sent another detailed report back. I believe the clan will definitely be shaken up and a Heavenly deity will immediately descend."

Through their discussions, Shi Hao was sure that there was a treasure underground!

"Unfortunately, that strange stone is too weak. As soon as its touched, it will blast apart. We can only make a decision after a Heavenly deity arrives."

Shi Hao was shocked. This was what he heard only after waiting for quite a few hours. 

In that instant, Shi Hao changed his mind, temporarily putting aside his thoughts to attack the Celestial Clan's mine region. He was now going to think of a way to enter this ancient mine!

If nothing unexpected happened, there would be a natural opportunity here.

"Could it be an immortal seed? I heard that there were immortal essence, bone pieces, and other things sealed. Once obtained, these things can allow one to carry out a perfect evolution."

"Wu, you're correct. I heard that there were some in the ancient era that didn't ignite themselves with a divine flame but instead borrowed immortal blood to create a 'dao seed'. The effects were quite great!"

Shi Hao was shocked. He actually heard this secret rumor. He now looked forward to it even more.

In the end, he began to move. He felt that he couldn't wait any longer, because the people here already made another report. There might be Heavenly deities descending soon. 

Shi Hao used the Earth withdrawal great divine ability to enter the earth, silently closing in on it bit by bit. In the end, he entered the ancient mine. 

Even though he couldn't fight head on against a True deity, his movement technique had now truly become an art. There was no trace of sound as he made his way inside. 

When he entered the depths of the ancient mine, he saw a strange stone from far away that was four zhang tall. There were actually strands of immortal energy seeping out from it that made one's heart tremble. 

This stone had many cracks on it. It was clear that it was just like what the True deities said; upon touching it, it would crack.

The Celestial Clan's experts attached quite a bit of importance to this, purposely stopping here and not acting rashly out of fear of destroying this strange treasure.

Shi Hao's eyes flickered with radiance. He definitely wouldn't act so careful. If there was a chance, he would directly bring it away!

Only, there were True deities underground as well sitting not too far from that strange stone, moreover not just one. They were vigilantly guarding this place. 

"Going to risk it all!"

Shi Hao said to himself inwardly. Now that he unexpectedly encountered this type of natural luck, he decided to take a tisk. Of course, he didn't have to worry too much because he still had the Realm shattering symbol after all. 

After waiting patiently for a day and night, finally, when it was time for them to change shifts, Shi Hao moved. He grabbed this only opportunity, turning into a streak of divine light as he rushed over.


As soon as he raised this strange rock, he felt a great dao aura pervade the air. It was as if endless heaven and earth energy descended, leaving him greatly shaken!

Shi Hao immediately understood. If he truly could bring this thing away, Celestial Clan would definitely go crazy. This was definitely a great treasure. 

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