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Chapter 762 - Targeting Celestial Clan. 

Broken walls, foundations overgrown with weeds, old-fashioned soft roof tile pieces… everything spoke about how declining this place was.

The group of people were stupefied. A youth that walked out from this kind of small sect beat one of Celestial Clan's six heroes so miserably he wailed and howled.

"I… came from… the Celestial Clan!" Kun Mo used up all of his energy, and with a trembling voice, roared outwards. 

His eyes carried a ruthless and tyrannical light as he looked at Shi Hao to see his reaction. Now that someone from such a great sect came, its significance was great. It would definitely be enough to completely terrify a small sect.

It was because he wasn't representing just himself, but instead an entire sect. 

Shi Hao's eyes widened, and then he looked at him carefully.

Kun Mo's anger was originally flourishing, but when he saw how Shi Hao looked, he felt that this person was scared, so he felt arrogant inwardly. Celestial Clan really had a powerful influence just like before, leaving all sides in restraining fear.

"You provoked a huge disaster! It's too late to regret it!" Kun Mo said ruthlessly. He sat up on his own and continuously sneered at Shi Hao. 

In the surroundings, the group of people also sighed softly. This small inheritance really was unlucky. They could have provoked anyone, yet they offended the Celestial Clan, making one of the six heroes come personally.

However, everyone also sighed in admiration. This small sect really was formidable, producing such an extraordinary figure who could even restrain Kun Mo. It was unbelievable. 

Only Goddess Academy's people's faces had strange expressions. All of their lips opened and closed, wanting to say something, but unable to speak those words. They felt extremely uncomfortable. 

They didn't believe that this 'degenerate' was scared stiff. He dared to carry out business in Goddess Academy, saying that he could beat up talents of all grades, so would he fear the Celestial Clan?

"You are a celestial?" Shi Hao spoke, walking a circle around him. His face was strange. This really was fucking something. He hadn't even paid that sect another visit, yet someone unexpectedly came here acting cockily, looking to stir up trouble!

"Of course, who dares to pretend to be from my Celestial Clan?" Kun Mo said. He began to develop more and more confidence. From his opinion, Shi Hao was scared and carefully seeking confirmation. 

He sat there, treating his injuries. His blood energy was surging, but he was staring at Shi Hao. With a callous and pleased look, he said, "Because of your ignorance, you've brought a huge disaster onto your sect! Even if you ask your elders to come out and apologize, it is already too late!"

"Is that so? Then what should I do?" Shi Hao asked.

Kun Mo stood up. It had to be said that as a well known young expert, his foundation was quite deep. Even after suffering serious injuries, he could still stand up. 

Even though standing was extremely difficult and strenuous, he still put his hands behind his back. With a stance of looking down from far above, he threatened, "It's too late!"

"Dao brother, it isn't that serious, it is still better if you don't act too harshly…" On the side, others pleaded.

"If I don't get revenge, where will the Celestial Clan's dignity go?" There were others that took delight in this disaster, treating this like a play. 

Only Goddess Academy's people remained silent. In reality… they pitied Kun Mo greatly. It was because they knew that this youth was not thinking this at all!

The academy's students believed that Kun Mo was out of luck. He really was… quite pitiable. 

"I will give you a chance. Behave properly until I'm satisfied." When he spoke up to this point, Kun Mo gave Shi Hao's legs a look and said, "Your knees are quite hard huh?"

What was the meaning of this? Was he telling this youth to kneel down? When they heard this, Goddess Academy's people couldn't help but cover their mouths. There were even some that directly turned their heads, not willing to watch on any longer.

"Alright!" Shi Hao nodded. He didn't feel like watching this person act cockily any longer, because he found that this was precisely the head of the Celestial Clan youth, its most powerful individual.

Then, he moved his feet. Ka cha sounds rang through the air, the sounds of bones cracking extremely deafening, making people feel extremely uncomfortable. They couldn't help but shudder. 

"Ah…" Kun Mo screamed loudly, his five senses distorting and cold sweat pouring outwards. He immediately kneeled onto the ground, his legs unable to support his body.

It was because his knees split apart, the bones in his legs fracturing and deforming. He fell down on the rocky ground, the pain so great it felt like his heart was tearing and lungs splitting. 

The elites of those great sects were all stupefied. This youth still took action, acting so powerfully even after hearing the Celestial Clan's denouncing. This was completely unexpected!

Goddess Academy's people were comparatively more calm, because they knew that this was definitely what was going to happen. This inheritance never suffered losses, its notorious reputation widespread. 

"You… are bringing disaster onto your sect!" Kun Mo shouted loudly. 

He was a bit stunned. Why was it different from what he thought? Wasn't that youth scared just now? Why would he suddenly change and erupt into action now?

"My name is Kun Mo."

He was inwardly fearful. After becoming slightly clear headed, he hurriedly spoke out his identity as one of the six heroes, hoping that the other party might feel some misgivings, thus perhaps allowing him a chance to escape from this disaster.


Shi Hao's leg swung out, blasting apart his lower jaw and making it difficult for him to speak again. Moreover, his body swung out, smashing into an enormou rock. Blood flowed out from his mouth and nose.

"Are you supposed to be well known?" Shi Hao asked with a darkened face.

Kun Mo felt fear and hatred. He felt extremely humiliated. As one of Celestial Clan's most well known experts, he was actually being looked down upon like this by someone else. It was as if the other party never heard of him before. 

"He was one of the Celestial Clan's six great young experts, but now, he was forced out, ranking eighth."There was naturally some people who felt that Kun Mo was unsightly, secretly speaking. 

"I can't even name the top three. You are only the eighth. Never heard of you before." Shi Hao said to himself.

This was the truth, but when his words entered everyone else's ears, they all revealed strange expressions. This fella was too vicious, looking like he didn't attach much importance to the Celestial Clan at all. Was this really the disciple of a small inheritance?

"Ao…" Immediately afterwards, Kun Mo released a scream that didn't sound like that of a person's, more like the howling of a wild beast. It was incomparably cruel.

Shi Hao didn't have the slightest good feeling towards the Celestial Clan, to the extent where it could be said that he hated them thoroughly. He escorted Yun Xi for several hundreds of thousands of li through the great Blood Plains, risking life and limb along the way, yet the other party bit the hand that fed them, imprisoning him in the black prison to seize his precious technique. 

Today, there was actually a so-called 'seed' of the Celestial Clan who came to provoke him, pressuring him with the Celestial Clan's power. Wasn't he just courting death?

Shi Hao didn't waste his time with words, instead directly sending his palm down. Forget about his teeth, his entire lower jaw was about to disappear. As for his bones, they were long broken and fractured to the point where he didn't look like a person.

"Stop! Dao friend, there is no need to be so ruthless! You should know when to forgive others." Someone spoke. This could be considered a plea for leniency, wishing to stop Shi Hao to help out the Celestial Clan.

"You are judging the situation inaccurately!" Shi Hao said. A streak of lightning directly hacked over, releasing pi pa sounds as it flew outwards. This was the Lightning Emperor's precious technique. It immediately charred that person black, his entire body twitching after falling onto the ground. 

Many people's expression changed. This was someone from the Nine-Headed Snake Race, the ones that held grudges the greatest. Shi Hao actually acted so fiercely right off the bat towards him.

"Dao brother, it's still better if you stop. Otherwise, your sect will most likely suffer a disaster." Someone tactfully stepped in, fearing that if they used force, they would also be put down.

 Shi Hao sneered coldly and said, "The one I am attacking is the Celestial Clan. Forget about him, even if all six heroes came, I would still beat them all up without mistake."

When these words were spoken, everyone became shocked. This already couldn't be described with just arrogance. Was this a declaration of war? He was going to confront the Celestial Clan!

It had to be noted that Celestial Clan's younger generation number one was about to appear, and the outstanding beauty Yun Xi was also coming together with him. He unexpectedly dared to say this so directly!

Kun Mo was completely stupefied. He was beaten to a terrible degree, looking stupefied. Who exactly was this person? He didn't fear the Celestial Clan at all and instead directly targeted them!

"Do you all bear hostility against me, wishing to stick out for the Celestial Clan?" Shi Hao's expression was not good as he stared at those disciples of other great sects.

Apart from Goddess Academy, the others were still in shock. This threat from the inheritor of this shoddy sect really was a bit absurd, but they had to admit that he was strong!

Then, everyone's hearts began to pound. This fella was too domineering, unexpectedly directly taking action against those that previously revealed hostility towards him. 


Those people were shocked and angry. Even though they interacted with each other and revealed hostility, they hadn't taken action, yet the other party took the initiative to attack.

"Since you bear hostility, I'll help you accomplish your goals!" There were golden spirals around his entire body, moving heaven and earth's spiritual essence. This was the Kun Peng technique's golden vortex ripple technique, a method that replenished his body's true source. 

Then, thunderstorms shocked the skies. Golden arcs struck out in the hundreds to thousands from his body, selectively bombarding those individuals. 

How powerful was Shi Hao now? He even killed Underworld Child, cooked and ate the Purple Golden True Hou's most powerful descendent. Dealing with these people naturally didn't take much effort. 

In that instant, the young experts from various races were all blasted. Pili pala sounds rang through the air as they were cooked like potstickers. 

Kun Mo shivered inwardly, his now slight clear headedness allowing him to understand that he had provoked a devil king. This fella was too terrifying, not fearing any sect at all. He was powerful and completely unrestrained.

Everyone shivered inwardly. The experts of every sect were completely shocked. No one dared to take action, nor did anyone say anything. The scene was completely quiet. 


Then, a streak of electricity descended, entering Kun Mo's body, making his soul tremble. He cried out inwardly, every hope turning into dust.

It was because Shi Hao crippled his cultivation!

"Get lost!" Shi Hao kicked him flying into the group of people. He then strictly warned everyone to leave immediately. 

Many people revealed looks of surprise. This person was too demonic. Was he truly going to challenge the Celestial Clan?

"Dao brother, doing this might bring disaster onto your clan. It is better if you plan ahead." Some people kindly reminded, inwardly transmitting. 

"No matter, I'll be waiting right here. I want to see what kind of experts Celestial Clan has. The six heroes can come together. I'll be waiting!" Shi Hao said. 

Everyone was stupefied at first, and then they were greatly shaken inwardly. Was this a declaration of war? Everyone sensed that a great storm was brewing. With You Yu and Yun Xi here, there would likely be a confrontation here!

Things ended here. No one dared to take action. The disciples from various sects all looked at each other in dismay, and then they went down the mountain the way they came.

Quite a few people began to doubt what kind of inheritance this really was. It was in such tatters, so why did it have such a terrifying inheritor? They suddenly realized that something wasn't quite right. 

Everyone looked towards Goddess Academy's students with doubt. They were going to ask to the end. 

The mountain gate now quieted down. 

Shi Hao walked inside, and he saw Qi Daolin sitting on top of a large rock. He said with a soft voice, "Dao master, I have some things to tell you."

"What is it?" Qi Daolin was sitting with his eyes closed.

"I have some secrets on my body." Shi Hao said.

"Who doesn't have secrets? Can't be that important." Qi Daolin was extremely calm. 

"Dao master, there are many sects looking for me." Shi Hao confessed.

Qi Daolin released a grunt, opening his eyes and expressing that he knew.

"You were aware?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

"Why else would I bring you back? Not anyone can become the disciple of Supreme Being Dao Rite," Qi Daolin said. Right now, he was wearing a golden dao robe, appearing immortal and imposing. His eyes were deep, his figure exuding a type of great prestige. 

Shi Hao was stupefied, and then he said, "Since you know who I am, then I won't feel anymore misgivings. Dao master, I want to flatten Celestial Clan's outer dao rite, for example, the divine mines in FIre Province. Wouldn't that stir up a disaster?"

"Go then." Qi Daolin only had these two words. 

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