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Chapter 761 - Criticized Harshly

You Yu is going to come?" Many people were moved, because this was the Celestial CLan's number one genius, a true exceptional talent! His talent was exceptional. 

In addition, one has to understand that the Celestial Clan used to be an unmatched Emperor Clan. Just how powerful was an exceptional talent that came from this ancient sect? It was unfathomable!

The most important thing was that he merged with the heaven's mandate stone, which was equivalent to a type of transcendence. He could overlook all of his peers!

"Correct, brother You Yu should be coming," Kun Mo said. His face revealed a faint smile that was a bit aloof. After all, You Yu's name was well known in all directions. When the geniuses from these various sects heard this, their expressions all changed.

He was the descendant of an Emperor Race, merged with the heaven's mandate stone, and was even an 'exceptional talent', so many people predicted that You Yu's future accomplishments would most likely surpass that of the archaic six great celestials!

Sooner or later, this would become one of the taboo existences that ruled the higher realms!

"Brother You Yu is exceptional, and I have long heard of him. If I ever get the chance to meet him, it would truly be an honor." Someone praised, seeing the Celestial Clan's heavenly genius quite favorably. 

"Right, I heard that brother You Yu already started to evolve his unique precious technique, and that it was absolutely stunning. When the time comes, I definitely have to ask him for guidance." Someone added. 

The others all nodded as well, speaking praise. 

"I heard that the noble lady heavenly genius Yun Xi's appearance is exceptional, her appearance like a flower. Now that she merged with the heaven's mandate stone, she powerful rose up. Celestial Clan really is a place where heroes emerge!" Another person said.

Regardless of whether it was the Nine-Headed Snake Race, Oblique Moon Ancient Cave, or the others, even though they were all top level powers, they still felt a type of reverence for this past Emperor Clan. 

"Everyone, you all believe that with how outstanding senior brother You Yu is, he is enough to suppress that so-called youth Huang, right?" Kun Mo said. He had felt a lack of confidence this entire time after being questioned by Qing Yi. Now, he brought up this question again with confidence.

Quite a few people agreed, praising You Yu's name. He made quite a few people feel restraining fear.

However, there were some whose mouths revealed meaningful smiles, not expressing anything. They had heard secret information. This Huang was definitely not simple!

Yue Chan smiled faintly, graceful and pure. "I hope he is even more great than his reputation."

"Who are you?" Kun Mo asked. He was quite discontent with this woman, actually questioning him again and again.

"She is my junior sister Qing Yi." At this moment, Feng Wu spoke. She was dressed in golden clothes that contained a type of spirituality. There was also a type of domineering confidence.

As soon as she spoke, everyone attached great importance to her words. It was because she was Goddess Academy's number one genius, the chosen inheritor. Not only was she ridiculously powerful herself, she would also be the one controlling the academy in the future. 

"Wu, junior sister Feng Wu was previously invited to enter Origin Sky Secret Realm, so you should understand a bit more about that young devil king Huang, the one that has the greatest right to speak. What is he really like? Is he strong or not?"

Someone asked. Even though it was asked rather absent-mindedly and quite casually, this was clearly calling Celestial Clan's words into question. 

When the others heard this, they also paid attention, wishing to know what happened.

"I didn't fight with him." Feng Wu said. She acted quite earnest here, because she had to represent the sect. Back then when she fought with Shi Hao on the Copper Sparrow Alter, she definitely didn't act like this.

When Kun Mo heard this, he revealed a smile and said, "We already said that this person has an underserved reputation. If senior sister Feng Wu took action, she would definitely easily surpress him."

Feng Wu gave him a look and then said, "I know about his accomplishments. He killed Underworld Child, Sun God Vine, and even cooked the Purple Golden Hou Race's genius in a cauldron, directly eating it."

When these words were spoken, the smile on Kun Mo's face directly froze. This was the same as giving him a huge slap to the face.

One has to understand that all three that Feng Wu mentioned were exceptional talents, yet they all died while nursing grievances. This type of battle accomplishment was enough to prove Huang's powerful strength. 

Many people revealed looks of surprise. They looked at Kun Mo, feeling embarrassed for him. This really was hard to take.

"Senior sister Feng Wu is just telling things as it is. Also, didn't this information spread throughout the outside world for a while already?" Yue Chan, who was currently Qing Yi, calmly said. 

"Everyone, let's just end it here. I am going to cultivate in isolation." Feng Wu stood up. She nodded towards Qing Yi with a smile, and then she left. 

Everyone stood up as well. They all knew that she was a well known exceptional talent, and right now she was comprehending the Human Immortal engravings, so time was precious. She wanted to rise up in the battle of three thousand provinces!

Even though the remaining sect elites didn't scatter, they lacked the enthusiasm to talk further.

Suddenly, there was disorder within the academy, and even the experts in the palace could sense it. They couldn't help but reveal looks of shock. 

"What happened?"

"The disciple of that shoddy mountain gate wounded the academy's senior brothers!"

Soon after, everyone roughly understood what happened. They were immediately interested, heading outwards to learn of the details. 

"What kind of person is this, to dare provoke Goddess Academy? What is he treating this place as? Is he looking down on this ancient inheritance?" Kun Mo said.

He had a faint smile on his face. He was called into question in the palace just now, so he felt like he lost quite a bit of face. Now that something was happening, he began to sneer and take joy in the calamity of others. 

Soon after, he couldn't laugh any longer, because even though they were all injured, they could still stand. Only the Celestial Clan's person was carried back, his bones broken and muscles severed, teeth all knocked out. 

"Who dares?!" He couldn't help but shout out.

There were countless celestial race's people, and there were disciples that went to other great sects to cultivate, but deep down, they were of the same race. There were quite a few who, after their studies, returned to the clan. 

Someone spoke up and asked a few question. Meanwhile, the Celestial Race disciple was even more sullen, telling Kun Mo that after that person found out he was of the Celestial Race, he purposely 'took care' of him a bit better. 

"Even the disciple of a small shoddy sect dares to do this, provoking our Celestial Clan? Does he not want to live any longer?!" Kun Mo's face fell. They were one of the higher realms' great clans, and others normally wouldn't dare confront them."

"He was quite unhappy in the palace to begin with, and now he encountered this type of thing, so he was naturally angered. "Where is he? I am going to that sect to demand an explanation!"

Kun Mo had this type of confidence. After all, he did have the reputation of being one of the Celestial Race's six heroes. If it was just a small sect, he believed that even though their sect elders would be stronger than him, they would still have second thoughts, eventually welcoming him with a smiling face. After all, he represented the Celestial Clan.

The other sects' elites all revealed looks of surprise. They knew that Kun Mo was going to oppress others with force, and he was most likely going to ask that sect to hand over the one who injured his clansmen.

"Senior brother… that person is not simple…" The cultivator from Celestial Clan that was seriously injured had a snow white face, and his entire body was covered in cold sweat. He wanted to explain something. 

However, he directly went unconscious, unable to say anything further. 

Yue Chan's expression was calm. In reality, it as her who secretly took action to make this person faint.

"Who can tell me where that small sect is? I am going to pay that sect a visit!" Kun Mo said coldly. He looked towards the other disciples from Goddess Academy who were injured.

He felt restraining fear towards Feng Wu, but he was extremely self-confident against these people. The Celestial Clan was one of the most powerful inheritances, and as one of the six great heroes, he naturally looked down on most of his peers. 

Someone wanted to explain in more detail, but they secretly heard Yue Chan's message, and as such, they closed their mouths.

It had to be said that Yue Chan's appearance was wonderful. Even though she didn't reveal her true perfect appearance, she was still a ranked beauty. She was highly revered in the academy, and many people supported her.

"Senior brother, let me bring you there!" Those people didn't explain how the small sect was special and instead directly patted their chests to send Kun Mo on his way. 

Even the Nine-Headed Snake Race, Yin Yang Academy, Holy Feather Race, and other great sects' elites were interested. They wanted to see just how Kun Mo was going to display his might and suppress a small sect.

"Lead the way!" Kun Mo said. His voice was low and carried a type of domineeringness. 

The injured people nodded, immediately guiding him to the distant shoddy dao rite. This was naturally due to Yue Chan's inciting. 

The amount of elites that came from Oblique Moon Ancient Cave, Divine Cliff Academy, and other sects was quite great in number. They were originally interacting with Goddess Academy, but now, they all followed along.

Apart from Goddess Academy's people, the other sects didn't even know what was going on with that shoddy sect.

Outside the group, Yue Chan was elegant and graceful. She revealed a faint smile, but didn't say anything. 

Along the way, Kun Mo's eyes were malicious. He was going to directly put on the big hat and demand that sect to hand that person over, using Celestial Race's great power to suppress it.

From his perspective, the Celestial Clan, even if not as great as before, being expelled from the ranks of Emperor Races, it was still not something ordinary sects could challenge, let alone a small sect. 

"This route even has weeds growing everywhere, it really is barren. It seems like this inheritance has already declined, its backing not powerful enough." Yin Yang Academy's elite disciple said. 

"Correct, it has already fallen for several thousand years, about to become a broken inheritance. Recently, it produced another disciple." One of Goddess Academy's wounded senior brothers said.

When Kun Mo heard this, he became even more filled with confidence. This place was even less than an ordinary small sect. The disciple of this poor inheritance even dared to injure Celestial Clan's disciple? It truly filled his chest with anger. 

The other great sects' people revealed shock. This sect really was ridiculously weak!

Then, everyone believed that this sect definitely declined to a serious degree, because the mountain road was rugged and covered with weeds and thorny undergrowth. Where would one find the scene of a sect? This was clearly a part of the wilderness. 

"We are almost there, it is just up ahead." Goddess Academy's people led the way. 

Kun Mo became more angry the longer he walked, his face sinking like water. What kind of rotten place was this? For this kind of small sect to injure his clansmen, it was simply an enormous humiliation!

They finally arrived. At the mountain gate, a tattered decorated archway still managed to stand. As for the other places, there was debris everywhere. Weeds flourished everywhere.

This was a sect? It was clearly just ruins and remains!

Everyone became speechless upon seeing this. 

They naturally saw the true scene, not the magnificent place Shi Hao had seen before.

Kun Mo immediately seethed with anger. If today's matters got out, it would make them a laughing stock. This was the sect that he was going to criticize harshly?

He felt rather regretful, feeling that he really shouldn't have come. This place was was too poverty-stricken, not worth him coming himself. If there is anyone here, get the fuck out here!"

The others all wanted to laugh, but felt embarrassed. They all held it in. 

Only Goddess Academy's people were nervous, not feeling at ease at all. They all treated this seriously.

Behind the flourishing weeds on a large bluestone, Shi Hao's darkened face appeared. His mood was terrible, because he had just been scolded by Qi Daolin. 

"What are you yelling about? Get lost!" He said with a bad tone.

When Kun Mo heard this, he was so angry he was going to explode. A random youth that came out from this tattered place unexpectedly dared to say this to him! It was truly beyond unbearable. 

"Youngster, do you know who you are talking to? Call out your elders. I have things to discuss with him!" Kun Mo said coldly. 

Even though he was furious and resentful, there were still people from various sects behind him, so he didn't want to act too excessive. He treated Shi Hao with great arrogance and a stance of looking down from high above, ordering him like this.

Shi Hao's face darkened even further. He was forced by that old man to carry a large mountain crazily on his back, tiring him half to death, and now that he came back, he still couldn't get any peace and quiet, meeting someone who spoke to him like this. How could he tolerate this?

In reality, he didn't notice at all that this was an expert from Celestial Clan, because they were similar to humans.

Otherwise, his face would darken even further. 

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao still forced his way over.

"You still aren't going to quickly call out your sect elder? Did you not hear me? Are you deaf? I have something to say to him!" Kun Mo berated with an attitude like a great saint that was high above. 

In the rear, the other sects' geniuses were all watching from the sidelines like they were watching a play. 

Only Goddess Academy people's faces were strange, their fine hairs standing on end. They held their breaths, feeling extremely nervous. However, they had previously received Qing Yi's message, so they couldn't say too much.


The dark faced Shi Hao took action, fast to a shocking level, making others' souls even tremble. He merged the Kun Peng technique and Earth to inches great divine technique, moving like transient light.

In addition, there was a heaven overflowing blood energy flowing out from him. It was as if a prehistoric enormous beast was going mad, ferocious and unmatched. 

Kun Mo's pupils rapidly shrunk. He was an expert, moreover an extremely powerful one, but he discovered that he had been careless and made an error. He was imprisoned by some strange domain and unable to budge. 

Shi Hao used his only heavenly passage, but he hid it quite well. After locking him down, he directly put it away.

"You… let go!" Kun Mo could move again, but he couldn't struggle free. His hands and feet moved and bone texts erupted, wanting to blast Shi Hao to death, but it was all ineffective.


As if he was swinging a ragdoll, he grabbed his ankle and slammed him onto the ground, blasting the ground until it cracked open. Mountain rocks flew everywhere.

Kun Mo released a groan. This was just too humiliating! The other person didn't even use any precious technique, instead using brute force to swing him about.


Shi Hao treated him like a scarecrow, swinging him crazily about, almost making Kun Mo fall apart. The bones all over his body were cracked apart. He then picked him up again, and after his fists smashed down a few times, his mouth of teeth fell out. His eyes were blacked and his nose caved in. He continuously cried out miserably.

From the side, those sects' geniuses were all struck dumb, all of them agape and tongue-tied. They then struggled to swallow their saliva, simply unable to believe everything they were seeing. 

One has to understand that this was one of the Celestial Clan's six heroes, but he was being toyed with like a doll, swung around until he was almost unrecognizable. Moreover, this was all done with brute force. 

This truly left this group of people terrified!

"Who exactly is this fella?" Shi Hao flung this deformed Kun Mo onto the ground and asked Goddess Academy's people.

The group of people were stupefied. This was just too violent. He was only asking now?

Kun Mo's entire body was in intense pain, and he was so embarrassed he was going to faint. He was the glorious Celestial Race's heroic talent, yet he wasn't even given a second look by the disciple of a small sect, only having his identity inquired about after he was beaten up. This was just too shameful.

"Do you know who I am? What clan I came from?" He was so angry his voice was shaking. He endured the pain and shouted loudly.

"What clan did you come from?" Shi Hao's face darkened as he asked. 

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