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Chapter 749 - Tribulation Crossing Divine Lotus

Moonlight scattered down like water, bright and warm. 

The lake was sparkling and brilliant like divine liquid or jade elixir. There was a wave of fragrance wafting about, and multicolored brilliance surged.

"It is effective. The body's vitality becomes strong, allowing one's vitality to increase." Shi Hao said to himself. This was the result of his direct observation.

This was an immortal pond that contained innate essence. It was known to have immortal dao aura. For Goddess Academy, this was one of the most important precious lands, second only to the Human Immortal engravings. 

Of course, all of the immortal dao essence was sealed at the bottom of the lake and not allowed to immediately surge. It instead flowed out in a steady stream to nourish the entire academy, making this the birthplace of heroes. 

There were also rumors that there was actually an enormous immortal corpse beneath the ground that merged with the dao, turning this place into a spring that erupted with energy. Even a true immortal couldn't revive after dying, instead turning into the most foundational immortal essence. 

In the past, there were quite a few people that had their eyes on this lake, including the younger Qi Daolin. In the end, they all failed. 

"What a good place. If I can get closer to the Tribulation crossing divine lotus, then I can most likely refine the Golden Bodhi fruit."

Shi Hao increased speed towards the center of the lake. When he reached this place, it was now completely different. He unexpectedly entered a small world that was surrounded by multicolored clouds. Divine light overflowed into the heavens. 

Great formations covered this place densely, and bone texts rose and fell. It was sparkling and brilliant. This place was extraordinary, forming a small world of its own. 

It was to the extent where there was even lightning radiance here!

Shi Hao was shocked. He didn't dare let go of the black tile in his hands. He was now confident that this was definitely a great treasure. Only with it could he get closer to the Tribulation crossing divine lotus. 

Sure enough, he was able to safely make it through. Meanwhile, the spiritual essence of this lake immediately became ten times richer!

"How formidable! It can already be called a divine spring at this point. Now that I can soak in here, I think I can quickly recover." 

Suddenly, he saw a figure that was snow white and sparkling. He hurriedly sank to the bottom of the lake and restrained all of his vitality. He became calm and unmoving. 

He never thought that he would see another figure that was snow white and sparkling. He hurriedly sank to the bottom of the lake and restrained all of his life force, becoming silent and stationary. 

He never expected someone other than Yue Chan appearing here. This was clearly a young lady. She was cultivating and bathing here. 

Goddess Academy was extremely large, and those with great enough aptitude had a chance of entering this place for isolation. Of course, normally, they would always stagger about their limits to avoid encountering each other. 

This person was just about to leave. She moved like a spotlessly white mermaid. She moved through the water surface, leaving behind a graceful and moving silhouette. 

Shi Hao watched as she left, and then he slowly surfaced, continuing upwards towards the heart of this place. The fragrance became richer and richer, making his body feel more and more invigorated. He was about to float up.

In addition, the multicolored brilliance of this place became too brilliant, so blinding that they couldn't open their eyes.

"Something isn't quite right!" Shi Hao frowned. Within the depths of this place, his spiritual senses were suppressed, so his divine awareness couldn't travel very far. This mean that it wasn't as easy to investigate.

In addition, he found that even the dual-pupil lost efficacy. 

Strand after strand of multicolored light seeped out, turning into a rainbow and covering the void. They interweaved together, so gorgeous one could lose themselves in its beauty. There was also electrical radiance streaking about that made it look even more beautiful. 

This place was extremely large, and with the ineffectiveness of divine senses, if someone came here, it was likely for them to only discover each other after running into each other.

Yue Chan was on the other side. Normally speaking, she wouldn't head in this direction, this was what Shi Hao felt. Even if they did run into each other, it wasn't that big of a deal either. He wasn't that worried. 

"Yi, arrived!"

He felt an exuberant wave of vitality. His entire being felt like he was going to float into the air. That was a wave of divine dao essence. It contained a large amount of life force.

Shi Hao moved forward to take a closer look. He was stupefied. The so-called Tribulation crossing divine lotus was actually an ancient tree!

It was extremely lush, its entire body sparkling golden. Its branches were vigorous and strong like a dragon. Even if many people surrounded it, they still wouldn't be able to wrap their arms around it. It was as if a golden ancient dragon was hibernating here. Endless golden leaves extended outwards.

It could also be considered a lotus, because upon closer inspection, its bold and powerful body was the reflection of the divine lotus' roots growing thicker. Only, it was just too majestic.

It grew here, and was extremely majestic, filling up a large portion of this watery region. 

In addition, what left others the most shocked was that there was lightning all about it, covering it densely. They were incomparably thick like silver, golden, and purple dragons, winding around and protecting it. The lightning's colors were different, but their power were all extremely great.

This was the Tribulation crossing divine lotus, different from how he had imagined it to be. The scene it displayed was also a bit different. 

"No wonder it has this name. It really is crossing tribulations, covered densely in lightning every minute and second…" Shi Hao said to himself.

As for the Tribulation crossing divine lotus, there were many legends related to it.

It was common knowledge that after the immortal ancient era passed, this world became different and the natural laws changed. Creatures now would normally not suffer heavenly tribulation any more, and this had become a unique trait of the tribulation crossing divine lotus. 

Of course, there were rare instances in this world as well, for example, due to the Demonic Sovereign of Fiend Island wishing to exist forever in this world, he passed away after attempting to pass a tribulation. 

There were many giants who came to this place because of how famous this plant was. They all wished to study this lotus.

There was an extremely terrifying saying, which was that the Tribulation crossing divine lotus was connected to heaven and earth's calamities. It could live extremely well for an entire era, while other creatures were all gathering disaster, eventually having to suffer a tribulation. 

There were unsurpassed figures who had pried into the mystery, claiming that there would be a day when creatures would undergo heavenly tribulation again when they were advancing to the point of breaking through life and death. At that time, it would be a great tribulation.

It was because they had never suffered many lightning tribulations before, and all of it was accumulating in that day. As for just how terrifying it would be, that was hard to say.

This was especially the case for a few exceptionally stunning and monstrous geniuses, as it would be even more dangerous for them. It was because the more outstanding one was, the more heavenly tribulation would come knocking on their doors, and now, this tribulation hadn't occurred for an entire era. 

All of this would be accumulated.

Of course, many people wouldn't even last until that day arrived. Before that day arrived ,they would have long died in meditation. 

However, once that day truly came, regardless of whether it was towards geniuses or old sect masters, it would definitely be an absolute disaster!

"This thing has a great secret! Why are you the only one that can pass the tribulation?" Shi Hao said softly.

He suddenly thought of the Lightning Emperor's inheritance, deciding that he had to carefully study it from the beginning again, and then use the thunderstorm guiding lightning to refine his body and carry out a baptism.

"This is the true immortal pool!"

"Shi Hao discovered that the Tribulation crossing divine lotus took root in an enormous pool that was shining. It was like a golden starch, bubbling in that area. 

This type of ancient tree took root here, its branches lush with life. Lightning radiance and golden light interweaved, covering everything. Not even divine will could probe past. 

"Yue Chan is on the other side, and I am here. We are separated from each other, so it's unlikely for us to encounter each other."

Shi Hao carefully closed in on the divine lotus, wishing to get in and acquire some divine liquid, perhaps even picking a few divine leaves, but he was disappointed. The true immortal pond had bone texts covering it densely.

Even with the black metal tile in hand, he had no way of making it over there, instead being obstructed outside. No one was allowed close to the divine lotus. 

Moreover, when one truly got closer, deafening thunderous sounds rumbled as if an army of tens of thousands were rushing past. It made one's blood and qi surge. Normally, a person would have definitely already fainted. 

Shi Hao was paying rapt attention to this place, discovering that there would be golden liquid that seeped out from the edge of the immortal pond from time to time, entering the outside of the great lake and triggering an eruption of spiritual essence. Immortal energy pervaded the air.

This was the foundation. Even though he entered the immortal pond, he still couldn't get closer. By collecting this golden liquid on the outside, even though it wasn't the ideal situation, it should still be enough. 

It was because this liquid's vitality was extremely great. By standing here, his flesh would immediately become different. His bones would crackle about with pi pa sounds, as if he was growing. 

"Wu, the Tribulation crossing divine lotus is mature and about to completely solidify, entering the pond. Now, the golden liquid should be the result of a mixture of itself and the immortal pond's precious liquid."

Shi Hao saw through the origin of it all. No wonder this place flickered with lightning! It was because the divine lotus' life was in full bloom, reaching the critical point.

He silently adjusted his breathing, allowing himself to reach the most optimal state. His entire body became covered in bone texts, and blood energy surged. Then, he produced a fist-sized golden fruit. 

"Si, these two things are resonating with each other. There really is a perfect pair type of feeling."

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath, feeling considerably shocked. It was because when he observed it carefully, he found that the Golden Bodhi fruit and the Tribulation crossing divine lotus seemed to have some type of vague connection. They were both golden and extremely heaven defying, and so there was some type of relationship.

"Could it be… that these two things complemented each other to begin with?" Shi Hao's mind jumped. 

Then, he calmed down, starting to gather the golden liquid that dripped out from the immortal pond. His flesh also became like a bottomless pit, absorbing it all and storing it. 

If others saw this, they would definitely be stupefied and stare with disbelief. Even though this was priceless divine liquid, directly absorbing it like this was definitely a waste of resources.

So much golden liquid was definitely not something a supreme expert could absorb. It would be too difficult for them to refine. 

It was because the Tribulation crossing divine lotus would make even a Heavenly deity's eyes go red, feeling a strong desire to possess it. They could use it to break through, let alone a youngster at a lower cultivation realm like Shi Hao. 

Sure enough, not long after, he felt a tremendous pressure. His body swelled up like a drum. Golden multicolored light filled the sky, and the aura of life was boundless.

In addition, he still had a type of feeling of entering a state of dao comprehension. 

"It's begun!" Shi Hao bit into the Golden Bodhi fruit, carefully absorbing just a small mouthful, holding it in his mouth and starting to refine it.

In that instant, his body felt as if it was struck by lightning. Once this type of thing entered his body, it dissolved on its own, battering at his four limbs and hundreds of bones. There was even more a ferocious battering against his divine will. It was incomparably oppressive. 


Shi Hao coughed blood on the scene. His bones broke and his muscles snapped. The small mouthful he absorbed, even without him refining it, entered every part of his body, producing tremendous damage.

His expression changed. This type of thing was indeed terrifying. For the human race, it was poison. It contained a terrifying great dao, harming one's dao root. It really was terrifying to the extreme. 

If it was any other supreme expert, they would have likely exploded on the spot. 

Even  Shi Hao felt as if he was struck by lightning. Many of his bones were broken. He suffered a tremendous amount of pain and torment.

He simply couldn't imagine how a portion of the fruit's liquid could contain such destructive power. It was enough to kill the most powerful of creatures!

The Tribulation crossing divine lotus and immortal pool's essence Shi Hao absorbed finally displayed its use. It quickly repaired his body and connected his broken bones, allowing his weakened state to gradually recover.


An indescribable type of natural dao laws blasted at Shi Hao's primordial spirit, clearly what was previously contained within the golden bodhi fruit he had just ingested. It immediately made his dao heart unsteady and his primordial spirit almost exploded.


Shi Hao roared. He operated the True Primordial Record, interweaving the most primitive bone texts to fend off this mysterious natural law force. 

This was simply a life and death torment. It was just an instant, but Shi Hao felt as if he was being torn apart from his flesh down to his primordial spirit, almost ending his life right there. 

It could be said that if a Divine Flame Realm expert suffered this type of disaster, they would still undoubtedly die. However, he made it through.

"It's effective!"

Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised. The flesh immunity ability became more and more clear, and the most important thing was that he felt a wave of thriving vitality. He could make this ability grow together with him!

Then, he calmed down his heart. He guided the immortal pond's golden liquid in to his body while carefully devouring a bit of the Golden Bodhi fruit. When it was late into the night, he had already refined a large half of it.

However, this process was too dangerous. Even with the Tribulation crossing divine lotus, his flesh was still blasted apart several times, the most miserable part was that he almost broke apart, his four limbs separating and his shoulder blades blasted flying. 

Another two hours later, three-fourths of the Golden Bodhi fruit disappeared!

"Yi, there seems to be mysterious ripples of order spreading outwards?" At the other end to the immortal pond where the Tribulation crossing divine lotus rested, a spotlessly white like fine jade young lady said to herself. She was gorgeous and exceptional. Her body that bathed in the precious liquid was perfect without any faults. 

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