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Chapter 748 - Great Master Brother Has Arrived

Goddess Academy, a place grand and magnificent.

In the distance, the vendor booths of the open market were all being put away, ending their day's clamoring and bustling. 

At the entrance of the academy, a few students were coming and going. Quite a few of them were dao companions, coming out under the sunset glow to relax after a day of cultivation and appreciate this type of silent beauty. 

A divine bird descendant -- Green Bird, beat its wings under the sunset. Its wings flickered like green gold. In its mouth was a letter that released a warm light, extremely quiet and auspicious. 

Unfortunately, the peace was quickly broken. 

In the distance, shouts of clamoring sounded from the open market. Cries of pain and screaming of girls could be heard. Precious techniques lit up brilliantly, erupting in large amounts. It was chaotic.

"Yi, it's someone from our academy. There are people fighting!"

"They suffered greatly, being beaten down in an instant. Hurry and come look!"

Students rushed out from the entrance one after another, especially the experts who rushed over like wind and lightning.

"What is going on?" The higher grade seniors asked. A group of people had bone texts flickering about them. They were all powerful individuals. 

"The fella from this morning came, and he is carrying out his promise now, giving a few people a beating. They were all beaten down!" Someone said, pointing at a few students laying on the ground nearby. 

"What kind of mess is this? Who is the person from the morning?"

Someone quickly explained, saying, "Cough, during the day, there was a person who set up a stall and claimed to be able to carry out various types of missions, willing to help fight against the people in the academy. He said that he could beat up lower grade students or higher grade seniors!"

"What a strange person, running to my Goddess Academy to carry out missions and beat up the academy elites. Is he trying to overturn the sky?"

The students' enforcement team arrived, and they just happened to hear this. Their noses almost went crooked from anger. This was truly daring, simply intolerable!

"So unbridled, he truly dares to come here?"

Everyone was discussing what happened during the daytime as the sun went down. It was absolutely infuriating, coming to Goddess Academy's entrance to carry out this kind of business. Was he looking down on Goddess Academy's students?

Then, everyone learned about the details. A loose cultivator that had just joined the academy was humiliated by someone from Underworld Earth. He came here to get firsthand experience, asking this person for help.

In reality, Shi Hao held the black tile and was ready to enter Goddess Academy already, but he unexpectedly encountered this youth with a bloody nose and swollen face ask him for help. 

After understanding what was happening, easily and in passing, he gave the Underworld Clan elites who were bullying loose cultivators a good beating, pounding each of them until they spat out white suds from their mouths and started twitching in place. 

Shi Hao just wanted to collect some rewards for the sake of doing it, telling that youth that because this was the first time they were doing business, it would be half-price. However, that youth had to help him advertise his business, that he could beat up anyone on the premise that they had rare precious medicines and other things.


When those Underworld Clan elites had just woken up and heard what was going on, they were so angry they spat out a mouthful of old blood.

When the group of people heard this, they were all speechless. There really was a weirdo like this? To advertise outside Goddess Academy's gates that he could beat up any student low or high grade, this was too disgraceful and unbridled!"

"Did he say what he was called?" A high grade student asked. 

"He calls himself Great Master brother!"

The group of people looked at each other in dismay, all of them revealing strange expressions.

"Have you guys heard what else happened earlier? Rumor has it that the shoddy monastery that was long covered in weeds had its ashes burn once more, producing another disciple, one also called Great Master brother. He beat a few of our academy's junior brothers into a sorry state, producing a huge comotion within our academy."

"This is a major event! I heard that a group of powerful individuals were going to go there to see exactly what was going on. If that notorious inheritance really revives, then there will definitely be a large scale raid."

As a result, everyone revealed looks of shock. Were the two big events caused by the same person?

"I think it might very well be the same person!"

"They really are traceable to the same stock. This sect is notorious, rotten to the roots. We definitely have to group up and beat the crap out of that inheritor!"

The academy entrance erupted with noise. No one could sit still any longer, especially the enforcement squad. They wanted to immediately enter the mountains.

"Return my Goddess Academy's peace! Remove the remaining evil of this notorious dao rite!"

"Come together to wipe out this scum!"

"The sun is about to fall over the mountain. That shoddy monastery really is strange. Let's wait until tomorrow and then wipe out this lunatic together with all the experts!"

In the distance, Shi Hao heard everything clearly and saw what was going on. He became speechless. This title of Great Master brother truly incurred everyone's hatred! This sect's bad reputation really was spread far and wide. 

He didn't feel any fear, however. He'll deal with tomorrow's matters tomorrow. Right now, finding the Tribulation crossing divine lotus was the most important matter. There was no rush to beat up these people after succeeding.

Goddess Academy was a rather open academy. Due to it being powerful enough, the checks at the entrance weren't that strict, allowing those from the open market to come and go.

This also proved how powerful this inheritance was, as they had this type of confidence. They didn't fear the invasion of any outsiders!

Things went extremely smoothly for Shi Hao. He was able to slip in and not receive any obstruction.

The bright red sunset glow made the entire academy appear more and more peaceful. There were many students who came and went, but it was still extremely orderly and peaceful. No one made a racket. 

Shi Hao was quite delicate and pretty, not over seventeen to eighteen years of age. He didn't come into any conflict after entering. Everyone thought that he was one of the students. 

He looked around, not in a rush to find where the Tribulation crossing divine lotus was, instead stopping from time to time to appreciate the academy's artistic scenery and engraving and cliffs engraved with great dao imprints.

There were large amounts of building complexes here and spiritual mountains that exuded auspicious energy. There were great rivers that passed through the academy as well, and even more flying waterfalls and other things. Divine birds and auspicious beasts roamed about as well. 

This place was half mountains, half city. The scenery was extremely beautiful, flowing with pure white wisps. That was the embodiment of spiritual essence condensation and not water vapor. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao discovered one place that was especially lively. Many students were hurrying over, and even from far away, he could smell intoxicating wine and delicious food that made one drool.

"Really is a good place…"

Shi Hao's eyes went straight, because he saw golden elephant trunks, purple golden camel peaks, spiritual medicine mushrooms, flying bear paws, and other precious dishes. There was even great Golden-Winged Peng wings being roasted until they were golden with oil. 

"Forget it, what I came here for is more important." He wiped away a mouthful of saliva and then reluctantly turned around, temporarily departing from this place. It was because he had even more important things to take care of tonight. 

He used a worn out map he got from Qi Daolin to differentiate where he had to go, following a small cobblestone path towards a quiet place. He entered the depths of the academy. 

Shi Hao discovered that the important region had formations covering them densely. Symbols flickered about, making it difficult to go in. That was why the academy didn't have to worry about outsiders coming in to disturb the peace. 

After roaming left and right, he passed over a mountain region. Auspicious energy wafted into the air and multicolored radiance shone along the way. It was clear that he entered the most important precious land. 

There were several people who tried to stop him, but upon seeing the black metal tile, they all backed off, not appearing again. 

This was especially the case when he entered a formation. The black tile shone, blocking the symbol attacks, allowing him to peacefully enter. 

Shi Hao was shocked, and only now did he believe Qi Daolin's words. This tile really was formidable, an important treasure of this academy!

"That old fella angers man and god alike. Just how many relationships did he have to make use of to make the academy's higher levels hate yet respect him so much, giving him this secret item?"

He began to speculate inwardly. Even though Qi Daolin had a notorious reputation, he was still someone with a story. Not only did he bring chaos to the world, there were still times when he 'upheld justice'. 

The sun had already set. The sound of bugs could be heard. They hid within the grass, some pleasant to listen to, others crying out gu gu sounds like muffled thunder. 

Shi Hao was shocked. There was definitely a bug king here. This place was definitely not simple. 

Shi Hao gasped. He saw a strange bug that was too unordinary. Even though it was only the size of a thumb, it released scarlet multicolored light that dyed an entire mountain red. 

In addition, its appearance was quite strange, looking like a blood phoenix. 

"This shouldn't be the divine bug that had a chance of becoming a bug emperor Feng Wu got from Origin Sky Secret Realm, right?" Shi Hao trembled inwardly. Will there be a great battle of bug emperors in the future?"

Moonlight lit up again, and silver splendor scattered downwards.

He passed through several dozen formations in succession. By relying on the black metal tile, the journey went extremely smoothly. He arrived in a place covered in multicolored mists. 

"This should be the immortal pool where the Tribulation crossing divine lotus is." Shi Hao said to himself. He looked forwards. Mists pervaded the air and light swirled about brilliantly. 

Even from far away, he could already smell the fragrance.

"The immortal pond is so large, no wonder Goddess Academy dares to be so open to the outside world, able to allow the one that could offer seven-colored Immortal gold the chance to soak here for a day and night…" Shi Hao muttered. 

Instead of calling it an immortal pool, it was better to call it a sparkling lake. Multicolored mists spread outwards, covering a great area. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao's expression changed. His divine senses were extremely sharp. He immediately retracted his aura and used the dual-pupil to inspect outwards. He was immediately stunned.

It was because he saw a beautiful scene.

Under the pure moonlight was an exceptionally beautiful figure. Her pitch-black hair was shining, scattering down to her waists. Her neck was like that of a heavenly crane's. Her clothes were half removed, revealing her soft and sparkling shoulders that flickered between light and dark. Her eyebrows were extremely long and gently shaking. 

This was an exceptional fairy. She was currently bathing, only partly dressed, stunning and astonishing, poetic and picturesque. It swayed one's heart gently. 

It was precisely Yue Chan!

Her body was tall and slender, incredibly fine. On her back was an enormous moon. She was standing by the immortal pool's side within sparkling flower petals. The water fragrance rose in spirals, setting her off like a fairy in a world of mortals. 

"To gaze upon is an indecent assault…" Shi Hao said softly. Then, he added, "What am I scared of? That's my wife!" Moreover, he widened his eyes and stared intently!

He never thought that he would unexpectedly see Yue Chan. He rubbed his chin and silently admired. 

It was clear that Yue Chan's spiritual senses were extremely sharp as well. She turned around rather suspiciously. Unfortunately, she didn't have dual-pupils and Shi Hao restrained his aura. After some slight hesitation, she entered the waters. 

"Forget it, I won't go over for now." Shi Hao said. He chose another direction and entered the divine pond. 

He had something more important to take care of right now and didn't have time to waste. Under the moonlight, he silently moved about, creeping closer to the medicinal fragrance.

However, what if they accidentally encountered each other?

Shi Hao felt like he was already avoiding the other party, which was already extremely generous. Moreover, she was still his 'wife'!

"You better not take the initiative to get on my nerves. My patience has always been… extremely terrible!" He said to himself with his extremely thick face. 

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