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Chapter 747 - To Impart

Shi Hao's face darkened, feeling extremely disgusted inwardly. He was actually swindled into this kind of dao rite! He felt like someone might as well just smash him to death. This was too humiliating. 

Once he walked out into the world, there would definitely be people pointing at him and looking at him in disdain. One can imagine what it will be like then. Perhaps everyone would be shouting and trying to chase after him to beat him up.

Now that he thought about it, no wonder Qi Daolin asked him if he heard of his name before. Turns out this elder had a guilty conscience himself!

"Hehe, it really is quite a surprise, there was someone who still entered this sect. Could it be that dao master Qi ran away himself? He hasn't appeared for so many years already, yet someone still calls themself a disciple."

"You are definitely someone who tried to join my Goddess Academy's selection but ultimately failed, right?" Senior brother Liu said. His chin was slightly raised, his attitude a bit arrogant. It was because those that could enter Goddess Academy were all the elites of different clans. 

Those that failed, in their eyes, were naturally all losers. Those that succeeded and those that failed weren't even on the same level. 

Lu Ming also laughed. He was a newly joined genius that hadn't joined Goddess Academy for that long. He was a member of the Five-Colored Deer's direct line of descent, so he was a powerful and arrogant individual. He carried an aloof smile and said, "Those that fail can return next year, and who knows, you might become my junior brother then, so there is no reason to enter this small shoddy monastery right? Could it be that you are staying here temporarily and picking up the leftovers?"

The others laughed as well, revealing peculiar looks as they stared at Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao felt embarrassed, but not for them, instead for Qi Daolin. That old thing really fooled him badly. He even thought that Supreme Being Dao Rite was something formidable!

"Work hard, I have faith in you! Who knows, you might become our junior brother next year!" A sixteen or seventeen year old young lady spoke. She was extremely arrogant, like a little peacock that was spreading its tail. 

Shi Hao felt rather out of sorts. He clearly passed Goddess Academy's most difficult trial and made it through the heavenly staircase, yet now, he was being ridiculed by the very same academy's disciples instead. 

"Enough, let's all return to where we came from. If you don't need anything, don't disturb me, and don't even think about making a mess in my Supreme Being Dao Rite." Shi Hao said with a darkened face. 

"Oh my, he even has a bit of a temper!" Lu Ming mocked. The five-colored deer horns on his head shone.

Many people roared with laughter. They all looked down on him.

"Right, there was a grand construct here before. How exactly did it fall?" Someone asked. 

When everyone heard this, they immediately diverted their attention, no longer looking at Shi Hao and instead focusing on this problem. 

"Just think about it for a bit. Qi Daolin has angered so many people, truly a notorious individual who did so many despicable things. This mountain range was golden-bright and dazzling once upon a time with bejeweled jade palaces everywhere. It was just too magnificent back then, all stolen from the great sects. Do you really think nothing would happen to a place like this?" Senior brother Liu said. 

"In the end, those great sects all took action, and the entire world chased after him. How could they tolerate their own buildings being here? It was just too humiliating. They would rather destroy this place then let him show off, and that was why it was all turned into ruins." A senior sister added. 

"Why did I hear that Qi Daolin was extremely stunning, his talents rarely seen under the heavens?" Jing Xiaorou said. 

"Wu, even though that person was infamous, he really was formidable. Otherwise, how could he become the core disciple of more than ten sects, successfully stealing from many masters?"

"Why did he do this? Is there any purpose in this?" Someone questioned. 

"The first reason is because he is a martial madman, wishing to merge the bone texts of all clans and create the most powerful heavenly art. The second reason is because there was something that had always been gnawing at his mind, his desire to revive a certain forbidden ancient sect." Senior brother Liu's expression was a bit strange. 

"What sect is this, for him to feel like it was worth doing all of this?" Someone was shocked.

"I do not know, I only heard that this sect's people are pitifully few, but terrifying beyond imagination." A senior sister said. 

Senior brother Liu said, "Rumors has it that when it was time for this inheritance to replace the old with the new, Qi Daolin was chosen. However, it was precisely then that great enemies attacked this place. The old sect master made the decision then to have Qi Daolin leave, saving his life."

"Wu, there are some news that I've heard. Rumor has it that the great enemies that besieged that inheritance were terrifying beyond imagination." Another senior brother said with a soft voice.

"Who were they?"

"I heard that Immortal Palace's most ancient figure awoke from his archaic slumber, and then he invited several other of the most powerful figures to move out together to attack this place."

"Si!" Everyone gasped. What kind of place was Immortal Palace? They never exceeded five members, yet they overlooked the world under heaven, intimidating everyone, both past and present.

"Shush, it's best if we don't talk too much about these old matters." A senior brother warned, feeling that loose tongues might cause a lot of trouble. 

Senior brother Liu said, "Rumors has it that after Qi Daolin was sent away, he originally wanted to look for his senior's inheritance, but he ended up empty handed. In the end, he began to steal from all the different masters to strengthen himself."

"A bit understandable…" Jing Xiaorou said.

"Hey, junior sister, you definitely cannot pity him. He was indeed unlucky when he was young, but look at what he did later, angering man and god alike, absolutely despicable!" Senior brother Liu stressed. 

"Right, look over there, isn't that a pair of copper rust?" Someone pointed at a mountain peak. It was covered in green color, all copper rust.

"Qi Daolin had visited Immortal Palace before and stole a copper house to use as an outhouse."

Everyone became speechless. They began to understand how badly this dao master bore a grudge, as well as how much of an exotic flower he was. 

There was a rumor that if not for Immortal Palace having two people overseeing it that were just too ancient, their cultivation levels being incomparably profound, Qi Daolin would have long gone and gotten revenge.

Shi Hao thought to himself without saying anything.

"Yi, you were listening carefully as well. Are you still going to guard this shoddy monastery? Just properly cultivate so that you have a chance of entering my Goddess Academy." Someone said rather arrogantly with the attitude of someone who succeeded. 

"All of you just stay out of the way and leave. So annoying." Shi Hao waved his hand. 

"You aren't truly hoping to become a disciple of this place, right?" Lu Ming directly laughed. 

Senior brother Liu seemed to have thought of something and said, "Several thousand years ago, Qi Daolin was prompted by a sudden urge, truly appearing here once before to instruct a few disciples, in the end…"

"What happened?" Everyone was curious.

"In the end, they were harrassed by the disciples of every sect, and they all abandoned Supreme Being Dao Rite, never appearing again. It really was miserable…" Senior brother Liu said, and he even looked at Shi Hao with ill intentions.

"Didn't they say that they weren't actually taught by Qi Daolin and instead that someone discovered a part of Qi Daolin's inheritance?"

"That's incorrect, two of them were personally taught by him, but in the end, they were beaten up quite miserably by the disciples of each sect. They directly left and never returned."


As Shi Hao listened to their discussions, he discovered that there seemed to be some other things that Qi Daolin wished to keep a secret.

 Shi Hao didn't place his attention on them and instead thought about other things. If he walked under the world with Supreme Being Dao Rite's name, would he become like those two seniors, be pursued by the disciples of every clan?"

However, no matter how bad it was, could it be worse than if he exposed his true identity?

"During these past few thousand years, there were a few who came here looking for opportunities as well, claiming to be disciples of this sect to occupy the peak, but in the end, they were all beaten up miserably," senior brother Liu said. 

"Haha…" There were a few older students who had ill intentions as they looked at Shi Hao. 

"Laugh my ass! All of you better get lost. I am going to say it again, this is my dao rite." Shi Hao said. 

"Is that so? Your temper is quite great. Since you consider yourself a disciple of Supreme Being Dao Rite, then it'll just be like the old rules of the past!" Senior brother Liu said. 

"What old rules?" Lu Ming was eager to give it a try. 

"Obviously to deal with him, put him in the same state as those seniors of his, make him run away with his head covered and disappear!" Senior brother Liu said. 

There were even those that added, "We have to spread the news as well. Then, the disciples of every sect will come!"

"Watch me then!" Lu Ming took action. The five-colored antlers on his head shone, and an expanse of bone texts shot out. 

However, under everyone's shocked eyes, with a gabeng sound, a horn came off, appearing in Shi Hao's hands. It immediately gave everyone a fright.

"I've been tired to death these past few days, but you really are attentive, bringing me a young deer antler to help me recover my body." Shi Hao said. They had talked about quite a few behind-the-scenes stories, making him feel more and more out of sorts.


In the next moment, Lu Ming flew out, rolling down the mountain.

Everyone became stupefied. Was this an exceptional talent? He was just too formidable! Even though Lu Ming was a new student, being blasted flying like this meant that this person possessed unimaginable power. 

Senior brother Liu's expression changed. He turned around and immediately ran. 

Xiu! Like an arrow that left a bowstring, he immediately arrived behind him, grabbed him by the neck, and then said, "A willow tree that developed intelligence?"

Shi Hao sighed with amazement. Out of kindness towards someone of the same race as the Willow Deity, he didn't act too harshly. With a single slap, he sent him falling down to the foot of the mountain.

Senior brother Liu's entire body was shivering with coldness. What kind of freak was this? This monster dealt with him like he was grabbing a chicken!

"You are of the Golden Luan Race?" Shi Hao set his eyes on the next target. Without any trace of politeness, he immediately hacked off a large piece of golden luan leg meat. Compared to its massive body, it wasn't a particularly serious injury.

Then, Shi Hao looked at another person and said, "You are a Flood dragon? Leave behind a piece of flesh, then you can leave."

The group of people were stupefied, especially the newcomers, receiving an incredibly heavy psychological blow. While carrying great ambitions, they finally entered Goddess Academy, yet in front of this small shoddy sect, they were actually oppressed like this. 

Wasn't this some notorious inheritance? How could the youth from this place be so formidable?!

Moreover, this youth was quite strange as well, staring at them and treating them like food, wanting to eat and drink their body parts. It was too terrifying. 

"Hurry and leave. Also, warn the academy's experts that an evil disicple has appeared! The ashes of the notorious sect burns once more!" Someone shouted.


Shi Hao took action, blasting the people until they flipped over. He searched them one by one for flesh goods. Loud cries of terror immediately sounded from this place. 

"Seniors were lying to us! This is clearly a terrifying inheritance!"

"Juniors, this really is a shoddy inheritance with a bad reputation, but we never said they were weak! Back then, only when the powerful disciples of every sect took action did they defeat those few inheritors!" A senior brother explained.

In the end, apart from that female disciple named Jing Xiaorou, the others all had a piece of meat sliced off. Then, they all tumbled down the great mountain while screaming their heads off. 

"You seem like your character isn't that bad, not looking down on Supreme Being Dao Rite, so you can leave." Shi Hao waved his hand.

"You… what are you called?" Jing Xiaorou's face was a bit pale as she asked. She felt like this person was even more strange and terrifying than that legendary Qi Daolin. Instead of yelling killing and beating up, he yelled about eating and drinking, treating everyone like food. 

"Supreme Being Dao Rite's… great master disciple." Shi Hao said. 

Finally, this place became quiet. Shi Hao swept away his gloomy mood, and then he began to happily start a fire. He washed the antler, Luan meat, flood Fragon tassel and a large pile of other food clean, and then he began to slow cook them together.

"This is a great stew, what a wonderful meal." He was waiting for the food to finish cooking. 

Qi Daolin silently appeared, nodding his head and saying, "Not bad, stronger than your two martial brothers. Not irresolute and no fear, taking action when needed."

Shi Hao's face immediately went rigid. His face immediately darkened when he thought about how he was swindled, as well as the rumors he heard about Supreme Being Dao Rite. 

"There's no need to be unhappy. Do you know how many people came to me asking for me to teach them divine abilities? You should be content with your situation," Qi Daolin said. Then, without any trace of politeness, he began to help himself to the cauldron's food. 

"Now that I am Supreme Being Dao Rite's disciple, I feel like I am going to be the target of scorn from all. In the future, no matter where I go, wouldn't everyone want to harrass me?" Shi Hao asked.

"You don't need to go out. In the future, this mountain alone will become bustling with activity. Others will come on their own. No matter what creatures you want to eat, those from great races will all come. In addition those people might have holy medicines, rare weapons, and all types of things for you to take." Qi Daolin said rather irresponsibly.

"You…" Shi Hao was annoyed. In the end, he said with a soft voice, "What if their masters come looking for me after I eat a few vicious beasts and beat them until they are screaming?"

"Don't you still have me? As long as I am still free and unfettered in this world, who dares to touch my disciple? I will bring down disaster onto all of their disciples!" Qi Daolin said in an extremely domineering manner.

Shi Hao didn't say anything and looked at him. This elder looked like he possessed an immortal aura and dao bones, but right now, he was like a pain in the neck, like an old hoodlum.

"You promise? For example, if I go wander around in Goddess Academy, their clan's upper levels wouldn't deal with me?"

Qi Daolin waved his hand and said, "I just came back from that place. They owe me a favor, and now, they completely promised me. You are someone from Supreme Being Dao Rite, so no one will rashly deal with you."

Soon after, Qi Daolin felt regret, inwardly twitching his lips. This fella really knew how to provoke others, not allowing others to be worry-free!

It was because that fella didn't even wait at all and immediately went down the mountain. He began to have people hold signs in front of Goddess Academy saying that he would accept all types of missions. 

He was actually collecting fees, helping people fight battles. He wrote clearly that he could beat up younger grade disciples, as well as hang up and beat up older grade seniors. Everything was okay, as long as they offered him a good price.

"Stinky brat, get your ass back here!" Qi Daolin felt like his teeth were sore.

Even though Shi Hao left Goddess Academy's entrance, there was still an uproar raised within.

"Are you trying to test me?" Qi Daolin gave him a look.

"No, no, I just wanted a chance to sneak in. I need the Tribulation crossing divine lotus." Shi Hao said, lacking in confidence.

"Nonsense, aren't you just testing me?" Qi Daolin stared at him. Then, after thinking about it, he said, "Alright, take this. Go to that immortal pond when you have the chance, and bring that dao companion back along the way."

"What?" Shi Hao was stupefied. He looked at the black metal tile in his hand. 

"This is Goddess Academy's thing. By holding it, you can visit the divine pool without restriction," said Qi Daolin.

Shi Hao was quite doubtful. He looked at Qi Daolin like he was an idiot, as if he definitely wouldn't fall for his tricks. 

"Get out of here! You still aren't going to go?" Qi Daolin was furious.

In the end, Shi Hao headed for Goddess Academy!

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