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Chapter 738 - Strange Coffin

Ka cha!

A light sound rang through the air. In this dark and solitary world, it was extremely ear-splitting. Every single one of Shi Hao's nerves became taut. He quickly rushed out tens of steps. 

For this collapsed city of death to suddenly release a sound, that was definitely an extremely terrifying thing. 

His eyes became forceful. His primordial spirit between his brows formed a golden blazing sun, releasing the most powerful spiritual perception strength to explore his surroundings.

In addition, the dual-pupil he held in his hands became covered in symbols as well, producing an expanse of interweaving brilliance, capturing all of the nearby irregular events.

It was deathly silent. There wasn't a trace of sound. The enormous ruins recovered its dull and lonely atmosphere. Shi Hao didn't discover anything different. He shivered inwardly. What was hiding in the darkness?

It was unknown how many eras this city of death had existed through. Even the divine gold that had once been adorned with symbols had become decomposing metal, and those enormous rocks were even more so corroded, about to turn into dust.

One has to understand that there were many mysterious and powerful ruined patterns here, yet they still couldn't protect the city. This was enough to prove just how ancient this place was. 

As for the dao platform, it was even older. It seemed to come from the prehistoric era, tracing back to the era when heaven and earth were opened, giving off a type of going up the river of time feeling, one that leads back to the place of origin. 


Suddenly, a metallic sound rang through the air. It was extremely clear, originating from the bronze coffin. It was as if something wanted to come out!

Shi Hao's expression changed. The copper coffin was full of rust. It had existed for countless eras, yet there was still something living inside of it?

At this moment, a chill ran all the way down his body. Goosebumps appeared on his back and neck. He stared forward, watching the enormous inner and outer coffins silently. 

The pill furnace in his hands had already opened. The insides flickered with lightning radiance. That was the heavenly river from the immortal tomb. Even though there wasn't much left, it could still be used as defense. 

The vile existences of the underworld depths, ancient tombs' yin corpses and other things should hate this type of extreme yang lightning the most. Shi Hao watched with utmost vigilance, ready to erupt with endless lightning at any moment.

However, even after waiting for a long time, there was no activity to be seen. 

Primal chaos seeped out from within the copper coffin like immortal mist, curling about the underground ruins. It was strange, secluded, and serene; it gave off a suffocating pressure. 

Was there something sealed within the copper coffin?

Was it still alive?

This really was a bit scary. After being buried for endless years, could the corpse still have a spirit? He felt incredibly uncomfortable.

Shi Hao's eyes focused, forming two tangible beams of light flames. He stared forward, extremely vigilant as he produced defensive symbol light.

However, strand after strand of gas wafted outwards, disturbing his divine senses and blocking the dual-pupil's investigation. Shi Hao couldn't see through that copper coffin, unable to see through it. 

This was not something that happened often. Even the dual-pupil was ineffective!

Should he leave?

Shi Hao thought to himself. This underground world was too sinister. Even though there might be a chaotic flame here, there might be a great vicious existence that might appear. It was too dangerous and terrifying!

Suddenly, he felt a chill from the top of his head. Strong winds roared, and something threw itself towards him, something that carried a cold and gloomy aura. 

He quickly moved out of the way, using the Earth to inches ability. He also raised his head to take a look. What he saw immediately made him shiver inwardly. What kind of creature was this?

It had a human-like build, but it also had a pair of bat wings as well as an enormous black tail. It threw itself over like a malicious spirit. Its eyes were cold and deep, its teeth pitch-black. 

Its body had powerful symbols erupting from it that released the most powerful fluctuations. It was comparable to that of a Heavenly deity with boundless and unmatched power. 

Shi Hao was shocked, because he discovered that this wasn't some living thing, but a puppet engraving. Right now, even though it displayed its power, it also began to break down. 

Finally, while accompanied with enormous divine might, it swooped down. Before it reached the ground, it already exploded on its own, turning into rotten black stone. 

"What is going on?" He looked at the sculpture that was in pieces. If he pieced it together, it would be vivid and lifelike, and the reason it could display divine might was because of a symbol that was carved on it.

Just like that, a Heavenly deity level expert was created. How heaven defying of a method was this?!

Shi Hao swept through the ruins. He saw a few similar carvings by the collapsed city gates, but they were already badly ruined. 

Apart from this type of creature engravings, there were others as well, such as divine birds, devils, strange ancient beast kings, and others. This left him completely shocked. What kind of glorious ancient city was this? If these engravings could all display their most powerful divine might, that would just be too terrifying!

The malevolent sculpture that was originally on the ground, along with the movements of the earth, was pushed upwards and had just fallen down. 


Right at this moment, the dao platform began to crack apart. A large piece fell off, a piece that was several hundred thousand jin in weight. Rumbling sounds rang through the air. It was smashed apart by the engraved sculpture that had just fallen. 

Meanwhile, the copper coffin released another dong sound. 

Could it be that the dao platform was about to collapse, unable to endure the weight of the bronze coffin any longer, and that was why it produced those sounds, not because there were some living things? Shi Hao wasn't sure. He began to move, making his way around the coffin. 

After looking around, he confirmed that the dao platform under the copper coffin was cracking apart. Just now, it might really be because of this that it released a sound.

"Just a false alarm?" He said to himself.

Finally, under his shocked gaze, the entire dao platform broke apart. The remaining symbols released their final flash of radiance before dimming in the underground world. 


The bronze ancient coffin and nine enormous skeletons began to sink downwards, ultimately falling at the sides of the city of death.

Shi Hao waited an extremely long time, but he still didn't see any activity here. In the end, he couldn't endure it any longer and headed towards the bronze coffin. He wanted to loot this tomb. 

"Just what kind of character is buried in such an enormous coffin? I wonder if there is some inheritance or precious artifacts here…" he said softly. He was extremely nervous, because he was worried that something like the Chaotic flame or other unknown things might suddenly appear. 

When there was a still some distance between them, Shi Hao began to use his precious techniques. He wanted to open up the coffin and see exactly what it was within it.

Suddenly, bone text unexpectedly appeared. Symbols scattered down, making his efforts completely useless, disappearing without a trace. The inner and outer coffins didn't move in the slightest. 

"Magical immunity? Even more thorough than my own!" Shi Hao's expression became serious. He felt more and more that this coffin was not ordinary. 

In the end, he clenched his fists tightly, coming to a decision. Through the opening of the coffin, he entered the great copper coffin, walking step by step towards the smaller copper coffin inside!

Shi Hao was always daring and fearless. This was something that had never changed since he started cultivating. He also had an inherent powerful desire for exploration. 

Of course, this was also relative to his current level of divine senses and because he didn't sense any terrifying dangers. That was why he dared to check things out. 

Chaotic energy curled about. Shi Hao felt an incredibly great pressure. He felt as if every strand of energy was as heavy as a great mountain. Normal cultivators would have long been crushed into minced paste. 


He used precious techniques at close range, but discovered that it was still useless. The copper coffin didn't move in the slightest. 

Shi Hao clenched his teeth and used his flesh's power. His hands grabbed the inner coffin's lid, and with a grunt, he used his own great dao strength. This amount of power was enough to move an enormous mountain. 

However, he still failed!

It wasn't that he wasn't strong enough, but instead that there was something strange with the copper coffin's lid. The strength of his flesh could move mountains, and he indeed opened the coffin's lid, but it suddenly shone, and then with a kuang dang sound, it closed again.

There was clearly some type of mysterious force inside that blocked everything. 


Shi Hao shouted. All of his blood vessels bulged. He used all of his strength to move aside the coffin lid and investigate exactly what kind of secrets there were inside. 

The coffin's lid was raised another inch, but only for an instant. Hazy auspicious multicolored light erupted like brightly-colored immortal radiance. Strand after strand of primal chaos seeped out as well. 


Unfortunately, the mysterious force appeared again, forcefully closing the copper coffin.

"Again!" Shi Hao shouted. However, this time, something unexpected happened. An enormous hong sound rumbled through his ears. 

Meanwhile, a terrifying scene appeared, attacking at his sea of consciousness and leaving him shaken. His soul even began to tremble.

What was that?



"I am going to slaughter my way inside. I definitely have to slaughter my way in!"

He saw a shockingly great battle where endless creatures slaughtered about. That small world itself even split apart. Primal chaos surged, and corpses fell everywhere. 

What was horrifying was that those people were too powerful, powerful to an unfathomable degree. They warped through heaven and earth, rushed into the ninth heaven and down to the ninth layer of hell. They slaughtered to the ends of the earth, causing heaven to fall and earth to rend. 

Blood splashed everywhere. Immortal spendor pervaded the air. Everything was being destroyed. 

What level of experts were these?


At this time, the bronze coffin shook. It released an enormous sound, shaking Shi Hao's body until it began to sway about. However, he was completely unaware of this, because he couldn't free himself from that scene. He was still immersed within it.

The scene didn't continue for that long of a time. It slowly scattered, and in the end, he only saw the copper coffin be dragged by nine dragon figures, away from that terrifying world. 

Everything else… disappeared.

The copper coffin travelled through a long stream, stirring up heaven overflowing waves. 

Was that the river of time?

Or was it some immortal river that linked up the walls of great worlds?

In the end, everything disappeared. Nothing else could be seen. 

This left Shi Hao horrified. He loosened his grip and left the coffin lid. He took a few steps backwards, his heart rising and falling fiercely. It was hard for him to calm down. 

"What kind of era did this all happen in? Where did it all happen?" His mind was trembling. It was because he seemed to vaguely have seen a few familiar figures.

"I seemed to have… seen the Willow Deity?!" Shi Hao was trembling. Then, he forcefully shook his head. 

Shi Hao sat here for an extremely long time. He thought silently to himself, standing there without moving as if he was petrified. 

After a long time had passed, he released a breath of air. He looked at the copper coffin, knowing that there was no way he could open it. This type of thing contained a shocking heavenly secret. If it was opened, it might shock all three thousand provinces. 

"There will be a day when I will stand at the peak of heaven, see through all mysteries, and go wherever I wish." Shi Hao said to himself. 

He was naturally unwilling. He still wanted to explore further and learn about more mysteries, but his many tries left his body shaken until his blood and qi surged. He only heard the copper coffin rumble. There was nothing else. 

In the end, he used all types of secret methods, even applying his own blood to the copper coffin, using the reincarnation precious technique and everything else .

Unexpectedly, this time, there was some type of reaction. He heard a mournful roar. Countless unmatched experts were roaring with sorrow.

"Why? The decline of old age, for what reason does it exist?!"

"Our contract of alliance…"

Shi Hao felt a wave of surprise. He heard himself say, "I will slaughter out a path for you all!"

He was stunned, and his expression froze. He quickly released his hand and covered his own mouth. He looked at the copper coffin while taking steps backwards. This was just too strange and sinister. 

"So weird…" Shi Hao shivered inwardly. Why did he open his mouth just now?!

Afterwards, no matter how he moved, no matter how hard he tried, the copper coffin didn't show any reaction. Shi Hao could only helplessly withdraw.

"Can this thing be brought away?" Shi Hao stood in front of the ruins, staring at the enormous copper coffin. If he could use this thing as a weapon to smash others, he reckoned that any precious artifact would be crushed to pieces. 

Unfortunately, after trying many times, he found that this copper coffin couldn't be shrunk at all. It was too enormous. It gave him a headache. 

"Are these the skeletal remains of True Dragons?" Shi Hao turned around. He focused his attention on the sparkling skeletons. They were shining, holy and peaceful. 

"What a pity, there is no flesh. However, can these bones be used to make soup?" He immediately threw himself over to touch every single bone, carefully inspecting them. 

In the end, Shi Hao's eyes shone. "I hope dragon bone marrow can be slowly extracted!" When he spoke up to this point, saliva almost flowed outwards.

At this moment, he turned into a complete foodie!

Suddenly, in this extremely quiet place, he felt as if something wasn't right. His expression immediately froze, because he saw a ball of flame in the ruins.

"You… did you come to help me refine dragon bone soup?" He put on a fake smile, and his expression was similarly rigid. 

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