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Chapter 737 - Abyss Copper Coffin

Golden Bodhi fruit, an extremely mysterious fruit in this world. It had extraordinary divine effects. Unfortunately, only a limited few number of individuals could eat it. For the other races, they could only refine and absorb a small part of its essence, ingesting it only with other precious medicines. Ninety percent of it was going to be wasted. 

"If I could eat the whole thing, it would be equal to obtaining another trump card…" Shi Hao said to himself. 

He swallowed close to three hundred stalks of Soul blood grass, and only then did he produce a moment of magical immunity. When facing enemies, it had terrifying effectiveness, allowing him to even kill deities. 

However, this type of ability would weaken with the advancement of cultivation realms, to the extent where it would even become negligible. 

This ability won't continue to become stronger, and when the day comes that he ignites his divine flame, and this ability still maintains its original state, it would gradually become more and more useless as his cultivation realm increases. 

According to legend, only the Golden Bodhi fruit could make this type of ability strengthen along with one's growth just like the Ape Demons of the Blood Plains. Once one obtained the Golden Bodhi fruit, everything changed. They would become a different type of species and undergo a fundamental transformation. 

If this type of ability can be maintained for a long time and accompany my growth, it will definitely be an extraordinary thing." Shi Hao was extremely hopeful. 

Only, what gave him a headache was that the Golden Bodhi fruit was too tyrannical. The human race couldn't endure its effects, as their constitution would clash with this fruit. That was why he was interested in the Tribulation crossing divine lotus. 

"I definitely have to think of a way to eat this Golden Bodhi fruit. That way, when the great battle of three thousand provinces happens, even though they have all types of trump cards, I will have another great slaughter method as well."

Ever since he heard about the Great Scarlet Sky flame, and seven colored Immortal gold, those heaven defying things, he didn't dare act carelessly. He definitely couldn't look down on anyone, or else he would suffer for it. 

"Little brother, are you interested in joining my Devil Wind Mercenary Group? We are going to search for seven colored Immortal gold together." At this moment, someone called out to him.

Shi Hao turned around and saw an elder. This person carried a kind smile and enthusiastically welcomed him into his group. He looked again and again, but he directly refused.

It was because the people of Fufeng City were too unusual. Even if not all the residents were bad people, it wasn't far from it. They were all cunning and dangerous, and most of them were notorious bandits. 

As expected, as soon as he turned around, that elder muttered to himself and said, "There aren't enough cannon fodder… They're so hard to find." 

Shi Hao's forehead was covered in dark lines. He really wanted to turn around and give him a beating. Did he look that much like cannon fodder? Ever since he entered this place, he discovered that he met scoundrels again and again. 

Generally speaking, this was a chaotic place. There really wasn't much good people. 

Of course, when he thought more deeply, these bandits were quite 'cute' as well, scheming here and there and using their 'methods' to feed themselves. 

The restricted areas Goddess Academy announced were all distributed throughout Fire Province. These places were suspected to contain seven colored Immortal gold, and as long as someone could find concrete proof, they would have the opportunity to soak for one day and night in Tribulation crossing divine lotus water. 

It was because not even someone as powerful as Goddess Academy could search them one after another. Those places were too dangerous, and the losses would be too severe. Only when they were sure of one place would they concentrate their efforts in searching that ancient place. This was the most dependable way. 

Fire Province was a place rich with divine gold, as well as all types of heavenly treasures. They were all top quality precious materials for refining weapons, and that was why the great sects of the higher realms all flocked over to occupy this place. 

The enormous Fire Province was divided into many regions, and there were many rich ores, but these were also the reasons resulting in the Immortal gold legends. Since ancient times, it had always been widely circulated, and these rumors had never ended. 

Similarly, Fire Province really was a peculiar place. From time to time, flames would mysteriously appear from the ground to burn all things. There were quite a few mysterious and supernatural events that had taken place. 

And it was also precisely because of this that there were several great taboo areas to speak of. 

Everyone firmly believed that Fire Province definitely had some heaven shocking secret, only, it was extremely difficult to explore them all. 

As a result, many mercenary groups and loose cultivators moved out together, heading for those taboo regions' surrounding areas to look for clues. They wanted to obtain that great reward. 

Even though bandits and loose cultivators were savage, they also knew that some places could only be explored from the distance and not entered. Otherwise, they would undoubtedly die.

Some of the restricted areas had damaged Immortal Ancient formations that had trapped old sect masters to death, some ancient regions were like a great sea to get lost in. Once one entered them, they would lose their soul. It was extremely strange and mysterious. 

Fufeng City was incredibly bustling with activity. Group after group set off, disappearing into the distance. 

Shi Hao also left. He wanted to find a peaceful place to recover from his injuries, and then he would think about everything else. 

The grassland stretched as far as the eye could see, but it wasn't all covered in grass. He flew several thousand li and discovered a mountain range that he wanted to use to go into isolation, but as soon as he appeared, a wave of white flames soared up.

This made him shiver inwardly. No wonder there were rumors of there being strange spontaneous combustions that caused deaths. These places in Fire Province really were dangerous. 

In the end, he noticed a village where there were several hundred people and wanted to try and stay here. Places where people stayed in definitely went through many ordeals and wouldn't be a dangerous place. 

However, as soon as he entered, he underwent all types of interrogation. The village's people treated him completely like a vicious savage. 

In the end, after Shi Hao gifted them with a divine material, he was finally permitted to stay here.

He hid within a house, using up five days before finally recovering from his injuries. The main reason he was able to recover so quickly was because of the great effects of the precious pill Kong Qiuji had him take. Otherwise, it would have definitely taken longer. 

This made his eyes cold. With his constitution and the unbreakable body already reaching this kind of level, one could see how vicious the Celestial Clan's methods were. After his cultivation was sealed, that vicious sword damaged his flesh, harming his vital areas and vitality. 

Shi Hao got up and silently used this time for comprehension. He felt like he had recovered to his peak state, so he decided that he would head for a place to hide himself. 

He wanted to take a look, see if that place really had the chaotic flame. He was inwardly hopeful, only, he didn't know whether the clues were accurate.

He saw many creatures from all different races wandering about Fire Province's great earth. 

Along the way, he saw a few ancient mines that released auspicious multicolored light and great brilliance. There were clearly rare divine materials within them, but unfortunately, they were all occupied by a few great sects. 

In the end, he landed in a front of a great rift valley. This place was quite secluded and incomparably spacious; it was just too large. It covered an area of over ten thousand li. 

Shi Hao frowned. This place was quite strange. Was there a Chaotic flame underneath? He was a bit hesitant. He could clearly see that the surroundings of the great rift valley had been refined, forming a layer of ceramic glaze-like luster. It was clear that earth flames would seep out from time to time. 

He took out the pill furnace, put on the tattered armor, and completed his defensive preparations. If there really was no way, he would immediately escape. 

He then rushed down into the depths of the earth. The radiance became more and more dim, ultimately forming a dark expanse. It was pitch-black without a bit of sound. 

This type of place really was horrifying. It was as if he entered the dark and desolate outer space, unable to feel the slightest trace of life.

Shi Hao extended his divine senses and also produced the dual pupil, using it to observe the surrounding scenery.

It was too deep. He swooped down several dozens of li, all the way until he was more than a hundred li down, and then he finally saw some blurry outlines. This was an expanse of ruins. 

This left Shi Hao shocked. He was so deep underground, so how could there still be debris? Were there people who lived here before. 

In addition, this place was extremely vast with enormous rocks, decomposing metal, and some remains. This meant that this used to be a vast and magnificent buildings. 

"Yi, hold on, these things appeared recently!" After exploring through this vast region, he finally stopped. 

He revealed a look of shock. While holding the dual pupil in his hands, his entire body circulated with magical force. He extended his divine senses and resumed his investigation. 

It had to be said that this region was too large. Shi Hao explored for an entire day and night. He was now sure that this abyss was extremely strange. There were many enormous rocks, remains, and other things. They all seeped out from beneath the earth. 

Suddenly, he shivered inwardly, feeling a strange sensation. A strand of mist seeped out from the depths of the abyss. 

"Chaotic energy!"

Shi Hao was shocked. Then, all of his fine hairs stood on end. Could it be that the chaotic flame truly was here, that it was going to appear?

He held the pill furnace in hand while thinking to himself. He didn't know if he could use it to collect the flame. He really didn't have much confidence in being able to do this. 

Then, the abyss shone. The surface unexpectedly split apart, and a strange wave of energy began to fluctuate about. It stirred up the debris, enormous stones and other things until they tumbled out from the abyss depths. 

"As expected!" Shi Hao said to himself. 

The crack became larger and larger. Light erupted outwards. Shi Hao was extremely nervous and hopeful. Soon after, he discovered that there was no longer any debris or enormous rocks shooting outwards, only the crack was widening.

"That is… an underground palace?!"

Shi Hao was shocked. Through the enormous cracks, he saw a shining underground palace. Of course, it was already damaged and fell into the depths of the earth. Strand after strand of chaotic energy was seeping out from it. 

He focused his attention, and he became vigilant. After waiting for a long time and seeing that nothing unexpected happened, he ultimately clenched his teeth and flew down along the cracks. 

This was an enormous underground palace. Perhaps it could also be called an underground city. 

If it wasn't underground, it would be an enormous city. Even after being abandoned for endless years, there were still some tattered symbols shining. 

Shi Hao wasn't interested in these things. He only gazed towards the place surrounded by primal chaos. 

"What is that?" He was shocked. There was a grand dao platform at the center of the ruins that towered like a mountain. There were a few things laying in disarray on it that released chaotic energy.

He extended his divine senses, and then he used the dual pupil to carefully inspect it. He became more and more alarmed.

On top of the mountainous dao platform, there were nine enormous skeletons. They were sparkling and releasing an undying aura. Symbols covered them densely, as if they were a certain type of creature -- True Dragons!

These are the skeletal remains of dragons? Shi Hao was confused. 

What left him horrified was that behind the nine enormous skeletons was an enormous copper coffin. It was covered in mottled copper rust, as if it had existed through endless eras. 

This coffin was extremely large. A corner of it was already opened, and chaotic energy was currently seeping out from within. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. He always felt that this place was mysterious and too unordinary. When he saw this coffin, his heart rate sped up greatly. 

"There is… another one!"

He could clearly see through the opened lid that there was a smaller coffin inside. It was also made of copper and similarly aged. Primal chaos seeped out from within. 

He called it a small coffin, but it was still big enough to store a person.

Who was it that was buried here?

Shi Hao was baffled. Could it be that the chaotic flame was inside the little coffin. 

He was incredibly bewildered. What kind of place was this? How could there be such a strange copper coffin? Exactly what kind of thing required this type of excessiveness and secrecy?

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