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Chapter 728 - Celestial Clan Havoc

This was a male with bright eyes full of expression. He looked everywhere.


On the side, his clansmen coughed lightly as a reminder. A group of people came from the Peacock Clan, not just two or three. They were all experts.

This person immediately became respectful, not using his eyes to look everywhere. He wore five-colored dao clothes, so when he acted properly, he had an immortal style and dao bones, an outstanding air to him, making him look completely different from before.

The Celestial Clan were speechless. They had long noticed his presence, because he was the only one at the Divine Flame Realm. Compared to the other terrifying peacocks, he had the weakest strength. 

"What should I call dao brother?" A True deity asked. The Peacock Divine Lord was right up ahead of him, with Heavenly deities carefully accompanying him, yet even though this individual's cultivation realm wasn't high, he could follow behind them. This meant that that his status was definitely not ordinary, so that's why they tried to approach him first. 

"This little daoist is Qiuji, haha…" This person laughed and said, "My fate with your clan is quite deep. My dao companion is a celestial."

He was precisely Kong Qiuji, as well as the former Second Baldy. He arrived in the higher realms through the Celestial Clan's formation. 

A few people from the Celestial Clan were stunned. Thinking back, this peacock had appeared before in part of the Celestial Clan's territory. He came from the lower realm!

"The dao friend that came together with Yun Canghai?" Someone asked softly. Yun Canghai was Yun Xi's grandfather.

"Where is Yun Xi? That girl should come out and greet me as grandfather." Kong Qiuji's hair was black like jade. His eyes were bright as he asked with a smile. 

"Yun Xi has entered isolation." A Heavenly deity spoke.

Second Baldly was shocked. He was talking with the True deities and casually mentioned Yun Xi, yet a Heavenly deity replied. Why was that?"

"Senior, please come this way." The Heavenly deities were extremely courteous, inviting the Peacock Divine Lord into a great palace. These were honored guests, and they were treated with great respect. 

Kong Qiuji didn't enter and instead walked about outside. He prepared to chat with Yun Xi's grandfather Yun Canghai for a bit. 

"I heard that there were some changes to the Celestial Clan, so I came to take a look," The Peacock Divine Lord said. He sat on a precious seat. Chaotic mists surrounded him, and there was five-colored multicolored light as well. The scene was extremely shocking. 

One has to understand that regardless of whether it was the lower realm or higher realms, the Peacock Race were extremely terrifying. Experts emerged in large numbers. They didn't lack Heavenly deities, traveling unhindered through the world. They were one of the most terrifying races. 

Even when the Celestial Clan was in its glorious era, it could still only form an alliance with this race and not look down on them, let alone now!

Meanwhile, how could this race's lord be ordinary? This was definitely the dictator of an area. The name Peacock Divine Lord alone should already prove everything. 

"Many thanks to senior." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo was thankful. Right now, the pressure they faced wasn't small. There were many great sects outside, so the Peacock Divine Lord's presence here was definitely a good thing. 

After all, the relationship between the two should still be peaceful. They shouldn't have to worry about any hostility.

"Is that youth named Huang in the City of Heaven?" The Peacock Divine Lord asked. 

The Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities' minds all jumped. With someone of this caliber here, they definitely couldn't avoid this problem. However, it left them quite troubled. 

"Why hasn't the ancient ancestor awoken yet?" They hesitated. The Peacock Divine Lord was too formidable. Even though they were all Heavenly deities, they still couldn't possibly compare to him.

Only the Old Celestial from their clan could do something. Apart from this, there was no one else that could do anything. 

In reality, the Peacock Divine Lord's seniority wasn't among the highest. Even though he was born in the archaic era, compared to the Old Celestial, he could only be called a member of the younger generation. 

However, the difference in strength between the two wouldn't be too great now. From a certain perspective, they were in the same great cultivation realm, only, one was at the very peak, while the other had just started.

"Huang is indeed in my clan." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo braced himself and replied. He actually really didn't want others to pry into this. 

"The Lightning Emperor was an extremely mysterious individual. Everyone said that he was immortal, living from the Immortal Ancient era until this world, but it has never been proven," said the Peacock Divine Lord. Then, he changed topics. "I am quite curious and wish to meet this Lightning Emperor inheritor and see for myself if he has immortal aura."

The expressions of a few Heavenly deities from the Celestial Clan immediately went rigid. It really was going to be like this! They found it difficult to evade this issue. The first reason was because the other party was too powerful, and the second reason was because of their alliance relationship.

If they offended this person, the results would be too difficult to contemplate. 

In the end, Heavenly deity ordered people to bring Shi Hao over here.

Someone went to bring Shi Hao over.

Along the way, Kong Qiuji waved his hand and said, "Where are you all going?"

"We are going to bring Huang over." A True deity replied.

"Haha, I will also go take a look. I heard that this Huang is quite formidable, actually killing a War King and making Immortal Palace's inheritor suffer greatly. He really is outstanding." He acted extremely familiar with the celestials, not acting like an outsider at all. 

The two true deities stopped their steps, wanting to refuse.

However, Kong Qiuji's mouth was extremely nimble, continuously bringing up their relationship about how the hope of the Celestial Clan -- Yun Xi, had to call him grandfather, that he wasn't an outsider at all.

The two True deities thought for a bit, and then they decided that it wasn't worth it to offend him. Even if he met Huang ahead of time, it wasn't that big of a deal.

In the underground black prison, cold winds swept across. Roars sounded from many ancient caves. There were many great vicious beings imprisoned within, unable to see the light of day. 

Inside of a stone room, blood assailed the nostrils. 

He hadn't even been here for long, but he was already stabbed over ten times. His body was impaled. Blood flowed everywhere. The scene was extremely miserable.

His clothes had long become tattered, full of sword wounds. Dark red blood continuously flowed out, dripping on the ground with clear noise. 

The scene was extremely bloody. There were many wounds on his body that connected from front to back. For a supreme expert, this didn't place him in critical danger, but they were still great injuries to his primordial energy. 

"Youngster, you really are quite strong-willed. I feel like I really have to remove a few of your bones." The prison guard said while laughing extremely coldly. The sword landed on Shi Hao's shoulder to cut off his shoulder blade.

"Lightning Emperor's precious technique, your clan just forget about it. If anyone asks, I can only say that it was because of you that I won't speak." Shi Hao said. 

Shi Hao's arm splattered out with blood. It was pierced through.

However, he didn't even frown. Instead, a laugh sounded. "You all won't get anything, so you can only kill me."

"Do you think my clan doesn't dare?" The prison head said coldly. 

"You can do whatever you want." Shi Hao said calmly. Blood flowed from his body. He vowed in his heart that if he didn't die, there would be a day when he'll come back to overthrow the City of Heaven. What Emperor Race, what Emperor Clan, what everlasting name?

"Didn't Huang save your clan's Yun Xi? Why was he thrown in the black prison?" Kong Qiuji didn't understand. He actually followed them into a prison.

"He was scheming greatly, intentionally approaching Yun Xi. Our clan discovered the abnormality." A True deity replied. They were already close to the stone room. 

"That can't be, right? He's actually that kind of person? Huang, I really admire him, executing the war clan and daring to fight against Immortal Palace's inheritor, calmly killing exceptional talents…" Second Baldy muttered, shaking his head continuously.

"Why is it so bloody?" When they pushed open the stone door and stepped into the formation, everyone frowned.

It was clear that punishment had been carried out here, moreover extremely severely. It was bloody and cruel. 

When Second Baldy arrived, he saw a badly mutilated person. His entire body was dark red, and his battle robe was in tatters. His injuries were too severe.

Shi Hao raised his head, recognizing Kong Qiuji with a single look. This was the Second Baldy from Stone Village back then. He had seen Kong Qiuji turn into human form before.

"Second Baldy…" He spoke. He never thought that he would meet an old friend here, able to meet him again. 

"What fucker dares to call me…" Kong Qiuji was resentful. Apart from the lower realm Stone Village, who dared to call him this? Now, he was a member of the Peacock Clan's direct line of descent, a powerful individual of the 'new wave'. 

"It's you…" Soon after, he widened his eyes, seeing Shi Hao's true body. He simply couldn't believe his eyes. Then, his entire body's fine hairs exploded. This was both a pleasant surprise and an utterly infuriating result. 

Who would have thought that he would encounter Shi Hao again, see him alive!

This was a completely unexpected pleasant surprise, a completely inconceivable thing! He felt as if he was dreaming. It was simply too unreal.

Shi Hao was smiling. When he saw his appearance, he thought back to many things of the past, all of the cheerful cries of joy and cheerful talks. Back then, Shi Hao was still a child who did many things that angered man and god alike. Second Baldly was precisely someone he captured and brought back to Stone Village from the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

It truly was a small world. Something like this actually happened today! This was what he thought with a sigh. However, there was both sorrow and bitterness.

"Motherfucking piece of shit, who did this? Is it you, old-skinned bastard?!" After a moment of absent-mindedness, he immediately erupted into great fury and flew into a rage. 

He saw Shi Hao's body that was covered in bloodstains, how there were at least ten wounds that went all the way through his body. It was too cruel, actually tormented to this degree. 

He turned around towards the prison head, immediately sending a palm outwards. Even as a True deity, this prison head dared to take action like this. He was just too angry.

The prison head dodged, and then his face fell. The other person was just a Divine Flame Realm peacock, yet he dared to treat him with such disrespect. However, he didn't immediately act out, because he knew that outsiders that could come here definitely had great backgrounds.

"This is my brother. Does your Celestial Clan want to fucking die?" Second Baldy was seething in anger, revealing a portion of his wings. Five-colored multicolored light swirled about. Veins jumped about crazily.


He took out a secret treasure, breaking all of the chains covering Shi Hao's body and quickly helped him stop his bleeding.

In the past, even though these two often bickered, with all types of joy and opposition, generally speaking, they still shared a deep friendship. This was especially the case when Second Baldy received the Willow Deity's assistance, obtaining tremendous benefits in Stone Village!

Those few years gave Second Baldly a sense of belonging. He felt that Stone Village was a comfortable place in his heart. The simple and down to earth villagers were easy to interact with. 

"What you trying to do? Are you trying to release our prisoners?!" The prison head shouted, accusing Second Baldy. No matter what kind of background the other party had, if they truly tried to release prisoners, then they had to be executed. 

"Your ancestors can all go fuck themselves!" Second Baldy cursed fiercely. He was truly angered beyond belief. However, he didn't lose his reasoning yet. He loudly transmitted sound outside, saying, "Huang escorted your clan's genius young lady, fighting bloodily for hundreds of thousands of li, and this is how you treat your benefactors? I want to speak with your clan's Heavenly deities!"

Since the prison was opened, the entrance had not been closed. Sound could travel out. He was pleading for help from the Peacock Clan's experts. 

"You really are presumptuous! Even if Heavenly deities come, no one can save you!" The prison head shouted. However, he still didn't dare take action. He felt like this fella seemed to have quite the background. He merely tried to intimidate him and convict him with a crime to get the clan's experts to give an order to kill. 

"Get lost! Do you know whose orders I've come under? The Peacock Divine Lord! You can just stay off to the side!" Kong Qiuji roared. 

Then, he turned around, once again helping Shi Hao with his injuries. Right now, he was greatly shaken up. It truly was too unexpected. How could he have predicted that they would be reunited under this type of circumstances?

"I always thought that you perished in the lower realm, dying an untimely death… Who would have thought that you were Huang, fighting against the exceptional talents of the higher realms. You really are formidable!"

Second Baldy was moved, happy, and finding it a bit difficult to speak properly. However, he was also clear-headed and dealt with the situation extremely seriously, not letting the prison head get closer.

"I also did not think… I would meet you again in this type of circumstances." Shi Hao wiped the blood from the corner of his lips. He sighed at the vicissitudes of life, the joys and sorrows of its partings and reunions. The affairs of the world really were difficult to predict. 

"Don't worry. My Peacock Clan's divine lord might be acquainted with the Willow Deity. There is a strange relationship between them. Not even the Celestial Clan can make things difficult for you!" Second Baldy said.

Right now, within that imposing palace, all of these people heard Second Baldy's loud roar. They immediately revealed looks of surprise.

"Bring that unworthy child back." The Peacock Divine Lord spoke. 

The Heavenly deities of the Celestial Clan frowned. They knew that something unexpected happened in the prison.

Soon after, a bloody Shi Hao and a furious Second Baldy were brought back, triggering the shocked expressions of everyone in the palace.

"Old ancestor, this is not only Huang, but also my brother in the lower realm. He came from that mysterious Stone Village, the Willow Deity's disciple. You have to save him!"

Then, Second Baldy cursed fiercely. He stood in the palace and pointed at the Celestial Clan's experts while shouting, "Do you all not have any conscience? My brother brought your clan's genius back, yet you treat him like! For the sake of his precious techniques, you even want to hack apart his body, I'm going to fucking…"

This group of people were stunned. The Heavenly deities were stunned. They were actually being cursed at by a Divine Flame Realm junior, daring to stir up such chaos here!

"Willow Deity…" The Peacock Divine Lord's eyes became grave. Even though everyone else in the higher realms believed that he undoubtedly died after entering through the primordial gate, he still believed that the unfathomably mysterious and powerful expert was still alive and definitely still in this world. 

It was because he still remembered, during the archaic years when he was still young, he had seen a painting, one of a green and lush willow tree...

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