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Chapter 722 - Immortal Melody

Shi Hao was completely unaware that he already raised up the flying immortal stone. The scene was dead silent. He continued to be immersed in his own world. 

"This… is there still heaven reasoning?!" The crowd of celestials were greatly alarmed, and then their expressions all changed. No one from their race had ever succeeded before, yet the youth in front of them did. 

A commotion broke out on the spot. All of the young celestials were stupefied. They erupted with noise. 

The dozen or so geniuses outside the clan were all shocked. They were closely related to this clan, so they naturally understood the stone's origins. This was an immortal ancient stone that was too difficult to move. 

Now, someone shattered reasoning, raising the immortal stone above his head. Moreover, it didn't look like it was too difficult of a task. It was extremely strange.

"What kind of divine force is this?" Even the exceptional talent could only stare blankly and exclaim in admiration. He had also raised it, but it was only lifted an inch and maintained for a brief moment. 

Everyone became completely stunned, feeling that this was inconceivable. 

Red Spider Lily's beautiful eyes were widened. There was no way she could have thought of this result. This seemingly unsightly, thick-skinned youngster actually succeeded!

"I'm done for!" She couldn't help but say to herself. She wanted to run. She immediately made the bet with Shi Hao before, but now that she lost, the consequences were too horrible to contemplate. 

Fu Qu's face was also pale. What were they supposed to do now? The never thought that this person would really be able to raise the immortal ancient stone. This was just like something out of a legend. 

Not long ago, she was still ridiculing Shi Hao, waiting for him to make a joke out of himself, thinking that there was no way he could raise the immortal stone. Now, reality was right before her eyes. 

The two girls looked at each other, feeling that things were not looking good at all. When they thought about the gamble, their bodies felt extremely uncomfortable. Were they really going to become dao companions of this youth at the same time?

When they came to this conclusion, the two individuals' faces immediately lost color. They were truly scared badly, feeling as if they had trapped themselves. They placed this condition, but the other party fulfilled it so easily.

The two ladies were proud and arrogant, never being oppressed by others. They always had their own confidence, rejecting all geniuses that came knocking on their clan's doors. Now, they had to marry the same person? 

When they thought of this result, they truly felt it to be more unbearable then if they were killed. If news of this got out, how would they endure this? This was too embarrassing!

"Heavens, someone raised the Flying Immortal stone!"

After a brief moment of clamoring, someone shouted loudly, spreading the information. This was undoubtedly a shocking event that alarmed many celestials. 

"That fella succeeded?"

There were quite a few people who weren't able to squeeze their way in and stood outside the martial arena, because there were just too many people. Right now, when they received these news, there wasn't a single one that wasn't stunned. They were all incomparably shocked.

Ever since the ancient times, there had never been anyone that raised the immortal stone, but now, it was done, and also maintaining this stance the entire time. This was explosive news. 

"Could it be that the three most brilliant pearls of our clan will all have to become his dao companions? Heavens, please release a streak of lightning and just kill me now!" Someone released a cry of despair. 

The peace of this region was shattered. It was hard for everyone here to stay calm. It was extremely noisy. 

When Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu heard everyone's words, their faces fell even further, especially when they felt everyone's eyes gather over. The two truly wished to find a hole to hide themselves in.

"What do we do?"

The two looked at each other in dismay, unable to think of anything. 

Red Spider Lily wore red clothes that flickered with scarlet multicolored light like a burning flame. Her skin was snow white and sparkling. Right now, her brows were tightly locked together. She was truly worried badly. 

Fu Qu wore white clothes and appeared otherworldly. She was quiet and exquisite. She was extremely unwilling, incapable of accepting the fact that she had to become that fella's dao companion. In a few years, she would have to leave behind a descendent. She was simply going to go mad. 

"Why is he still not moving and maintaining this stance?" Within the hubbub of noise, everyone in the martial arena were discussing among themselves. Someone noticed Shi Hao's strange state and asked. 

This was too absurd!

He was as steady as a boulder, not moving at all. The immortal stone was raised high above him, but it wasn't strenuous at all, as if he could maintain this stance for a long time. 

"How could this be? Being able to raise it is already quite amazing, so why can he still maintain that position for such a long time?"

Everyone felt that this was a bit inconceivable, as if they were looking at a ghost. 

"Yi, could that fella have been killed, and now there is only an empty shell left, maintaining that stance?" Someone muttered. 

When Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu heard this, they immediately paid close attention, really wishing for something to happen so they could cancel this bet. 

"His breathing is long and peaceful, and the blood energy within his body is exuberant like a secluded dragon. He is clearly at his peak state." Someone came to this conclusion.

"Is this an intentional provocation?" The exceptional talents from outside this clan were doubtful. Otherwise, why did he do this?

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu looked at him again and again, feeling that it was reasonable. This fella actually closed his eyes, assuming a relaxed appearance. This was too hateful and shameless. 

"What is all the racket about?!" Senior figures had arrived. When they learned what was going on, they similarly couldn't help but cry out in alarm. They all stood in place, stupefied. 

True deity Xi Xia hurried over as quickly as she could. With the ancient ancestor in seclusion and Heavenly deities helping Yun Xi and the others merge with their heaven's mandate stones, True deities and others were in charge of the clan's various affairs. 

"He succeeded? That fella really did it?!" Even the True deities were bewildered, feeling greatly shocked. Great waves stirred within them.

This was not some small matter. It was definitely enough to make even Heavenly deities jump and come out of isolation to inquire about the details. It was too inconceivable. 

"That fella really likes to pretend, still not lowering the Flying Immortal stone. Be careful not to tire yourself to death and cough out blood!" Red Spider Lily was resentful. 

"No, he is comprehending the dao. You all must not disturb him." The True deity Xi Xia noticed the problem. Her expression became grave, informing everyone that they cannot go up to disturb him.

When these words sounded, it made people even more jealous. Many people widened their eyes, staring unendingly at him.

"Fu Qu, Red Spider Lily, what do you two think about this youth? He produced such an impressive feat. This has surpassed all of our Celestial Race's previous outstanding individuals!" The old woman Xi Xia sighed and said. 

The two young ladies were speechless. This youth really was formidable, having this type of method. He was definitely extraordinary. However, when they thought about how he was acting not too long ago, they truly couldn't endure it. 

"It really is a nightmare!" Red Spider Lily said without a trace of politeness. 

"I will protect him here!" The True deity Xi Xia said, ordering the crowd to scatter. She personally guarded this place. 

Two hours later, Shi Hao finally opened his eyes. 

He sighed softly. Hand of heaven was too profound. If he truly wanted to grasp it, he needed time. There was no way he could completely comprehend all of the engravings.

He now freed himself from this state of dao comprehension. Will there still be another chance later?

"Yi, I… how did I end up raising the Flying Immortal stone?" Shi Hao was shocked when he discovered his own state. In reality, it wasn't he that raised it, but instead that the stone resonated with his body's divine patterns and rose on its own.

In the surroundings, everyone became speechless!

"Heavens! Now that I raised it like this, could it be that I really have to take those two flowers?" He was driven mad. He was prepared to escape, thinking up every possible method to do so, but in the end, things developed to this state.

Everyone was stupefied. This fella… after taking advantage of others, he was still going to act like this?

No one would believe that this was what he was thinking inside. They all felt like he was acting smug, purposely ridiculing the two exceptional beauties. 

Red Spider Lily immediately became angry, saying, "What are you trying to say? Are you doing this on purpose?" She truly wanted to give this youth a beating. He was too cocky!

"I really didn't plan to raise it…" Shi Hao cried out. He felt like there was no way for him to leave this city now, so he didn't mind saying a bit of truth.

However, in everyone's ears, it just sounded like ridiculous arrogance. He was definitely showing off after getting an advantage!

The young experts of the Celestial Clan all glared at him, thinking that he was doing this on purpose and looking down on everyone.

"You…" The white clad Fu Qu was angered badly, unable to maintain her aloofness. Just like Red Spider Lily, she truly wished to take a bite out of him. 

The dozen or so geniuses from outside the race were all speechless. They still wanted to propose marriage to the Celestial Race, but in the end, a maniac that was so strong it made them speechless appeared. 

This was a crisis that enveloped all of the City of Heaven. Even if Shi Hao wanted to act low-profile, he couldn't. He actually raised the stone, leaving all sides shaken. 

If not for the higher level figures of the clan not being able to come out, Shi Hao would have definitely been summoned to be interrogated. 

In the following two days, visitors poured endlessly to the little lakeside residence, including the geniuses that had previously treated him with hostility.

It was because the reality was difficult to change, the reality that Shi Hao would become dao companions with those two pearls. 

As for Yun Xi, no one could be sure, because she had merged with the heaven's mandate stone and would be personally taught by the Old Celestial. It was difficult for outsiders to make arrangements for her!

In these two days, Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu were depressed. Every time they thought about how they had to marry Shi Hao and become his dao companions, they felt like they were going to go mad. 

This was especially the case when they thought about the quarrels they had and how they immediately made the bet. Their faces were burning, feeling incredibly depressed and resentful. In the end, they actually gambled their way into this!

The two girls felt like they had sinned. They were incomparably regretful. 

"No, this won't do. I am unwilling. Even if he is powerful, he… is too terrible of a person. His skin is as thick as a thief's. If I have to be with him for the rest of my life, I will die from misery!" Red Spider Lily said. 

She discussed things with Fu Qu and secretly used up all of their methods and connections to change this. 

During these two days, Shi Hao had talked to the true deity Xi Xia, and then he was allowed to sit in front of the Flying Immortal stone to continue his comprehension!

"What? They invited me?" Shi Hao was surprised. Someone delivered a message, saying that the two pearls invited him over. 

After a bit of thought, he agreed and followed this person. 

"To hunt and collect medicine?" Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. When he arrived inside an immortal cave and saw these two girls, he actually obtained this piece of news. 

Every year, around this time, there would be a period of time when the spiritual medicine garden and beast fields would be opened, allowing the young disciples inside to hunt and collect medicine. 

When Shi Hao obtained this information, he was immediately shocked. He knew that the chance had come. These two girls really were unwilling! This was exactly what he was looking for. 

The two unmatched beauties' influence really was astonishing. In just a day, Shi Hao followed a group of youngsters from the City of Heaven, entering the hundred thousand li mountain range below. 

Picking medicine and hunting beasts was extremely normal during this period of time, only in the end, Shi Hao was led in front of an abyss.

"Rumor has it that there is a strange spacial rift that leads to the Immortal Ancient era's ruins. The Flying Immortal stone was obtained from that place too." Red Spider Lily explained.

Shi Hao silently sensed it. He discovered that there really seemed to be a spatial crack that led into the distance!

Was this perhaps the last chance to escape he had?

Shi Hao secretly observed it with the dual pupil. Before Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu finished their enticing, he directly leapt down and said, "I'm going to check it out!"

The two girls and all of the experts that came along were shocked. Why did this shameless person suddenly become stupid? He was so easy to fool! Before they even displayed other methods, he went in himself!


Then, a magical chain appeared, winding around Shi Hao and dragging him back out. He was not able to close in on that abyss.

A figure appeared, precisely the Heavenly deity Qi Tuo that had brought Shi Hao back from the Blood Plains!

"Little friend, it is extremely dangerous down there. You cannot enter." He smiled and said to Shi Hao. He then gave Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu a look. These two immediately lowered their heads. 

The group of people were brought back to the City of Heaven. Regardless of whether it was the two girls or Shi Hao, they all felt extremely disappointed.

Qi Tuo came out from isolation. This meant that the other higher level figures were going to emerge as well.

The Heavenly deity Qi Tuo approved of Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu's bet, and he also decided that they would become dao companions soon after. 

"Heavens, save me!" The two girls faces were gloomy. They looked at each other in dismay, secretly cursing unendingly. They felt as if they lifted a rock and smashed their own feet. This time, they truly suffered severely. 

This was not all. The Heavenly deity Qi Tuo privately made a non-public decision to make Shi Hao the Celestial Race's young generation's protector. This meant that in the future, he might really become a protector of the Celestial Race!

The protector of a clan undoubtedly possessed great authority. This was a position second only to the sect master. 

Qi Tuo's acts of roping in, this type of favoring, made a few True deities shocked. When some people expressed their disapproval, he directly said, "Can you hear the Flying Immortal stone's dao sound? There is an immortal scripture inside!"


"I have to bring him tea and water?" Red Spider Lily acted out violently. She was truly angered badly. The clan's True deities actually had her and Fu Qu take care of Shi Hao's residence.

This made the two young ladies go mad. This was going too far! Even if they were roping in outsiders, they still don't have to go this far, right? The two individuals were ashamed and resentful. 

During these past few days, Shi Hao obtained special permission to bring the Flying Immortal stone back to his residence. He spent the entire day seated in cultivation, comprehending the great dao. 

It was clear that this situation stirred up huge waves. Many people within the Celestial Clan were discussing this.

Even the geniuses outside the clan were shaken up. 

"We must make this person stay behind. He is worth roping in." The Heavenly deity Qi Tuo personally spoke, instructing Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu that they couldn't throw a fit. 

The two were furious. Even though there were other Heavenly deities, they could only arrive by the small lakeside and take care of Shi Hao's residence.

"Yi, you two came? Are we going to become dao companions right now?" Shi Hao was shocked. Then, with a small voice, he added, "Even more hurried than me, really not reserved at all."

The two girls almost scratched at him. This was too infuriating! Who was not being reserved? The two clenched their teeth and endured it. 

"Mysterious ancestor, what exactly is there within the Flying Immortal stone?" The True deity Xi Xia asked for guidance, wanting to know what was going on. Even she felt that Qi Tuo was 'pampering' Shi Hao a bit too much.

"Inside of it is… immortal melody." The Heavenly deity Qi Tuo said with a serious expression.

"What is immortal melody?" Xi Xia was surprised. 

"The supreme heavenly book that has been passed down from the Immortal Ancient era that could engrave great dao scriptures." Qi Tuo said, his eyes deep.

"What?!" Xi Xia was shocked. This was simply a priceless treasure! At the same time, she was a bit confused. Why couldn't their own people comprehend it?

"Immortal melody itself does not have an unmatched inheritance to pass down. Only, when nurtured by immortal energy and undying matter, it will produce a wondrous reaction that can connect heaven and earth, producing a sheet of great dao bone text."

When Xi Xia heard this, she became momentarily stupefied. 

"Then that is to say, he can come to trigger a sheet of immortal scripture?"

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