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Chapter 721 - Hand of Heaven

"It appeared again…" Shi Hao said to himself. He felt joy, sorrow, as well as disappointment. All types of feelings welled up within him. He was feeling a complex mix of emotions. 

Within his body, bone texts appeared like strokes of calligraphy, strokes that travelled horizontally, vertically, diagonally, pressed down firmly… when displayed together, they shone brilliantly and concentrated like the stars. Sacred force surged from within them.

In the past, because of that bone, blood and tears had fallen. Too much had happened, with joys and sorrows interweaved. His life was forever changed because of it. 

From when he had his bone bloodily gouged out by another, to when his life was close to its end, forgotten in the great wasteland's Stone Village, and now to when he rose up all alone, fighting against the world… it was all because of this true bone. 

How could the bone texts reappear? Great waves were stirring within Shi Hao. He could not stay calm at all. These imprints were condensing!


Within the Flying Immortal stone, it was as if a morning bell or evening drum rang. There were dao sounds coursing through his arms, passing into his body. It was so loud that even the deaf could hear them. He saw the truth, granting him great enlightenment. 

Bone texts were concentrated within his flesh, flowing like molten iron, blazing and resplendent. They extended to all four limbs of his body, fully displaying the power of that precious technique!

Shi Hao suppressed his agitation and collected his thoughts. He concentrated all of his attention on comprehending these patterns, carving them down so he could truly grasp them. This was a rare opportunity.

His body and mind were clear, entering a state of forgetting himself. There was only the precious technique within his eyes, only bone texts!

This was a deep level of comprehension. His heart was calm. Symbols condensed and took form one after another, appearing within his body. He firmly grasped them.

How terrifying was the precious technique of an innate supreme being? It was complex to the extreme. The so-called patterns interweaved like a sky full of stars. It was difficult to remember. 

Shi Hao didn't know if he would be able to see this precious technique again after missing this opportunity. That was why he cast aside all distractions, all for the sake of remembering this secret method. 

He became momentarily quiet and speechless, entering the world within his body.

In the surroundings, everyone revealed looks of shock. Why did this person become silent?

Regardless, everyone was already extremely shocked. He raised the Flying Immortal stone three feet into the air, and then he didn't move, actually maintaining this type of state for a long time. 

Just how terrifying did one's strength have to be to do this? 

One had to understand that just now, those geniuses did everything they could, yet they could only move it a bit. Even the exceptional talents could only raise it a foot or two, and then they couldn't hold on any longer. 

He actually produced this type of performance, immediately dominating these people!

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu's beautiful faces were devoid of color. What kind of monster was this? They truly feared that he might raise it with a spurt of energy. The two looked at each other, expressing both shock and worry.

"How formidable! This lunatic did have the qualifications to be so arrogant. Could it be that he really is going to raise this strange stone today?"

A few people felt nervous inside. They all felt that this was inconceivable.

Regardless of whether it was the Celestial Race or the geniuses from outside this clan, they were all quite jealous, not willing to see him succeed. How could this kind of accomplishment end up belonging to this type of person?

Suddenly, everyone saw his body shake, and then violently tremble, as if the body couldn't hold on anymore. It was as if he couldn't persist much longer. 

"Yi, it seems like he can't hold on much longer and is about to fall," someone said softly, revealing a look of happiness. 

Shi Hao's body's shaking became stronger and stronger. A bit of light flowed through the Flying Immortal stone, as if it was going to come off his hands and fall off. 

"I knew that he would fail. No one could succeed. Who does he think he is?"

"This is a unique stone that had existed since the Immortal Ancient era. No one can raise it!"

The Celestial Race finally released a breath of relief. No one from their entire race could raise the immortal stone, so if an outsider did this, how could they endure that?

The young experts that came from other great sects, the outstanding talents of their aras, all released a breath as well. Otherwise, if they were defeated like that, it would really make them look bad. 

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu, the two beautiful ladies, were no longer nervous either. They relaxed slightly. If this fella really did succeed, they would spit out blood.

"Don't force yourself any longer. You can't do it." Red Spider Lily took delight in his disaster as she spoke, purposely inciting Shi Hao, wishing to see him dejected and depressed. 

"If you can't do it, then just give up. You don't have that kind of talent. If you continue to force yourself, you will only break your bones and snap your tendons, ruining your foundation." Fu Qu said with a dull and indifferent voice. 

They were clearly getting revenge, inciting Shi Hao to keep trying. It was because they were just angered too unbearably before.

The dozen or so young experts from outside this race all revealed strange expressions. Some had smiles on the corners of their mouths, waiting for Shi Hao to make a fool out of himself and be crushed by the Flying Immortal stone. 

However, after waiting all this time, Shi Hao's body continued to shake, but he just didn't fall. 

"I don't think he'll last much longer." Someone began a countdown with a smile, wishing to see this so-called genius be crushed.

The martial arena was packed with people. There were too many young experts that came. They were all quietly waiting for the youth at the center of the arena to fail.

Time flowed on. Over a hundred breaths time had already passed!

"Yi, why isn't he falling yet?"

"It really is strange! He clearly can't stand it any longer, so why can he still endure it? Something doesn't seem right!"

Everyone became stunned. They all revealed looks of puzzlement. 

Everyone began to feel dismay. They all began to develop suspicions. He should have collapsed under the pressure, so why was he still shaking in the wind? 

"I reckon that he might just suddenly fall. He clearly can't hold on any longer, yet he is struggling on through clenched teeth. His body might just completely split apart at the final moment!"

"Interesting. Let's see just how long he will hold on for." Red Spider Lily said softly.

Suddenly, Shi Hao moved. His arms raised slightly upwards, bringing the Flying Immortal stone another foot higher. It was now four feet from the ground. In addition, his body stabilized, becoming like a boulder without moving, stopping his 'decline'. He firmly stood there.

Everyone became stupefied, especially the ones that were just taking delight in his misfortune. They all shut their mouths. 

Even Red Spider Lily was stunned, the expression on her fine and beautiful face freezing. Was this fella doing this on purpose, intentionally watching as she made a fool of herself?

Everyone became shocked. He actually stopped shaking, as well as endured for over a hundred breath's time. This was a bit ridiculous.

Could it be that he intentionally did this for everyone to see?

"Too shameless. Is he playing with everyone? Daring to do this, is he not scared of not being able to hold on any longer and his body exploding?" Someone sneered and said. 

Just now, quite a few young experts spoke, breaking into discussions. It seemed like they were all wrong now. All their faces now fell. This fella was using his actions to challenge them, making all of them lose face!

"Thick skinned, a dark and bad heart, this is his true portrayal," Fu Qu said. She was quite discontent as well and inwardly grinded her teeth.

In reality, this couldn't be blamed on Shi Hao. He had long entered a world of his own self. How could he still tend to other things. Everything was happening based on his instincts. 

Within his large eyes, there were only mysterious bone texts. He was completely infatuated with them, immersing himself and carefully studying, observing them. He engraved them in his memory one after another. 

For him, time was incomparably precious and could not be wasted. 

"Judgment light…"

Within his body, brilliant light emerged, cutting open the eternal, making the world within his heart brilliant. An undying aura began to spread.

In the past, when he fought that great battle against the dual-pupils, he barely made it out alive. He had seen this light before; it was precisely the supreme method the supreme being bone produced.

Strand after strand, like immortal multicolored light from outer space, scattered downwards, turning into bone texts. They formed ripples, producing all living things. It was omnipresent, lighting up the heavens. 

Shi Hao bathed within it all, unable to free himself as he comprehended these changes. He earnestly studied the method. 

The heavens' punishment descended, carrying out judgment on everyone in the world of mortals. Bone texts interweaved, intense and terrifying.


Shi Hao woke up from his state of dao comprehension. He was a bit shocked. The bone texts were changing and evolving, becoming a bit different from what he saw before.

From outer space, judgment light descended from the heavens. They then unexpectedly began to condense, forming a hand that reflected in his eyes. It contained a heaven changing profoundness. 

The pure white hand was warm and gentle like jade, covered in symbols. It possessed terrifying power, as if it could destroy everything!

"So it was actually like this!" Shi Hao understood inwardly. This was the true complete precious technique. 

Could it be that last time when Shi Yi displayed it, he hadn't completely grasped it? The grafted bone had not completely merged with him yet?

If the dual-pupils were still alive and reappeared, he should be able to display the perfect divine ability now, right?

"Hand of heaven!" Shi Hao now knew the name of the precious technique of his first bone.

He already lost that bone, and he was without supreme being blood, so how could he see the bone texts again? Shi Hao was shocked. After awakening, he began to ponder over this problem. 

"The body is the foundation, producing the bone that has the innate precious technique. Perhaps the foundation still possesses the essence of the imprints." This was the conclusion he came to after his analysis. 

Then, he thought of the Flying Immortal stone. The value of this thing was too great, unexpectedly reawakening the imprints within the very depths of his flesh, allowing the supreme being bone texts to reappear.

What kind of strange thing was this exactly? Shi Hao used the dual pupil secretly and carefully inspected it. He discovered that there was something within this stone, but he couldn't see it too clearly.

"An ancient scripture?"

That item was wrapped within mists and hidden within the stone, difficult to see through. Not even the dual pupil could help him here, unable to grasp its true form.

He sighed inwardly with amazement. No wonder there were rumors that this wondrous book could illuminate the true bones, divine skins, precious blood, and other things. It was not simple after all. If one cultivated with it, they could understand their self even better.

The Immortal Ancient era's things were formidable after all. Shi Hao exclaimed in admiration.  

In the past, the Celestial Race had shaken all three thousand provinces, known to be an Emperor Race of the higher realms, so that was why they could have this priceless immortal stone. One wouldn't be able to find a second piece even if they scoured the entire higher realms. 

Shi Hao meditated here, comprehending the method again. He threw away all other thoughts and focused on understanding the Hand of heaven bone texts, engraving them within the depths of his mind one after another. 

This was a rare opportunity!

In the surroundings, everyone watched impatiently. Shi Hao actually closed his eyes as he carried the Flying Immortal stone. His expression was calm without any joy or worry. 

Red Spider Lily was truly angered badly. This fella really knew how to pretend. Others could only lift it after exhausting everything they had, yet he could act so complacent here. 

"Stop being fake already. I know you can't hold on much longer, but you are purposely controlling your expressions. Your body will break apart soon, don't blame me for not reminding you."

"Are you saving energy? You still want to raise it? I reckon that you will definitely fail." Fu Qu smiled, provoking him.

In reality, Shi Hao didn't even hear these two's words. He entered the precious technique's world, comprehending the Hand of heaven. 

"I don't believe that he really can raise the Flying Immortal stone!" An exceptional talent from outside this race revealed a cold smile. 

The Celestial Race's experts all inwardly nodded. They didn't think that he could succeed, because in the past, their race's most formidable genius only managed to raise it to his shoulder before his arms blasted apart. 

"This is… he raised it!"

Under everyone's shocked eyes, Shi Hao unconsciously moved. His hands carried the Flying Immortal stone, slowly raising it up. This time, his body didn't even shake, as steady as an enormous mountain. 

Then, his arms and the unique stone rose, directly passing over his shoulders, and then it was raised to the very top!

He stood there, raising the immortal stone high up in the air. 

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