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Chapter 713 - Seizing Light From the Nine Heavens 

Zhan Tiange roared with laughter towards the skies. His thick hair flew about, shining brilliantly just like himself, openly displaying how extraordinary it was. 

He was the War King of a generation, one with exceptional talents. If not for the war race giving birth to a pair of 'war child' twins, breaking the equilibrium, he would have become the only king for in several dozen generations. 

He was born within the War Emperor Clan to begin with, and ever since he could remember, he was above everyone around him, distinguishing himself from the others, displaying potential that exceeded ten generations. How could he not be strong?

"Your joke isn't funny at all." He had an indomitable aura. During these twenty years, he had traveled through many provinces, but he had never met his match!

If not for his misgivings towards his ancestors' teachings, he would have definitely challenged the War King twins, defeated them, and become the only king. 

"It's fine if it's a joke, and even if it's true, it's not a big deal either. It's enough as long as you understand that I came here tonight to kill you." Shi Hao spoke calmly as he walked forward step by step. 

He was calm and collected, not rashly taking action because of the limited time. He was accumulating power, allowing his strength to rise to the peak. 

He never underestimated his opponents. Even with the unrivaled mindset, he would still take action with full power. This was the main reason why Shi Hao was able to arrive where he was today. 

"Earlier, I didn't fight against you because I felt that you were unsuitable, fearing that you would dirty my hands. Now, seeing as you are full of confidence, returning to your peak, I'll help you satisfy your wishes and remove your head." Zhan Tiange said. 

His stature was tall. His hair scattered about, his phoenix-like eyes intelligent. His entire body was sparkling as if it was carved from gemstones. There was a type of unspeakable charm to his appearance. 

His aura erupted. He was clearly a human figure, yet right now, it was as if vicious prehistoric beast surged with power. The pressure was so great it made others feel suffocated.

In his surroundings, the troops all backed up, their bodies unexpectedly all trembling, unable to take this pressure. Even the supreme experts felt their blood energy surging. They staggered in retreat, almost coughing out blood. 

This was the might of a warrior. He was the king of a race. Even though he was still young, he was already showing signs of his potential. He had the character of an exceptional being, one that rarely encountered worthy opponents!

The three blood moons hung from the sky. Moonlight scattered down from the battlefield. It was bright red and eye-catching as it illuminated the dry and ice cold earth. 

"Words are empty. When you are dead, the world will be quiet again." Shi Hao's gait was forceful. The distance every step covered, and the time they took did not deviate in the slightest. His footsteps carried a type of rhythm. 

Eventually, this terrifying rhythm even affected heaven and earth, making it resonate as well. The nearby War Race experts' faces also changed. They were on the verge of collapse. 

What was going on? Even the supreme experts' faces were grave. 

Shi Hao's footsteps were like an ancient imperial court's divine drums as they rang through the world. The dong dong sounds echoing forcefully, making one's heart rise and fall in response, jumping in accordance. 

Dong, dong, dong...

This was a terrifying divine sound. The rhythm was dry and monotonous, but it shook up these people until their blood energy erupted. A few people couldn't endure it any longer, feeling as if they were going to explode.


In the end, blood poured out from someone's mouth. He broke free from this rhythm with great difficulty and then quickly retreated into the distance. Otherwise, they were simply heading for the underworld. Their bodies were going to explode.


Zhang Tiange stepped out. When his foot descended, the great earth trembled. Cracks extended several li outwards. His foot stamped onto the ground, greatly affecting this type of rhythm and disturbing this cadence.

A few people coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, using this opportunity to break free from the restrictions and to separate themselves from this divine sound. They fled into the distance. 

Everyone felt great fear. What kind of youth was this? Just the rhythm of his footsteps alone already affected them so greatly, mysteriously almost making them fall. 

The War King took action. A single step crossed a hundred zhang, rushing forward in an instant.

He immediately became completely different. It was as if an insurmountable archaic mountain appeared, scattering the clouds and appearing in the present world. It was extremely intimidating. 

In addition, there were layers of mysterious symbols that flickered about, engraved within his flesh. There was holy radiance surrounding them, making it look as if there were silver flames surrounding his body. He appeared extraordinary and divine!

His hands formed fist imprints. This was precisely a type of war imprint that the War Race was known for. A metal monument was condensed in front of his body from symbols. An ancient divine sound erupted. 


The war monument was like a mountain. Even though it wasn't large, it still had a mountainous pressure that crushed down on Shi Hao. The most dazzling patterns covered its surface.

Shi Hao was without fear. His entire body shone. He walked over with large steps. With the magical force immunity ability, he didn't fear this first strike. His body unexpectedly moved through this monument, and then he struck ferociously at Zhan Tiange. 


His palm shone. There was a shocking type of luster when it smashed towards this war king. It was like a raging sun as it released a terrifying radiance. It was incomparably dazzling.


A golden bone sword mace moved through the air, smashing into Shi Hao's palm. A thousand strands of blazing multicolored light erupted between the two. The sound that was produced was clear, cold, and raw, as if two copper millstones were grinding against each other. 

Zhan Tiange had long realized that his first collision against Shi Hao would result in the magical force immunity. He had his preparations as well. The weapon in his right hand was waiting for this strike, and it stopped it. 

At the same time, his left hand formed an imprint, and then it continuously slammed outwards. As a result, war monuments appeared in the void one after another, flickering with metallic luster. They were covered in terrifying symbol engravings. 

These divine monuments appeared in rows, descending from all directions and slamming down towards Shi Hao. They all flowed with a mysterious force and erupted with powerful fluctuations. They released a battle divine might. 

This was Zhan Tiange's method -- war monument imprint!

In that instant, several dozen ancient monuments arranged themselves everywhere, sealing up all directions and releasing a terrifying pressure. They shattered Shi Hao's magical force immunity ability.

Shi Hao's eyes were clear, but he was shaken inwardly. The other party understood his method, using this attack to stop his first round of flesh attacks. He was waiting for his magical force immunity to end. 

This was clearly showing results. Zhan Tiange used the divine monuments to exhaust this power, and in close range, he used the golden bone sword mace to face him. Kengqiang sounds rang through the air and sparks flew about. 

This was a powerful opponent!

"Do you not even dare to fight me in close combat?" Shi Hao said. 

"Even though I've cultivated the unbreaking precious body, why do I have to listen to you and fight you where you have an advantage? Letting emotions get in the way of a battle is not heroic, but stupid." Zhan Tiange was extremely calm, not letting this affect him.


The divine monuments rumbled, and then they completely collapsed. Symbols covered the void, falling downwards. It was because Shi Hao's magical force immunity's time limit had arrived. 

"It's about time for me to take action!" This War King shouted. His phoenix-like eyes shone brilliantly like a sky shocking rainbow. He swooped down, and while moving the golden bone sword mace, he opened his mouth and spat out a stream of silver radiance.

War sword energy!

This was a blast of innate true energy. It surged outwards and condensed a unique symbol that struck towards the space between Shi Hao's brows. 

At the same time, the golden bone sword mace in his hands smashed downwards. It was as if an enormous mountain was smashing down. Heaven overflowing golden symbols rushed downwards with world shocking divine might.


The space between Shi Hao's brows shone. The grass character sword intent erupted. Kengqiang sounds rang out. Sword energy rushed out from his forehead, his body, from the pores over every inch of his body.

This place was covered in brilliance. Sword energy weaved about. The void seemed like it was about to be pierced through!

Over a hundred attacks were traded in an instant. The two individuals' movements were just too fast. Sword energy weaved about in the thousands, and great winds swept about. Sword radiance rushed through the sky in all colors. It was beautiful and dazzling.


The golden bone sword mace was a great killing weapon. It inflicted so much pressure on the void that it began to distort. Each time it was brandished, Zhan Tiange's hair would also fly about. The divine force was matchless. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao formed an imprint, not holding back as he faced off against this precious artifact. Dang dang sounds rang through the air, releasing ear-splitting sounds. The enemy was powerful beyond his expectations. 

"Undying war intent!" The War King said with a low voice. A purple imprint appeared between his brows, mysterious fragments of a diagram. They were displayed at this moment, and it shone brilliantly. 


In that instant, purple symbols rushed out from the space between his brows one after another. They were like the strokes of a complex and ancient symbol that were disassembled and displayed in the void. 

In Shi Hao's surroundings, purple laws appeared strand after strand. They linked up together to form a Little thousand world, trapping him within. 


Shi Hao's entire body shone. Resplendent symbols attacked these patterns. He discovered with surprise that these symbols would regenerate after being destroyed, and they were also pulling at his primordial spirit. 

This was a tangible spiritual space, a divine will cage. The so-called Undying war intent was unexpectedly this. 

Shi Hao's expression was calm. The space between his brows shone, releasing strand after strand of divine multicolored light. A unique technique was forming. This was the primordial spirit technique within the Lightning Emperor precious technique, divine will into lightning.


The primordial spirit condensed. A small figure sat between his brows, one that held a golden hammer. It fiercely slammed downwards, and then the surrounding spirit cage immediately cracked. The chains of order continuously broke one after another. 

Zhan Tiange was shocked. The undying will of heaven that produced the spirit cage had never failed before. From what his clansmen said, it could wipe out the primordial spirit of an exceptional talent, a great trump card. 

However, it actually failed now, causing him to frown. 

This War King roared. His entire body surged with radiance like a divine flame. From the crown of his skull, wave after wave of innate spiritual energy was released, and then they condensed in the void, forming nine individuals identical to himself. 

They were exactly the same as his true body!

A group of War Kings rushed forward. They either formed imprints, held golden bone sword maces, brandished divine fists, or carried heaven overflowing symbols. The divine might displayed was too shocking. 

Shi Hao was startled. This type of precious technique was strange and difficult to understand. So many War Kings unexpectedly appeared at the same time. When their powers were overlaid on top of each other, it would be difficult to imagine. 

A weng sounded. His only heavenly passage opened. Figures rushed out one after another. He sent out his spiritual bodies to join the battle!

Zhan Tiange sneered. He also released his spiritual bodies to fight against Shi Hao's spiritual bodies. Meanwhile, his innate foundational energy condensed into War King bodies continued to rush forward. 

This was an intense and vicious battle. Shi Hao rushed into the sky. The other party's methods were strange. If he was surrounded, the situation would become extremely unfavorable for him.

In the void, blood waves surged. He used the Lightning Emperor's secret method. Divine lightning transformed into water, filling up the skies and descending to suppress and kill all of the War King's bodies. 


Heaven fell and earth collapsed. Symbols burned ferociously here. Human figures weaved about.


Soon after, an earthen gas appeared beneath Shi Hao's feet, the great earth formed from heavenly lightning. In addition, there was vitality on the ground. All types of plants formed from lightning took root. 

Then, flames raged about his body, merging with the blue sea in the surroundings.

Moreover, a spear appeared in his hands. Metallic energy and lightning erupted at the same time with world shaking sharpness. 

The five elements were formed. Lightning condensed a small world, blasting the War King body below. Shi Hao also rushed downwards. 

This disastrous strike erupted with brilliance. Lightning interweaved, blasting apart the nine great War King bodies, revealing Zhan Tiange's original body.

In reality, there was no way the War King could maintain this type of secret method, and he could only release a single strike. Otherwise, he would be undefeatable, as it was the same as there being nine of himself. 

Zhan Tiange revealed a serious expression. The other party's lightning produced a small world while standing at the center of it all. There was a natural undefeated power to his appearance. 


He released a great shout to break through this impasse. He held the golden bone sword mace in his hands. His entire body shone as he rushed forward. 

An intense close combat commenced. In the blink of an eye, three hundred moves were exchanged. The two's movements were fast to the extreme. They tangled together, not willing to let the other get an edge. 

This War King had a bad feeling. The pressure he faced became greater and greater, and his mind became heavy. It was because the other party's aura continuously increased. The precious techniques he used were changing and forming a world. 

Below Shi Hao's feet, the earthen colored great earth was verdant with greenery. All types of plants germinated. There was also a clear lake that nourished the plant life. A great flame also descended to control prosperity and decline. 

It was to the extent where in this world, all types of creatures that roamed within the forest appeared as well. There were great fish leaping out of the lake's surface.

Metallic energy interweaved, forming divine soldiers one after another. They emerged in the void to protect this little world. 

All of this was produced by lightning!

Shi Hao stood at the center of it all, controlling everything. 

"You are the Child of Lightning?" This war king asked with a downcast voice. 

He felt that the other party's world was becoming more and more real. The power it erupted with became greater and greater, reaching an extremely dangerous point. If this continued, things would definitely not be good. 

"I am not!" Shi Hao calmly replied. Then, he coerced the lightning world. 


This War King coughed out blood. This time, he suffered greatly. His entire body was surrounded by electrical radiance. 

"War Emperor hand!" he roared. This was a taboo precious technique. In the past, the clan's War Emperor also studied this great art, and only then did he produce the unrivaled body and become the War Emperor.

In that instant, Zhan Tiange formed an imprint. A large golden hand appeared in the void. It quickly took form, terrifying to the extreme. It was created from symbols. 


The heavens fell and the earth split apart. This large hand was shining. It unexpectedly slapped Shi Hao's lightning world with unstoppable power, blasting the great earth apart and drying up the lake. The forest withered, and the flames were extinguished.


In the little world, metallic energy surged, producing a hundred thousand divine soldiers. They all hacked down, releasing blinding divine light. Metallic sounds rang out unendingly as they hacked down on that large hand. 

Sparks flew in all directions. War energy rushed into the heavens. However, the War Emperor hand did not disappear. 

This type of divine technique's background was unfathomable. The War Race flourished because of its existence. It possessed the natural luck of heaven and earth. It was terrifying beyond compare. 

A terrifying close combat struggle once again began. The two traded over four hundred moves. Zhan Tiange was extremely formidable. Anyone able to fight Shi Hao to this extent was definitely incomparably shocking. 

This was especially the case when the War Emperor hand came out. It unexpectedly had an unprecedented, unrivaled self-confident power!

The large golden hand crushed everything, destroying all things in the small lightning world. Everything was annihilated. Its power was difficult to stop.

"Seizing light from the nine heavens!"

Shi Hao muttered. Unknowingly when, in correspondence with the little world in front of him, nine heavenly void figures appeared in the heavens, hazy and terrifying. The aura they released was world shocking. 


In that instant, the nine heavens merged, covering a range of a hundred li. It then hacked down an immortal light type of lightning!

Zhan Tiange was shocked. He felt his blood run cold. When he suddenly raised his head, only then did he discover that a beautiful, flying immortal type light had formed, and it was descending from outer space.


Heaven and earth trembled. That type of light was too terrifying. Its destructive force was too shocking.

At this point, Zhan Tiange was long exhausted, and that War Emperor hand had become unstable as well. His mind was greatly shaken, revealing nervousness and fear. He did everything he could to defend himself. 

Light drowned out this place. He released a miserable cry. His entire being was pierced through by the lightning. Blood splashed everywhere!

Shi Hao descended from the sky. "I said that I came tonight to kill you!"

"You are… Huang?" Zhan Tiange asked. Recently, this young devil king Huang's name had been travelling through the world. He fought against the Child of Lightning with electricity, defeating many outstanding talents. He now managed to guess his identity.

In the surroundings, those supreme experts were all shaken. It was unexpectedly Huang who arrived!

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