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Chapter 705 - Fooling Around

Shi Hao was stunned. This elegant and beautiful beauty who the younger generation of the Archaic Divine Mountains held as their goddess actually took the initiative to frivolously touch his ear?

Yun Xi's beautiful purple hair fell downwards. Her long eyelashes trembled lightly, and her large eyes moved about. Her sparkling white and charming face blushed, because this action really was a bit too daring. 

Shi Hao quickly responded, and extremely naturally, he reached out an arm to grab Yun Xi's small waist, pulling her closer. He could smell an extremely heart moving fragrance. 

His movements were smooth and easy like that of an experienced individual. He carried this unmatched beauty in his arms, and then he tilted up her chin to stare into her eyes with an extremely concentrated expression.

Yun Xi's face immediately became red. Her peerless beauty carried humiliation and anger. She felt that no matter how she looked at it, this fella looked like someone who was going to take liberties with her. 

However, she felt that this was her fault as well, because her movements seemed to exude a rather ambiguous signal, as if she was trying to entice him. 

Only, this fella was too fast, acting without any delay and extremely naturally. Just like that, her soft and beautiful waist was wrapped around. His arms were warm and forceful.

Shi Hao supported her beautiful chin, and then while acting like a profound thinker, he said, "I must thank the heavens for our meeting. This is a heaven decided predestined affinity."

Yun Xi immediately felt light-headed. What in the world was going on?!

She felt like the misunderstanding was going too far. This wasn't that person, and she was imagining the wildest things. This fella was too smug, and his smile was a bit lowly. 

He was clearly fooling around with her. His movements were so practiced, it was clear that this was not some good person. It made her embarrassed, angry, and incredibly regretful.


Yun Xi quickly slapped away Shi Hao's hand that was supporting her chin. She didn't want to be harrassed like this. This type of position was too intimate. 

Even though this person saved her life, he still couldn't 'act randomly'. 

"Don't be so doubtful. Our meeting in the Blood Plains was definitely the heavens' arrangement." Shi Hao held her long and slender body, feeling a sense of softness, as well as a delicate fragrance only young girls had. He had a completely undaunted appearance. 

"I thought you were someone else!" Yun Xi was humiliated and angry. She struggled fiercely, slapping at that hand to make him let go.

She was extremely beautiful. Her purple hair scattered downwards, shiny like silk fabric. Her large eyes were like limpid autumn waters. At this moment, she wrinkled her nose. This type of annoyed appearance had its own type of charm that would leave others stupefied. 

Shi Hao didn't let go, continuing to hold her small waist. His other hand reached towards her beautiful hair, and then it lightly touched her beautiful ear. 

Yun Xi was greatly alarmed. This fella's movements were too fast and unbridled! He was actually so daring! She quickly moved out of the way.

Even though she could only blame herself, suspecting that the person from the lower realm didn't die, which lead to this type of impulsive test, the results really were too terrible. 

"You…" Yun Xi retreated backwards, but her body trembled, almost like a spasm. 

It was because this bastard unexpectedly pinched her soft ear, and his thumb and forefinger were softly moving about. They then tugged at her ear, leaving her shocked, her face red with humiliation. Her body more so jerked as if it had been shocked by electricity.


Yun Xi truly couldn't endure this any more. Even though this was her life saving benefactor, he wasn't allowed to act so randomly. Her entire body erupted with symbols to blast Shi Hao back. 

However, the unexpected happened. The powerful precious technique and resplendent symbols were completely useless against Shi Hao's body. They all disappeared into nothing.

Yun Xi was shocked, and then she realized what had happened. This damn… magical force immunity!

At this critical moment, the strange ability the other party obtained automatically activated, defending against the symbols and ruining her symbols and magical force. When it activated just now, it truly left her between laughter and tears. She felt that this was a bit absurd, but at the same time she was embarrassed to the extreme.

"Let go!" Her face was extremely red as she shouted in a low voice. 

Shi Hao was confused. While carrying her slender waist, he asked, "Why?"

Yun Xi was going mad. He was still asking why? This was definitely done on purpose! However, after thinking about her own 'recklessness' and almost intentional 'provocation', she then felt a bit in the wrong.

"You misunderstood!" Her body was extremely fine. At this moment, it erupted with multicolored light. Her body was pure white and sparkling, holy and otherworldly. There was an inviolable charm to her, as if she was a goddess that fell into the world of mortals. 

Shi Hao's smile was brilliant. As if he obtained some type of inspiration, he tugged at her sparkling ear, and then in the end, he let her go and said, "Alright, a beautiful misunderstanding. I hope next time, it is even more dazzling."

What next time? Yun Xi had the urge to grind her teeth, to bite him!

"I thought you were someone else. You are extremely similar to an old friend of mine." Yun Xi explained. She calmed herself down and fixed her beautiful hair. She then backed up more than ten steps, truly fearing that he would bear hug her again. 

"Where is he? Is he my rival in love? Tell him to bring it on! I will definitely defeat him with a single slap!" Shi Hao acted cockily. 

Yun Xi was speechless. Her impression of this youth when they first met was incredibly good, but after associating with him more and more, she found that this fella really was too much!

"He already died in the lower realm."

"That really is a rather sorrowful thing. However, don't you feel that our meeting and travel together have made things more interesting?" Shi Hao laughed and said. 

Yun Xi  turned around. If this was not her life saving benefactor, she would have definitely showed him her expression.

"I feel that we…" Just when Shi Hao was going to say something, he was directly cut off by Yun Xi. Her pearly white teeth grinding together as she said with great anger, "We should go on our way!"

"Sigh, it truly makes one feel sad." Shi Hao shook his head. He grabbed a Golden Crow wing and then began to feast on it. His entire mouth flowed with divine multicolored light. Rich fragrance wafted through the air. 

He also hinted for Yun Xi to go ahead and not be too polite.

"You are so powerful, why are you… just a foodie?!" Yun Xi truly couldn't hold herself back and spoke like this. 

However, when she saw the shining Golden Crow wing in her hand, she also felt some appetite. This was the wing of a deity, yet it was so extravagantly roasted as meat. It really made one's hair stand up in anger. 

In the end, she didn't hold herself back and took a small bite. The fresh and tender Golden Crow meat melted in her mouth, the fragrance greatly stirring on her appetite. It also erupted with auspicious multicolored radiance.

It was because there was just too much innate essence contained within this flesh. It was a great flesh medicine. 

"Hey, you've watched for long enough already. Is there something you want to say?" Shi Hao chewed on the Golden Crow wing while staring at the War Race young expert. 

"I…" The War Race youngster opened his mouth, but he didn't know what was proper to say. He cursed silently. This fella failed in trying to toy with the Celestial Race beauty and was now taking it out on him. It was just too disgraceful!

Shi Hao opened a jar of wine and hinted towards Yun Xi, inviting her to drink.

"I won't drink." Yun Xi shook her head. 

"It truly makes one ladened with grief…" Shi Hao said. He gulped down the alcohol, and then he ate large mouthfuls of the Golden Crow meat. Soon after, his body erupted with dazzling radiance.

This was the embodiment of the innate essence being too rich. He sat down and began to refine the food, treating a few of the injuries left over from before to quickly recover himself to his peak state.

His appearance was majestic. Every inch of his flesh released divine multicolored light that was brilliant like immortal gold. His flesh was perfect and powerful to the extreme. 

"Let's go." When he stood up again, Shi Hao recovered his calm exterior. He looked at Yun Xi and then called out to her for them to continue moving.

"I'm sorry. Before, I mistook you for someone else…" Yun Xi explained.

"Don't you feel that this meeting is quite amazing? We can run into each other, encounter each other, but cannot miss this chance." Shi Hao seriously said. 

"You... really don't have any sense of shame!" Yun Xi was annoyed.

"Alright, let's go on our way!" After speaking up to this point, Shi Hao turned around in an unhurried manner. He then pointed outwards, killing War Race's young expert before walking into the depths of the battlefield. 

At this moment, he recovered his decisiveness, no longer acting frivolously. There was an oppressive and heroic nature to his appearance. 

Yun Xi stared blankly for a moment. She always felt that this person was rather strange. She seemed to have heard a sigh, one that contained a bit of regret. 

Shi Hao walked forward with large steps. He thought of many things, but in the end, he still didn't reveal his identity. He only sighed inwardly. 

It was because he knew that Yun Xi's identity was now extremely great. After merging with the heaven's mandate stone, in the future, she would evolve to the peak, truly displaying the man to heaven effect!

Once she returned to the Celestial Race, there would definitely be a heavenly deity there to instruct her, to the extent where the old celestial that had contributed to their clan's archaic era glory would personally pass various secret methods to her. 

This type of woman was someone the entire Celestial Race would dote on, not wishing for anything unexpected to happen to her. They would definitely protect her strictly.

If Shi Hao spoke about his identity and Yun Xi found out, then she definitely couldn't hide it. There wouldn't be many secrets left, because that old celestial was incredibly powerful, able to find out everything in an instant. 

It was to the extent where just by associating with heavenly deities, they could find out. Those individuals' divine senses were too powerful. Since they were going to teach her cultivation and help her refine her divinity, how could anything remain a secret?

Shi Hao experienced too much. Even though he didn't harbor ill intentions, he knew that human nature was complex. Even though he saved Yun Xi, if others learned of his true identity, accidents would still happen. 

He had unmatched precious techniques on him that would make any clan's eyes turn red with greed. 

For the sake of leaving a path out for himself, as well as to prevent Yun Xi from falling into a dilemma, he couldn't expose his identity. He had to wait until some day in the future. 

"In the end, it is still because my strength isn't great enough. If I could become a heavenly deity, I wouldn't fear so many things either! I would be able to move unhindered through the world. Would there be a need to think about all of these things?!"

When Yun Xi heard this strange light sigh, she felt a bit confused. Why would he suddenly start talking to himself?

"Yun Xi, what kind of conditions does the Celestial Race have for marriage?" Shi Hao put away his grave appearance and began to laugh again.

Yun Xi was stupefied. What exactly was this fella thinking? The changes were too sudden to the extent where she was was a bit lost. 

"What are you trying to say?" She asked while taking a few steps back. 

"If I go to your Celestial Race and ask for marriage, do you think I'll have to live with the wife's family? I really don't want that!" Shi Hao said while laughing.

"What are you randomly spouting!" Yun Xi's face went red. She stared at him hatefully. This fella truly left others feeling without choice, shooting his mouth like this.

"Yun Xi, let's travel the world together. How boring is it to return to the clan? Cultivating in one place bitterly is too dry and dull. True experts need to roam the world and produce accomplishments through battle," Shi Hao urged. 

Yun Xi directly shook her head. She felt that this fella was too ridiculous. Was he playing with her again?

"Sigh, the number one expert since the beginning of time is right in front of you, but you aren't asking him for guidance. You will regret it you know?"

Yun Xi immediately laughed after hearing this. "Are you willing to join my Celestial Race? With your aptitude, you can study under a heavenly deity. Your future accomplishments will be limitless."

"What is so great about a heavenly deity?" Shi Hao shot out a look of contempt. "I fear that if I go, the entire Celestial Race will be startled and make things difficult for me."

"You really are narcissistic!" Yun Xi couldn't take it any longer. She rolled her eyes. 

"The so-called great ten races of the higher realms were just glorious times of the past. The man in front of you will definitely rise up, becoming an Emperor Clan himself, becoming a Heavenly Emperor by relying on himself. You should not miss out on this opportunity!" Shi Hao teased. 

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