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Chapter 701 - Battlefield Natural Luck

"Who are you?" Yun Xi backed up. When her earlobe was inadvertently touched, it made her face turn red. She was a bit angry and embarrassed. 

At that moment, she thought of too many things, recalling that youth from the lower realm. Great waves stirred within her heart. That person's death really was too unfortunate.

"I am Mo Xi." SHi Hao replied. He felt too many misgivings. If he told the other party who he was, then the Celestial Race would find out as well, and that might cause unwanted accidents. 

For some reason, Yun Xi always felt a sense of deja vu when she looked at this person in front of her. He had similarly snow white teeth and a brilliant smile. There was that completely reckless expression as well. It was too similar.

Only, she knew that it was impossible for that person to reappear. He had already been dead for a year or two, buried in the great wasteland of the lower realm. 

"You are extremely similar to someone I know." Yun Xi said softly. Her beautiful purple hair, sparkling white oval face, black curved eyebrows, intelligent large eyes, and bright red cherry lips made her appear extremely beautiful.

"There is someone like that? What clan does he come from? Is he really all that similar to me?" Shi Hao asked. 

"He used to be my enemy, and then later on, the grudges were dissolved. He even saved my life. That person was quite stunning, but what a pity it is in the end…" Yun Xi shook her head. She was thinking too much. Her mind was in a state of great disorder.


In the depths of the ancient battlefield, a terrifying roar sounded, cutting off her line of thought. This also startled Shi Hao. This was definitely not some good place. 

"We cannot stay here any longer," Shi Hao said. Regardless of whether it was the danger of this demonic land or to hide from their pursuers, they were both good reasons to leave this place. 

"You should go first. I don't want to involve you further." Yun Xi expressed her thanks. Shi Hao saved her. If they continued to travel together, she would most likely bring onto him a great disaster. 

Shi Hao shook his head. "It's already too late to leave. Those pursuers already saw me move with you and won't let me off either. The most important thing is to leave these Blood Plains first and escape from their pursuit."

He didn't expose his identity, but he wanted to help Yun Xi escape this crisis. He couldn't just watch as their pursuers seized the heaven's mandate stone and left her forever crippled. 

Shi Hao picked the remaining twenty or so stalks of Blood soul grass, and then he went on his way along with Yun Xi. They rushed through this ancient battlefield and headed southward. 

"You are still eating the strange grass?" Yun Xi was shocked. Along the way, she noticed that Shi Hao continued to support the heavenly passage. His body was flickering with symbols, and there were mysterious bone texts swirling about to refine the soul grass. 

"The taste really isn't bad, sweet and sour. It's quite fresh and tasty." Shi Hao had a relaxed look on his face. If there were people from the outside world here, they would definitely be stupefied. 

This was a fatal 'grass of death', how could ordinary people ingest it? It would ignite one's soul blood and explode one's flesh. One would die without the chance for even a proper burial!

Yun Xi was extremely nervous. The other party was too stubborn! If this continued, he might die soon. This was the benefactor that saved her life, so how could she ignore this?

"If you want strength, when we enter the Celestial Race, my clan's heavenly deity can lend you a helping hand. You absolutely cannot play with your life like this!" She said with good intentions. 

"Do I look like a reckless person? With my natural talents that can overlook three thousand provinces, how could I do something as silly as suicide?" Shi Hao's skin was extremely thick, speaking while shoving a stalk in his mouth. 

Yun Xi was speechless. Not even this was reckless? Moreover, the more she looked at this person, the more he looked like that lower realm person. Even the way he behaved was so 'hateful' and extremely narcissistic. 

They found more than fifty stalks of Blood soul grass total below the stone cliff. They were like red gemstones, sparkling and translucent. They were all eaten by Shi Hao along the way. 

Meanwhile, at this moment, he felt a bit unwell. His flesh was in pain, and his blood felt like it was boiling. Even his soul was burning fiercely, about to produce a flaming sphere of light. 

"The medicinal characteristics are so tyrannical!" Shi Hao said to himself, trembling inwardly. He knew that if it was a normal Supreme expert, their flesh would inevitably explode with their soul and blood ignited. 

However, he suppressed it. Earlier, he didn't decide to do this purely out of arrogance. He had this type of confidence and strength, and with the heavenly passage to restrict his body, he could defend his life with his strength that exceeded his cultivation realm.

There were people that died after ingesting a hundred stalks of blood soul grass, so he believed that refining fifty something stalks was definitely not a big problem. 

Along the way, Shi Hao continuously operated the True Primordial Record's bone texts. His entire body was sparkling and shining, and his blood energy was surging, battering about within his body. His body was incomparably sturdy. 

"Is this precisely this type of secret force?" Shi Hao said to himself. A wave of mysterious force spread within his flesh and seeped into his bones. Was this the fundamental reasoning for the immunity against magical force?

Yun Xi became more and more shocked. This youth was too terrifying! His natural talents were shocking. After eating over fifty stalks of Blood soul grass, he was unexpectedly unaffected, able to refine the terrifying medicinal characteristics. 

"It would be best if I could capture an Ape Devil and carefully study their constitution. Only then would I be able to improve my understanding a step further." 

Shi Hao felt rather regretful. Even though he killed six of them, and he had studied them as well, he couldn't see through this race's true secrets. He had to catch a living one. 


Suddenly, a deafening roar sounded. A miserable aura covered heaven and earth as it sounded from the depths of the battlefield. It didn't seem to be that far away. 

"Not good, those three Ape Devils are bringing the lord of the ancient battlefield. We need to hurry and escape!" Yun Xi understood more about this place. When she saw the figures that were rushing over in the distant mists, she felt a wave of alarm. 

Shi Hao used the dual pupil to observe them. Apart from the three Ape Demons, he saw a pure white skeleton further out that had a divine flame burning about it. It rushed over murderously with a bone sword in hand. 

The long roar was released precisely by this creature. It made the entire battlefield tremble. This was a roar of the soul and not a true roar.

"True deity!" Shi Hao was shocked. This was a creature that surpassed the Divine Flame Realm, which was precisely the True Realm. 

Many people called those at the Divine Flame Realm deities because they made contact with the domain of divine dao. However, because they only stepped through the door, their statuses weren't that high. 

Comparatively speaking, the True Realm, which was the level above the Divine Flame Realm, because it carried the word 'true', and those in this realm possessed powerful strength, were called true deities by others.

In reality, the True Realm was just a large step further in the domain of divine dao.

The snow white skeleton was surrounded by a blazing white divine flame that was like a brilliant sun. There was no deathly aura, only a scorching heat that seemed to ignite heaven and earth. 

This was an expert at the True Realm. There was simply no way for them to fight this opponent right now. Even someone as stunning as Shi Hao had no choice but to withdraw. With the Earth shrinking into inches great divine ability, he quickly brought Yun Xi away from this place.

Chi la!

Meanwhile, Shi Hao also used the lightning dao divine ability. A pair of wings, one light and one dark, appeared behind him. Lightning coiled about as he shot into the distance. 

"The one I knew also studied lightning precious techniques before," Yun Xi said. She began to develop suspicions, but she still shook her head in the end. That kind of thinking was unrealistic. 

"I am proficient in the Thundersky Sparrow's precious technique," Shi Hao said. 

This was a great escape. Shi Hao brought Yun Xi into the distance, escaping over ten thousand li. They made their way through this battlefield and departed from this place. 

That True Deity quickly stopped, not leaving those ruins. It peered through the mists into the outside world. The soul light flame continuously jumped within its eye sockets. 

"It'll be too dangerous to head straight for Heaven Province. We should still choose an ancient battlefield and make our way through it. Otherwise, we might be found out at any time in the outside world," Shi Hao said. 

Yun Xi nodded. She told Shi Hao that they were just stalling for time right now, waiting for her clan's ancient ancestors to revive. As long as that old celestial revives, everything would be changed. 

"From man to heaven, is it really that terrifying?" Shi Hao said softly. He looked towards the beautiful woman. 

He already knew that that old celestial had once, together with five other experts, personally founded their clan's glorious era. They were ranked in the ten greatest races, becoming one of the higher realms' Emperor Races. 

For an existence like that to live from the ancient times until now, just how terrifying is that? 

"After merging with the heaven's mandate stone, our Celestial Race can undergo a fundamental change and evolve to the highest state. If we were to be compared to someone, it would be equal to the most powerful exceptional talents!" Yun Xi didn't hide anything. She trusted Shi Hao, because if the other party harbored ill will, he had way too many opportunities and wouldn't have waited until now. 

Soon after, they entered another ancient battlefield that was even larger, close to fifty thousand li in size. After travelling quite some distance, they even discovered a heavenly deity bone!

The two individuals sucked in a cold breath of air. One could imagine just how intense the battle back then was! Even heavenly deities were similarly helpless, dying here. 

The yin energy here was extremely heavy. Mists pervaded the air. There were many remains on the battlefield and even more broken weapons and precious artifacts that had long rusted or rotted. 

"Blood soul grass!" Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised. After entering this ancient battlefield, this precious grass was his greatest harvest. He saw six more stalks here.

Once this type of spiritual object appeared, there was no way there was only one. They existed in groups of at least three. 

"You really have to be careful. You can't blindly refine it." Yun Xi reminded. 

"Let's go. This is my natural luck. I might really be able to obtain the magical force immunity type of divine ability!" Shi Hao was incredibly stirred up. 

Two days later, Shi Hao was overjoyed, and even Yun Xi was shocked. They saw an expanse of dazzling red light below a bare rocky mountains. It was as if a fire was burning here.

This was a whole field of blood soul grass. They shone brilliantly and resplendently. They were densely packed, forming a brightly-colored and gorgeous scene. Scarlet multicolored light coiled about. 

"There are at least two hundred stalks here!" Yun Xi's voice was trembling. This was a great batch of wealth. If they brought this back to the outside world, it would definitely trigger quite the uproar. 

"Do you want to eat some? We can split it fifty fifty!" Shi Hao said.

Yun Xi shook her head and said, "I won't eat it. You shouldn't take anymore risks either."

"Then I won't be polite. Believe me, I will definitely live and obtain the ability of magical force immunity. This is my great natural opportunity!" Shi Hao said. 

However, things didn't go as smoothly as he expected. Two Ape Demons silently appeared .They were especially large, and their black scales unexpectedly carried a faint silver radiance.

"These two creatures are too powerful, more so than those other nine added together!" Yun Xi was alarmed, advising Shi Hao to leave and not put himself in danger.

"It's too late. They already locked onto us and wouldn't let us go." Shi Hao's expression was serious. He had Yun Xi go into hiding.

Ao… The two Ape Demons roared. Their entire bodies shone. They sparkled like gemstones as they expanded their bodies and released rumbling thunderous sounds. 

It was clear that this was a ferocious battle as well. Any one of these Ape Demons was enough to be a threat to Shi Hao. These two were definitely terrifying, with black scales that actually began to evolve towards a silvery white. 

Even when someone with a body as powerful as Shi Hao's brandished his fists, it was difficult for him to injure them. The scales covering their bodies were just too sturdy. 


Shi Hao erupted with power. He fought a bloody battle against the two demons, not choosing to back off during this time. 

"You should hurry and take this chance to escape!" He secretly said to Yun Xi. It was because he truly wasn't confident this time, not knowing if he could win.

"I am not leaving!" Yun Xi shook her head, ready to lend a helping hand at any moment.

"You cannot help me! Their cultivation realms are too high and their flesh is terrifying. You cannot injure them!" Shi Hao shouted, having her quickly escape.

Weng long!

The heavens trembled and the earth shook. The two Ape Demons shone. Blood energy surged, rushing into the heavens. Their entire bodies were sparkling. A single stamp from their feet made the nearby great earth collapse and sink in.

This was especially true when they brandished their arms. When a single fist smashed outwards, even the void distorted, blasting a mountain peak into pieces. This was purely physical strength!

Shi Hao released a long roar, doing everything he could to fight a great battle here. Soon after, his entire body was covered in blood. His hair was disheveled, and he was battered and exhausted, almost dying here.


Of course, the two Ape Demons didn't have it easy either. One of them, after being struck by Shi Hao's fist, had its scales fly outwards. Black blood dripped outwards. Its chest was almost blasted through. 

The battle was too intense. They actually exchanged over a thousand attacks. This was definitely one of the more vicious battles since Shi Hao emerged into the world. He hadn't fought many battles that comprised of over a thousand moves. 


Finally, Shi Hao's fist blasted through an Ape Demon's chest, crushing his chest. Then, his right arm trembled, tearing his unbreakable body apart.

A rain of blood erupted. This terrifying creature lost its life.

At this moment, Shi Hao suffered the berserk attacks of the other Ape Demon as well, leaving him heavily injured. His flank was almost torn apart. Blood dripped out from that area. 

In addition, the injury by his chest was extremely large as well with bone exposed. Blood flowed outwards.


Eventually, Shi Hao and this Ape Demon both suffered with neither side winning. They both collapsed onto the ground and began to pant heavily. 

"It's time to end things!" Shi Hao roared. He forcefully gathered a final breath. His right leg brandished about, sweeping towards this Ape Demon.

When things reached this state, even the Ape Demon was scared. It released a howl and struggled up to evade. It fled towards the distance without even turning back.


Yun Xi took action. She didn't leave and hid in the darkness. She brought out a precious mirror and smashed it down on the Ape Demon's body, making it cough out large amounts of blood and stagger backwards. It almost fell straight down. 

"Kill!" Shi Hao roared loudly and rushed over. With his last bit of strength, his palm descended, removing this Ape Demon's head and ending its life.

Then, he directly fell onto the ground. These two Ape Demons were too powerful, almost making him die here as well. 

"It's good that they were killed. If one got away, they might bring other terrifying helpers. That would then be a huge disaster," Yun Xi said. 

Shi Hao laughed loudly. He struggled to a seated position and then looked at the two hundred or so stalks of blood soul grass. He felt that this was extremely worth it. If he could eat them all, he would most likely possess that type of world shocking ability. 

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