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Chapter 700 - Magical Force Immunity

The nine Ape Demons had powerful flesh. Right now, they all erupted with dark light. Their bodies became brilliant. The path they walked was one of body refinement, and all of them had terrifying auras. 


In that instant, they all threw themselves over. Their body techniques were shocking as they slaughtered towards Shi Hao. 

Immediately after, Shi Hao moved, collecting Yun Xi into a sparkling bone cauldron, eliminating his worries. Then, he erupted with power to face these opponents.


A violent collision erupted. His fist and an Ape Demon's palm collided. Energy overflowed into the heavens, shaking this entire ancient battlefield. 

This was a Divine Flame Realm Ape Demon that specially cultivated body techniques. Its flesh was powerful beyond imagination!

However, Shi Hao took this strike, moreover not being disadvantaged after doing so. His hair flew about, and his eyes shone with radiance. The blood energy in his body surged. 

"How powerful! The Ape Demon roared, feeling that this was inconceivable.

Immediately after, demonic energy overflowed into the heavens. The other eight Ape Demons arrived as well, doing everything they could to suppress and kill him. This was a bloody battle.

When someone as powerful as Shi Hao entered this type of dangerous situation, even though it wasn't one of magical force, it was still a great life and death battle. 

His flesh really was terrifying, reaching the pinnacle. In terms of constitution alone, even if it was a Divine Flame Realm expert, he would be without fear. However, these nine Ape Demons were too unordinary. They already reached the peak of flesh cultivation themselves. 

The nine creatures' bodies were terrifying, and they were also Ape Demons at the Divine Flame Realm. For others, this was definitely a nightmare that was impossible to win against. 

Shi Hao was also in danger. 

After just a single strike, he was blasted until his blood energy surged. It was because the nine Ape Demons took actions at the same time. No matter how fast he was, it was still impossible to defend against all of them, so he suffered a blow!

This was different from a collision of magical force where symbols could fill the sky and defend against many, many attacks. This was a struggle of physical prowess.

The fact that he could block this with his lower cultivation realm was already a miracle!


Shi Hao's speed was too fast. His Earth withdrawal divine ability was displayed. Even though the symbols were useless on the other party's body and would be resisted, he could still increase his own speed. 

In this struggle of life and death, he didn't hold anything back. His entire body surged with blood energy as he erupted with murderous intent.


After over a hundred exchanges, Shi Hao's eyes erupted with radiance. A fist smashed outwards, fast to the extreme as it chased after an old Ape Demon to blast it apart.

In the confrontation with the Golden Crow, Firecloud Sparrow and other vicious birds, this old Ape Demon suffered the most injuries and had its fighting ability decreased greatly as a result. He now became Shi Hao's target.


Shi Hao suffered a palm, two fists, and three claws from the Ape Demons. Blood splashed high up from his body, but he continued to press forward like before, slaughtering over to the old Ape Demon. 

His fist shone, becoming sparkling and translucent. It carried a faint golden color, its power increased to the limit as it smashed outwards. 


When the old ape took the hit, his arm bone snapped. It was blasted flying by that fist. 

Shi Hao jumped up and rushed over. His bones and muscles relaxed. Like a sharp sword, his right arm hacked down, and then with a pu sound, the old ape's head was removed. A string of black colored blood splashed high into the air. 


The other eight Ape Demons cried out loudly. They began to attack him fiercely, becoming even more terrifying than before.


A hundred and fifty attacks after, Shi Hao released a grunt. His fist passed through the chest of another Ape Demon, drawing forth large amounts of blood and killing him on the spot. Meanwhile, he himself suffered two claws, creating a blurry expanse of flesh that was dripping with blood. 

On the three hundredth's exchange, Shi Hao's leg lashed out like a whip, smashing into an Ape Demon's head. It was smashed apart like a watermelon as it exploded into pieces. 

This was a vicious battle. Shi Hao's entire body was covered in blood. Every time he killed a powerful enemy, he himself would also be seriously injured.

Comparatively speaking, the Ape Demon he first encountered after entering the ancient battlefield was definitely the weakest one. The other eight were clearly more powerful. 

Of course, that one had already been killed in the great battle just now.

Eventually, Shi Hao's entire body was covered in blood. Even though he suffered serious injuries, he still didn't fall down. This made the other Ape Demons shiver in alarm. 


It was unknown just how much time passed. Yun Xi felt her body tremble, and then she emerged from the sparkling bone cauldron, released outwards.

When she saw the scene, she was shocked. There were six Ape Demon corpses on the ground, and black blood was flowing everywhere. They were killed right here by someone. The other three's whereabouts were unknown. 

Not far out, a youth was lying there, his entire body covered in blood and heavy injuries. 

"What happened to you?" She quickly rushed over to lift Shi Hao up. This result left her shocked. Was this all done by him alone?"

"I'm fine, just need some rest." Shi Hao was physically and mentally drained. He never thought that he would encounter such powerful Ape Devils in the ancient battlefield. It really was beyond his expectations. 

In terms of purely physical bodies, the nine Ape Demons were definitely rare and could be considered formidable opponents. 

"You killed six Ape Demons alone?" Yun Xi was utterly shocked. If news of this got out, it would definitely stir up a huge commotion. Someone at the Supreme Expert Realm killed six divine level Ape Demons that reached the extreme of body refinement, this was like something out of a fantasy, a legend!

"Barely killed them, what a pity that three got a way. I'm not strong enough." After Shi Hao was supported up, he shook his head.

"This… is too shocking! Even if it was an exceptional talent here, they wouldn't have this type of accomplishments and would most likely fall!" Yun Xi didn't know what to say. This was just too powerful!

Her eyelashes trembled lightly, and her large eyes were full of a look of disbelief. Her white face was full of shock. This accomplishment was too incredible. 

"I am also someone that walks the path of body refinement, so I naturally have some methods too. Even though they are powerful, it still isn't enough to deal with me." Shi Hao said in a rather carefree manner. 

He didn't dare waste time. He quickly sat down, and then his body shone. He began to treat his injuries. Holy symbols immediately covered his body, surrounding him. 

Four hours later, Shi Hao opened his eyes. His blood energy was surging greatly. Even though he couldn't immediately recover from his injuries, his strength had about recovered.

Yun Xi used this time to treat herself as well. She ingested a precious pill, which improved her condition quite a bit.

"Let's go. We need to hurry and search the Ape Demon's nest while they are scared away to see if we can get anything good." Shi Hao was quite excited for this. 

The ancient battlefield was extremely large with mists coiling about it. They sat down in front of a stone cliff. This was the nest of an Ape Devil, and there were several caves on the cliff. 

Meanwhile, below the cliff were a few blood-colored medicinal herbs that were like red coral. They were sparkling and brilliant. A rich fragrance wafted out from them.

"Blood soul grass!" Yun Xi cried out in surprised. They unexpectedly discovered several dozen stalks. This type of precious grass was extremely precious, able to increase one's soul force. It was a specialty of these Blood Plains. 

"How are these medicinal herbs used?" Shi Hao asked. He came here to search for the secrets of the Ape Demon's magical force.

"It needs to be refined together with many other spiritual medicines to draw out its essence. After it is taken, it can nurture the soul," Yun Xi said. 

Shi Hao nodded. He leapt into the air, entering a cave on the cliff. He then carefully searched about. Even though there were a few strange things, it wasn't what he needed. 

"Do you know why the Ape Devil is immune to magical force?" Shi Hao asked. This was what he cared about the most.

"It is related to the fact that they always eat Blood soul grass and golden bodhi fruit." Yun Xi spoke about everything she knew.

"Just that grass?" Shi Hao's eyes shone. He walked to the bottom the stone cliff and carefully looked around. 

There were over fifty stalks total. Every single one was a foot tall and sparkling with scarlet multicolored light, as if they were carved out of precious stones. 

Yun Xi explained a step further, saying, "This type of thing, for other races, doesn't have as tremendous of a result. It is because the Ape Demon directly devours it, while we can only refine it with other medicinal herbs to absorb a bit of its essence. Eighty percent of the medicinal characteristics are not suitable to other races."

"There is this type of thing…" Shi Hao was astonished. 

The Ape Demon's constitution was special, able to directly ingest the blood soul grass, but this wasn't the case for other races. They couldn't absorb the medicinal characteristics. They could only absorb a portion of the useful essence."

Yun Xi said, "The so called useless parts are the other eighty percent of the medicinal characteristics. For us, it is fatal, but for the Ape Demons, it is instead greatly beneficial."

The higher realms were too large, and there were many races throughout the three thousand provinces. There were going to be a few races that were strange or special, and it was precisely because of this that there were so many unique and varied races. 

Apart from creatures like the Ape Demons that were born in a place of death, there were only a few other races that had immunity against magical force.

"This restriction of constitution, can humans not eat it? I don't believe it. I'm going to give it a try." Shi Hao said to himself. For the sake of increasing his strength, he even devoured several jin of the true supreme water that was known to not be directly ingestible. 

"You cannot act randomly. There were others that tried to obtain the Ape Demons' magical force immunity, so they directly devoured the Blood soul grass, but they all ended up dying, their bodies splitting apart!" Yun Xi warned. 

"It's fine, I'm just going to give it a try." Shi Hao didn't believe such a thing.

Yun Xi became anxious. "You cannot! There were many geniuses, who like you, weren't willing to accept this, wishing to obtain this type of ability. However, they all died after forcefully testing things. Not a single person has ever succeeded!"

"Those people all died?" Shi Hao's expression became grave. 

"They are pretty much all dead, and there were even a few exceptional talents among them. After devouring several hundred stalks, they all unfortunately died." Yun Xi was incredibly serious as she warned. 

"Then that's fine," Shi Hao laughed and said. There were just several dozen here, and it was still far being comparable to that of the rumors. He didn't have much to worry about.

This grass' fragrance was rich, and the plants themselves were intoxicatingly red. Shi Hao sat there with his legs crossed. He directly picked one and brought it to his mouth, devouring it with just a few bites. 

"You cannot do this!" Yun Xi became anxious, wishing to stop him. This youth was just too stubborn.

"I need power urgently. If I can obtain this type of ability, it will be extremely beneficial for me." Shi Hao said. Then, he laughed and said, "The taste isn't that bad, sweet and sour. A type of spiritual berry taste."

When Yun Xi heard this, she almost collapsed. He ate it just like that, and was even pondering its taste. He really was just too crazy. 

Soon after, a red light shone from Shi Hao's body. It swirled about the surface of his body, as if it was going to set him aflame. When he carefully observed his body, he noticed that a strange type of secret force was swirling about.

Then, he ate the second stalk, third stalk…

"Hurry and stop! Even if it was just those exceptional talents, even though they ate over a hundred stalks, it was split between many days. You are eating them too quickly!" Yun Xi felt like her heart was going to jump out from her chest. 

She found this rather incomprehensible. This youth was just too daring. This was equivalent to suicide.

Shi Hao ate twenty stalks in one go, and sure enough, he felt a strange feeling. A strange secret force took form on the outside of his body, and it felt as if it was going to tear him apart. 

In addition, this secret force permeated into his flesh and bones, making him feel like he was going to explode.


Shi Hao sat down. He opened up his only heavenly passage, surrounding himself and sealing his own body, preventing his flesh from breaking apart. He began to devour even more of the Blood soul grass.

"Heavens, what are you doing? You cannot eat this many!" Yun Xi became nervous. After all, this was her benefactor that saved her life, so how could she just watch him throw his life away?

"Don't worry, I feel like it is effective." Shi Hao said to himself. He devoured a dozen more stalks in one go. 

"You…" Yun Xi was stunned. She wanted to go over and stop him, but as soon as she made contact with that single heavenly passage, she was immediately restricted, finding it difficult to go through. 

What was this? Could it be a heavenly passage?

She was inwardly shaken. She observed it from a close range, and then she touched a few times. She really began to suspect that this was a heavenly passage!

Only, why was it so special?

This simply looked like an enormous heavenly passage formed after all of the other heavenly passages were blasted apart and recombined! Its aura was terrifying, and the divine might it displayed was shocking. 

Yun Xi thought of Shi Hao in the lower realm. She remembered that his heavenly passage was special and especially large. In addition, those ten heavenly passages could link up together to form a divine ring. 

Meanwhile, this person in front of her was even more special, actually cultivating a terrifying and mysterious single heavenly passage. It was a bit unreal. 

She wanted to give it a try to see if it was real. She used various methods, different secret treasures, and even opened her own heavenly passages to give it a try. In the end, she was shaken.

"This really is… as heavenly passage?!"

Whenever she entered the heavenly passage's range, she would be restricted and imprisoned. Her real appearance was even exposed, producing her true appearance. 

In that instant, gentle and supple purple hair shone as it scattered downwards. Yun Xi revealed her exceptional immortal appearance. Her forehead was sparkling white, and her eyelashes trembled slightly. Her large eyes were full of spirituality, as if she was an unmatched beauty that had walked out from a painting. 

Yun Xi immediately rushed over and said, "Hurry up and stop eating the Blood soul grass." She grabbed Shi Hao's shoulder and forcefully shook him, truly fearing that he would suddenly die. 

The sparkling hair was full of luster as it scattered down onto Shi Hao's body. A wave of fragrance wafted through the air. 

Shi Hao looked at the girl with spotlessly white sparkling skin that was almost within reach. He thought back to his experiences in the Hundred Shattering Mountains. Back then, the two of them wrestled about on the ground, and he even bit the other party's ear.

He raised his hand, hinting that he was fine. His palm slid past the beautiful purple hair, inadvertently touching the other party's sparkling earlobe. 

"You!" Yun Xi was startled. She quickly backed up and stared at Shi Hao. When her beautiful and sensitive earlobe was touched, she was immediately shaken. She immediately thought of too many things in the past. 

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