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Chapter 699 - Physical Body

These plains were extremely vast, covering an area of several hundreds of thousands of li. It was completely crimson in color, dyed this color by demonic gods. 

Even though this was a frequently used road with people often using it, there were still many areas that were surrounded by bloody mists year round, not scattering since the ancient past.


Shi Hao carried Yun Xi on his back. As soon as they entered the roiling yin mist, they immediately saw a sinister looking creature that resembled an orangutan, but its body was covered in pitch-black scales. Its eyes were crimson red, and deathly energy was spreading from its body.


It immediately threw itself over. Its speed was too fast. Its ten fingers all opened, its sharp claws a foot long like iron hooks. They were curved and released black light. 

Shi Hao stood in his original place. His right fist released a faint golden radiance as it blasted outwards.


The two collided. It was as if metal struck against itself, releasing an extremely ear-piercing sound. 

This creature howled. Its figure flew backwards, drawing out a dark streak of light in the void. Its speed was just too fast, far surpassing that of normal Supreme experts. 

Its arm was currently contorting in pain with most of its jet-black nails snapped. Blood continuously flowed outwards. Its face was full of shock as it stared at Shi Hao. 

"This is an Ape Devil!" Yun Xi was shocked. There were all types of vicious creatures in this ancient battlefield, but Ape Devils were extremely rare. However, they were also abnormally powerful. 

Sometimes, it would be hard to find a few in a battlefield covering over ten thousand li. 

Their flesh was sturdy like metal and unmovable, they were able to use their body to fight weapons. They could even more so bare handedly break precious artifacts and destroy various divine abilities. 

Yun Xi revealed a look of shock. This Ape Devil's flesh was equivalent to that of a Divine Flame Realm expert and difficult to contend again, or at the very least, a Supreme expert shouldn't be its opponent, yet the youth carrying her actually injured it with a single fist. This was just too shocking!


Yin energy overflowed into the heavens. This Ape Devil opened its mouth and roared. Crimson mists surged, and then, after leaving behind an afterimage, it slaughtered over again. Its claws were jet-black, distorting the void as they struck over. 

It was just too fast. Its body was like an arc of electricity, arriving in an instant. It was far more powerful than an ordinary expert at the Supreme Expert Realm. It immediately arrived behind Shi Hao and struck towards the middle of Yun Xi's back. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. He didn't turn around, however, like a scorpion's tail, his right leg lashed out in reverse. Then, it erupted with dazzling radiance as it collided with that Ape Devil's claw. 

The Ape Devil released a groan. One of its arms dripped with black blood, and there were a few pieces of sharp nails on the floor. It quickly retreated. It had a look of disbelief on its face. 

"Your body really is amazing!" Yun Xi said, revealing a look of shock. The youth in front of her was powerful beyond her expectations.

"Is this fella a divine level expert?" Shi Hao revealed a serious expression. He didn't fear the other party's physical attacks, but he was wary of a powerful magical force attack. 

"The ancient battlefield has yin energy everywhere, so the creatures that emerge are all rather strange. This Ape Devil's flesh is powerful and indeed in the Divine Flame Realm, but it doesn't cultivate magical force," said Yun Xi. 

"There are creatures like these?" Shi Hao was amazed. Then, he completely relaxed. Since it turned out to be like this, what else was there to worry about? In the domain of physical prowess, he didn't even fear Immortal Palace's inheritor!

"However, it can defend against magical force to the point of near immunity. The path it has traveled on is one purely of body refinement." Yun Xi explained a step further. 

"So formidable!" Shi Hao was astonished. 

This type of body cultivator didn't cultivate magical force, but it was almost immune to various types of symbol attacks as well. Its flesh was powerful to the extreme.


The Ape Devil roared, activating all of its power. Its flesh shone slightly, and then all of the black scales opened and closed. This time, it actually made a fist that was almost sparkling and translucent. 


Shi Hao faced this attacked head on. His fist was slightly numb, feeling a bit of pain, but the opposing Ape Devil instead released a great cry. Its fist was in tatters and dripping with dark blood. It flew outwards.

Shi Hao wanted to give chase, but he found that a trail of blood was left in front of him. The Ape Devil disappeared into the ancient battlefield with just a few flashes.

"It's flesh is so formidable. It took a punch from me but didn't explode." Shi Hao said to himself, feeling rather dissatisfied. 

Yun Xi was speechless. Not even exceptional talents could necessarily defeat such a powerful Ape Devil. The youth in front of her was a bit too arrogant. 

"Your physical power is too shocking! You have to understand that this is an Ape Devil that reached the peak of the body refinement path. It is difficult for other creatures to compare to it in physical prowess!" said Yun Xi. Her beautiful eyes erupted with divine multicolored light. 

She began to suspect whether the youth in front of her was a formidable exceptional talent. Otherwise, it would definitely be difficult for him to have this type of powerful constitution. 

One has to understand that the Ape Devil did not travel an ordinary body refinement path. This was an extreme path of evolution!

"Let's go. Either way, we already entered, so we should be a bit more careful. This ancient battlefield is quite sinister." Shi Hao said to himself.

"Thank you." Yun Xi felt grateful. Her injuries were not light. If not for Shi Hao carrying her here, it would definitely be difficult for her to survive. 

Even though many tens of thousands of years had passed, there were still rotting spears, shields, and other things here. There were even skeletal remains of devils that were full of yin mists. It was a bleak and terrifying scene.

Suddenly, Shi Hao turned around and looked backwards. He heard the sound of wings flapping. "They caught up."

He was talking about those vicious birds. They chased after them this entire way, among them no lack of divine level experts. If not for him cultivating the Earth withdrawal great divine ability and borrowing the complex terrain to evade, they would have long been caught. 

Shi Hao pressed forward quickly, leaving behind a faint afterimage. Then, he disappeared into the depths of this ancient battlefield. 

"You can't escape!"

The leading vicious bird was entirely golden and burning with fiery light. It was a three-footed Golden Crow. its race's innate skill was powerful. It was difficult for the yin energy to approach its body. 

There was a Firecloud Sparrow by its side as well that was scarlet red like blood. It similarly possessed a terrifying divine flame that burned the void until it distorted, pushing aside the yin mist.

There was no lack of divine level experts in this group of vicious birds. They belonged to the Hundred Birds Mercenary Group. They received ample compensation to wipe out Celestial Race's descendants. 

They were quite famous in Demon Province. Perhaps they couldn't be considered the most powerful Mercenary Group, but they were extremely fast. If they were on a pursuit mission, few powers could compare to them. 


A lightning bird shone. A streak of lightning flew out as soon as it opened its mouth, blasting a shorter mountain apart. Smoke and dust flew in all directions.

"Things aren't looking too good. It will be difficult to break away from them." Shi Hao frowned.

"Yi, that's the Ape Devil's cry!" Yun Xi was alarmed, and then its expression changed. 

"What happened?" Shi Hao didn't understand. 

"Even though there are only a few Ape Devils within a range of ten thousand li, they like to stay together. It seems to have called its companions to deal with us." Yun Xi explained.

There were enemies up ahead and pursuers in the rear. The situation was terrible.

In the air, the group of vicious birds circled about. 

"They should have headed in that direction." A vicious bird spoke. Its head was similar to that of a mastiff, but the other parts of its body were like a vicious bird.

It had an innate divine ability. Its nose was extremely sensitive, able to use special symbol divine abilities to sense the other party's whereabouts even if they concealed their aura.

Several dozen vicious birds spread their wings and rushed into the depths of the ancient battlefield. 


An Ape Devil roared. Its gaze was crimson red, and the scales covering its entire body expanded. It actually rose from a mountain and quickly threw itself towards the vicious birds in the air. 

This happened too abruptly. The Ape Devil was incredibly powerful with an unmatched physical body. It was incredibly fast. As soon as it landed on the golden bird's body, it ferociously erupted with power, tearing it apart. Blood splashed high into the air. 

"Kill it!"

The Golden Crow in the lead was furious. It opened its mouth and spat out fire dao symbols to kill this demonic creature. 


However, this ape was too fast. Even though it was brushed by the symbol light, it was still useless. Its flesh was immune to magical force. Meanwhile, it had already jumped onto the body of another vicious bird. 

It was extremely vicious. Its fist smashed about, blasting a vicious bird's head to pieces. White brain matter and crimson blood erupted at the same time. 

It then quickly jumped to another great bird. With a peng sound, the ground split apart, and then it disappeared into the mist.

In the darkness, Shi Hao and Yun Xi saw everything clearly. They both gasped. This Ape Devil was too powerful. 

"This one is even more frightening. It is definitely at the peak of the Divine Flame Realm with ridiculously powerful flesh. The Ape Devils are quite territorial and do not allow outsiders to barge in. We now have quite the play to watch." Yun Xi smiled. She released a pent-up breath.

Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise. He never expected that both sides would begin fighting before he had to do anything himself. 

"Kill it!" The group of vicious birds were furious. Wings took to the skies as they quickly chased after it. 

On the ground, a white haired old Ape Devil suddenly leapt up, rushing several hundred zhang into the air like a streak of black lightning. With a pu sound, it grabbed a vicious bird and tore it apart in the blink of an eye. 

"Courting death!" The Golden Crow was furious. It spewed out flames and swooped down towards the old Ape Devil.


Immediately after, demonic figures appeared in large numbers. They all shot out like arrows that left their bowstrings, rushing into the skies to erupt with divine might.

Their bodies were sparkling and their flesh shining. Their bodies were powerful to the extent of making Shi Hao shiver inwardly. It was just an ancient battlefield, yet such a powerful body refining expert appeared. 


In the sky, blood blossomed everywhere. They had just exchanged attacks, yet seven or eight vicious birds were shot down. Blood dyed the skies red, and brilliant feathers withered. Corpses continuously fell.

Of course, when an old Ape Devil was targeted by the leading Golden Crow, it was injured as well. The so-called magical force immunity still had its limits. 


A unique tall and large Ape Devil roared. It leapt up and erupted with dark light. It faced the Golden Crow, using its its flesh to scatter the other party's divine flames and symbols. 

This was a great battle. The Hundred Birds Mercenary Group's vicious birds suffered greatly. This dangerous place filled with yin energy did not suit them. They had eleven experts killed with two of them being divine level creatures. 

Meanwhile, the Ape Devils miraculously didn't lose a single member. Only a single one was heavily injured and two of them lightly injured. 


The Golden Crow and Firecloud Sparrow were both shocked. They ended up encountering this type of monster who was practically immune to magical force. They felt a sense of helplessness. Even though they were angry, they still chose to back off.

This place became quiet. Shi Hao was hidden in the distance, seeing everything clearly. His eyes shone with light, and grave waves stirred within him. A wave of heat was running through his entire body. 

This type of body refinement route, for him, was too enticing. If he could become immune to magical force, making it difficult for symbols to harm his flesh, his strength would increase sharply!

"What kind of path is this?"

Suddenly, a miserable howl tore through his line of thought. Nine Ape Devils turned into streaks of black lightning as they rushed over quickly to surround him.

"Hurry and leave!" Yun Xi's expression was pale. Against this type of creature, even if it was a Divine Flame Realm expert, they would feel a great headache. Their physical bodies were powerful, and magical force was ineffective against them. These were the worst types of creatures to provoke. 

Shi Hao's expression became grave, but he wasn't scared. Since he was surrounded, he'll just slaughter his way out!

Even if these nine Ape Devils were equivalent to Divine Flame Realm experts, he was still fearless. If it was just in terms of physical power, his constitution was not weaker than these nine terrifying creatures. 

As for the other party's immunity towards magical force, it didn't mean much against him. 

"Don't worry about me, just escape by yourself." Yun Xi's face paled. She knew that even if an exceptional talent encountered nine Ape Devils, they would most likely die.

"Don't worry, how can I be weaker than someone?" Shi Hao put her down and then smiled towards her. 

In that instant, Yun Xi's heart skipped a beat. When she saw that brilliant smile and pure white teeth, for some reason, she felt a suddenly unsettled. It was because she felt that it was a bit familiar. In the lower realm, there was someone who always had this type of confidence.

"I need to get to the bottom of this magical force immunity. For me, it is an extremely great path!" Shi Hao said to himself. 

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