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Chapter 698 - Great Escape

"You still aren't coming out?" Above the Blood Plains, the Heavenly Deity stood there alone, overlooking everyone below. When she spoke up to this point, her aura changed completely, crushing down on everyone's minds like a great mountain. 

"Senior, it is not something related to us!" Some people were scared, fearing that she would unleash a great slaughter. 


In midair, a low barbaric ox roar sounded. Then, black energy billowed outwards, the soundwaves shaking the world like heavenly thunder as it resounded through these plains. 

The black ox head on the Heavenly Deity's left shoulder opened its eyes and roared. It was incomparably terrifying. There were actually black ripples spreading outwards and shaking the void!


Many people cried out loudly. There were several thousand people in the prairie below, but at this moment, many of those figures exploded into bloody mists under that barbaric ox's roar. 

This type of scene was too terrifying. Black ripples spread outwards and sound waves shook the skies. In the blink of an eye, three thousand bodies exploded, losing their lives then and there. 

There were still some who were living, but they were bleeding from their seven apertures. They were all doing everything they could to resist, quite a few of them deities. In the end, however, it was still not enough. 

This was like hell on earth. Not even Divine Flame Realm experts were enough. The divine flames around their bodies went dim, and then they were extinguished. Their bodies and souls both exploded. 

Shi Hao originally wanted to put on the tattered armor and use the Earth shrinking into inches divine ability as well as release the heavenly river's curse, but he found that symbol light appeared around him.

There were a few experts that held secret treasures, protecting this place. Meanwhile, Yun Xi even grabbed him, pulling him into the protection of these symbols. 

"Xi'er, why are you pulling him over?" An elder frowned. Pulling an outsider in could result in many unforeseen accidents.

"He has saved me before," said Yun Xi. She had Shi Hao stand in the symbol light and not leave the cover of the secret treasure.

The experts didn't say anything. From their perspective, how could this be considered saving? However, they didn't want to bicker on this topic either. Their expressions all became grave as they looked into the sky. 

"Haha… there really were some fish that escaped the net. It seems like I made the right decision in coming here!" The Heavenly Deity in the sky spoke, carrying a sternness and coldness. 

Earlier, she wasn't sure, but now, her suspicions had been confirmed!

"Senior, you are just willfully slaughtering the innocent and massacring indiscriminately! Do you not fear the disrupting the harmony of heaven?" An elder from the Celestial Race said. 

"If you all stood out earlier, wouldn't it have been fine?" The three-headed Heavenly Deity said coldly. At her cultivation realm, she could do whatever she desired. She didn't concern herself with this at all. 

She stared at Yun Xi, and then she smiled faintly. In an incomparably cold manner, she said, "The heaven's mandate stone is on your body, merging with you. However, I should still be able to extract it."

There wasn't a single person on the scene whose expression didn't change. This heavenly deity was ruthless, wishing to seize natural luck and ruin another's foundation. 

This was definitely intolerable for the Celestial Race. One has to understand that the change from man to heaven was too difficult, yet now, one such person was about to appear. How could they allow an outsider to harm her?

"This time, your Celestial Race's harvest isn't small at all. In the archaic past, your race collected six heaven's mandate stones, promoting six individual's lives to the peak. In this world, you all unexpectedly obtained four of them, similarly astonishing. However, the result is completely different, because you all will not be given the time to grow up, and it will be difficult for the Celestial Emperor Race to reappear!"

"Senior, by slaughtering like this and bullying the weak, do you not fear retaliation? My Celestial Race's ancient ancestor is still alive!" An elder shouted. 

"Are you threatening me? Are you saying that one of the six great celestials of the archaic era that had evolved to the pinnacle is still alive? You should stop trying to put up such a front, haha…" The woman laughed, and then her eyes became cold, "I already received news that it is impossible for him to appear. He cannot intimidate the world any longer."

"My ancient ancestor will revive!" An old woman shouted loudly.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was greatly shaken. There was unexpectedly one of the six great celestials from the era of Celestial Race's Emperor Clan still alive, but there seems to be some problem with him. 

"Heaven's mandate stone can only merge with the body of a youth. If these four young geniuses are not eliminated, four unmatched celestials will be born. This type of situation cannot be allowed to take place!" The female Heavenly Deity's voice was cold. "The other three's paths might be difficult to meddle in, but this one is destined to be easily destroyed."

When she spoke up to this point, she raised a palm, and then she slowly pressed downwards. Her sparkling white jade hand released multicolored light, shaking the entire great earth until it collapsed. Rubble flew everywhere. 

"Ah…" The divine flames around the remaining several hundred people's bodies were wiped out, and their bodies crumpled apart inch by inch, losing their lives here.

This type of scene was too terrifying. He was incomparably calm. It was just a palm that lightly descended, yet this type of terrifying scene of the great earth sinking was produced.

In addition, that hand alone wiped out groups of deities!

The Celestial Race were here. Sounds of the secret treasure cracking rang through the air. The few great experts couldn't hold on anymore. They weren't this individual's opponent at all, because in the end, she was a Heavenly Deity.

"Martial ancestor, where are you? Please hurry and display your might!" Several old celestials shouted. 


In the distance, a frail figure rushed over, one that was a bit shorter than normal people. However, he carried a millstone sized mace. He brandished it about, smashing it towards the Heavenly Deity in the void.

"You are already close to the end of the line, yet you are going to stake it all against me. You will die from exhaustion sooner or later." The female heavenly deity with three heads said coldly. The elephant on her right shoulder roared, swinging its silver trunk over. It was like a heavenly blade, and with a dang sound, it smashed into the mace, releasing keng qiang sounds. 

"Hand over your life!" The Celestial Race expert roared. Even though he was dried and shriveled, his divine force was matchless. He was a Heavenly Deity as well. He brandished the mace about, smashing the void until it began to smash apart. Rumbling sounds rang through the air. 

At this moment, the mountain peaks in the distance were like rice straw. Under the fluctuations of the world-shaking divine force, they flew high into the sky, as if they were light as a feather. 


The Heavenly Deity that had three heads retaliated. She reached out a lotus-like arm. Her entire body erupted with divine radiance to suppress and kill the Celestial Race's Heavenly Deity. 

"You all should hurry up and go!" The Celestial Race elder that held the divine mace spoke as he held off the female Heavenly Deity.

"It's useless. Unless some of the other three groups succeed in breaking out, all four groups will be completely wiped out. At the very least, your group is done for." The female heavenly deity said coldly.

"Not bad, the celestial on this route can be killed." A pitiless voice sounded. The silver robed Heavenly Deity appeared again. In his hands was a shining spear. 

Silver light began to erupt all around him. The aura was terrifying, and the divine might was world-shaking. 

"My Celestial Race has declined, but it is still an undying inheritance, not a power just anyone can go against." Right at this moment, another figure appeared in the distant skies. It was a purple-haired middle-aged individual. 

"Interesting, there are two Heavenly Deities on this route, but it is still not enough. You all are still going to die!" The silver robed heavenly deity roared and rushed forward. 


The heavens were pierced through. He held the silver spear with one arm and slaughtered towards the purple haired Heavenly Deity.

A world-shocking battle erupted. Two pairs of Heavenly Deities were fighting a life and death battle. They were all fighting with everything they had. 

"Hurry and leave!" The Celestial Race's two great Heavenly Deities ordered. It was because they felt that things were not going to end well. There were many demonic figures in the distance. There were unexpectedly large groups of experts that surrounded this place. 

These people couldn't interfere with the Heavenly Deities' battle, but they now had people who were strong enough to hold off these Heavenly Deities. 


The Celestial Race Heavenly Deity that held the great mace fought the three headed woman while sending out a palm to blast a group of demonic figures to death. In addition, he grabbed out towards Yun Xi's group, and then he flung them into the distant sky. 

This was a great escape!

Shi Hao felt a wave of speechlessness. He was unexpectedly swept along, unable to leave on his own even if he wanted to. It was because he heard a few secrets that he shouldn't have heard. 

The expressions of the experts guarding Yun Xi were not pleasant, clearing having the urge to kill him to prevent the secret from getting out. However, they were stopped by Yun Xi. 

"Hurry up and leave! You must return alive!" One of Celestial Race's experts turned around to look at the great battle, his face full of worry. He didn't know if his clan's two Heavenly Deities could win. 

They had to deliver Yun Xi who had merged with the heaven's mandate stone back, or else all of their efforts would have been in vain. 

"I wonder how the other three groups are doing?" They were also worrying about the other three geniuses that merged with heaven's mandate stone. It was difficult to predict life or death.


In the rear, heaven and earth trembled. Light erupted in tens of thousands of streaks. The four great Heavenly Deities erupted with true flames. There were people who long ignited their own bodies, wishing to carry out mutual self-destruction. 

"Will my Celestial Race rise with glory again, becoming a higher realm Emperor Clan? Win or lose, it all ends here! If those four young ones can all return alive, in the future, who will be scared of who?!" The Celestial Race elder that was currently fleeing was roaring with a low voice. 

"Clan elder, do not worry. My race will definitely be able to reproduce its past glory," said Yun Xi. 

Unfortunately, reality was too cruel. A roar of anger sounded soon after from the rear. One of the Celestial Race's Heavenly Deities self-destructed. Blood dyed the skies. The battle was ended in such a bitter and miserable manner.

The great battle of Heavenly Deities ended. One of them self-destructed, and the blast wave affected both friend and foe. The nearby experts were all gravely injured.

"The Heavenly Deities that are alive all went into hiding to treat their injuries. They will not come chasing after us for some time. They will fear being killed by others too." An elder beside Yun Xi spoke. 


Blood splashed high into the air. Celestial Race's elder's right hand spurted out blood, almost being hacked apart. 

When he raised his hair to look at the skies, he saw that a group of vicious birds appeared overhead. They were of different races, but were all extremely powerful.


This was a great pursuit. Shi Hao cursed inwardly towards his bad luck. Everything was fine originally, but he was actually swept along. It really was a bit against his will.

"Clan elder, let him go. Just drop him off anywhere. Don't let them follow us anymore," Yun Xi said. It was because keeping Shi Hao at their side was the same as harming him.

Two days later, the two protectors' died one after another, dying under the pursuit. They were both killed in battle. 

Yun Xi was injured as well with half her body bleeding, almost having part of her vitals struck by the blade radiance that was released from a vicious bird's mouth.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao who was originally swept along was in good health, recovering his freedom.

Shi Hao sighed. He really was unlucky this time, strangely being swept up into this kind of chaos. However, he obviously couldn't just watch Yun Xi be killed. 

"Are you familiar with the Blood Plains?" He asked softly. He carried Yun Xi on his back while moving as fast as lightning, using the Earth shrinking into inches withdrawal divine ability to speed along.

"If there really is no way, then we can only charge into the bloody battlefield overflowing with yin energy and ghost matter." Yun Xi said softly. She was extremely dejected. The experts that were in charge of protecting her all unexpectedly died.

She didn't know whether the other three geniuses from the clan were able to break out. The heaven's mandate stone was too important, but they ended up provoking this type of disaster. 

During the following few days, they all struggled during this life and death escape, fearing that their pursuers would find them. This was especially true if the heavenly deities appeared, as they would undoubtedly die then.

In the end, they had no choice. Shi Hao chose to enter the dangerous land. With Yun Xi on his back, he rushed into the roiling yin mists and separated himself from the outside world. 

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