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Chapter 697 - Heaven Change

"Mo Xi!" Shi Hao said, saying this name. He also told her that she didn't have to be so polite, because it wasn't that big of a deal. 

Yun Xi was shocked. The expression on her fine jade like face was a bit unnatural. Her brightly color small mouth were slightly opened. She felt that this was quite strange, because this person's name was quite similar to her own.

"The young devil king Huang is so formidable. Could it be that this chaos was stirred up because of him?"

The others were still discussing this. Forget about everything else, just the glory of killing exceptional talents and defeating Immortal Palace's inheritor was already enough to produce a huge sensation. 

This kind of person would definitely rise up in the higher realms, becoming a heavenly genius that was definitely going to stir up great chaos!

Many people thought that this disaster was related to him. 

"I wonder what kind of background those two golden sheets have to make even heavenly deities jealous. It has to be a priceless treasure."

"People like us should not concern ourselves with this type of thing. Someone who even killed exceptional talents without remorse will definitely throw the higher realms into chaos. Even now, several tens of provinces are already greatly shaken."

Shi Hao listened carefully. He never expected the effects to be so far great and far-reaching. 

Everyone was extremely nervous along the way. No one knew what was going to happen. They were already in the depths of the Blood Plains, yet they could still vaguely see the formation and symbol light in the distance. 

This was precisely what a Heavenly Deity was capable of. Once one took action, mountains would collapse and seas would roar. All types of changes would be produced in this world. 

"A single hand from that silver robed man suppressed several tens of thousands of experts. It really is too formidable…" Shi Hao said to himself. He sighed lightly. 

"It is because he is a Heavenly Deity. His achievements are extraordinary, putting him far above everyone else, allowing him to overlook all creatures." Yun Xi said. 

Heavenly Deity, this kind of powerful existence normally remained in isolation. They normally wouldn't lightly interfere with the rest of the world. They were all studying the path of immortality, seeking the road of undying. 

The Blood Plains were boundless, with its scope covering more than a hundred thousand li. Even though everyone had long arrived in the depths of this place, there was still a long way left to go. 

Several days later, they saw an enormous city made of enormous red rocks. The towering city carried signs of the passage of time as it rested above the horizon. 

There were twelve enormous cities total on the prairie under the control of twelve Devil Kings, and it was precisely these individuals who controlled the great 'void restricting' formation, locking down these plains. 

The one that could make these twelve Devil Kings make this decision was definitely terrifying with shocking backing. 

"Are you going to enter the city?" Yun Xi asked.

Shi Hao nodded. He felt that stopping here for some time might be safer. Otherwise, someone might very well target him along the way.

"I am entering the city too," said Yun Xi. She had a feeling that the disturbance this time was terrifying, and that things were definitely not going to be settled just like that. The road ahead would likely be even more dangerous. 

When they reached this city, many people chose to continue moving instead of stopping. They hoped to leave these Blood Plains a bit earlier. There were some that were frightened and decided to stay here for some time. 

Several days later, Shi Hao went on his way again, because he heard some news that after the great battle between heavenly deities, both sides suffered with neither side winning. Things seemed to have ended. 

Despite this being the case, everyone was still extremely cautious and careful when they left the city. The price of mercenaries shot up during this period of time, because no one was willing to rashly take risks. 

Fortunately, in the following half month, it was comparatively more calm without any dangers happening.

Due to being sealed by a great formation, they still hadn't made it through these hundreds of thousands of li of Blood Plains. There was still some time left before they would make it out. 

"I feel like you are quite familiar." Yun Xi looked at the youth beside her. Now that they had traveled together for some time, they could be considered 'acquaintances'. 

"Could it be that we met before?" Shi Hao pretended to be surprised. He told her that he was someone from Demon Province and had always cultivated with his master in the mountains, so he rarely came out.

"After being with you for some time, I feel a strange sense of deja vu. I think we might have met before." Yun Xi shook her head. Her hair fell downwards. She didn't reveal her true appearance, but despite not doing so, she was still extremely beautiful.

Shi Hao felt rather strange. Yun Xi's divine senses were extraordinary after all. He feared that if they continued like this, he might be recognized. 

"Did you come out to improve yourself? The gathering of geniuses from all three thousand provinces will begin soon. Are you going to participate too?" Yun Xi asked. Her large eyes moved about. 

Shi Hao nodded and said, "Cultivating in the mountains lacks experience. Master wants me to look around. Also, everyone is looking forward to this gathering that will inevitably shake up the higher realms' three thousand provinces, so how can I miss out?"

Along the way, Shi Hao saw a few loose cultivators and quite a few mercenaries roaming about these Blood Plains. 

This was an ancient battlefield. The reason the earth was red was because it was dyed in divine blood. There were too many creatures buried here, and there were even more so a few forbidden existences. 

The so-called chaotic war ground wasn't just empty words. Demons had wreaked havoc here before, fighting unendingly.

Meanwhile, it was precisely because of this that blood and yin energy accumulated here, producing a stalk of rare Blood Soul Grass that could strengthen one's soul. 

That was why even though it was extremely dangerous with some areas surrounded by yin mist and supernatural existences year round, there were still some cultivators who came here in search of precious herbs. 

Relatively speaking, however, most of the people who were hurrying to Heaven Province took the direct path with few deciding to enter those terrifying battlefield ruins, so they didn't encounter any of those sinister things. 

"There's another hundred thousand or so li left before we reach Heaven Province. I really, really hope nothing bad happens… This old one's heart cannot take it, to actually end up going through a heavenly deity attack at this age…" An elder who wore black feather clothes spoke. His voice was hoarse, as if a duck was crying outwards. 

"Old crow, why did you open your mouth again? Please don't jinx us! I've noticed that your race really are messengers of death. Any bad things you all say really do happen." There were those that were nervous and said this half-jokingly. 

"How could that be…" The elder who wore black feathered clothes' expression froze when he spoke up to here. He gazed into the distant skies. 

Meanwhile, in the surroundings, everyone's expressions went rigid, and their hearts became anxious and frightened. A terrifying figure was flying towards this place, forming an absolutely shocking scene. 

Before sound even reached this place, the person itself had already arrived. The aura being exerted was terrifying, oppressing everyone to the point of suffocation. 

When it got closer, the figure suddenly stopped. Powerful winds swept out, continuing to blow forward. Many people cried out in alarm as they were swept up into the sky. Then, they were directly torn apart into bloody mist.

In addition, large cracks extended into the distance along the great earth, stretching in this direction. These were all brought about by that figure, created by the powerful fluctuations. 

Only now did a terrifying rumbling sound reach everyone's ears like thunder. It made heaven and earth tremble. This really was just too horrifying. 

Heavenly Deity!

It was clear that another Heavenly Deity descended, appearing here. It was extremely frightening. 

This was a strange creature with three heads. The center had a female head with a rather beautiful appearance and blonde hair. On the left shoulder was a bull head that was pitch-black and sparkling, and even the horns were jet-black. On the right shoulder was an elephant head that was silvery white like metal. Its nose coiled about and had electrical radiance curling about it. 

This Heavenly Deity's appearance was strange, but it could only be more powerful than that silver-robed individual. Just by standing there, its presence distorted the void. The great earth was splitting apart, and terrifying fluctuation spread outwards. 

She simply flew over, yet the divine force and strong winds stirred on by these seemingly normal movements sent close to a thousand people into the air and made them explode. One could well imagine how terrifying this power was.

"Interesting, actually managing to hide from the silver robe and remaining inside this group. This time, you aren't going to be that lucky!" The beautiful head at the center spoke. Its golden hair shone brightly. 

"Senior, this has nothing to do with us! We have to ask you for forgiveness."

"Heavenly deity above, may I ask who your distinguished self is searching for? We are willing to help you."

A few people were scared badly, immediately saying these things. They didn't wish another tragedy to play out. Not long ago, that silver robed heavenly deity had killed several tens of thousands of creatures. 

Meanwhile, this heavenly deity was similarly terrifying. Just flying here resulted in the death of a thousand. Who dared to fight against this?

"I am looking for Celestial Race's young one." The creature in the void spoke coldly.

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. As expected, it came for Yun Xi's group.

Everyone was shocked. They were looking for trouble with the Celestial Race?

One had to understand that the Celestial Race was extremely terrifying. A long time ago, it was ranked among the ten most powerful creatures. They had overlooked countless races in the higher realms, one of the true 'emperor races' of the three thousand provinces.

Of course, that was a thing of the archaic past. Only the few clans that were ranked at the very forefront had the qualifications of calling themselves emperor clans. 

In the present age, even though the Celestial Race were no longer as incredible, it was still terrifying. Its backing was deep, and no one was willing to provoke them. Rumors had it that there was an old celestial race individual that was still alive from the archaic era in this race. This individual could intimidate all three thousand provinces!

That old celestial had experienced the race's most glorious emperor clan era, basically a living fossil. 

"Celestial Race, a clan that can change one from man to heaven. You all want to recreate your glory from the archaic era? It is impossible this time!" The voice of the heavenly deity in the void was extremely cold. 

Everyone's heart trembled. They thought of a legend. 

The reason the Celestial Race had this name was because when evolved to the limit, a 'man to heaven' would take place, displaying an extreme transformation of life.

However, since the ancient times, just how many celestials could truly reproduce the 'man to heaven'?

Rumors had it that in the archaic era, or when the Celestial Race could be called an Emperor Clan of the higher realms, they had six figures like this total, and that was why they could overlook everyone else. 

Originally, having a single one after many generations was already incredible, and this single individual was already quite the special matter. 

A group of extremely talented youngsters from this race entered a special place, obtaining a total of six 'heaven's mandate stones', allowing six people to evolve to the extreme, recreating the clan's unrivaled legend. 

Now that the heavenly deity in the void spoke like this and hinted towards this, could it be that this race was heading back towards its past glory?

"That kind of glory cannot reappear in this world. Even if you truly entered that ancient land again and obtained those heaven's mandate stones, there's no way they can be evolved!"

The words of this heavenly deity made everyone's minds tremble.

As expected, the legend was true. The Celestial Race in this era went looking for the heaven's mandate stones to create several exceptional experts to change from man to heaven. 

The so-called heaven change was related to this.

The Celestial Race wanted to recreate their past glory and accomplish the Emperor Clan legend. 

Meanwhile, for the inheritances that had grudges against this race, they were definitely against this. They were trying to stop this from happening, and this was the reason for the so-called heaven change operation. 

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