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Chapter 689 

The Child of Lightning's temperament was outstanding. There was lightning all around him, and his entire being was bathed within golden light like a war god. He was a well-known figure among exceptional talents and had a brilliant reputation.


Above his head appeared a bone pagoda. It was accompanied by a terrifying aura, scattering down streak after streak of lightning to protect his body. 


Then, his palm shone. A golden heavenly spear appeared, and it was gripped in his hands. It was incomparably sharp and terrifying to the extreme. 

Symbols appeared on the heavenly spear one after another, engraving themselves on its surface, mysterious and complex. This was not a true metal weapon and was instead one formed from lightning!


The Child of Lightning took action, taking the initiative to rush at Shi Hao. It was because he knew that a fight was unavoidable between the two, so since this was the case, he might as well seize the initiative. 

He held the heavenly spear in his hands and brandished it forward. It carried a misty haze, and at the same time a blinding golden light. Heaven and earth resonated in response, simultaneously shaking.

This strike's power was shocking!

Shi Hao didn't underestimate him. This person was blessed by the heavens in the dao of lightning. It descended one stormy night, the heavenly lightning striking down on his skull. Instead of disappearing, it left behind an un unmatched symbol.

A qiang sounded. A heavenart halberd appeared in Shi Hao's hands. It was sparkling and dazzling. The halberd blade was shining. This was also created from lightning, but it carried metal attributed killing energy.

A hong sounded. He brandished it about, clashing with that golden heavenly spear. They opposed each other with equal harshness with neither side backing down. 

As a result, blinding rays of light filled the sky. The entire dao platform became as bright as daytime, and it became even more blinding. Everyone couldn't help but close their eyes. 

It was because right now, the rays of light were burning too brilliantly. These two weapons were both produced by lightning. The moment they collided, they immediately erupted. Golden lightning drowned out the void. 


It was as if heaven and earth were collapsing, as if ghost were wailing and deities weeping. A boundless expanse appeared between heaven and earth with electrical arcs everywhere. Every inch of the void was covered in lightning, as if a great golden sea was roiling. 

Many people berated outwards, loudly cursing. 

These two's confrontation's shockwaves were too great. Everyone had no choice but to defend themselves. The only fortunate thing was that they were still rather far from the center of the lightning. 

Despite this being the case, quite a few people suffered from this clash, having their bodies scorched black and their hairs shocked until they stood on end. There were even a group of people who fell onto the golden dao platform and coughed out blood from their mouths. 

"En?" Shi Hao's eyes narrowed. He felt as if there was some kind of change taking place below the praying mat. That golden sheet was absorbing the lightning force, trembling lightly as a result.

Meanwhile, the Child of Lightning revealed a look of shock as well. He inadvertently gave that direction a glance. 

Shi Hao's mind jumped. This person's spiritual senses were sharp, unexpectedly noticing that mysterious inheritance. He was also paying close attention and waiting for an opportunity!

The golden sheet was suppressed below the praying mat. It was normally impossible to detect. The reason Shi Hao was able to sense it was because he had the other golden sheet on him. He only became aware of its existence because there was a reaction between the two. 


The Child of Lightning's eyes erupted, starting to shine brilliantly like two suns. He shouted with a cold voice, "Purely in terms of lightning natural laws, you are still not enough!"

The heavenly spear gripped in his hands became even more resplendent and incomparably sharp. He swept it at Shi Hao with the power to destroy an army of thousands, releasing wuwu sounds. 

During this process, golden multicolored radiance shone blindingly, accompanied by lightning. There were demonic god void figures, making this heavenly spear look like a legendary war god's weapon. 


Shi Hao faced his enemy head on. The great halberd in his hands erupted with auspicious radiance as it collided with this vicious weapon. It was incomparably brilliant, and both weapons' sharp tips clashed. Ear-splitting sounds rang through the air. 

It was not just the sound of metal colliding. Lightning erupted everywhere as well. 

Apart from this, terrifying symbols appeared one after another. They were all lightning dao natural laws, interweaving in the skies, dyeing the two until they became golden deities. 

"Kill!" Shi Hao shouted. There was no need for excessive words. They brandished the battle halberds and slaughtered over again. 

At the same time, all types of plants took root densely in the void. An azure lake formed as well, following Shi Hao and swirling about him. It was like a true world. 

On the side, a similar scene was taking place. The void produced precious trees. They scattered down snow white petals that swirled around the Child of Lightning. In addition, a simple earthen-colored ground formed beneath his feat that was thick and boundless. 

It was clear that the two individuals' lightning precious techniques had been cultivated to a terrifying level. This type of nature and daoist way exceeded an ordinary person's imagination.


The two collided. A great explosion erupted, and even the void became indistinct. This place became a source of destruction. 

"Accept death!" The Child of Lightning roared. He truly was strong. He was bestowed a symbol from the heavens. Lightning wrapped around him. He was called the Child of Lightning. On the path of lightning dao, his achievements were great enough to make one's heart tremble!

In front of his body, a hundred and eight heavenly dragons appeared. They were all produced by symbols. They released ear-splitting draconic cries that terrified one to their soul.

In addition, the bone pagoda above his head began to shine, releasing holy aura that seeped into the bodies of these dragons. It immediately made them appear more real. They opened their eyes together, as if they had life, and then they threw themselves at Shi Hao. 

He was the Child of Lightning, so his magical artifacts were naturally related to lightning.


Draconic cries rang through the air. Heaven and earth were trembling and a terrifying aura rang through the air. These were heavenly dragons formed from lightning. While moving their heads and tails, the hundred and eight dragons all pounced outwards. 


Shi Hao also activated his magical artifact. The pill furnace suspended above his head to protect him, but he didn't send out the heavenly river. He only defended himself, resisting the bone pagoda above his opponent's head. 

At this moment, a pair of lightning wings appeared behind him, but it had the Kun Peng's power infused into it. Both sides' natural laws intersected, making Shi Hao's aura erupt. He then rushed over.


The weapons clashed, and the sounds of heavenly dragons roaring resounded through the air. It became increasingly intense. 

One could see that Shi Hao entered a life and death situation. Thick dragon bodies spun around, covering him. Dragonic scales flickered with cold radiance. The dragon claws were incomparably sharp, and they also opened their dragon maws, trying several times to devour him. 


Shi Hao activated the Kun Peng technique, concealing it within lightning. He rushed forward, fighting this great battle with no thought of personal safety. He slaughtered dragons here, blasting several heavenly dragons apart. It was as if blood was splashing out, but it was just red lightning. 

The Child of Lightning's eyes shone. Two unique streaks of lightning shot out from his eyes, one black and one white. They pierced through Shi Hao's body protecting symbols, drawing blood from one side of his neck. The power was shocking. 

This made many people cry out in shock. They had severely underestimated the Child of Lightning's strength. His methods were terrifying and his strength was astonishing. 


Shi Hao's eyes narrowed. Great yin and great yang power separately surged towards his hands. He began to form an imprint, and then he fiercely attacked outwards. In an instant, the great yin and great yang force collided, erupting with strands of chaotic energy. 


The Child of Lightning coughed out blood, and only after flying far out did he stabilize himself. He stood within the lightning. Electrical arcs released pi pa sounds. His eyes were ice cold as they stared at Shi Hao. 

"It's about time to end things!" Shi Hao shouted The two already exchanged over a hundred moves. He decided to carry out the final strike. He couldn't stall any longer.

"I am going to take your life!" Even though the Child of Lightning was injured, he was still arrogant, not willing to admit defeat. His skull suddenly shone, connecting to the heavens, blinding to the extreme.


Everyone became shocked. They were all surprised. Even the people that were currently fighting great battles turned their heads towards this direction. This scene was too shocking!

That was a streak of lightning that rushed up from the crown of his skull directly into the heavens. That type of might left the people here horrified. The most terrifying thing was that there were actually strands of immortal dao energy. 

"Terrifying! Worthy of being symbols bestowed upon by the heavens, actually having this type of fluctuations!"

Everyone believed that even if it was the Child of Lightning, he could only rely on the crown of his skull to display the complete profound mysteries. Otherwise, if he was just relying on his flesh, without drawing assistance from this primordial true bone, it was difficult to display such great power.

In that instant, the lightning that rushed into the heavens condensed, forming an expanse of patterns that shone resplendently. They rushed at Shi Hao and carried out a suppression!

This was an exceptional talent's precious technique, the lightning symbols bestowed by the heavens. It now truly appeared, and its might was endless!

A weng sounded. The surface of Shi Hao's body shone. The reincarnation profound mysteries surfaced. Meanwhile, his fist shone as well. This was the Kun Peng technique. He wasn't worried, believing that with both precious techniques, he could kill the Child of Lightning.

Suddenly, something shocking happened. The lightning released from the Child of Lightning's crown accompanied with immortal dao energy quickly flew towards the praying mat. It actually changed directions!

Shi Hao was shocked. It was unexpectedly that golden sheet! It absorbed the lightning dao precious technique, and that made the paper more and more brilliant. In addition, it was trembling, as if it was going to overturn the praying mat and struggle free. 

"No!" The Child of Lightning became fearful, crying out in distress. His precious technique lost its effects, while the other party already slaughtered over.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn't let this opportunity go. He suddenly erupted with power, rushing forward. With a hong sound, a fist blasted through the lightning barrier, and then it smashed through the Child of Lightning's chest. Blood immediately splashed more than ten meters high.

The snow white chest bone snapped, accompanied by the flying of blood. In addition, the heart inside the chest already began to split, and then it exploded. 

This fist's power was just too great. When the Kun Peng's power was condensed within that fist, it gathered without dissipating. Even though it wasn't fully displayed, this type of divine force was unstoppable.


Then, Shi Hao's body's innate ability also condensed, emerging in his palm and fingers, hidden without leaking outwards. It blasted through the Child of Lightning's body, blasting him into pieces. 

"En?" Shi Hao was shocked. He wanted to obtain the heavenly crown bone that contained the lightning symbol, but in the end, that bone pagoda shone, wrapping around the Child of Lightning's broken body and quickly sped into the distance. 

Shi Hao wanted to give chase, but he endured that urge, because another shocking thing happened that was extremely important. 

That golden sheet swayed, about to overturn the praying mat. In the end, it caused the symbols to erupt. The cyan bone book couldn't remain steady either, about to fall off as well.

The Heavenly Scorpion took action, and the Jade Mantis took action. The deities of the secret realm used their greatest power, cooperating to seize the bone piece.

It was mainly because the golden sheet was trembling, its restrictions being stirred up. It was then going to lift the praying mat, and as a result about to free the cyan bone as well. The great deities worked together to move the bone book!

Suddenly, a symbol flew over that wrapped around the cyan bone book. It successfully raised it up, about to free it from the golden dao platform.

"Damn it!"

"It's you! Kill!" 

Everyone was shocked, and those deities were even more furious. They managed to grab that cyan bone book after expending all of their strength, yet they were intercepted halfway.

That was a male whose entire body was blazing with radiance. The immortal feather battle armor shone, protecting his body. It was precisely Immortal Palace's inheritor. He had disappeared for too long, but was actually waiting for an opportunity this entire time. 

"Great shifting symbol!" Someone was shocked. That symbol light was a symbol seal. It flowed with a mysterious aura. It was a divine symbol refined by an Immortal Palace giant. 

With it, one could move mountains and rivers. It could shift seas, immediately transferring it to the distance. 

Shi Hao's eyes became deep. He knew that this person arrived earlier, because the other party had the void halberd, so he would get here even faster and hurry over a step before he did. He was clearly waiting for an opportunity this entire time, waiting for the restrictions to loosen before decisively taking action. 


The great shifting symbol wasn't able to rush outwards. It smashed into a barrier.

The golden lamp male activated the divine lamp. It was unexpectedly like a sun, releasing brilliant radiance and forming a barrier. It locked down that symbol seal, preventing it from escaping. 

"I've waited a long time for you!" The golden lamp male said. He threw himself over like a prehistoric vicious beast, rushing murderously at Immortal Palace's inheritor to seize that cyan bone book. 

Meanwhile, the others all took action as well to seize Origin Sky Supreme Being's inheritance, because the most critical moment had arrived. 

Shi Hao's eyes shone brilliantly. He directly threw himself at the praying mat. For him, that golden sheet was even more important than the cyan bone piece!

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