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Chapter 688 - Inheritance Precious Technique

The young devil king -- Huang, slaughtered his way back!

Everyone was shocked. This was too fast! He was actually this fast, reappearing after four hours. Those that had acted against him all trembled inwardly, feeling that things were not going to end well. 

One has to understand that even Immortal Palace's inheritor was killed, so Shi Hao had long proved his strength. 

The Child of Lightning, Black Orchid, Taotie, Heavenly Scorpion and the other creatures' eyes all flashed. They released deep divine multicolored light. A great enemy reappeared; the atmosphere immediately became more tense. 

"You, come here and accept death!" Shi Hao pointed at an exceptional talent in front, and at the same time, he looked for his grandfather, the Great Demonic God. Right now, this was his greatest worry. 

However, after searching around once, he didn't find Grandpa Fifteen. He immediately felt dejected. 

"Kill him. He's just one person, so how powerful can he be?" Someone spoke, suggesting for everyone to join hands to kill Shi Hao and eliminate this disaster.

Shi Hao's entire body shone. His eyes were chilly. He stared at those people, ready to erupt with power at any time. 

"Hao'er, you came back!" Right at that moment, Grandpa Fifteen secretly transmitted. His voice was one of great joy.

Shi Hao turned around. He saw Grandpa Fifteen crawl up from the other side of the golden dao platform. His entire body was covered in blood. His injuries weren't light, and there were burnt traces on his body from lightning. There was also a stalk that had pierced through his body, which caused blood to flow outwards. 

Apart from this, there were other injuries. His situation was not looking good at all. 

Shi Hao's eyes immediately became red. After he left, the Great Demonic God experienced a miserable battle. Many people had attacked him, causing him to become heavily injured. 

HIs body was charred black; this was clearly the Child of Lightning's doing. Meanwhile, the vine that pierced through his body and dyed half his body red was clearly the Black Orchid's doing. 

Shi Hao's eyebrows stood on end, his gaze was intimidating. He saw that his grandfather's body was dripping with blood. He couldn't tolerate this!


Shi Hao took action, taking the initiative to atack. He locked onto one of the exceptional talents, deciding to kill one to warn a hundred and intimidate everyone.

"Not good!" The Black Orchid was frightened and quickly retreated. 

Her body was covered in black clothes. Her figure was graceful, and she was quite a beauty. There was even more so an otherworldly nature to her temperament. The so-called secluded orchid in a deserted valley was precisely her true description. 

However, she ruthlessly took action not too long ago, attacking Grandpa Fifteen together with the others. The vine that impaled the Great Demonic God was precisely her work.

Shi Hao stared at this black clad woman. During his most dangerous point, it was precisely this woman that took action ruthlessly, so now that he came back, a battle was unavoidable. There was even less of a need to discuss the matter of her attacking the Great Demonic God together with others. 


Dark light flashed. She retreated several hundred zhang, arriving at the edge of a golden dao platform, but Shi Hao still chased after her, moving while activating lightning. His speed was even faster than hers. 


Simple and direct, Shi Hao's fist smashed outwards. At this moment, his tattered armor shone, making him seem like a tiger that sprouted wings. His magical force was exuberant. Who among the same cultivation realm dared to face him head on?


The Black Orchid's expression changed. Her graceful and seductive body moved about, and like a green bamboo in a storm, she avoided the lightning, moving about flexibly to neutralize this attack.


In that instant, Shi Hao's figure became indistinct. His entire being became as thin as paper. Sword energy shook the skies. Countless little swords were produced within his blood, and his own temperament also changed greatly because of this. 

Right now, he was simply like an immortal sword, with even his flesh becoming flat, turning into sword light as it rushed over. His speed was too fast.

This was the enlightenment he gained in the Spiritual Transformation Realm, and through it, he could establish this type of divine ability. He could turn himself into a cauldron, dao bell, immortal sword, and other things, all of them incomparably tyrannical. 

The human shaped sword hacked through the void and sliced forward!

The black orchid roared. Even though she was female, her fighting strength was astonishing. At this moment, she went crazy. The temperament of the  'secluded orchid in a deserted valley' swept out. She was like a female lunatic. 

Her head of hair flew about chaotically, and then it erupted, turning into branches of orchids. They reached out in a straight line like black spears. 


Sparks flew everywhere. The flesh into sword hacked down on the black spears, releasing keng qiang sounds. Strands of multicolored light flew outwards. 

In the end, the black spears were hacked through one after another. They turned into orchid branches and scattered about on the ground in a mess. The black clad female quickly backed up. 

Her expression changed continuously. She looked towards the others and said, "What are you all waiting for?"

At this moment, someone was trying to move the cyan bone book on the praying mat, and there were others that were watching this side. The situation was quite complicated. 


Sure enough, someone took action, ambushing Shi Hao. 

"Those that obstruct me will all die!" Shi Hao roared loudly. He displayed his true body and supported his only heavenly passage. His eyes were cold. 

He quickly took action again. He still threw himself at the Black Orchid, his entire body becoming a great furnace. It was precisely these types of symbols that flowed through his blood. 

At this moment, his entire being seemed to have turned into a divine furnace. It merged with the heavenly passage around him and erupted with a terrifying aura. 

"Not good!" 

The Black Orchid's expression fell. She was restricted. This fiery radiance surrounded her plant body, making her feel as if she was set aflame. 

She opened her mouth and spat out an expanse of black symbols that formed a bond. Apart from this, there were three orchids that sprouted in the void, suppressing towards Shi Hao. They were going to take root in his body. 

Plant type experts had rather strange attacks. The slightest bit of carelessness would result in one falling into their traps. 

However, Shi Hao was not one of these people. With a honglong sound, blood energy rushed into the heavens. Symbols shone even more resplendently, and he himself turned into a golden furnace that ignited heaven and earth. 

"Ah…" The Black Orchid screamed. 

The orchids in the void were drying up, turning into ashes. Even though her original body was unharmed, she was still in a dangerous situation. 


Shi Hao erupted with power. His only heavenly passage enlarged, and together with a divine furnace, it was going to seal her here.

The Black Orchid struggled with difficulty. She turned into a black divine orchid. Dense mists and terrifying dark light erupted to deal with Shi Hao. 

"Quite unordinary!" Shi Hao nodded his head inwardly. 

However, this was still not enough, unable to stop his power. His only heavenly passage restricted everything, suppressing the Black Orchid. She gradually stopped moving.

However, right at this moment, a blinding streak of light few over. At its black center, a terrifying demonic flower blossomed, and from the core, a brilliant and resplendent silver divine sword fiercely hacked outwards. 


The sword radiance was too sharp. It unexpectedly hacked apart the void and approached with great speed. It brushed past Shi Hao's body, immediately drawing forth a bit of blood. 

It was actually a sword!

This was the Black Orchid's innate precious technique. This was one of its secrets. There was an innate precious sword inside of its petal, and at the crucial moment, it could instantly kill its enemy. 

It was because this sword was extremely terrifying. There were all types of symbols engraved on it, and it absorbed heaven and earth essence. It erupted on the spot, causing heaven and earth to resonate in response. 

It was precisely because of this attack that Shi Hao suffered a loss. He felt as if the world was crushing down on him, slowing his body down, and that was why the silver sword energy brushed past his body, causing blood to blossom. 

This sword was too sharp, or else how could it cut into his unbreakable body?

However, this was all it could do. Shi Hao shifted sideways, and both of his arms shone, one had reincarnation, the other a Kun Peng. They pressed down on the sword from both sides.


A ga beng sounded. The silver divine sword broke, forcibly destroyed by those hands. Symbols erupted dazzlingly, drowning out heaven and earth. 

Everyone became shocked. Just how powerful were those hands?

The Black Orchid screamed miserably. This was her trump card, as well as her most powerful divine ability, yet in the end, it was defeated under these two palms. It left her incomparably horrified and fearful. 

However, if she knew that this was the Kun Peng technique and Shi Hao's innate precious technique, she wouldn't have felt so dejected. 


The only heavenly passage locked down space, imprisoning this place again. The Black Orchid lost her most powerful innate divine sword, which was the same as someone having their supreme being bone broken. Her foundational energy was naturally greatly injured, making her powerless to fight back.


Shi Hao took action, killing her. A broken Black Orchid rested in her place. Medicinal fragrance wafted out, releasing a precious splendor. 

It had been killed before, so the life symbol was useless. This caused Shi Hao to release a look of joy. He put it away. Its medicinal efficacy was definitely not weaker than that of rare holy medicines. 

Not much time had passed, and yet another exceptional talent fell!

"Obtain the inheritance first, and then take action." At this moment, someone transmitted sound. It was a young and childish voice. It came precisely from the snow white little rabbit. It stared with its entirely red eyes, joining up with Cao Yusheng and calling out to Shi Hao. 

"Hao'er, get the precious technique first!" The Great Demonic God secretly spoke. The cyan bone book was right in front of them. Many people were grabbing towards it, yet none of them were able to move it. However, each time, they would always obtain a bit of symbols. 

The bone book shone. As long as one touched its surface, they would have some benefit. 

During these four hours, the ones with the greatest rewards were the golden lamp male and witch, as well as the Heavenly Scorpion and others. They had held the cyan bone book several times. 

Shi Hao walked over with large steps. In his hand was the pill furnace his grandfather passed over. He pressed forward and exchanged attacks with many people. 

The golden lamp male was currently digesting what he obtained. He had just made contact with the bone book, so he retreated to the side to silently comprehend, not stopping Shi Hao. 

There were others in front of him. The deities in particular had divine flames burning fiercely about them. They were incomparably intimidating. 

"Kill!" The little fatty was quite fierce. The third killing formation emerged, its offensive power incomparable. Even the deities felt some restraining fear, needing to avoid its rays. 


Right now, Shi Hao wouldn't do something like worry about a fair battle. The pill furnace leaned to the side, and then a sea of heavenly river poured outwards, attacking everyone in front. 

As expected, when four people joined hands, the results were tremendous. They slaughtered forward, and then all of them reached their hands out towards the cyan bone book. The symbol light erupted. 


In that instant, Shi Hao revealed a look of pleasant surprise. A segment of symbols flowed from his arm into his body, engraving itself in his mind, granting him a type of secret technique.

In addition, it was an invaluable precious technique -- earth to inches withdrawal technique!

This was definitely a great divine ability, one that reached the limit of speed and was comparable to the Kun Peng technique. It was founded by the human race, and from a certain perspective, it was even more suited to Shi Hao. 

He immediately understood what was going on. The cyan bone piece was the inheritance Origin Sky Supreme Being left behind. It definitely contained more than a single precious technique. As the greatest expert of a generation, how could the precious techniques it gathered during its lifetime be few in number?

The Lunar Jade Rabbit, Grandpa Fifteen, and Cao Yusheng obtained some type of insight as well. They all obtained divine abilities. 

The symbols completely projected themselves in Shi Hao's consciousness. He obtained a matchless precious technique -- earth to inches withdrawal technique. This was not only an enlightenment of speed but could also be turned into an offensive precious technique. 

In the next moment, Shi Hao withdrew his hand and left the bone book. He wanted to lift the praying mat and grab the golden sheet pressed below.

However, it didn't move at all, just like the cyan bone piece. It seemed to have sank its roots down into this place, difficult to move in the slightest. 

"This isn't good!" Shi Hao frowned. 

"Hurry up and comprehend it!" The little rabbit muttered. She was extremely happy, because she obtained a type of great divine ability. 

Shi Hao sighed. He placed his hand on the cyan bone piece again. This time, things didn't go as smoothly. After he obtained a divine ability, the bone piece seemed to be rejecting him. 


The others slaughtered over. They couldn't just watch them obtain secret methods without doing anything. 

Shi Hao repelled the enemies. He placed one hand on the bone piece while using his other to attack the enemies.

"Yi, another one came!" He was pleasantly surprised. A True Dragon imprint appeared in his mind, leaving him greatly shaken. This was definitely an extremely practical and world shaking enlightenment. 

True Dragon claw -- this was a loose move that had shaken both past and present. It was not the undamaged True Dragon precious technique, but it was an incredibly well known great killing method!

Soon after, the symbol imprints entered his sea of consciousness. Shi Hao was full of joy from his harvest. However, he couldn't tarry here any longer, because the enemies' attacks were too ferocious. 

He withdrew his hands, allowing the other individuals to continue their comprehension. Meanwhile, he began to face these enemies. 


When he activated the pill furnace and heavenly river poured outwards, he noticed that the golden sheet below the praying mat shone. It seemed to be producing a faint resonation. 

Shi Hao was greatly surprised. He knew that perhaps there was a way. He activated the immortal dao lightning aura, because this might be able to draw out the mysterious paper. 

However, the enemies before him were more pressing. A terrifying vicious beast threw itself over. It opened its bloody mouth, unexpectedly able to devour symbols and refine divine light.

It was precisely the Taotie, known as one of the most terrifying races since the ancient times!


Shi Hao took action. He immediately put what he learned into practice, comprehending the True Dragon claw while using it. Draconic cries shook the heavens. A terrifying dragon claw appeared before him, clawing at the Taotie. 


The Taotie was fiercely shaken. Its bloody mouth failed to accomplish anything. 

Then, after clashing several dozen times, it became a bit horrified. The other party continued to use this move, but the power was quickly improving. 


Soon after, bloody light flashed. That draconic claw tore through the Taotie's flesh, leaving his shoulders badly mangled. 

Finally, Shi Hao, the Great Demonic God, Lunar Jade Rabbit, and Cao Yusheng were forced to retreat from being attacked by everyone. They couldn't occupy this place forever, because there were just too many enemies. No one could stay behind and guard this place anymore. 

Shi Hao wasn't in a rush to obtain the golden sheet. He instead relished in this killing method, taking action powerfully as he chased after the Taotie.

Everyone saw that one couldn't lightly provoke this young devil king, or else he would chase you to your grave. Whenever he caught someone, he would release murderous attacks crazily and relentlessly. 


While nursing grievances, inside Shi Hao's heavenly passage, the Taotie was first blasted by a reincarnation fist, and then a True Dragon claw reached down, tearing it apart. A great bloody rain scattered about. 

"It's about time for your turn. Go on your way!" Shi Hao shouted, locking onto the Child of Lightning. 

Everyone gasped. This fella wasn't all talk. Were the people that took action against him really all going to be dealt with?

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