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Chapter 671 - Vicious Slaughter

The scene in front of him became blurry, but then clear again. The 'essence' of the world's living things were appearing before his eyes, only, it wasn't too stable yet.

Then, everything became calm again. 

Shi Hao calmed down. Even though there wasn't a true marital dao heavenly eye yet, he now had clues. He felt that sooner or later, there would be a day when he would be able to open one. 

The grandfather and grandson duo got up. Their benefits this time were enormous. 

It was because they came from the lower realm. Now that they completely fixed their deficient natural laws and reconstructed their bodies, they harmonized more with the higher realms, and their bodies became a level stronger too. 

"Origin Sky Supreme Being's inheritance hadn't appeared yet. It is better if we use this period of time to continue our isolation training and increase our strength." Shi Hao suggested. 

This spiritual realm was rich with spiritual essence and old medicines. It was perfect for reconstructing the self and cultivating all of the cultivations realms again. 

The Great Demonic God nodded. This secret realm had exceptional talents like Immortal Palace's inheritor as well as powerful creatures that ignited their divine flames. It was full of danger. Once the struggle for the supreme being inheritance began, it would definitely be an event filled with blood. Power was the most important thing. 

"Yi, there are creatures drawing closer." Shi Hao suddenly spoke. Grandpa Fifteen also turned around. They could feel that not too far from them was a creature moving about. Even though it hid its aura, it still gave others a rather strange feeling. 

They got up and silently walked over. They saw… a rabbit!

This was a palm-sized snow white little rabbit. It didn't have a single blotch of different colored fur, sparkling and translucent, white like jade. Its eyes were like rubies. It was full of spiritual essence. 

At this moment, it was currently hugging a purple colored radish, no, it was more correct to call the thing it was nibbling on a purple golden ginseng.

"Aiya, rabbit… you really are a wastrel. This plant that is almost a holy medicine is being wasted!" Shi Hao stamped his feet. They were so close, yet he didn't discover it before. That was a purple golden ginseng, one with at least ten thousand years of age and was about to become holy medicine. 

It was clear that this rabbit was scared. With a ba ji sound, it threw away the purple golden 'radish' and jumped high into the air. It began to beat its own chest in an extremely alarmed and careful manner. 

It blinked its large ruby eyes and looked towards Shi Hao. 

"This rabbit is not ordinary." Grandpa Fifteen said in a soft voice. 

Shi Hao nodded. Just how rich of a spiritual essence could it endure for it to be able to chew on a purple golden ginseng like a radish? It was definitely not an ordinary creature.

"Even though it doesn't look that large, cooking it as stew shouldn't be bad. Right, does rabbit meat taste good?" Shi Hao asked his grandfather. 

"It depends on what kind of rabbit. This one most likely will taste good." The Great Demonic God said. It was because this one was full of spiritual essence. Its body was shining, and there was a faint white mist curling about it like immortal energy. 

"Ah, you are the devil king -- Huang!"

"I don't taste good, too skinny, all bones. You can't even chew through me!" It began to plead pitifully.

"Why is this rabbit a bit strange? I feel like it is several times stronger than regular supreme experts. Don't tell me that it is dressed up as a pig to eat a tiger?" Grandpa Fifteen asked. 

"I also feel like it is quite weird. Could it be that it wants to eat us? Why don't we eat it first." Shi Hao revealed his snow-white teeth, giving this little rabbit quite the fright.


The palm sized little rabbit's eyes were sparkling red. It picked up the purple golden ginseng that fell onto the grass, and then it turned around to run, disappearing like a wisp of smoke.

The grandpa and grandson duo had dumbstruck looks on their face. This was just too fast!


The grandfather and grandson both had wings on their backs formed from lightning. They were like transient lights as they flew across the air. Soon after, they saw that rabbit again.

What left them shocked was that every time this little rabbit jumped, it would always land on a mountain peak, and it would always be one several thousand zhang away. Sometimes, it would even directly collapse a mountain under its feet.

This was simply equivalent to the power of an enormous vicious beast. Its strength was too great!

"Aiya, don't eat me!" When it saw that they were catching up, the little rabbit tossed the 'purple golden radish' away. Its red eyes were widened as it yelled pitifully, "I really do not taste good!" It looked like it was so scared it was going to cry.

Shi Hao instead looked more interested. "What kind of background do you have exactly?"

"I… Am a Lunar Jade Rabbit." It said softly. It then turned into human form, turning into a ten or so year old little girl. Her white hair was like snow, and her red eyes were like gemstones, clear and lovely. 

Shi Hao was shocked. This was an… exceptional talent!

Taotie, Golden Luan, Lunar Jade Rabbit, Black Orchid, and others all came. They were the exceptional talents of their unique races, and he unexpectedly met one here. However, this little girl was just too weak looking. 

"I was just passing by and picking medicines. Why are you so vicious?" The little girl wrinkled her nose and said with discontent. 

Shi Hao stared at her, and she was immediately frightened again. She hurriedly jumped to another mountain peak. With tears in her large red eyes, she said, "I only came inside with the life symbol to look around and pick some medicines. If you are going to treat me unfavorably, I can only use the life symbol to leave."

SHi Hao and Grandpa Fifteen were speechless. The exceptional talents they met were all cold and ruthless, all of them taking action viciously. Now, however, they encountered this type of rabbit. 

"Even someone like you dares to come inside the secret realm to look for natural luck?" Shi Hao said. 

"I came while impersonating my older sister…" The little girl seemed rather embarrassed. She then added, "I only wanted to come here to look. I wasn't going to fight against the others."

"Alright, just keep eating your radish then." She Hao didn't want to talk to her about anything else. This was clearly a pure little fella. Being able to survive this far was quite something in itself. 

"I am not eating a radish!" The little girl became angry and grumbled, "I only eat purple golden ginseng and spiritual medicines. Also, don't look down on me. My cultivation might be weaker than yours, but I just didn't learn any attack techniques yet and am still consolidating my foundations. In the future…" 


When she saw Shi Hao reveal his teeth, the little girl grabbed the radish and ran for her life. When she pulled open some distance and saw that he didn't chase after her, she angrily waved her fists.

"Just go. There aren't many people who are kind like me. If anyone else sees you, they will most likely eat you."

"Pah, only you would think about eating me after seeing me. No one else even noticed me!" The little girl was discontent. 

Shi Hao became a bit embarrassed. He stared at her to frighten her. 

The Lunar Jade Hare race was extremely unordinary. Their numbers were few. When their race's experts died, they would turn into moons and light up the night sky. It was extremely heaven defying. 

The little girl's divine senses were powerful, able to flee preemptively from danger. That was why she was able to move around like a fish in water inside this chaotic place. 

She was already convinced that Shi Hao didn't carry any killing intent or malice. She gave him a look and said, "You don't seem that bad, so I'll give you some information. I saw people from the Qin Clan on the other side of the mountain range, and they seem to want to deal with you. There is also the one that is wearing long life battle clothes who is even against you. He wants to kill Huang."

Then, she turned into a snow-white little rabbit, and with the quasi holy medicine purple golden ginseng in its mouth, it disappeared. 

The Great Demonic God sighed, feeling truly helpless. 

The grandfather and grandson didn't leave. They continued their isolation cultivation.

This time, the effects truly astonishing. The Great Demonic God's white hair completely turned black, and a lot more color and brilliance returned to his face. He wasn't like an old man at all and instead looked more like a man at his prime.

In addition, a bit of his broken arm grew back!

Meanwhile, Shi Hao himself also reconstructed the Engravement Realm. His benefits were extraordinary!

It was because in this cultivation realm, he merged the True Primordial Record together with the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, sending a portion of the bone texts into his body. This were his -- engravings. 

"Grandfather, you can try it out too." The grandfather and grandson exchanged their knowledge. 

They discussed the dao. Shi Hao obtained the demonic god's inheritance from his grandfather. That was something his grandfather discovered in some mysterious ruins in the lower realm. 

Meanwhile, he gave his own precious techniques and other things to the Great Demonic God to look at. They researched everything together. 

"This demonic god inheritance is formidable after all!" Shi Hao sighed deeply. 

Of course, he needed to slowly study it in the future. This time, the greatest achievement was still the reconstruction of his engravings, successfully sending the True Primordial Record into his flesh and bones, making him develop a type of return to true self, comprehending the ten thousand methods and primordial essence type of feeling. 

Then, with some slight movements, his body shone. The primitive bone texts appeared, forming cauldrons, bells, pagodas, swords, halberds, and others. They merged together with the path he had treaded upon and greatly increased his power. 

Ever since he learned that the Qin Clan treated his grandfather as a prisoner, sending him into Fiend Island to mine ores and almost strangling him to death there, it became difficult for there to be kindness left between them. 

"This is fine as well. Let's go take a look. However, Qin Hao… it's better to just let him stay there." Grandpa Fifteen said.

"En, everyone has their own path. Not letting him know that we came is the best situation for everyone." Shi Hao nodded. 

During these few days, the Qin Clan had always been searching for Huang. They wanted to find him and vent out their enmity, because Huang actually left his mark on the Demonic Sovereign's monument, having it sit on Qin Changsheng's head. 

Meanwhile, Qin Hao even more so directly declared that he wanted to fight against Huang, wanting to kill him.

Qin Clan had many experts with their divine flames lit that entered the secret realm. This was a powerful force. Moreover, the beast tooth life symbol was something that Qin Changsheng refined, so he would naturally take care of his own clansmen. 

Shi Hao and his grandfather came. They observed the Qin Clansmen from the distance and didn't get too close. 

"They're here, there's two of them!" One day later, Shi Hao's eyes released a brilliance. 

He saw a young male and female pair. They appeared like a wisp of smoke, and then they entered the Qin Clan residence. They were precisely Heavenly Country's two young geniuses. 

He had long suspected that these two assassins were in contact with the Qin Clan and working together here. As expected, they were guarding this area, and they finally appeared.

Heavenly Country's angel of light had once brought these two to chase after the Great Demonic God. They killed one of his spiritual bodies and almost killed Grandpa Fifteen's real body as well, leaving him with a serious injury. 

Regardless of whether it was his grandfather, Ghost Grandpa, or himself, Shi Hao had reasons enough to take action against Heavenly Country. There was great enmity between them. 

"Heavenly Country Blood Sacrifice… Let's collect a bit of interest first. In the future, when I become a heavenly deity, I will definitely slaughter my way into Heavenly Country!" Shi Hao said to himself. 

He knew that with Heavenly Country and Qin Clan's relationship, they definitely had beast tooth life symbols. Even if he killed them, they would still appear on the altar alive. 

"That won't do. I need to get on a transport that leads to the exit," said Shi Hao. 

They had already been inside the secret realm for quite some time, so they already understood the various geographic locations to some extend. They knew where the entrance was. 

"Is it too risky? The entrance might have powerful individuals standing guard," Grandpa Fifteen said. 

"Don't worry, no one will notice. Also, I won't get too close and will just kill them from afar," said Shi Hao. 

Half an hour later, two individuals approached the altar. They arranged a simple transport formation. 

"They came out." 

Shi Hao said softly. He didn't do anything, instead waiting for those two individuals to leave this region before quietly following them. It had to be mentioned that these two great assassins were extremely vigilant, worthy of being members of Heavenly Country. 

Even though they were young, they were experienced. They actually sensed that something was off!

However, it was still too late. At this moment, both Shi Hao and his grandfather acted. He didn't hold back the Kun Peng technique, but of course, he concealed it under lightning, as he sped over. 


The only heavenly passage opened, locking down space. This assassin's body was rather strange, unexpectedly disappearing. However, Shi Hao still took action towards the void. 


His fist smashed outwards. That male assassin coughed out large amounts of blood, and his whereabouts were exposed. 

"You…" He was shocked. The other person could actually see through his position.

"Insignificant talents, you bugs that hide in darkness and only know how to injure someone from behinds. This time, I will let you have a taste of what it feels like to be assassinated!" Shi Hao shouted.

He opened up the heavenly passage, making the rays of light even more brilliant. He locked down this space, and he also erupted with powerful strength. He didn't want anything unexpected to happen, only wishing to end things as quickly as possible. 

Back then, even fairy Yue Chan had a piece of her heavenly cicada clothes ripped off upon entering the heavenly passage. Now that this male assassin's entire body was trapped within, there was naturally no way for him to escape this disaster. 


Shi Hao's fist smashed into him, blasting him apart in the void, turning him into a rain of blood. 

Meanwhile, the Great Demonic God also targeted that female assassin. He activated lightning, covering her with it and preventing her from escaping. 

Shi Hao rushed over quickly. Under the attacks of two powerful experts, she was immediately in great trouble. While carrying resentment, she was brought away by the life symbol. 

"Grandfather, I'm going. Wait for me!" Shi Hao stepped on that transport formation and quickly disappeared. 

At the entrance of the secret realm, on the altar. 

Two figures appeared. They both had unwilling and ashen expressions. They were both assassins, yet they were assassinated instead. This was a type of humiliation.

In addition, now that this was exposed under everyone's eyes, this was definitely an extremely bad thing for them. After all, they normally walked in the darkness. 

Outside the secret realm, the angel of light right now was just an ordinary person that stood within the crowd. His expression immediately changed. These were two of the few geniuses from Heavenly Country that followed him to gain experience, but they were actually killed in the secret realm?

One has to understand that Heavenly Country's people were the most careful. They were always the ones that assassinated others. How did they end up suffering a disaster instead?

"Who are these two? Their auras are quite unordinary, rare experts. They were unexpectedly killed too…" Everyone began to discuss this among themselves. 

Right at this moment, a figure silently appeared behind the altar. A bow was quickly pulled back and an arrow added before shooting out. 


Lightning erupted. The radiance of the arrow was like a rainbow as it streaked across the heavens!

Heavenly Country's two geniuses had just experienced a life and death battle and appeared on the altar. Before they even had the time to snap back to reality, the two divine arrows already arrived. 

The distance was extremely close, and it was too sudden!

Who could have expected that someone would do something like this, pursuing them all the way here? Someone actually attacked theses two that had just revived on the altar under the eyes of tens of thousands of pairs of eyes. It was just too unexpected!

Everyone became stunned. This was just too inconceivable!


Blood splashed outwards. Under everyone's shocked eyes, the two arrows entered these two individuals' brains respectively, blasting them apart into a large expanse of bloody rain.



The senior elders that were standing guard at the altar were shocked. The blood that splashed out even made contact with their faces. They just couldn't have imagined that there would be this type of change in circumstances. 

In the past, something like this had never happened before!

Shi Hao turned around and left, quickly disappearing from this place. 

At the entrance of the secret realm, there was a huge uproar. Then, everything became chaotic!

"Heavens, who is that person, actually daring to do something like this? This is too decisive and forceful!"

"Look, the arrows that were shot out belong to Fire Devil Palace."

The faces of those from the Scarlet Feathered Crane race immediately turned green. This fucker was just too unbridled, actually daring to use their feathered arrows to kill others. 

"It's the young devil king!" Fire Devil Palace's surviving supreme experts shouted out in alarm. After returning, they didn't go back inside the secret realm. Only the four experts that ignited their divine flames returned. 

"What? He is the that young devil king, the one named Huang?!"

At the entrance of the secret realm, a huge uproar broke out. It was incredibly loud and noisy. Everyone began to break out into discussions. 

The young devil king -- Huang!

It was unexpectedly him. Sure enough, he was daring, coming to the entrance of the secret realm to kill the enemy. 

Who were these two people? They actually made him go through so much effort. 

At this moment, even those old sect masters' expressions were dark. Not even they expected someone to be this daring, coming here to kill the opponent. Moreover, it was actually Huang!

The senior elder that protected the secret realm inspected the two corpses' remains. They unexpectedly found Heavenly Country's killing swords, which made their expressions change.

"Ah, they are Heavenly Country's people!"

Someone had good eyes, noticing the truth and crying out loudly.

This place became even more noisy, immediately breaking out into a commotion. The young devil king unexpectedly killed Heavenly Country's people! This was absolutely reckless, but simultaneously breathtaking!

"The illustrious assassins actually became the targets. These two individuals were so young, definitely Heavenly Country's famous geniuses, but they were both killed in the end!"


At the entrance of the secret realm, a loud commotion could be heard. Everyone was discussing this passionately, all of them extremely excited and shocked. 

Within the crowd, the angel of light's expression became dark and gloomy. He was absolutely furious. His fists were tightly clenched. This person was just too daring, actually killing Heavenly Country's geniuses like this in front of everyone's faces. This was the same as giving Heavenly Country a huge slap to the face!

It was because they were assassins, and now, they had been assassinated instead!

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