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Chapter 670 - Own Route

Within the depths of the secret realm, the brown mountains weren't as tall as they appeared one after another. However, they had a purple spiritual essence curling about them, making them look like immortal mountains. 

On top of the purple colored cliffs, vines shone and scarlet multicolored light sparkled brilliantly. That was a spiritual medicine -- scarlet flood dragon vine. It was releasing its fragrance.

A male unicorn rested on top of a stone platform at the foot of the mountain. Auspicious vapors continuously rose, and in the surroundings, there were Golden Crows, Immortal Cranes, Long Life Apes, as well as other divine birds and auspicious beasts roaming about. 

This was a pure land, one that was peaceful and auspicious. There were no poisonous insects or ferocious beasts. Spiritual mushrooms and old medicines took root within the cracks of the mountain walls, and they released a hazy purple multicolored light. 

Not far away, there was a spiritual spring that released spiritual essence in spirals, as if pure white immortal energy was pervading the air. Shi Hao sat inside, washing away his bloodstains and using the spiritual spring to help his body recover. 

"Child, there's nothing wrong, right?" Grandpa Fifteen was protecting him by the side. When he saw that Shi Hao finally opened his eyes, he asked this. 

"Grandpa, don't worry. I am perfectly okay." Shi Hao stood up. His pair of tattered fists had already recovered. When he clenched them, they were sparkling and translucent. 

"That person's magical force was like a sea, already reaching the consummate level of the supreme expert realm. If he didn't purposely suppress it, he would have long become a divine flame expert. Before your cultivation becomes high enough, it is best if you do not fight with him again." Grandpa Fifteen warned.

"I understand." Shi Hao nodded. Immortal Palace's inheritor was indeed terrifying. His methods were outstanding, and his strength was tyrannical. Even if they fought at the same cultivation realm, it would still be a great life and death struggle.

The outside world was in chaos. Everyone was discussing the 'Huang' matters. Meanwhile, the grandfather and grandson were preparing to secretly cultivate in this quiet and peaceful place. 

During these past few days, they picked many spiritual medicines. If they took them all out, they would form a huge pile of flowing colors. The medicinal fragrance would be so strong it would leave one intoxicated. 

"Grandfather, this is extremely important. You have to restore your natural laws and reconstruct your great cultivations realms. It will be extremely helpful for you." Shi Hao said. 

Grandpa Fifteen obtained the Demonic Sovereign's blood, which cleansed his physical body and refined his primordial spirit. He only absorbed a small amount of the divine essence. There was still a large amount that was sealed inside of his flesh and bones. 

This time, Shi Hao had his grandfather reconstruct several great cultivation realms to help him unleash even more of his potential, drawing out more of the Demonic Sovereign blood's essence. 

Moreover, he himself had to reconstruct the Spiritual Transformation Realm!

Even though he had said before that the Heavenly Passage Realm was the most important and reconstructing this realm alone was enough, that was because he didn't have enough spiritual medicines back then. Now that he had so much, what was the point of saving them?


Grandpa Fifteen nodded. After coming to the higher realms, due to his grandson's death, he had always been extremely dejected. However, now that he saw a living Shi Hao, it was as if he returned to his golden years. His body was robust and his heart strong. He was full of confidence and bravery, possessing endless spiritual essence and power. 

He took out a stone cauldron and poured spring water into it. Then, he selected spiritual medicines together with Shi Hao, continuously sending them in. They also placed all types of creatures inside, like Silver Centipedes, Golden Scorpions, and Amethyst Spiders. There were also many types of ores placed inside. 

He also researched various methods with Grandpa Fifteen, taking Immortal Mountain's rebirth method, Fire Country's Vermilion Bird rebirth method, as well as the ancient method Hong Huang gave him into consideration.

Medicinal fragrance wafted through the air. Sparkling green spiders floated up and down, old ginseng flowed with spiritual essence, a meter long silver centipede shone like a dragon… this was a large pot of medicine. 

It could be said that it was quite extravagant, because there was also the holy medicine golden ginseng inside. Normally, even great sects would only use them for their most precious core disciples. 

Meanwhile, if the grandfather and grandson weren't in the higher realms, there was absolutely no way for them to gather so many rare plants, divine bugs, and other things. But here, they could satisfy all of their wishes and reconstruct their dao bodies. 

Grandpa Fifteen sat within the cauldron, bathing within the precious liquid. He began his isolation training. 

Meanwhile, on the other side, Shi Hao was going to begin as well. He took out a sparkling purple bone cauldron, the one he had seized from the Scarlet Feather Crane Race. It was also a divine level medicinal cauldron. 

All types of spiritual medicines were placed inside, and there were many many ancient bugs as well that floated within the cauldron. However, there was no fishy stench, but instead a surging spiritual essence. These were all descendants of divine bugs. 

An hour later, the cauldron's liquid began to boil. The medicinal liquid turned into a sparkling paste. Shi Hao sat inside and began to refine his body, reconstructing his dao self. 

The Spiritual Transformation Realm was divided into three stages: flesh into spirit, reconstruction of the true self, and heavenly passage nurturing spirit. 

This was a refinement from the flesh to the spirit, and then from the spirit to symbols. It could allow one to get closer and closer to the great dao, bringing one closer to the peak of one's existence. 

He calmed himself down and silently circulated the True Primordial Record's bone texts. He sat in the cauldron and refined his body, reconstructing his dao body and divine consciousness. 

A night later, Shi Hao sighed. On the cultivation of flesh, he had already reached the pinnacle. Reconstructing his body like this indeed strengthened his constitution a bit further, making it shine even more brilliantly. 

However, it wasn't like in the past where it underwent a great transformation, as if it was reborn. 

"It was me who was too greedy. How can one person always undergo rebirth? If that was the case, wouldn't they become invincible?" Shi Hao laughed.

If one could always transform and continuously undergo rebirth, becoming stronger and stronger, then one would definitely become a sovereign of this world. No one would be that person's opponent in all of the nine heavens and tenth earth. 

This wasn't realistic!

A heavenly silkworm abandoned its outer self, breaking through its cocoon to become a butterfly, but that was a single transformation that was sufficient. 

"En?!" Suddenly, Shi Hao began to mutter to himself. He thought a few methods that might allow him to undergo another rebirth, one similar to a snake shedding its skin and a silkworm turning into a butterfly.

"It's not like there is no way, only, it will be extremely difficult to make it out of it alive…" He said softly. 

For example, reconstructing the supreme being bone after having it cut off would make one's body undergo a rebirth. The value of this type of transformation was too great to evaluate!

And now, he didn't have any supreme being blood left, and he lost that bone as well. Strictly speaking, he only had an ordinary body now. The reason why he could still fight against 'exceptional talents' was because of this. He had once undergone a transformation through the primordial precious bone. 

"Willow Deity had said before that the disappearance of supreme being bone and true blood was just like cutting a chinese leek, or like the withering and regrowing of plants. They would become even more 'sturdy' afterwards. Perhaps I can try this type of method!"

Shi Hao was stirred up. His eyes erupted with divine multicolored light.

Only, doing this was too difficult. The first time he lost the bone, his body immediately began to deteriorate that night and his blood began to dry up. He began to degenerate from an intelligent and talented child into a confused and dumb child. His body's functions declined severely, and only after being nursed for a year or two back in Stone Village did he recover. 

In addition, when the true primordial blood in his body regrew, more than ten years had passed!

The second time, after suffering Immortal Palace's green rust curse and lost his true bone, it was just as terrifying. He had died for an entire year. The entire world thought that he had already passed away. 

Even now, the primordial supreme blood did not show any vitality, still dried up and withered. 

Doing this was just too dangerous. He made it through the first two times, but that didn't mean that the third or fourth would go as smoothly. This path was truly one of nine deaths and one life!

However, this was quite a tempting path. It could allow one to continuously undergo rebirth, increase one's constitution, improve their spirit, and comprehensively improve, to transform endlessly!

"I don't need to think about this right now, but this is a direction. In the future, it might also become a dao path… If one wants to become unmatched in this world, one has to take a different path!" Shi Hao said to himself. A seed was planted within his heart. 

Then, he began to reconstruct his Spiritual Transformation Realm again. 

His physical body was sparkling, and it was becoming more powerful. Even though it wasn't as distinct as in the past, but it was still a joyous thing. Soon after, spiritual power flickered about and shone. Between his brows, a sphere of light released a forceful power. 

When he entered the final stage -- heavenly passage nurturing spirit, Shi Hao's only heavenly passage opened, and it released an undying radiance. 

At this moment, the Kun Peng that hadn't made its appearance for a long time appeared. It soared within the heavenly passage and displayed a world-shaking divine might. From the moment he entered the higher realms, he had never truly used this race's precious technique. 

Then, a Suan Ni, Thundersky Sparrow, Zhuyan, and others appeared one after another. They all existed inside the same heavenly passage. 

In reality, this could already be considered a domain. Many spiritual bodies could reside in a single 'furnace'. 

The Spiritual Transformation Realm's last stage was the most mysterious process. It was the same as natural luck and life, seizing the world's most extreme and ever changing mysteries. However, in the end, he had to regain these life imprints and couldn't have any more spiritual bodies. 

It was clear that he needed an extremely high cultivation realm. 

Extreme and changing, ultimately becoming his own true body!


In Shi Hao's flesh, strand after strand of divine light took form. They turned into small cauldrons, dao bells, immortal swords, and other things. It was incomparably dazzling.

These were things he had created before. When he was studying the Spiritual Transformation Realm to its peak, he started from the most foundational symbols of divine lights and condensed them into patterns.

Now, this was not only true for his flesh. Cauldrons, bells, and pagodas appeared even in his heavenly passage. They were grand and imposing, majestic and boundless. 

In reality, this was already touching upon the next cultivation realm -- Engravement, supporting its initiation.

However, the next cultivation realm could only engrave bone texts. 

That was why what he produced in the Spiritual Transformation Realm were various magical artifacts. 

His body was shining. Because his cultivation realm was now higher, this path became much easier than how it was before.

Symbols swirled about within Shi Hao's body. Small cauldrons appeared one after another in his flesh, emerging endlessly and flowing like blood to replace the symbols. 

This was an extremely strange transformation!

Then, the surface of Shi Hao's body shone. Small cauldrons covered every inch of his flesh, protecting his body. Meanwhile, he himself seemed to have turned into a cauldron that was suffused with the aura of the great dao.

"Only after seriously heading down this route did the endless mysteries present itself. Back then, I only continued halfway…" Shi Hao said to himself. 

This was the biggest breakthrough he made in the Spiritual Transformation Realm back then. He broke through conventional practice and refined the divine light and patterns within his body, stepping onto a different path. Only, back then, his cultivation realm was low, and that was why it was too difficult. 

Now that he revisited things, he noticed this was a route of extreme transcendence that did not use magical force!


In the next moment, Shi Hao's essence energy changed again, changing from the flesh to spirit. Everything glistened brilliantly. Within his flesh and divine senses, patterns took form, creating immortal swords one after another. 

Then, he immediately erupted with power. With a raise of his hand or feet, great strength was released. It was as if his body was a heavenly sword flying through the sky. 

Under his exterior and inside his body, endless small swords were moving about like blood. This was produced by divine light and patterns. He himself seemed to have turned into an immortal sword!

Then, a long and drawn out bell sound sounded from within his body. The small swords turned into dao bells. Endless small golden bells gathered together, swirling within his body and along its surface.


He continuously transformed, but this could actually be considered a great art of both offense and defense!

For example, when the patterns in the body all turned into swords, he could hack through all living things. His entire body would become like a heavenly sword.

Meanwhile, after the patterns in the body turned into small bells, the endless bells combined together to produce astonishing defensive strength. It formed a human shaped dao bell that could release bell fluctuations and blast an enemy apart. 

"This route is excellent!"

Shi Hao said to himself. This was the same as creating one's own technique, a precious technique that can attack and defend. 

Only, this route was extremely difficult. After all, the patterns within one's body were endless, so who could control everything perfectly? To transform almost all of them into tangible artifacts, what kind of inconceivable control would that take?

Shi Hao changed them again and again. He felt like his magical force had somewhat increased!

Several days later, Grandpa Fifteen emerged from his isolation. Scarlet radiance shone brilliantly. His inner potential was opened, changing all of his white hair towards becoming jet black again!

However, Shi Hao didn't emerge. He was immersed in his own world, transforming himself again and again. 

An earthen colored little bird dropped on Grandpa Fifteen's shoulder. It chirped with jiu jiu sounds, giving it information. 

This was an auspicious bird that they tamed. Out of fear of missing out on the time limit of this secret realm, they subdued a few rare birds and had them monitor the situation inside the secret realm. These birds reported back from time to time. 

After so many days passed, even though a few great events happened in the outside world,  with exceptional talents falling and deities dying, the place of inheritance still never opened. 

Grandpa Fifteen sat down, standing guard for his grandson and calmly waiting for him to come out of isolation.

Finally, after Shi Hao underwent who knew how many transformations, he reached the very end of the Spiritual Transformation Realm path!

He could produce cauldrons, immortal swords, heavenly pagodas, dao bells… there were endless transformations. 

He opened his eyes. They were deep and powerful. There was a dao bell rumbling within his pupils, immortal swords hacking about, and ancient cauldrons releasing chaotic energy. The world's profound mysteries were completely displayed. 

In addition, a sun and a moon were sparkling. The skies were completely illuminated!

Shi Hao's pupils turned into symbols that illuminated a great dao, displaying the natural laws of heaven and earth. 

This was the strengthening of magical power, an embodiment of comprehending the natural laws and profound mysteries of the world!

In that instant, Shi Hao's eyes became like a rainbow. When he looked at the world's creatures, it was as if he could peer into their essence, seeing their contents. It was extremely mysterious. 

"En, could it be the martial dao heavenly eye, is it going to open? Is this the first clue?!" Shi Hao was extremely moved. 

This was what he was hoping for. He wanted it to appear this entire time, but it was just too difficult, because this was something not even sect masters had. This was not something related to one's cultivation realm, but instead something completely reliant on one's own opportunities and comprehension!

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