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Chapter 669 - He is Huang

Shi Hao grimaced in pain. He did everything he could to protect himself, using the furnace lid to block ninety percent of the lightning. However, the leftover amount still lacerated his flesh, causing blood to drip outwards. 

All of his fine hairs stood on end. An electrical current crackled about, making his entire body shine brilliantly. Electrical radiance continuously flowed out from his pores, mouth, and nose. 

This was an attack that hurt him first before it affected the opponent!

This lightning was too vicious. It contained immortal dao energy that was terrifying to the point of making one tremble. Its power far surpassed one's imagination. 

One has to understand that back then, Shi Hao used up many days to place drop after drop and chunk after chunk of heavenly river and immortal tomb's earth into the furnace. Despite this being the case, he was still struck until he was hovering between life and death. 

And now, everything suddenly happened in an instant. No one could control it. This was a great disaster!

Immortal Palace's inheritor was the first one that suffered an attack from the lightning, blasting him head on. His body was immediately charred black, and a strand of smoke rose into the air. He coughed out large amounts of blood. 

However, immediately after, his body shone again. A type of armor appeared. It was as if silver feathers were flickering one after another, sticking to him and protecting his body. 

"Immortal feathers battle armor!" Someone was shocked. This was one of Immortal Palace's secret treasures. No one in the outside world could master it. It was hard to control and known as a sect master level armor with astonishing defensive strength. 

This type of divine armor, if brought out into the markets, any one would make sect master level experts moved. It was a set of precious clothes at that level. It was absolutely priceless!

Legends had it that Immortal Palace truly had a relationship with immortality. They possessed the secrets of longevity, as well as an unsurpassed inheritance. Even their armor refinery secret method was extraordinary. 

Immortal feathers battle armor could release a 'become as light as a feather and ascend to heaven' type of radiance. It was incomparably dazzling and possessed shocking defensive power!

It could be said that this type of armor was equivalent to the most well known heavenly cicada clothes in the higher realms. They were both divine grade treasures that were practically impossible to exchange for. 

"This fellow is not only ridiculously strong himself, even the precious artifacts he has are extremely shocking. Any one of these treasure can stir up a great storm in the outside world." Shi Hao said to himself. 


However, the power of lightning was still useful, submerging the immortal feather armor within. Electrical radiance shone resplendently, crackling with pi li pa la sounds. They all landed on Immortal Palace's inheritor's body. 

At this moment, everything was exceptionally beautiful. Feathers flew about in a sparkling and translucent manner. It was as if a rain of light was descending, as if one became as light as a feather and transcended. The precious clothes were shining. 

However, Immortal Palace's young great one still coughed out blood. Lightning slammed down on his body like a waterfall, descending from the void. This power alone was difficult to endure. 

This was especially when the immortal tomb's earth released lightning. It made the 'immortal feathers' dim quite a bit. There was a strange type of power inside of it. 

"Curse!" Someone cried out in a low voice. 

The curse contained within the immortal tomb's earth was sinister and heaven defying, and the more powerful one was, the more severe the damage they would face once infected. In the past, even an old sect master died because of this. 

Lightning poured down like a waterfall, blasting Immortal Palace's inheritor until he coughed out blood and his complexion became unpleasant. He took on a bit of the curse. 

"I cannot waste this like this, have to use it more sparingly. He has too many magical artifacts on him, so even if I send out most of the heavenly river, it still most likely wouldn't be able to kill him." Shi Hao was inwardly shaken. 

It was because, at that moment, the other party withdrew the bronze palace to defend himself against the curse, and he also guided all of the sky-covering lightning into the bronze palace. Meanwhile, with the halberd in hand, he sliced open the void to pull apart the distance. 

Shi Hao put away the pill furnace, no longer sending out the heavenly river and immortal tomb's earth, temporarily putting out the lightning. With a shake of his hand, he flung the lid of the furnace outwards as well. With a kuang dang sound, it smashed down onto the void halberd. 

In addition, a pair of lightning wings appeared behind him, carrying him through the air. His fist brandished about to send out a ferocious attack. 

Blood blossomed everywhere. The two individuals immediately exchanged several dozen attacks. All four fists were in bad shape. Blood trickled outwards, scattering down brilliantly. 

This was a struggle of the physical body. Neither of them were able to gain an advantage over the other. Both sides were evenly matched, because they had both reached the limit of this path, vajra and unbreakable, their flesh undying. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor's pupils became ice cold. He activated symbols and displayed precious techniques to kill Shi Hao.


On the side, the pill furnace sent down the heavenly river, immortal earth, and lightning in torrents. This area in the void was immediately blasted apart, recreating the scene from just now.

The lightning was endless, and the curse power pervaded the air. Immortal Palace's inheritor was hacked until he coughed out blood from his mouth. In addition, abnormal colors could be seen around the outside of his body, a reflection of the curse power at work. 

Shi Hao rushed over, forcing him to fight him in a battle of physical strength. Both individuals' blood splashed high into the air. Fists collided as they fought an incredibly bitter battle!


They exchanged another strike. Both individuals' legs smashed together. Blood splashed everywhere again.

Shi Hao sighed. The other party's immortal feather divine armor was too formidable. If not for him having the heavenly cicada clothes on his leg, he would have likely paid a great price. Fortunately, the defensive strength of the pill furnace on the side was sufficiently extraordinary. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor's expression was unpleasant. The curse power was spreading, and it was affecting his fighting strength. Meanwhile, the other party's blood energy was becoming more and more powerful. 

It was hard for him to control the pace of this battle. He had an advantage in magical power, but it wasn't easy for him to use it. He was completely suppressed by the endless lightning and stopped. 


After the final strike, both individuals were sent flying. They stared at each other from the distance. 

"I will kill you another day!" Immortal Palace's inheritor said coldly. He didn't want to continue. The other party's pill furnace was extremely strange, with too much curse power and lightning inside. 

"After today, you won't have another opportunity. When my cultivation realm becomes higher, who can compete against me?" Shi Hao said extremely narcissistically. 

However, at this moment, no one dared to laugh at him. The young devil king has produced illustrious battle successes. Even though he had to play to his strengths and didn't have magical power as great as Immortal Palace's inheritor's, being able to survive until now was heaven defying enough already. 

News of this battle would definitely travel to every sect and leave all directions shaken. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor fought against someone, but was unable to kill his opponent. This was a major event, and the one that was his opponent would inevitably have everyone's attention focused on him. 

Yue Chan's body was graceful and elegant. Her fine black hair scattered downwards, and her intelligent eyes looked over. She had a wonderful body and jade bones, her appearance pure and intelligent. Right now, she felt incredibly shocked. This individual actually stopped Immortal Palace inheritor's attacks. 

Even though their physical strength was equal, there was a huge difference in magical power. However, this person displayed astonishing potential. Once his cultivation realm increased, he would likely become an unimaginably powerful young supreme being. 

"Did you guys notice that the river water and the lightning it possesses is extremely similar to that of Fiend Island's?"

Someone said softly. When everyone heard this, they all suddenly understood and revealed a look of shock.

"You're right, that should be the water inside that river!"

"He actually dared to collect the heavenly river! He truly is reckless and daring!"

Everyone knew that that was an extremely sinister place. The more powerful the individual who went in, the more dangerous it was. They would be infected by the curse power and die. 

Being weaker didn't mean that it was safe, as they would be hacked to death by the lightning. There were many divine corpses that flowed along the river, but not many people dared to fish them out.

However, this person dared to collect water from the heavenly river! This left everyone feeling completely stupefied!

"Why do I feel like there is still a bit of yellow earth inside that pill furnace? Don't tell me that he dug that from the immortal tomb?!" Someone muttered.

One has to understand that the immortal tomb was a sacred ancient land that only existed in legends. Since the ancient times, how many people actually reached the end? There were no records on bone books, but it was rumored that it wouldn't exceed a handful. 

"He is so powerful, could he be… Huang?!"

A few people were roused up. They immediately thought of that mysterious individual who left his name on the Demonic Sovereign's monument -- Huang!

The young devil king's origins were strange, unknown to this day. No one knew what inheritance he came from, but now, they finally had some clues.

"Correct, it is definitely him!"

Many people were stirred up. This person had visited the heavenly river and collected immortal tomb's earth. His fighting strength was powerful as well. He fitted the identity of 'Huang' extremely well. 

Yue Chan's eyes erupted with divine multicolored radiance. She stared at Shi Hao, feeling that he looked quite familiar. She felt quite distrustful. This person was Huang, but that definitely still wasn't his true identity. Exactly what kind of inheritance did he come from?

The witch's skin was sparkling white, and her large eyes were moving about. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This fella isn't bad, so I should drink a cup with him. Only… why do I feel like he is more and more familiar?"

The other exceptional talents were all extremely shocked. He was Huang?

Immortal Palace's inheritor and Shi Hao stood facing each other. There was quite a bit of distance between them. Both sides maintained their silence, neither of them taking action again. 


Suddenly, the void trembled. A branch thrashed over, warping space as it swept across like a divine whip.

A peng sounded. Even though Immortal Palace's inheritor quickly evaded, he was still struck by the tip of the branch and sent flying out. Blood continuously flew out from his mouth. 

This left them all shocked. Why did something like this suddenly happen?

The great halberd shone. Immortal Palace's inheritor sliced open the void and stepped inside, thus disappearing from this place.

Not far away, a black old tree could be seen. Its roots were like feet, and right now, it was running over frantically. It was unexpectedly that Devil Blood Ghost Tree again!

What kind of existence was this? Everyone became stupefied. They were all terrified, and even the creatures that ignited their divine flames were frantically running for their lives. 

Shi Hao was shocked. He deeply understood how sinister this tree was. Its cultivation realm was terrifyingly high, exceeding the permitted limits of this Little thousand world's regulations. However, this strike unexpectedly didn't immediately kill Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

At this moment, Shi Hao set Immortal Palace's inheritor as one of the most dangerous individuals!

Even if they fought a battle at the same cultivation realm and their magical powers were similar, who was going to live and who was going to die was still hard to say. 

He naturally didn't hesitate. He called over his grandfather, and after scattering some of the heavenly river behind him, they quickly fled. This tree most likely came for him.

Fortunately, the curse power contained within the heavenly river was intimidating enough. After all, it even made an old sect master suffer disaster before. The Devil Blood Ghost Tree understood how terrifying it was too. 


Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God activated their lightning power, and then they disappeared from this place. 

It was incredibly noisy at the entrance of the secret realm. News was quickly spreading, and everyone was discussing this passionately. 

The Devil Blood Ghost Tree's unexpected appearance, as well as the disruption made everyone shocked, but also puzzled. Why was it not affected by the secret realm's regulations?

Of course, the most shocking thing was the young devil king's identity. Earlier, even though there were some who had their suspicions, no one proved it. However now, all of the clues were saying that he was -- Huang!

The one who left their name on the Demonic Sovereign's monument, the one who possessed the most powerful battle strength and overlooked all of the young experts in the ten provinces from the past until present, was actually here. His true body appeared.

"Huang, it was actually him! No wonder he could move unhindered through the secret realm and kill exceptional talents. If it is that person, everything makes sense."

"Everyone was wondering who Huang was. Heavens, he actually appeared. He is the young devil king! It really is too shocking!" 

A huge uproar was raised, producing a sensation greater than any in the past. This was the most shocking piece of news during these past few days. 

The young devil king's identity was revealed. He was Huang! This caused a huge commotion that left everyone exceptionally shocked. This news traveled to many ancient sects and drew the attention of quite a few undying inheritances!

Many people looked towards the Qin Clan, because Huang left his mark on the monument. It sat above Qin Changsheng's head, and this had triggered a discussion from many sects' experts before.

Now, the main character himself appeared!

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