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Chapter 668 - Immortal King Nine Seals

The droplets of blood shone like diamonds. Both hands were tattered. This was the heaviest blow Shi Hao had traded with his fists since he had emerged in the world. Cracks had even appeared in the bones of his fingers!

On the other side, Immortal Palace's young great one's fists loosened. They were also seriously damaged. His blood carried silver radiance. It was rather strange, and it possessed a rather special and terrifying power. 

Silver light appeared from time to time in his blood. The dense spiritual essence pervaded the air like immortal mist, and the fluctuations it released made others shiver uncontrollably!

What was this? Everyone became shocked. 

Rumors had it that Immortal Palace's people had 'immortal blood' inside of them. This inheritance was incomparably ancient and transcended this world. It contained the mysteries of long life and the natural luck of immortality!

"My blood isn't so easily spilt." Immortal Palace's inheritor said. 

He stood in the void, wrapped around by blazing symbols. Blood trickled downwards, releasing silvery light into the air. It then turned into a human shape that released an undying aura of life. 

Then, it transcended the shackles of space, closing the distance in an instant to hack Shi Hao apart.

This silver essence blood formed humanoid lifeform had a special type of energy fluctuation to its existence. Its skeleton and blood vessels were all formed from symbols, making it incomparably powerful. 

"Suppress and kill!" Immortal Palace's young great one shouted. This was the power of his bloodline, the 'immortal blood' everyone was talking about. The silvery radiance carried a trace of golden patterns that were blazing and powerful.

Shi Hao immediately supported his heavenly passage to weaken this symbol attack. A domain was formed here!

A ferocious sound rang through the air. That humanoid existence's entire body began to burn with symbols, making it seem as if an immortal flame was blazing about. A heaven overflowing aura was released, and it slammed into that heavenly passage.

"Break for me!"

Immortal Palace's young great one shouted. He fiercely tossed out the void battle halberd, and like a rainbow that pierced through the nine heavens, it pierced into the heavenly passage. 

This attack was meant to destroy Shi Hao's heavenly passage, and then impale him to death.


The space around them trembled. Shi Hao's only heavenly passage shone, locking down space. Even time seemed to have come to a standstill. It was as if this place was completely isolated from the outside world. 

The furnace cover shone, becoming bright red like blood. A True Phoenix roared, beating its wings as the lid blocked the great halberd. The two individuals were locked into a momentary standstill. 

Everyone became astonished. The sphere of light around Shi Hao's body was too resplendent, and its defensive strength was absolutely ridiculous. When combined with that furnace cover, it could actually block this type of attack.

One has to understand that this blood is not an ordinary thing. It is a form of the 'immortal blood'!

There was a legend in this world which said that Immortal Palace's people's blood could not be touched. Otherwise, one would immediately be burned into ashes, or their cultivation and symbols would be completely wiped out. It was incomparably tyrannical. 

"My blood isn't pure enough. I still need to evolve it further." Immortal Palace's young great one said softly. 

Despite this being the case, he still felt that this was enough. He released a light scoff. That figure that was releasing silvery mists collapsed into droplets of true blood!


Divine light shone resplendently. Symbols covered the sky. 

These blood droplets that were dyed in silver radiance arranged themselves in the air into dense patterns, sealing Shi Hao within. 

"Immortal king nine seals!" He shouted.

Hazy silver radiance swirled about, and a few golden patterns were released as well. Immortal dao energy diffused outwards, leaving everyone shaken. 

At this moment, forget about the battlefield, even the crowd in the distance felt a chill run from their heads all the way down to their feet. This was a strange type of power, one that resembled the opening of an entire world. It was going to seal everyone within. 

This was a cage that couldn't be broken out from!

In the void, a drop of blood corresponded to a symbol. Silvery light and golden patterns erupted, becoming incomparably dazzling. It was as if a burning sphere of immortal light was surrounding Shi Hao. 

These droplets of blood were transforming. They produced a tangible cage. Symbols rushed into the heavens.

"Yi, this shape… it resembles an ancient palace!"

Everyone became horrified. They all took steps backwards, because this wave of mysterious force left them frightened. They felt that if they got any closer, their souls would be devoured as well. 

Immortal Palace's young great one's hands formed an imprint to control this symbol entrapment. It was incredibly clear and resplendent. Immortal flames burned resplendently. It formed an ancient palace.

There was someone with sharp eyesight that immediately recognized that this cage that was similar to a palace was quite similar to the legendary bronze palace. It was as if the bronze palace was being constructed right here!

"Immortal Palace's entrapment, what terrifying methods!" Even the creatures that ignited their divine flames narrowed their eyes, revealing looks of shock. They weren't willing to provoke this type of power.

Immortal king nine seals, this was precisely where its profoundness and mysteriousness laid. 

It could actually form a bronze ancient palace and turn into a cage, sealing all enemies within. In the end, they would be refined to death, having both their body and dao scattered.

"You aren't bad. What a pity." Immortal Palace's young great one said softly as he looked at the bronze palace constructed out of symbols. 

"Less nonsense. If our cultivation realms were equal, you wouldn't have any chance!" Shi Hao said. 

When these words sounded in the ears of the spectators, it sounded extremely domineering. This young devil king really was too self-confident, actually daring to say this. 

"A battle between the same cultivation level, there might be some inheritors from the ancient secluded inheritances that can fight on equal terms with me, but you are not one of them." Immortal Palace's young great one calmly spoke. He stood in the void and looked downwards, saying, "You are too self-confident."

He was confident that he was unmatched in his cultivation realm. He did not believe Shi Hao to be the most powerful opponent.

The void battle halberd moved up and down, stopping the pill furnace!

Silver true blood symbols flickered about, wrapping around Shi Hao and his heavenly passage. All of the symbols interweaved together to form a bronze palace, sealing Shi Hao within and carrying out a refinement.

Immortal Palace's inheritor's hands continuously produced complex magical imprints. They formed innate dao fire again and again to set this 'bronze palace' aflame. He was going to refine his opponent into ashes. 

"Protection against ten thousand methods!" Shi Hao said softly. He sat down and used his single heavenly passage to protect his body.

In addition, he circulated bone texts, with the True Primordial Record as the base. He was currently thinking of a way to absorb those droplets of silver true blood. He wanted to seize the legendary 'immortal blood'. 

Everyone was stunned. The young devil king truly was reckless. He was clearly in a life and death situation, yet he was still thinking about obtaining the other party's true blood!

Shi Hao also knew that the other party's cultivation realm was higher than his own, and that his magical power was naturally greater. Now that the other party was using this to his advantage, it put him in a rather unfavorable situation. 

However, he definitely wouldn't admit defeat. His natural disposition was a more stubborn one. He was self-confident and persistent, using everything he had to resist against this attack, even to the extent of refining the other party's rare 'immortal blood'. 

"What? He used the Immortal king nine seals?" At the entrance to the secret realm, after everyone learned about this, there was no one who wasn't shocked. This was one of Immortal Palace's greatest precious techniques. 

Even the old sect masters were shocked. They sat in the void, their bodies indistinct and dusky. Their expressions were dark and gloomy. They felt extremely fearful towards this type of ancient sealing divine ability.

"That young devil king is most likely in great danger. It will be difficult for him to escape this disaster." Someone sighed and said. 

Once this secret method was used, it could suppress many great enemies at the same cultivation realm, perhaps even being able to suppress and kill those of a higher cultivation realm, let alone the young devil king whose cultivation realm was lower than that of Immortal Palace's inheritor!

Outside the secret realm, everyone obtained this extremely shocking piece of information. The two individuals were most likely evenly matched in a physical battle, so now, Immortal Palace's young great one finally began to oppress his opponent through magical force!

"Will he be able to stick it through?" Everyone thought to themselves. Then, they all shook their heads. 

Since the beginning of history, the number of heavenly geniuses that dared to go against Immortal Palace and as a result died under this precious technique was too high. It was hard to ignore this reality. 

Right now, many people all felt that Shi Hao staying alive all the way until now was already quite a miracle. They didn't have any extravagant hope in him making a comeback and injuring Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

Within the depths of the secret realm, the atmosphere was tense. Everyone was watching this battle closely. 

The Great Demonic God was worried, to the extent where he almost couldn't hold himself back and help out Shi Hao. However, in the end, he still stopped himself.

The witch's figure was elegant and moving, curves rising and falling. However, when she was calm, she looked quite pure like a fairy from the world of immortals. Her eyelashes were extremely long. Her clear eyes were staring into the battlefield as she muttered quietly, "What a pity… this fella is quite strong, but he likely won't be able to escape death."

The other exceptional talents were all inwardly moved as well. They saw how terrifying Immortal Palace's inheritor was. Every single person became alarmed, their expression becoming extremely serious.

"Your physical body is quite strong, but your magical force and symbols are ordinary. Let's just end it here. Opening the supreme being inheritance land is the most important. I'll capture you first and then investigate your backing after I return," said Immortal Palace' inheritor. He didn't want to tarry here any longer, because there were more important things to do. 

After speaking up to this point, he pointed outwards. Symbols poured out like a sea, and now completely exploded outwards, flooding everything as if ten thousand volcanoes erupted at the same time. The dazzling brilliance made everyone tremble inwardly!

All of the symbols swarmed over together, merging into that 'bronze palace' inside the void to jointly suppress Shi Hao. 

It was as if a sun was condensing, but also as if countless stars were merging together to release undying radiance.

This… was actually a person's pupil!

This pupil fired out endless silver radiance that carried golden multicolored light. They all rushed towards that 'bronze palace'. Dao flames blazed fiercely, burning this entrapment formed from symbols down. 

In that instant, power overflooded into the heavens. It was terrifying to the extreme. Many people couldn't help but shake uncontrollably, and even their souls were shaking. 

"Let's end it here. I'll put you in Devil Suppressing Palace for now," said Immortal Palace's inheritor. His pupils were intimidating, and the symbols that were being released became more numerous. At the same time, a bronze palace appeared in his hands. 

This palace was blue-green in color, but it was less than the size of a palm. It was simple and natural looking with a type of dao aura. He tossed it out, using it to suppress the area where Shi Hao was standing. It quickly enlarged, and then it merged with the symbols there!

The symbols merged with the bronze palace and released astonishing radiance. It was as if heavenly flames were burning. Half the sky even became incomparably blinding!

"Huh? This ancient palace…"

Everyone took steps backwards. All of their fine hairs stood on end. This palm sized ancient palace quickly enlarged. It was as if it could suppress the heavens and ten thousand daos!

Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. The other party used some of the methods he had been holding back as expected, wishing to quickly suppress him and end this battle.

He sighed. He truly didn't want to use his trump card, because if he used it while being watched by so many people, it wouldn't be as useful next time. He had great plans in place. Not only were there exceptional talents here, there were creatures that ignited their divine flames here, so he wanted to save it for the crucial moment. 

"A decisive blow it is then!" He said softly. 

With a weng sound, Shi Hao activated the pill furnace, smashing aside the void battle halberd. He then directly faced the bronze palace head on!

Then, he leaned to the side, about to pour out the endless 'heavenly river'. At the last moment, he held himself back from using it all, because that would be too much of a waste. He fiercely slapped the bottom of the furnace. Symbols erupted, and then an earthen radiance shone from the furnace. A bit of yellow earth flew out. 

This was immortal tomb's earth. It was quite strange, not mixing with the heavenly river at all. It was heavy as well, resting at the bottom of the pill furnace. A bit of it flew out now with Shi Hao's slap.


It released astonishing lightning power that also carried curse power. When it made contact with the silver droplets of blood in the void, it quickly absorbed them and then continuously devoured precious blood. 

"En?" Immortal Palace's young great one was shocked. This was his body's innate substance that had to be reabsorbed, but it actually merged together with a bit of the yellow earth. 

"Suppress!" He shouted loudly. He activated the bronze palace, sending it crushing downwards. He also brandished the great halberd, sending it hacking down. 


Meanwhile, Shi Hao also shouted loudly and activated the pill furnace. Regardless of whether it was immortal tomb's earth or the heavenly river, he had sent out quite a bit. Right now, they both submerged this place.


Lightning covered the world boundlessly, and thunder rumbled chaotically. The entire sky was covered in electricity, so bright that it almost made one blind. Their eyes felt as if they were being pricked by needles.

This was too shocking! The power of the lightning was unbelievably great, and it was incredibly terrifying. It was also accompanied by mysterious and terrifying curse power!

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