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Chapter 664 - Dangerous Ancient Earth

The mountainous region was vast. Plant life flourished, with some ancient trees towering higher than even mountain peaks. They were incomparably thick, and shining vines descended from the treetops. 

A few pure-blooded divine birds made their nests atop these trees, the silver grass-woven nests shining especially brilliantly.

Several hundred zhang long Titan Snakes coiled about on top of the trees, from time to time spitting out their tongues towards those enormous nests. Their bodies also released especially terrifying dangerous auras. 

On the ground, the thick piles of leaves were decomposed into fertile soil. Wash basin sized large purple spiders, meter long silver centipedes, golden scorpions half the height of a human and other creatures glistened brilliantly, roaming through this place from time to time. 

There were all types of creatures here. It was extremely dangerous; once one stepped into their domain, there was a chance of provoking a great killing disaster. 

Shi Hao and his grandfather moved through the mountain forest. They stepped on the leaves that were several feet thick, carefully and prudently walking through this place. As soon as they passed an ancient cave, they startled a deity -- a toad deity. 

It was a Toad Elite, but it was only the size of a round table. However, it was extremely dangerous, more so than those existences that lit their divine flames before.

If they weren't powerful enough and their reactions weren't fast enough, using lightning to move through that mountainous region, they might have been directly eaten. 

They even suspected that it might have surpassed the divine flame realm.


It was clear that the Toad Elite didn't give up on them, continuing to look around. The sounds it released were like thunder, shaking people up until their blood energy surged. 

The two of them looked around. They could see that there was a golden toad on top of a distant mountain peak. It wasn't that large, being around the size of a round table.

It looked like it was forged from gold. Its entire body was shining brilliantly, making it look quite beautiful. When it opened its enormous mouth, gua gua sounds that made others feel shaken rang through the air. It was even more deafening than thunder.


The crazy winds stirred about. The toad opened its large mouth, and then like a hurricane, all types of ancient trees snapped. There were even more that were directly uprooted. The scene was extremely horrifying.

This startled several hundred zhang long Titan snakes, as well as a few pure-blooded divine birds. They were all discontent and rushed into the skies. 


A blood-colored chain rushed outwards, immediately sweeping them away, sucking everything into that golden divine toads mouth. That chain was its tongue.

"Supreme expert realm vicious birds, as well as several Titan Snakes were eaten just like that?" Even the Great Demonic God sucked in a cold breath of air.

Shi Hao's eyes shone, beginning to burn with passion. This gradually proved one of his speculations. "This Toad Elite might very well have surpassed the Divine Flame Realm. The secret realm did not restrict its growth."

He felt like during the endless passage of time, a few changes had happened to Origin Sky Secret Realm's natural laws that permitted even more powerful creatures to emerge.

It was because he already sensed several times that the mountain ranges and great lakes contained auras of terrifying creatures, and these auras vanished in a flash. 

"If that really is the case, we shouldn't leave and should just cultivate within this little thousand world. Only when we are powerful enough should we then think of a way to leave." Shi Hao clenched his fists tightly. 

There were holy medicines, ancient bugs, divine ores, and other things. It was rich with resources. Even the spiritual essence here was richer than in the outside world, and it was relatively safe as well without the need to worry about the pursuit of sect master level figures. 

He already made this association when he saw the Demonic Blood Ghost Tree. He felt that its cultivation realm was too high, far exceeding the limitations of Origin Sky Secret Realm. 

"I am not sure." The Great Demonic God shook his head. Based on the original plan, the two were still picking all types of spiritual medicines, as well as Silver Centipedes, Golden Scorpions, and other types of archaic unique bugs. 

These were all rare and precious ingredients for refining precious medicines. The grandfather and grandson needed these things.

Shi Hao nodded and said, "Regardless, we should remain careful. Who knows, that Toad Elite and a few other creatures in this secret realm might be the greatest winners in the end."

This secret realm had spiritual things everywhere. There were many divine bugs, and if they appeared in the outside world, they were would all be treated as extremely rare things. Their value were all astonishing. 

In Shi Hao's heaven and earth pouch, old medicines appeared in piles. It was incomparably fragrant. The cauldron was packed with all types of strange precious bugs too. Apart from this, there were shining divine ore and other objects.

This was the reason why he wasn't willing to go out. 

Soon after, they arrived by an area with many lakes. They saw many ancient remains, as well as heard a bit of shocking news. 

The bone symbol that appeared was fake! This left everyone stunned.

Some people stayed behind. Inside the broken beautiful mountain peak, as well as the lakes that had been blasted dry, one could often find damaged weapons and divine objects. 

"How miserable. A few exceptional talents were seriously injured. However, no one was killed."

"Truly sinister!"

There was unexpectedly this type of conclusion. Some creatures purposely spread the rumors and created a bone symbol to encourage fighting and confrontation.

Based on their speculations, the one that hiddenly set this up was actually trying to make Immortal Palace's young great one and the youth that had a golden lamp suspended above his shoulder fight. 

That hidden individual might have felt some restraining fear towards those two individuals, wishing for them to fight it out in a great struggle first. It would be best if both sides suffered.

The first 'bone symbol' was the most important. Its value far surpassed that of the other talismans. The first one to enter Origin Sky Supreme Being's inheritance would obtain the most natural luck.

However, Immortal Palace's young one and that youth with the golden lamp suspended above his shoulder were not able to finish their intense battle. In the end, they unexpectedly separated, deciding to pursue other things and ultimately disappearing as a result. 

In the end, the other exceptional talents rushed over, and a bloody battle broke out. Some people were seriously injured, while others exhausted a use of a life symbol, being killed once.

"It really is rather treacherous." Shi Hao said. 

"We need to be a bit more careful." The Great Demonic God nodded. In terms of battle strength alone, with the two of them walking together, they didn't fear others, but there were some methods one couldn't guard against. 

As for exactly who it was that set up this trap, everyone was discussing spiritedly. There was no way for them to be certain of who it was right now. 

Some people felt that it was precisely set up by Immortal Palace's young great one and the youth with the golden lamp suspended over his shoulder that set up this underhanded trap for the sake of weeding out competitors. 

There were even some who said that this was for the sake of preparing their true attacks against the exceptional talents!

It was because some exceptional talents now lost their life symbols, so if they dared to enter the secret realm again, once they died, then they would truly be dead.

There were some others who said that this was done by the natives of the secret realm. 

"Who cares who it is. We aren't scared," said Shi Hao. 

Two days later, the true bone symbol appeared, moreover six or seven of them at the same time. It left others stunned, and a great battle erupted. 

Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God felt rather regretful. They missed out, because the two of them entered an ancient land to pick a rare holy medicine -- golden blood herb. 

It was entirely golden and a meter tall. It had many leaves. This was one of the main medicines in refining the vajra elixir or undying golden body elixir. Even if one didn't do a liquid extraction and directly used it to refine the body, it would still possess astonishingly high value. 

Of course, the most important thing was that if it was used inside Stone Village's pill formulas, its value would be even higher. It could be used to refine the body, taking one's flesh on the path of divinity.

"We missed out on the bone symbol, but at least no one found out where the inheritance is. No one has entered yet." Shi Hao comforted himself. 

"Opportunities will come." The Great Demonic God said. 

The grandfather and grandson both discussed things over, deciding to take the initiative to attack. 

"True blood has appeared!"

"Origin Sky Supreme Being's unrivaled precious blood has appeared!"

Right at this moment, a shouting sounded from the distance that startled everyone.

Within the depths of the lakes, bloody light rushed into the heavens. Auspicious multicolored light surged and scarlet radiance illuminated the world. This made people doubt whether there was a pond of unrivaled precious blood. 

Rumors had it that if one wanted to enter the place of inheritance, they had to enter through the immortal pond. That was precisely the place of the supreme being's rebirth. 

And today, bloody radiance rushed into the heavens. This meant that some people might have found the place and were about to open up the precious land!

Many people hurried over after hearing this, creating a huge uproar.

When the grandfather and grandson rushed over, there were already people who had gone deep inside. There was an island in the lake where immortal mists wafted about. There was essence blood that radiated light. In addition, there was a gate of light that shone with incomparable brilliance. 

"The place of inheritance!" Someone cried out. 

"There shouldn't be someone that thought of the same thing as us right?" Shi Hao said to himself and gave the Great Demonic God a look, revealing an expression of shock.

"The essence blood is real!" Someone noticed a piece of crystal and shouted out. There was a drop of true blood sealed inside, and there were a few other crystals in front the gate of light that radiated scarlet multicolored light. 

Many people's eyes immediately became red. They rushed over.

The two exceptional talents were the fastest. They swept up several crystals, and then without stopping for a moment, they directly rushed through the gate of light. 

"Ah, they are the ones that obtained the bone symbols. They entered the place of inheritance!"

When they saw this scene, many people immediately felt a chill. This gave them a rather uncomfortable feeling. The two first rushed inside, because the greatest natural luck was going to be obtained by them. 

A few people even began to feel extremely dejected. After entering the secret realm, what they wanted to obtain the most was precisely the inheritance in this place, but now, someone else went in first!

Suddenly, the entire island shone. Symbols covered everything densely, and then killing intent overflowed into the heavens, rushing out from the gate of light.


On Fiend Island, more than ten people immediately exploded. White colored bone fragments dyed in wisps of blood shot in all directions; it was an incredibly miserable sight. 

Apart from this, there were a few people who were seriously injured as well. They suffered from unimaginable great injuries, causing all of them to hurriedly retreat, staying far away from this island. 

Everyone became a bit stupefied. Why was opening the place of inheritance so dangerous? It actually affected the people outside, making them tremble inwardly.

"Go, let's take a look!"

Right when everyone backed up, Shi Hao opened up the heavenly passage, and the Great Demonic God protected his body with black and white energies. The two used the moment the symbols weakened to forcefully ascend the island. 

At this moment, they saw an astonishing scene. When they closed in on the gate of light, they noticed that there was a world shocking killing formation inside. The two exceptional talents were badly mangled, and one of them was immediately killed.

He died with remaining grievance, unable to even see who his opponent was. 

He was completely killed by this terrifying formation. It was a horrifying sight; his body was split apart to pieces, ultimately turning into a bloody pile of paste. His sparkling white bones blasted apart, and a bloody rain scattered out. 

He was filled with indescribable grief and indignation, and even in his death, he was roaring. The beast tooth life symbols surrounded him and brought him away from this place.

He was the first person to enter this 'place of inheritance', but in the end, he suffered this type of conclusion. 

There was another exceptional talent whose body was covered in injuries, and one could well imagine what kind of injuries he suffered through the gates a bit later, and that was why he was only seriously injured and not killed.

He withdrew with difficulty, his expression ashen. 

Meanwhile, a youth appeared inside the gate of light, one that looked sixteen or seventeen. He was smiling rather happily, picking up the 'bone symbol' left behind by the first exceptional talent and placing it into his bosom. 

Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God hid themselves in the distance. They looked at each other, both of them shocked. All of this was done by this youth?

"Wu, I finally obtained a bone symbol." The youth was similar in age to Shi Hao, with a rather delicate looking face. He said this to himself like this. 

"It's you…" The second exceptional talent had just left the gate of light when he saw this scene. How could he not understand what was going on? He and the dead exceptional talent had been plotted against by someone. 

This was a trap purposely set up by someone, all for the sake of seizing a bone symbol. 

"I will cut you to pieces!" This exceptional talent flew into rage out of humiliation. He was a clan's supreme being youth, inwardly arrogant, yet he fell into someone else's trap, almost dying as a result. For him, this was a great humiliation. 

The youth's face was extremely round and chubby, truly like a big apple. Right now, his face was rosy, appearing quite bashful. "Sorry, it wasn't intentional."

"You can go die for me!" The second exceptional talent was about to take action.

"Since that's the case, then I have to send you on your way." This youth said softly. His eyes were quite bright. He walked forward. 

Suddenly, he stopped again. He looked towards Shi Hao's area and revealed a precautionary look. After muttering something, he revealed a sweet smile and said, "Brother, how about we split things here? I'll give you guys the other bone symbol."

After speaking, he turned around without any hesitation and ascended the transport formation he set up in advance, thus disappearing from this place. 

The Great Demonic God said, "This little bastard really is sharp! He is extremely careful."

Shi Hao also felt a wave of speechlessness. This fella was quite the character. In addition, they had the same ideas even without any prior consultation between them. 

Originally, Shi Hao had discussed with the Great Demonic God to also set up a trap, changing from passiveness to aggressiveness to seize a bone symbol. In the end, as soon as they finished discussing this, news of supreme being true blood emerged. 

This ancient place seemed more and more sinister. The competition was fierce, and the slightest bit of carelessness could result in death. Right now, everyone was using all types of methods, all for the sake of increasing their own opportunities. 

"This way is fine too!" Shi Hao remained fearless, and even his eyes shone. This great competition between exceptional talents, this type of collision where everyone took action simultaneously, only something like this could produce the greatest sparks.

He set his eyes on Sun God Vine's Jin Lie and the vicious exceptional talent divine birds and ferocious beasts. The former was definitely comparable to holy medicine, while the latter's blood was even more so unimaginably precious. 

"All of you can come at me. I am looking forward to the great battle!" Shi Hao revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth, wishing for the world to fall into chaos. 

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