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Chapter 663 - Four Extremes

Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God's eyes burned with passion. They stared at this great dao divine book. 

This golden sheet was extremely special. It leapt upwards and fixed itself in the void. It shone brilliantly, the bone texts formed from lightning extremely concentrated. 

It was extremely brilliant, the power it released made one's soul pound greatly. It was as if a forbidden existence had revived and was overlooking the world under the heavens!

Without thinking too much, one knew that its value was priceless.

Activating it unexpectedly required the immortal aura inside the heavenly river and immortal tomb. This was just too shocking and unimaginable!

If not for this, Shi Hao truly didn't know what it would have took to see these scriptures. 

The grandfather and grandson pair were both fascinated, submerging themselves within. They did everything they could to record all types of bone texts and comprehend the supreme profound mysteries stored within. 

Neither the grandfather or grandson were stupid. When they saw this type of supreme lightning precious technique, they both whole-heartedly poured themselves in its cultivation. They were completely obsessed and forgot everything else.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, the golden sheet gradually grew dim, and only then did the two of them snap back to reality. 

Shi Hao didn't say another word. He tossed it into the pill furnace again, soaking it in the heavenly river, allowing it to absorb the lightning force and absorb strands of immortal dao energy. 

In that instant, the golden sheet shone again, becoming even more resplendent. It began to radiate brilliantly. The symbols on its surface released dazzling divine multicolored light that were composed of supreme profound mysteries. 

"Grandfather, here, eat this stalk of medicine and then study it. We will be able to comprehend the lightning dao precious technique the fastest this way," Shi Hao said. 

He fetched a foot tall shrub that was entirely red, as if it was carved from a piece of cornelian, but even more translucent. It was like a red sun that released divine splendor. 

In addition, the shrub was covered in patterns and coiling with scarlet colored lightning. It released waves of lightning sounds, as well as small amounts of mists. It was incredibly mysterious. 

This was what he obtained by risking his life in the immortal tomb, one of the five stalks of extremely rare plants he dug from the immortal tomb. 

Back then, for the sake of a few stalk of spiritual roots, Shi Hao was hacked by lightning until he hovered between life and death. He almost lost his life in the process. This process used up a lot of time and effort. 

The Great Demonic God was shocked. He naturally could sense the natural law fragments and immortal dao energy inside this shrub. In terms of comprehension and cultivating, it was even more precious than holy medicine!

"Careful, you can only take in a little bit each time. Refine it slowly, or else the flesh can not handle it." Shi Hao spoke from experience.

"Alright, us grandfather and grandson will cultivate this method here. When we emerge, we will work together to open up the greatest treasury in this secret realm!" Grandpa Fifteen laughed loudly. 

"Yes, who dares to ambush us? If there are any vicious beasts or divine birds, we will completely roast them and eat them!" Shi Hao brandished his fists and spoke domineeringly.

"Haha…" The Great Demonic God noticed that this grandson was more and more to his liking. He was worthy of being his own descendant. 

Shi Hao fetched a human head sized mushroom himself that was golden in color and crackling with lightning. There was a wave of fragrance wafting out with it. It was densely packed with symbols. 

Without a doubt, eating the strange plants on top of the immortal tomb was extremely dangerous. Regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or the Great Demonic God, they were both hacked rather miserably by the electricity.

The two were not only bleeding from wounds, their bodies were scorched black and their head of hair all stood on end. Their faces were jet-black. They were in extremely sorry states. 

Shi Hao curled his lips. He felt that this stalk of medicine's effects were several times more powerful than even that of the stalk he ingested before. The immortal dao energy was exceptionally rich, and the natural law fragments were more numerous. 

He was quite worried for his grandfather, but in the end, he found that even though the old man was bleeding all over and scorched black, he looked rather comfortable and delighted.

He was given a fright. "Grandfather, you are okay, right?"

"No harm. This type of forceful energy is the best for me, able to expel the yin energy in my bones. It actually feels quite good!" The Great Demonic God replied.

Soon after, the grandfather and grandson pair became quiet. One carried a cornelian like shrub that was entirely surrounded by scarlet lightning, while the other had a large golden mushroom in front of him that was coiling with golden electrical arcs. 

They calmed themselves down. From time to time, they would devour a bit of the lightning wondrous medicine to help them comprehend the precious technique on the golden sheet. 

Following the passage of time, two spheres of light appeared here. The two individuals became indistinct, surrounded by great dao fragments. They looked more and more mysterious. The aura that surrounded them was extremely shocking.

Where the Great Demonic God sat, the lightning radiance was scarlet like a rainbow. Symbol light rushed into the heavens, forming a blood-colored heavenly sun. Then, it turned a golden color. Immortal dao aura pervaded the air. In the end, it was as if there was primal chaos there. 

This was an astonishing transformation!

Meanwhile, Shi Hao had similarly tremendous gains. He was surrounded by the immortal dao fragmented text.There were sounds of scriptures being chanted by his ears, and in his surroundings, countless metallic symbols engraved themselves in the void. 

Time flowed on. In the blink of an eye, two days and two nights passed.

The grandfather and grandson were immersed in a state of dao comprehension. They completely forgot about everything else. 

During this process, they awoke from time to time, also because the golden paper grew dim. They needed to put it back into the pill furnace to have it absorb the lightning immortal dao energy.

This was a type of holy scene. A golden precious book was fixed in the void, its surface filled with scriptures and radiating dazzling divine multicolored radiance. It passed down the profound mysteries that had existed since the ancient times. 

Meanwhile, below, the two individuals were calm and silent, quietly comprehending it. There were dao fragments that spun all around them. 

The more time passed, the deeper their comprehension became. It was as if they had become one with the golden sheet and were going to merge themselves inside. 

This really was something worth sighing in amazement towards. The immortal tomb's plants were too precious, able to allow one to comprehend the most profound mysteries in the shortest amount of time, helping them understand complex bone texts.

A pair of wings appeared behind the Great Demonic God that were completely formed from lightning, scarlet and brilliant. When the two wings made contact, they erupted with endless lightning. It was incredibly terrifying. 

Afterwards, he was then drowned out by symbols. It merged together with those scriptures like a cocoon, wrapping themselves around him, making him look more and more outstanding and otherworldly. 

There were traces of mists around him like immortal mist.

On the other side, Shi Hao's comprehension was also extremely profound. In his surroundings, stalk after stalk of plants grew. There were golden ones, purple ones, green one; they all sparkled with brilliance. 

These weren't true plants and were instead all formed from lightning. He comprehended a type of life force. 

Lightning was not only the most powerful offensive method in the world, one that contained destructive force, it also possessed life. It could also change one's flesh and bones between life and death.

When he comprehended this layer of profound mysteries, he could now be considered to have attained a higher level in the precious techniques of lightning dao, truly entering a higher domain. The lightning dao contained the power of life!

Once one reached this level, the lightning technique could already be considered extremely successful!

Around Shi Hao, plant life thrived. It was extremely astonishing, verdant and lush. All types of flowers blossomed in an incomparably brilliant manner. They were flowers of lightning that were shockingly beautiful!

Then, all of the grass dried up. 

Like this, the cycle repeated. The plants withered and prospered; this was like a type of reincarnation, almost stirring up Shi Hao's unique precious technique -- reincarnation. 

In the end, all of the plants disappeared. Biting cold metallic energy appeared, and then both in front and behind Shi Hao's body, metal spears pierced towards the heavens. 

Then, sword energy shook the skies, causing metallic sounds to ring through the air. 

It was clear that after the flames before, there were the plants just now, and currently, he then comprehended the metallic energy within lightning. His understandings became more and more profound.


A golden spear was condensed in his hands. Whether this was metal energy or lightning, it was already difficult to distinguish. The two merged together, the feeling of the weapon not being much different than a true weapon. However, the power was even more powerful. 

Shi Hao stood up with a spear in hand. He pierced it into the void, and with a hong long sound, it was as if a vast body of water swept up in reverse to cleanse the heavens!

When this spear pierced out, the power was too powerful. The world seemed to be collapsing. Apart from the divine spear's sharp point, there was also the chaotic power of lightning. It was invincible, its divine valor unstoppable. 

Then, Shi Hao calmed down. He sat down and the spear disappeared. 

This was a type of comprehension. It was a great slaughtering power. The metal energy tore through everything like hacking through the rotten, destroying all great enemies. 

There were great dao natural law fragments all around him, as well as immortal dao energy. They merged together like a cocoon, making him appear especially unordinary. 

The golden mushroom he plucked from the immortal tomb contained shocking symbols. They contained wondrous effects, helping Shi Hao comprehend the lightning precious technique. He was becoming one with lightning. 

The sheet of golden paper shone. The bone text on its surface was extremely mysterious with wisps of primal chaos pervading the air. It was shocking to the extreme!

Shi Hao continued his comprehension. His benefits were huge. The lightning dao and his own body merged together, allowing him to advance leaps and bounds in this field. 


Running water sounded. Azure liquid appeared in the sky, flowing around Shi Hao in a sparkling and brilliant manner. Inside, there were even fish swimming about, full of vitality and liveliness. 

This was not true water but instead water formed from lightning. It was a transformation from lightning to liquid, something that was shocking to the extreme!

What was lightning? How could it turn into water? This wasn't just a normal type of difficult, not something that can be obtained just from advancing levels of cultivation. One needed to completely comprehend it and delve into the most profound parts of the natural laws. 

Blue liquid flowed about. More and more appeared, and soon after, they formed a stream with Shi Hao at the center, allowing the waters to smash about. 

In the end, it even appeared high up in the sky. This was an azure waterfall that descended from the void. It cleansed his flesh, producing a sparkling and resplendent expanse there. 

In the end, the river and waterfall formed a lake that continuously expanded. The entire void became a blue ocean that was exceptionally beautiful.

Then, with a point of Shi Hao's finger, endlessly lightning erupted. The blue liquid became chaotic, engulfing all directions. 

This type of power was terrifying to the extreme!

After the lightning transformed into fire, grass, and metal, the fourth transformation was this -- Azure water!

When one cultivated to this point, their achievement in the lightning dao domain could already be considered extremely high. Many people whose cultivation realms were higher than Shi Hao would find it difficult to step into this domain their entire lives.

In the realm of lightning dao, this type of accomplishments should be considered -- Lightning Dao Four Extremes!

Shi Hao was still in the supreme expert realm, yet he already had this level of comprehension. It could be considered a rarely seen thing in this world. As his cultivation level became more profound, the four extremes' power would become greater and greater!

At that point, Shi Hao opened his eyes. The great golden mushroom had been completely refined clean. 

Meanwhile, that golden sheet had been completely read by him and remembered in his heart. He felt extremely content with his harvest this time. 

However, even though he felt satisfied, he was also a bit regretful. He always felt as if the forbidden precious technique recorded on the golden sheet wasn't complete, as if there should be a latter part.

It was like an immortal musical piece, when it reached a buildup, at its most critical part, it suddenly stopped right before reaching it. 

At this moment, Grandpa Fifteen also awoke. His area was rather strange. The great dao symbols and natural law fragments were like a paste, forming a cocoon that wrapped around himself. Strand after strand of white mists pervaded the air. This was immortal energy, but also like chaotic mist. It was extremely mysterious. 

The great dao symbols that turned into the cocoon shattered. All of the natural law fragments entered the Great Demonic God's body. Behind him was a pair of lightning wings, one black and one white. When they shook, lightning poured out like an ocean!

What he comprehended was different from Shi Hao. He comprehended the opposing light and dark, as well as lightning in the form of an artifact. This was also lightning natural law, but it was quite different. 

Grandpa Fifteen compared and merged the bone texts on the golden sheet with the demonic god inheritance he himself obtained in his earlier years, and as a result, he comprehended a different type of ferocious precious technique. 

Without a doubt, their rewards were tremendous!

"I really wished that this would continue for a bit longer. I feel like it is still missing a bit." Grandpa Fifteen said the same thing, feeling similarly.

"Grandfather, the two of us are of the same opinion. Just a bit further and my lightning precious technique can reach extremely great heights," Shi Hao said. 

Despite this being the case, the grandfather and grandson believed that this was already an extremely powerful great dao precious technique that could overlook everything under the heavens. 

The bone text recorded on the golden sheet was suitable for all creatures to cultivate. There weren't any imprints locked to a specific race engraved on its surface. 

"We should come out of isolation and see what is going on. What kind of background does that Dragon Mastiff have exactly? How did it obtain this golden sheet?"

After this cultivation period ended, both the grandfather and grandson felt that the golden sheet was not the inheritance left behind by that divine mastiff. On the contrary, it might very well havemused this to obtain the chance for evolution and turn into a Dragon Mastiff. 

If this speculation was proved, then that would be extremely astonishing. It would make this golden sheet appear even more valuable!

Soon after, they received some news. Five Phase Province knew a few legends about Origin Sky Supreme Being, and the cultivators that entered the secret realm naturally did everything they could to learn about it. 

"Origin Sky Supreme Being might have entered a piece of ruins before he fell, and obtained some mysterious lightning dao profound mystery from there. "

"He had raised a lightning hound."

Just from these two pieces of news, Shi Hao and Grandpa Fifteen immediately became stirred up, their eyes even lighting up. They were extremely hopeful, desiring the inheritance in this secret realm!

"Us grandfather and grandson should move and take a look at those other people," said Grandpa Fifteen.

"Alright, let's catch two exceptional talent divine birds or vicious beasts and have a taste. I really am looking forward to the other page of the golden paper!" Shi Hao was extremely hopeful. His large eyes were shining, and he was surging with battle intent. 

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