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Chapter 651 - A Dangerous Mysterious Realm

Shi Hao moved extremely quickly. Electricity streaked across the air, speeding along and catching up to everyone that had left ahead of time.

“Yi, brother devil king, you escaped! It was really dangerous just now!” Someone cried out, pleasantly surprised.

“Daoist brother, you are formidable after all, actually able to protect yourself in such a dangerous place and returning safely.” One of them sighed and said, truly respecting Shi Hao to the extreme. 

“Finally got out!” Everyone released a breath of relief. Being able to live was the greatest thing. 

A few people sighed emotionally. They were truly unlucky, actually sent to a sealed place, unable to leave even if they wanted to and forced to do what Fire Devil Palace wanted them to. 

Fortunately, they could now see the light of day again, freeing themselves from the troubles. 

“I reckon our group of people likely had the most deaths… The other region’s cultivators definitely weren’t as unlucky as ours.” A cultivator sighed and said. 

As soon as he spoke, a loud roar sounded from the distance, shaking heaven and earth, making even the mountains around them tremble. Tens of thousands of trees trembled, sending countless leaves scattering downwards. 

“That is…” Everyone cried out in shock. 

In the mountain range in the distance, there was an enormous humanoid figure whose entire body was covered in long and thick black fur. It was beating its chest violently. Around its body, there was even more so a divine flame burning fiercely. 

It was an enormous ape that was even taller than a mountain range. When it beat its chest, it released a muffled sound. When it roared, the surrounding mountain peaks even began to crack apart. 

It ferociously leapt up, pouncing onto a ‘mountain ridge’ to fight against it. 

That was an enormous python. If one didn’t look carefully, they would think that it was a mountain ridge. It was so large that it made one tremble in fear. There was a green divine flame burning about its body as well. 

Two divine existences were fighting it out!

Everyone became stupefied as they watched. A wave of horror swept over them. 

“Forget… I said anything!” The cultivator that was complaining just now said with a trembling voice.

They finally understood that Origin Sky Secret Realm was a dangerous place no matter where one went. It was full of dangers, and a single carelessness could result in death.

As expected, the so called great opportunities and natural luck weren’t that easy to obtain. Regardless of who came in, they all had to undergo dangers that might cause both their body and dao to vanish. 

“I’ve decided. I’m going to find a place to hide, and when the time comes, I’ll immediately leave this secret realm. It is just too terrifying.” Someone said with an ugly expression on his face. 

There were others who felt similarly, all feeling that the so-called great natural luck was too far from them. If they were truly going to search and fight over them, it would most likely be difficult for them to survive. 

“Everyone, we will separate here then.” Shi Hao said and then turned around to leave.

“Many thanks, brother devil king!” These people expressed their gratitude one after another, watching as he left. They knew that Shi Hao was incomparably powerful. He could fight off Fire Devil Palace’s people alone, so his origins were definitely astonishing. 

They already inwardly came to the conclusion that this was most likely an ‘exceptional talent’!

“What do you guys thing? Is he that Huang person?” An elder said, because he saw Shi Hao take out that pill cauldron and saw the ‘heavenly river’ inside, reminding him of Fiend Island’s great lightning river. 

“Huang? Why does that name sound familiar?” Someone suddenly asked. 

“Could it be… that Huang who left his name on the Demonic Sovereign’s divine monument?!” Someone cried out in alarm, revealing a look of shock. 

The others looked like they saw ghosts as well, feeling as if they didn’t know what to say. They all closed their mouths.

They felt like the young devil king would most likely display his great skill in this secret realm, contend against the exceptional talents from various provinces and leave the outside world’s sects all shocked. 

"If it truly is him, then the secret realm will definitely become lively with activity. A great storm is about to arrive…”

They didn’t dare stay for too long and quickly left as well.

“What? The golden mountain cracked apart, the lightning was recollected, and the great natural luck appeared, while we… helped someone else in vain?” At the mysterious realm’s entrance, Fire Devil Palace’s people clenched their teeth. 

Originally, Chi Lingkong wanted to slaughter his way back, but Fire Devil Palace’s people didn’t agree, because that sealed place was too dangerous. They didn’t have any beast tooth life symbols left, so if they went back, they might die inside.

However, after listening to this explanation and finding out that the great opportunity appeared, no one could sit still any longer.

“Hurry up and open the altar. I am going to return and catch that little monster, making him wish he was dead instead of alive!” Chi Lingkong felt a wave of fury inside. His face was trampled on, dying in this type of shameful manner. It made him so angry that his lungs felt like they were going to explode. 

In the end, the four Fire Devil Palace experts went in. The others all stayed outside.

 Shi Hao and the others had just disappeared when Chi Lingkong and the others arrived, one happening right before the other. When they saw the enormous golden skeleton that was resting there, their eyes all felt great greed.

“This enormous palace was actually formed from the skeleton of  Dragon Mastiff! Forget about everything else, just these divine bones alone are precious weapon refinement materials. Its value is priceless.”

“What about that lighting tree?” They were confused, because that ancient tree was the true heavenly treasure. The lighting it possessed could hack them to death, so its value was definitely high.

“And where did that little monster go?” Chi Lingkong gnashed his teeth in anger, feeling incomparably resentful.

“Let’s look around.” They weren’t in a rush to collect the enormous skeleton, instead fearing that there might be some dangers, so the four of them were extremely cautious. They rushed in different directions to look for Shi Hao and the others’ clues. 

Soon after, an enormous voice sounded from the west. Lightning radiance flooded the skies. 

“What happened?” The three from the other directions were all shocked. Chi Lingkong and the others quickly rushed over, looking in that direction.

“Save me!” Cries of horror sounded from the direction the electrical radiance came from. 

The expert that ignited his divine flame who flew in this direction discovered the lightning tree. His eyes burned with greed, but in the end, before he even got close, that tree moved, sending attacks at him.

This left him completely shocked. This was not a magical artifact, but a creature with its own will.

Lightning hacked over, scorching him black. What made him the most horrified was that the tree was coughing. The hole in its trunk was like a mouth, actually spitting out a bit of black blood. When it landed on his body, it made half his body begin to fester with ulcerations.

“Ah, don’t tell me that this is… Demonic Blood Ghost Tree?!” This scream expressed his fear, and it was also the final sound he made.

Soon after, he died. His entire body decayed, turning into a puddle of filthy blood.

When Chi Lingkong and the other two saw this from the distance, they felt their scalps turning numb. They didn’t dare try to rescue him, especially after they heard the name of that ancient tree, which made them even more terrified. 

“The Demonic Blood Ghost Tree… it really is that type of creature?” They trembled in fear.

Legends had it that this type of tree possessed demonic blood. It could turn into a tree, or it could turn into a human shaped ghost. It was the most terrifying type of existence.

Since the ancient times, it was rumored that this type of creature was extremely rare. It came from the higher realms’ uninhabited region, just like the Demonic Cattail Tree. It was one of the worst types of creatures to provoke. 

In fact, in that unmanned region, regardless of what type of creature it was, they were all extremely strange and powerful. 

For example, there was once a giant who entered the uninhabited region to look around. When he stepped into a puddle of yellow mud, his body and dao both perished right there and then. 

There were other powerful sect masters who, after discovering a dewdrop that flowed with brilliance, they touched it. However, just this touch alone made their souls fly and scatter away. 

There were even people that found a True Dragon egg inside that was swirling with chaotic energy. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring it out.

“We are leaving!” Chi Lingkong and the other two individuals’ faces were pale, not daring to stay here any longer at all. They even more so didn’t dare to take revenge. 

“Not good, it was angered. It’s chasing after us!”

“Damn it, it is definitely that little monster that provoked this trouble, placing this debt on our heads!” They quickly fled. These people originally came full of joy and expectations to find natural luck, but in the end, they were pursued by this Demonic Blood Ghost Tree!

“We should bring the information out. The higher realms’ sect masters all want to understand the uninhabited region, and there is an ancient Demonic Blood Ghost Tree here,” Chi Lingkong said. 

Could it be that the secret realm was interconnected with the uninhabited region? They felt that the giants will definitely be extremely interested. Only, right now, fleeing was of the highest priority. Being able to survive was the most important thing. 

Nine thousand miles out, Shi Hao stopped. He was prudent and careful. This region was extremely terrifying. Along the way, he encountered danger several times, almost encountering deities. 


Suddenly, inside an ancient hole in the mountain cliff ahead, a black and golden bug crawled out. It was the length of an arm. It spat out metallic radiance that shot out like sword radiance, crushing the mountain rocks and enormous trees to pieces. 

“Black Scaled Bug?” 

Shi Hao was amazed. This was a strange bug whose body had Qilin scales. It was extremely ferocious and liked to move in a group. 

What made him remember the existence of this creature wasn’t that this species was terrifying, but rather that its medicinal efficacy was extremely great. Stone Clan’s pill recipes had mentioned this type of ancient bug before. 

He originally already picked many spiritual medicines, but he was still lacking some ores, centipedes, snakes, bugs, and other things. He could make up for them with holy medicine, but since he ended up seeing this type of precious bug, he naturally wouldn’t pass up this chance. 


The ancient hole released a loud sound. Then, several tens of thousands of Black Scaled Bugs rushed out, numerous and close together. They all spat out metallic energy that turned into sword radiance, as if there was nothing they couldn’t overcome. 

Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao had no choice but to retreat. He was greatly shocked.


Suddenly, the ancient cave flickered with silver radiance, and then a Silver Bug King appeared. It was only the length of an arm, but its entire body was shining with silver radiance. A Qilin void figure appeared around itself. 

It was constructed from symbols. Around its body, a silver Qilin could be seen, suspended in midair, appearing mysterious and powerful. 

“A rarely seen Silver Bug King!” Shi Hao was both shocked and excited. This type of thing was too rare and difficult to find. It was rare even in the great undying ancient sects’ medicinal treasuries.

This Silver Bug King could be considered a divine bug!

This type of title showed how precious and rare it was. Many divine pills required it as an ingredient. With its wondrous effects, extremely rare divine medicines could be refined. 

“If I catch it, I can immediately go into isolation and carry out the reconstruction.” Shi Hao revealed a smile.

Based on Stone Country’s pill recipe, if he refined those spiritual medicines together with the divine bug in one cauldron, when he reconstructed his cultivation realms and used this to advance, there would be extraordinary effects. He would be advancing another step. This step was extremely useful, taking him closer to perfection. 

This group of Black Scaled Bugs actually treated him like prey first, releasing weng weng sounds and rushing over murderously. That Silver Bug King even began to shine, producing a Qilin in the void and releasing sharp sword energy, sending them hacking over towards him. 

Shi Hao turned into a streak of electricity, using extreme speed to jump into the air. He used all of his power to reach out a large hand covered in lightning and grab that Silver Bug King. 

Suddenly, a streak of purple radiance streaked across the air. It was a brilliant arrow that released demonic sound and was accompanied by terrifying symbols. It tore through the air, piercing through Shi Hao’s lightning hand. 

Shi Hao's eyes became cold. He retrated his palm and looked towards the direction the arrow came from. His eyes were chilly.

“You can leave. I already targeted this bug king a long time ago, waiting all this time.” A male descended. He had a large purple bow on his back. He had a large and tall stature, his eyes like bright stars. 

His expression was calm, confident and unhurried as he stood there, looking at Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao looked at him, finally recognizing that this young man was one of the male and female pair that Immortal Palace’s great one brought into the secret realm, his servant. 

However, the outside world were all discussing among themselves, saying that this pair of servants were even more powerful than the great sects’ divine children and holy women. Their natural talents were exceptional, and they were incomparably terrifying. 

“You are just a servant, yet you dare speak to me like that?” Shi Hao sneered. He noticed that this person was indeed formidable, but he didn’t feel a single good intention towards Immortal Palace. In addition, the other party even had this type of attitude, naturally making him unsatisfied with his ruthless words. 

Holy light flickered about. A white-clothed woman descended from the sky, carrying immortal dao aura with her. Her graceful bearing was exceptional, her figure moving and otherworldly. It was precisely Yue Chan’s main body.


Five colored multicolored light erupted. A youth with a heroic appearance appeared. He wore long life battle clothes, his movements great and majestic. His divine appearance was intimidating, and his gaze contained confidence. It was actually Qin Hao! He also appeared here!

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