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Chapter 650 - Demonic Blood Ghost Tree

The golden mountain cracked apart. Enormous rocks tumbled outwards.

The lightning tree was entirely scorched black and incomparably thick. The lightning radiance was already collected. Its roots wrapped around the enormous golden palace, pulling it up and suspending it in midair. 

The golden mountain collapsed, rumbling as it did so. 

Shi Hao stared at the lightning tree floating in midair. Originally, he didn't feel like it had a will, but now, he was a bit unsure. This was all an instinctive intuition.


He suddenly discovered that the enormous golden palace the roots wrapped around changed. In the end, it unexpectedly turned into a skeleton that was incomparably enormous and brilliant. 

"Dragon? No, mastiff?" Shi Hao was shocked. This was a golden skeleton, one that was massive and magnificent. It towered over there in a shocking and imposing manner. 

The enormous palace was actually one of its transformations?

"It is an enormous beast evolved from a Lightning Hound, the legendary Dragon Mastiff?" Shi Hao widened his eyes. His heart began to pulse violently. This was a legendary vicious beast!

Since the ancient times, there were a few vicious beasts that evolved to the peak. They would choose to transform in the True Dragon direction. This was clearly an example of this!

It had a pair of dragon horns on its head, and the lower half of its body even more so transformed into that of a True Dragon's. Its skeleton was sparkling and translucent, incomparably dazzling. There was a type of aura to it that made ten thousand beasts tremble. 

If not for the fact that the upper half of its body was still that of a mastiff, one would truly mistake it for a dragon!

"Formidable!" Shi Hao sighed in amazement. In addition, his eyes burned with desire. This enormous beast definitely grasped the pinnacle of its natural laws and possessed exceptionally great power. He wondered if it left its inheritance behind.

The Lightning Hounds in the present world were mostly archaic descendants, with very few having pure-blood. However, once they appeared, they would definitely be terrifying. They would move together with lightning and display frightening powers.

This race had a small few divine mastiffs who were capable of devouring the sun and moon. The legendary 'heavenly hound devouring the moon' was related to them, and that was how the legend was left behind. 

"There are some divine mastiffs that can evolve, transforming towards a True Dragon, just like this one. In that case, its lightning dao natural laws are definitely world shocking!"

Shi Hao's eyes began to burn with increased passion and desire, because he was currently researching lightning precious technique. He needed this type of inheritance the most. 

Suddenly, a fluctuation rippled outwards. On the enormous Dragon Hound's skull, there were cultivators rushing out. All of their expressions were pale, carrying great shock.

Shi Hao was astonished. There were still twenty individuals of the people who were forced inside still alive, not dying yet. Just now, the lightning torrent only directed itself at the four great experts, not killing them. 

"Daoist brother, you truly have excellent methods, making those four experts that ignited their divine flames nurse a grievance. Worthy of respect!"

These people felt like they had just obtained a new lease on life. They were full of excitement, but also felt fear. They felt great admiration towards Shi Hao. If it wasn't for him, their group would have all died.

"Daoist Brother, what do we call you? We should hurry and leave. I believe that Fire Devil Palace's people will hurry back soon. They definitely won't let you go!" Some people reminded with good intentions.

Shi Hao nodded. He naturally knew that time was pressing. However, he also longed for the Dragon Mastiff's inheritance quite a bit. It was an enormous beast that carried traces of a True Dragon, so it was worth risking his life for. 

"Devil king, en, that was what the Scarlet Crane Race called me." Shi Hao laughed and said, making everyone look at each other in dismay. Then, he humbly asked, "Fellow dao friends, will you all please tell me what there is inside?"

These people didn't hide anything, telling him that there was a strange praying mat, as well as a divine image. The four great experts brought about disasters upon themselves precisely because they made contact with the praying mat.

Suddenly, Shi Hao felt a unique wave of aura. He immediately raised his head and looked at the ancient lightning tree. He quickly warned everyone, "Run quickly!"

At that moment, the ancient tree without any sound of activity actually produced a hazy will. It surrounded the golden Dragon Mastiff skeleton, making it release strands of electrical radiance.

Even without Shi Hao saying this, all of the cultivators' faces turned pale and they quickly ran for their lives.

One has to understand that not too long ago, even the four great experts suffered a disaster. They would definitely die under a single strike. 

Shi Hao didn't remain here either. He turned into a streak of lightning symbols, surrounding them around himself and quickly fleeing into the distance. 

However, something shocking happened. The lightning tree released several dozen streaks of lightning. This electricity raining down from the skies all rushed at Shi Hao.

"This is weird! Why is it aiming at me? I didn't provoke you or anything!" Shi Hao had a feeling that things weren't good. This was a bit unlucky. He had never even entered the enormous golden palace, yet he was targeted. 


At the same time, he heard a unique sound. That entirely scorched black ancient tree actually reached out a branch. A lifeless branch that carried electrical radiance quickly rushed over.

"Yi, it really did have a living will and is not just a magical artifact?" His mind trembled. 

At this time, the other people also sensed that the originally hazy will seemed to have revived, gradually waking and reacting to the world around it. That tree had revived. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. Ancient trees that were struck by lightning but were still alive were the most terrifying. He immediately thought of the Willow Deity. The one in front of him naturally couldn't compare, but it still made him inwardly alarmed.

That strong and forceful branch carried several dozen streaks of electricity as it poured down, quickly descending. It looked like it was going to quickly catch him.

"This is a great divine ability!" Shi Hao made this decision. The cultivation realm was extremely high. He didn't know why this existence was hibernating and laying dormant here.

Without any hesitation, he immediately took out the pill furnace. He opened the lid and prepared to throw himself inside to protect himself.

Of course, he was incomparably careful as well, because there were other things inside as well, for example, the immortal tomb's earth, heavenly river's lightning, water, and other things.

However, something shocking happened. The other party released an enormous wave of power that was terrifying to the extreme. This power was actually competing with it! 

"It wasn't coming for me, but is instead trying to seize this furnace?" Shi Hao's mind trembled.

Meanwhile, the surrounding lightning became chaotic. Countless golden snakes flew across the sky. It was a strange and chilling scene. 


There were eight or nine that followed in the same direction as he did. They were immediately hacked through, blasting apart the void. They turned into a bloody mist, and then even that mist was burnt into ashes.

This made everyone gasp. One could see just how formidable that ancient tree was. 

In the distance, others also saw this scene. They all felt their souls trembling. This strange lightning tree was too terrifying! They quickly fled for their lives without daring to turn back. 

An older cultivator said with a trembling voice, "Could this be… the legendary Demonic Blood Ghost Tree?"

Shi Hao continuously changed directions, only managing to avoid this attack by relying on his shocking speed.

He quickly fled, turning into a streak of lightning, disappearing into the horizon in the blink of an eye. However, what was shocking was that another branch appeared, cutting off the route ahead. 

An arc of lightning descended. Shi Hao was blasted until he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. This was not only because of the lightning; there was also powerful divine force.

The moment he turned around, he felt a wave of dread. The entire body of that ancient lightning tree in the distance shone with green light. It was actually going to completely revive.


Shi Hao pushed the pill furnace over with his teeth clenched. However, he left behind the lid to protect himself and block the lightning and divine force covering the sky.

The two branches that were like dragons quickly reached out. One of them wrapped around the pill furnace, and the other directly entered the furnace to seize the lightning radiance. 

"It came rushing over for the immortal dao lightning aura?" Shi Hao now understood. He quickly moved out of the way, leaving that area. 

That branch seemed like a dried and withered plant, as if it was waiting for rain and dew. It greedily absorbed the contents, and one could see streak after streak of lightning radiance flying out from the pill furnace and entering the tree's body.

Shi Hao felt a bit regretful. These were things he exhausted great efforts to obtain from the immortal tomb and the heavenly river, yet in the end, a portion of them was stolen by this tree.

However, he wouldn't feel too dejected even if he died. His eyes flickered with radiance, instead hoping for something. 

Sure enough, not long after, the branch that was releasing a green light violently shuddered. It began to turn black and yellow, as if it encountered the most terrifying thing. It continuously flung about.

Meanwhile, that ancient tree in the distance was the same, and a hole even appeared on its trunk that looked like a mouth. It actually began to retch outwards, and the tree trunk began to bend downwards. 


Shi Hao was sure that this was the immortal tomb's curse, and right now, it had triggered on the lightning tree, making it suffer an unimaginable disaster.

It was because the curse was extremely mysterious. The more powerful the creature, the more terrifying the curse would be after that creature provoke it. In the past, there was an old sect master that fell because of the heavenly river, making others feel a great fear.

That was why even after endless years, there was still no one among the great sect masters of the higher realms who dared to step foot in the immortal tomb area. 

This lightning tree wanted to absorb the immortal dao aura, but it ended up leading the curse right to itself, bringing a terrible disaster onto itself. A single mishap now would result in its death.

As expected, in that instant, the green light it released disappeared, and it became withered up, turning black. It also began to violently shake. 

"Cough…" The tree hole on its body became larger. The tree was truly coughing, releasing lightning and spitting out electrical radiance. There were bits of curse power as well. 

In addition, on its leaves, there were originally two green and lush leaves, but one of them quickly withered up, becoming yellow and ultimately directly withering away.

The other one also became dim. The situation was extremely terrible!

This made Shi Hao feel a wave of shock. He never expected that the immortal tomb's curse would be so terrifying against higher cultivation realm experts!

With a weng sound, the old tree released the golden Dragon Mastiff skeleton. The roots dropped onto the ground, and like feet, it… began to run away!

Shi Hao was stupefied, feeling like this was a bit inconceivable.

He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't mistaken. 

This ancient lightning tree was incomparably fearful of this pill furnace, and it now actually… ran. It 'vomited' while running on the great earth, releasing lightning radiance and coughing out the curse power from its tree hole. 

Shi Hao didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was clearly extremely dangerous and he might lose his life at any moment, but why did this type of comical scene appear now?

Then, he felt a bit horrified. That tree actually spat out black colored blood from its blood hole, but it quickly disappeared as the old tree left. 

He put away the pill furnace and directly rushed towards the golden Dragon Mastiff without wasting any time. It was because time was too pressing right now. He reckoned that the four great experts would return quickly. 

After entering the skull, he immediately saw that praying mat, as well as the divine image. 

Shi Hao took out the dual-pupil and carefully looked around. He was immediately shocked to find that there was a golden sheet of paper inside of the praying mat that was shining brilliantly!

His heart beated heavily, feeling incomparably excited. If nothing unexpected happened, this was most likely the inheritance left behind by the Dragon Mastiff. It made him feel excited and happy to the extreme!

He carefully made contact with it, but he noticed that no lightning shot out. He immediately released a breath of relief. The four great experts were most likely unable to obtain it before because of the lightning tree. 

Shi Hao inspected it, confirming that even though this praying mat's materials were unordinary, it wasn't anything strange. He quickly got closer and fetched the golden book. 


He turned into a streak of human lightning and quickly headed into the distance, not willing to stay behind for a second longer. It was because he feared that the old tree would return. At that time, he would have to bear the consequences. 

In addition, the Fire Devil Palace's four experts that ignited their divine flames were also about to arrive any minute now. 

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