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Chapter 649 - Wasted Effort

Shi Hao ate and drank to his fill. When he opened his mouth, scarlet multicolored light would surge outwards. He ate a bit too much. Fortunately, his cultivation was deep enough. If it was someone else, they might already be bleeding from all apertures, and their essence blood would be burning.

He stood up and gazed towards the ancient golden mountain. He then stared at the lightning tree at the top of the mountain. When he saw the two sparkling leaves on it, he thought of Willow Deity.

"Does this ancient tree have a will?" He looked at it again and again. He felt like it was more like a magical artifact and not like a powerful creature.

Was it related to lightning? He felt a wave of doubt. If that was the case, it really was what he needed.

However, right now, he was in a bit of a rush as well. After all, he was still trapped here. Those four great experts might use the beast tooth life symbols and turn around to kill him.

He rubbed this fist sized pill furnace, stroking it with his hands. He prepared to attack the golden mountain and force the four great experts into a predicament.

The Golden Palace's four great experts were all feeling so much anger that they couldn't comprehend the dao. In addition, they gradually learned that this divine sound was quite transient and not easy to seize.

"There are restrictions that still need to be broken through."

They noticed something strange, feeling like his golden palace had more than one floor and had other secrets. They began to look around. 

"All of you better search  carefully for me. Do not miss a single corner." Fire Devil Palace's experts ordered those cultivators to search around. Meanwhile, they themselves were extremely careful, standing at the palace entrance out of fear that something unexpected would happen.

All of the cultivators clenched their teeth and cursed. These people were just too hateful, feeling more and more like Shi Hao was living comfortable and at ease. Just now, they were truly feeling great satisfaction, but unfortunately, they didn't work together with him before and gave up the chance. 

A stone block was touched, causing multicolored light to surge. The enormous palace's great dao sound became even more ear-splitting.

"There is some special situation. Hurry up and lift up the stone block!" Chi Lingkong said. He was feeling quite urgent, wishing to obtain the divine treasury here earlier so he could leave this place and kill Shi Hao.

When the stone block was lifted up, a groove immediately appeared here. After inspecting it, the four great experts ordered someone to press down with their palm and use their divine force.


This place rang with an ear-splitting sound. Symbol light rushed into the air. Then, a passage was formed in the void. There was an expanse of haziness above that appeared together with the flight of steps. 

"Yi, there is another floor. There is another palace hall above the enormous palace." Everyone became astonished.

The group of cultivators were forced to go up first. The four great experts followed behind them. 

The higher level hall was extremely spacious. There was a divine image, an ancient beast that was shaped like a mastiff, but with some portions that clearly evolved into that of a dragon's body.

"It's a Lightning Hound!"

"To be more precise, it should have undergone rebirth and evolved to an unimaginable degree, becoming a Dragon Hound. A portion of a true dragon's body actually appeared on it."

The four great experts were shocked.

Under the divine image, there was a praying mat, a rather special object. However, in the entire spacious great hall, there wasn't anything else. 

These four people were incredibly careful, forcing others to fetch that praying mat. It was because they saw that it was unordinary with symbols swirling about it.


As soon as one of them took action, an arc of lightning flew out, blasting him, as well as several people around him into ashes. It was terrifying to the extreme. 

"This is an ancient treasure, perhaps it is the praying mat the Lightning Dragon Hound used to comprehend the dao and cultivate. It has its dao inside," said Chi Lingkong with light shooting out from his eyes. 

Then, they forced a several cultivators forward to test it. In the end, another few people died miserably. 

"We are going to stake it all!" Many people fell despair. If this continued, they were all going to die.

However, these four great cultivators didn't force them to do anything else. They noticed some clues. This praying mat might be a crucial divine object. Controlling it might be the same as grasping this entire enormous golden palace.

The four individuals gave each other a glance, agreeing tacitly. They then sat down to slowly refine this praying mat. 

In the beginning, things were still going smoothly. The four experts were full of experience, making steady progress as they controlled this praying mat bit by bit. However, at the final moment, this treasure released a sphere of blazing radiance, blasting them all flying.


The four individuals were shocked, feeling that there was a powerful will that hazily appeared. It left them terrified. 

Meanwhile, sounds of the mountain collapsing rang through the air. The four great experts' expressions changed. They all rushed towards the first floor. Shi Hao stood in the valley, just about to take action. He noticed that four symbols rushed into the heavens, and then the mountain began to collapse. The great formation began to break apart. Following this, that ancient golden mountain split apart, and the lightning tree was also going to uproot itself from the earth.

"Not good!" Shi Hao was shocked. The restrictions of the valley were disintegrating on its own.

Then, that scorched black ancient tree poured down lightning. It was extremely terrifying as it hacked downwards.

Inside the enormous golden palace, the four great experts' expressions changed. That lightning attacked at them as if it was delivering punishment!

"Run, rush out!"

"Yi, the restrictions outside disappeared. This is a great chance!

The four experts exulted. Then, Chi Lingkong even more so directly stared at Shi Hao, revealing a sinister smile, slaughtering forward.


What was unexpected was that the streak of lightning the lightning tree released was incomparably thick, turning into a divine shower as it wreaked havoc, locking them down. It immediately drowned out this place.

"What?" The four great experts' expressions changed, feeling a chill from their heads down to their feet. They touched the praying mat they shouldn't have, bringing about a huge disaster. They were immediately wrapped around by the lightning in midair, unable to escape. 

Shi Hao felt great desire, to the point where he began to even drool. If this lightning tree was a magical artifact, then it was too powerful. If he could obtain it, it would definitely be a supreme treasure that could wipe out all enemies. 

He didn't feel fear, nor did he flee. Instead, he activated the pill furnace. This magical artifact was extremely mysterious. It bathed in the heavenly river for endless years, so it had long been suffused with a trace of immortal dao aura.

He tried to communicate with that lightning tree, to see if it was going to respond.

As a result, it was actually useful. That lightning radiance revealed a trace of fluctuation. Multicolored light flickered about. 

However, this also allowed the four great experts to clutch onto a last straw of life. They used this opportunity to frantically break out, rushing along this wave of aura to charge over.

At this moment, Shi Hao was horrified. After the connection went through, Shi Hao felt that it was extremely dangerous. With a hong sound, an even thicker streak of lightning hacked over, descending like a river.


The four great experts cried out miserably.

"Youngster, you cheated us!"

In all honesty, Shi Hao definitely didn't have this kind of intention. It just happened to happen this way. Almost at the same time, the four people's entire bodies released green smoke, unable to resist any longer. 

"Lingkong, we will protect you and send you over. Kill him!" Among them, one individual was about to die already. He hated Shi Hao to the extreme. He no longer protected his own body and instead activated symbols to protect Chi Lingkong, allowing him to kill Shi Hao.

When the other two saw this, they also made similar decisions. Either way, they were going to die anyway, so it was better to let Chi Lingkong give it a try.


Three people among them were hacked flying. They originally should have been turned into ashes, but in the end, they were surrounded by symbols and transported to the altar.

Chi Lingkong came out, half his body scorched black, almost roasted through. There was a smell of burnt flesh. However, he didn't die yet. 

"In all honesty, I really didn't scheme against you guys." Shi Hao had an extremely 'sincere' appearance. 

"You can just go and die for me!" Chi Lingkong cried out loudly. This youth still dared to say 'in all honesty'! He was about to explode from anger. 

Shi Hao didn't move, simply supporting a pill furnace and opening its lid. 

"What is going on?"

Chi Lingkong was shocked. He was already seriously injured. Even though he could still take action, his reaction speed was a bit slower. When the pill furnace was opened, lightning radiance surged outwards and immortal dao energy pervaded the air. 

It was as if Shi Hao was holding a hornet nest. The lighting wood suddenly erupted, hacking out large expanses of lightning. 

"Was even I turned into a target?" Shi Hao trembled inwardly, using the pill furnace's lid to cover his head and quickly escape. He didn't dare to try and deal with Chi Lingkong anymore.


It was clear that Chi Lingkong was a huge target, because he had tried to obtain the praying mat before. At this moment, lightning radiance surged intensely, and large amounts surged towards him.

He continuously cried out miserably . His entire body was charred black from the lightning, blasting his flesh apart. Even his bones were were charred black. 

Shi Hao was also hacked until his long hair stood on end. Fortunately, his speed was fast enough, so he did not suffer a serious attack. He put away the pill furnace and turned around. He immediately laughed. 

"Old fella, you are just too disappointing. I still wanted to fight an intense battle against you. How could you allow yourself to be blasted like this?" He flew back.

Chi Lingkong's entire face was scorched black, and his body was twitching about. He spat out blood from his mouth. His life force was about to run out, but he wasn't dead yet. That was why the 'life symbol' didn't activate.

"Little bastard, just wait. I will come back to kill you!" Chi Lingkong was incomparably resentful. His gaze was treacherous. 

"Then just let me kill you one time first. Next time, I'll kill your real body," Shi Hao said. He picked up a millstone sized rock from the ground and smashed it towards his body.

"You…" Chi Lingkong was furious. This fella picked up a broken stone, and after infusing it with divine force, he was going to strike his head until it was 'split open like a gourd', hitting him until his head was broken and flowing with blood.

This youth was trying to humiliate him! He was a high and mighty expert with his divine flame ignited, yet he was being beaten like in a street fight, having his head 'split open like a gourd'. His head was in severe pain. 

"Just you wait!" He clenched his teeth and commited suicide.

However, Shi Hao was even faster. A foot stepped down, trampling his face until it was disfigured. Then, he began to crazily step downwards, stopping him from ending his own life.


Chi Lingkong was just too sullen. He was so angry he spat out blood, about to explode himself. 

Shi Hao was quite decisive, his palm descending to remove his head. Then, he kicked the body into the lightning, and with a chi sound, it turned into charred coal.

The beast tooth life symbol was quite miraculous. This was a holy object from Origin Sky Secret Realm. It reconstructed Chi Lingkong's true body, and then a rain of light wrapped itself around him, immediately taking him away. 

Before Chi Lingkong left, he was full of resentment and wished to go wild.

At the same time, he discovered with shock that the golden mountain collapsed. The lightning tree's roots wrapped themselves around the enormous palace and pulled it up. All of the lightning radiance and restrictions disappeared. 

Did they just waste all that effort so that someone else could benefit? He roared outwards, so angry that his body trembled unendingly. He was too unwilling! However, he could only disappear from this place. 

At the entrance of the secret realm, everyone was discussing among themselves, because three of the four great experts from Fire Devil Palace died inside at the same time. They were also sent back, stirring up a huge commotion.

"What happened? Could it be that they were also killed by the young devil king?"

"Heavens! If that really is the case, another terrifying young supreme being is rising up, one that isn't any inferior to those exceptional talents whose names shake their provinces!"

"Fire Devil Palace really is in for it now…"

The senior elder that protected the gate to the secret realm almost fainted on the spot. This time, things were really getting out of hand. He was so regretful he wanted to give his own mouth a few slaps. 

The three experts that returned first had ashen faces. They actually died so quickly and were brought back by the life symbol. They had never been so utterly defeated before.

Right at that moment, there was another flash of light on the altar. Chi Lingkong appeared. 

Everyone was in an uproar. This meant that Fire Devil Palace's people were all wiped out without a single person narrowly escaping!

"Lingkong, you… why did you end up returning? What about that evil monster? Did you kill him?" One of the three great experts asked, his voice sounding extremely urgent. 

When these words sounded, everyone became petrified.

Their guesses came true?!

Everyone's expressions became weird. The supreme experts that were killed and brought back earlier from Fire Devil Palace even more so couldn't help but cry out in alarm. That female supreme expert said with a trembling voice, "That devil king… even killed several martial uncles?"

Fire Devil Palace's people realized that now wasn't the time to speak randomly and ask without thinking. Today, they had truly humiliated themselves. They would become laughingstocks. This type of military success from that youth was a huge disgrace for this type of great sect. 

"Ah…" Chi Lingkong roared outwards, his head of fiery red hair scattering outwards. He couldn't restrain his anger. 

There were cultivators everywhere outside the secret realm's entrance. They filled this place. News quickly spreads out among the crowd. 

A young devil king rose up, shaking all directions. Who was he? Why were there no clues about his existence before?

"What do you guys thing? Could he be that 'Huang' that left his name in the Demonic Sovereign's divine monument? The mysterious youth that suppressed all ten provinces with his power?" Someone said softly.

As a result, this immediately created quite a disturbance. Many people began to discuss this among themselves. 

"It really is something to look forward to! Immortal Palace's inheritor was known as an insurmountably great mountain, and Qin Hao has two unrivaled immortal bones. There are also other exceptional talents as well… if this young devil king encounters them, just what kind of dazzling sparks will be created?"

Even a few sect masters were startled. They began to pay close attention to this matter.

Meanwhile, Shi Ziling and his wife both revealed looks of shock. They didn't know how Qin Hao was inside. If they encountered this extraordinary devil king, would he be his opponent?

Meanwhile, they couldn't help but think of their eldest son as well, feeling a bit dejected. If he was still alive and his true body came here, what kind of battle successes would he have?

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