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Chapter 648 - Model to Learn From

Fire Devil Palace's senior elder grabbed this person and shouted with an imposing voice. 

"Senior elder, you sent over a devil king… almost all of our people were slaughtered clean…" This supreme expert cried out tearfully. It was just too tragic! It was just a single person, yet they were all defeated.

"Impossible! The group I sent over were all mixed fish without a single expert among them. They shouldn't have been able to fight against you guys at all. How did this type of terrible tragedy occur?!" 

"It did happen! He is a young expert, looking like he hasn't reached twenty years old yet, yet he slaughtered in all directions and killed our people one after another, dyeing the floor red with blood…" Another supreme expert added. His eyes were turning red, because he brought his nephew with him to experience the world, yet he ended up being slaughtered. 

Even if it was Fire Devil Palace, not everyone could obtain a beast tooth life symbol. This type of thing was extremely precious. These great sects only received around ten of them per inheritance.

A fluctuation of energy rippled outwards. The formation's symbols flickered about, and a woman walked out, her hair completely disheveled. She looked like she had received great shock, her face pale like that of a corpse. 

The last supreme expert from Fire Devil Palace who had a life symbol returned from being killed. Right now, everyone at the entrance of the secret realm were feeling greatly alarmed. This place immediately became quiet. 

"Senior elder, it is just too tragic. The remaining people all died…" This young lady wailed. Her eldest son that she protected and kept at her side was also killed.

Those that could obtain a life symbol not only had exceptional talent, their status in Fire Devil Palace wasn't low either. They were under the great elder's direct line of descent, yet right now, they were all so miserable. 

This senior elder's face was deathly gray. Not long ago, he still carried cruelness and complacency, feeling that he sent over a group of useless trash fish, lightening the pressure his clansmen would face. In the end, there was this result. 

"What about Chi Lingkong's group of four?" He unwillingly asked.

"They were trapped inside an enormous golden palace. It will be difficult for them to escape," replied a supreme expert. 

"This time, our clan didn't obtain any harvest, yet our losses were severe. Apart from us, all of the other disciples have been killed!" Another supreme expert said with an ashen face. 

"We're finished!" The senior elder guarding the entrance felt as if the world around him was spinning. Those were all their younger generation talents! So many of them died at once, what has he done? 

He didn't dare imagine what kind of punishment he would receive when he returned to the clan. The effects of this were too severe! With only a few supreme experts returning, what about the younger batch of geniuses? It was the same as giving up on an entire generation!

On the side, the other great sects' senior elders' expressions became complicated. They looked at each other and inwardly rejoiced.

Not long ago, they were still discontent that Fire Devil Palace seized that group of mixed fish from them. In the end, such a disaster happened so quickly, making all of these people feel greatly alarmed.

They were really lucky that Fire Devil Palace moved quickly, seizing this group of 'trash fish' from them!

"He is just a single person, so how was he able to deal with two generations of disciples from my clan alone and sweep through all of them? This is just too powerful…" This senior elder said to himself dejectedly. 

"He might be… an exceptional talent." A supreme expert said softly.

"What? An exceptional talent?!" The senior elder was furious. Then, he fell into deep despair. He had erred far too greatly this time. 

The other great sects' people also sucked in a cold breath of air. An exceptional talent was actually treated like mixed fish and sent into a sect's area, wasn't this the same as sending a lion into a herd of sheep?

Everyone's minds trembled inwardly. An entire province might not even have an exceptional talent. Fire Devil Palace was just too unlucky! For the sake of getting an advantage, they ended up provoking a young devil king!

It was clear that the Scarlet Feathered Crane Race would from here on out become a model example. Their race would definitely be ridiculed and mocked for years to come. 

"What happened?"

There were still endless cultivators crowded around the entrance. They were all creatures that weren't able to enter before. These people didn't scatter and waited for the result.

There were just too many cultivators here. If something happened, news would quickly spread to every area. Fire Devil Palace would inevitably become a good example to learn from. 

Within Origin Sky Secret Realm, Shi Hao's fist blasted through everything in his way. Even the supreme experts in his way were blasted apart. Bloody rain scattered about everywhere. Fire Devil Palace's people were almost all killed. 

Right now, his appearance was truly like that of a devil king, cold-heartedly sweeping through all enemies before him!

He didn't show any weakness. Not long ago, this clan was so cruel, forcing the outsider cultivators to their deaths. They all held enormous bows, ready to kill at any moment. 

Beneath the golden mountain, the four experts' faces became pale, and then they became ashen. They were so angry that their bodies were shaking uncontrollably. This was just too tragic, an absolute disaster.

Chi Lingkong was almost killed on the spot to return to the altar and come back to save everyone.

However, after calculating the time, he decided that it definitely wouldn't be enough. He would only pointlessly exhaust his body's precious beast tooth symbol. This made his hair stand up in anger, but there was nothing he could do. 

There was still one last person in front of Shi Hao, the sister and handsome youth who looked a bit feminine. It was precisely Chi Feng.

He continuously backed up, feeling extreme fear. What kind of person was this? Killing Fire Devil Palace's people was like cutting grass for him! He was just too vicious and terrifying!

"Don't… come over!" His legs and waist were trembling, almost collapsing on the spot. He didn't have a life symbol, so even if he wanted to escape, he couldn't.

"Don't you really like telling others whether they should live or die? It's your turn now." Shi Hao calmly said. Even though he killed many experts, his clothes weren't contaminated by the slightest bit of blood. He still looked as aloof as an immortal.

"Martial uncle, save me!" Chi Feng cried out loudly, turning around to look towards the golden mountain.

"Stay your hand!" Chi Lingkong found it hard to calm down. He shouted with a grave expression. 

"Do you really think I'll stop just because you tell me to?" Shi Hao sneered. He gave that divine level expert that was berating and oppressing everyone not too long ago a look full of disdain. 

There were quite a few cultivators inside the golden palace. They were all forced inside, and now that they saw this scene, they felt incomparably joyous, feeling entirely free from worry inside. However, no one dared to express this outwardly. 

Chi Feng clenched his teeth. His face was snow white, vastly different from his previously bossy and domineering self. His entire body shone, and soon after, he turned into a brilliant Scarlet Feathered Crane. 

Scarlet multicolored light flew everywhere, and bright mist filled the air. It turned around and ran, fleeing straight towards the valley entrance. The restrictions on this side had long been broken, so it rushed straight into the heavens. 

Shi Hao picked up a large bow. His expression was indifferent as he immediately added an arrow and drew the bow. With a xiu sound, divine light streaked across the air as this feather flew outwards!

In the sky, a crane cry sounded, accompanied by a rain of blood. 

A fiery red Scarlet Feathered Crane continuously struggled about, but its aura was becoming weaker and weaker. An arrow pierced through its body, cutting at its vitality.


The Scarlet Feathered Crane landed on the ground, blasting out an expanse of smoke and dust. Blood flowed outwards. 

"Monster!" Chi Lingkong roared. His eyes were red, and the corners were starting to split apart. He called him his martial nephew, but Chi Feng really was his familial nephew, but he was killed on the spot.

He already couldn't take it anymore. He was about to kill himself and return to the altar so he could come back and kill Shi Hao.

"Don't be so angry. Let him be pleased with himself for a bit. When we finish comprehending this place's unmatched inheritance, we can come back to eliminate him," advised the other three experts. 

In reality, they were also clenching their teeth. After all, these were all Scarlet Feathered Crane Race's experts, but they were all wiped out.

Shi Hao didn't regret it at all, having a completely clear conscience no less. They were all forced to this state, so how could he not retaliate? Only, leaving Origin Sky Secret Realm will most likely prove to be a troublesome task.

However, he had the seventy two transformations, allowing him to change his appearance. Perhaps he could smoothly leave. 

"It truly is not just a small natural luck…" He said, looking at the bone cauldron in front of him. 

It was made out of bones, and it was purple in color, as well as gentle like jade. The cauldron was full of spiritual medicines. Every stalk of medicine's age was quite great. They were all treasures.

Fire Devil Palace plucked several dozen stalks themselves, and then they forced many more cultivators to risk their lives to pick medicines from the field surrounded by damaged formations, obtaining several dozen more. There were already over a hundred stalks of spiritual medicines total now. 

"Wu, now I can use the clan's pill recipes to refine medicine and solidify my cultivation even greater now," Shi Hao said to himself. He was going to reconstruct his body.

The lower realm's great dao was deficient, its natural laws incomplete. Even though he already reconstructed himself after entering the higher realms, he still wanted to reform a few cultivation realms. Perhaps he could become even more powerful. 

With so many spiritual medicines piled up in the cauldron now, it was enough to begin the process. 

The only thing was that this place wasn't particularly safe. The four great experts were trapped here, but they might return to the altar at any time and slaughter their way back here. That would then be troublesome.

Shi Hao stopped and picked up that Scarlet Feathered Crane. He began to remove its feathers, clean it, and prepare a meal.

"Wu, this is a pure-blooded Scarlet Feathered Crane with great medicinal characteristics. It really is good for the body! I just so happened to need this in the pill recipe. Forget it, I'll first eat my fill."

Shi Hao said softly, watching the golden mountain's situation while working at this meal.

Soon after, a fragrance wafted out. He started up a bonfire and began to roast the crane meat. It was golden and shining, its meat sparkling with multicolored light. It would stir up one's appetite with a single look.

In addition, that cauldron also released medicinal fragrance, stewing the crane meat. In addition, two stalks of spiritual medicines floated within, producing a delicious pot of crane soup. 

On the other side, Chi Lingkong was spouting smoke through his seven orifices, truly wishing to slap him to death in one strike. His eyebrows stood on end, and he loudly berated. He really wanted to throw himself over and kill this youth. 

"Don't stop me! I am going back to kill him!"

"Brother Lingkong, don't be like this." The other three people also felt great anger. They wanted to take action, but they thought about how great the value of the life symbol was, thinking that doing this was meaningless, so they forcefully stopped him. 

"You also understand hatred and know pain?" Shi Hao shot him a look.

When he first entered this place, a cultivator had only picked a stalk of spiritual medicine, but he was killed on the spot. Fire Devil Palace's actions were domineering, forcing all of the cultivators forward and casually having them give up their lives, not treating it like anything major. 

"Monster, you should start praying that you don't end up in my hands. Otherwise, I will make you wish you were dead!" Chi Lingkong was about to go mad. 

Shi Hao didn't pay him any attention and instead began to gorge himself on the meat.

"So fragrant!"

The crane wing was golden and shining. Multicolored light flowed about. When he bit down, the meat was tender and juicy, the taste so great that it made him sigh with amazement. He ate until his entire mouth was dripping with oil.

"What a pity that grandpa isn't here, nor is there any wine. Otherwise, it would be even better."

The cauldron's soup was sparkling and translucent, flowing with light and vibrant colors. It was already finished. Shi Hao drank a mouthful, feeling as if his tongue almost melted. This was definitely the best precious soup. He couldn't help but release a loud sigh of satisfaction.

The pores all over Shi Hao's body were opened, surging with auspicious radiance. He felt incredibly free from worry, as if his hair and essence were all being cleansed. He discharged a bit of impurity from his body. The bones in his body crackled about like beans being fried. 

"Truly a rare delicacy that cannot be missed!"

Inside the mountain, within the enormous golden palace.

Chi Lingkong and the others sat there, unable to listen to the dao sounds no matter how they tried. They couldn't comprehend the great dao. When they heard his sighs of satisfaction, they felt like they might erupt into flames from anger. 

How were they supposed to comprehend this? They were going to be angered to death instead!

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