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Chapter 647 - Shi Hao Devil King

"Seniors, our strength are lower, please let us go." A cultivator said with great respect. His face carried a sincere expression as he pleaded with Fire Devil Palace's people not to force them.

"This is a place of natural opportunity. Could it be that you all do not wish to grab this chance?" An expert that ignited his divine flame calmly said. 

"We acknowledge that we do not have that type of good fortune." A person spoke up. His posture was lowered, and his voice was quiet. 

"We cultivators face adversity head on! If you withdraw as soon as there is danger, how can you obtain any accomplishments?" This divine level expert's face fell as he spoke.

Several dozen individuals became silent, but they all cursed inwardly. This old thing didn't even dare walk in front of them, having them lead the way, yet he has the face to say this?

However, he was still stronger than the rest of them!

"You all, prepare yourselves, and then search through the hidden land. We will dig up a tremendous secret together." This divine level expert said with a fling of his sleeve. This was equivalent to showing the final diplomatic gesture. 

The number of people from both sides were about the same, but what could they do about the four great experts from the Scarlet Feathered Crane Race who were overseeing this place?

Just like that, a group of cultivators were forced forward. They travelled through a few ancient formations that were broken through and closed in on the brilliant golden mountain. They felt a dreadful pressure.

The restrictions of the road behind them were already broken through, but now that they were still proceeding forward, it was extremely dangerous. 


Chi Lingkong said. He was the leader of this group of people from Fire Devil Palace, so everything was under his main command. The scarlet divine flame around his body jumped about. His face revealed an extremely overcast expression.

"You, walk up five steps, then take three steps left." He pointed towards one person in the crowd. That cultivator's expression immediately changed.

This was having him explore the way to confirm Chi Lingkong's thoughts and use this to break the formation! It was just too cruel. 

"Senior, please spare my life!" That person pleaded. His face drained of color as he continuously begged for mercy.

"Don't speak nonsense. My martial uncle wants you to go, so there won't be a lack of natural opportunities for you when the time comes. Don't waste time." Fire Devil Palace's handsome but rather feminine young expert Chi Feng berated. 

"I won't go!" This person backed up.

The divine flame around Chi Lingkong surged. His eyes were extremely cold. He raised his hand, and then this person was immediately locked up, unable to struggle anymore. 

"Just go in." The handsome and cold Chi Feng walked up, preparing to throw him forward.

"There's no need, just kill him." Chi Lingkong coldly said.

When everyone heard this, they were all horrified.

Chi Feng carried a feminine smile. He pulled out a bone sword and began to brandish it about. With a pu sound, that person's head flew off, drawing forth a large expanse of blood. 

This scene made everyone shiver from head to toe. This was an example for the rest of them, carrying out intimidation and threat. Whoever dared to disobey, this was the result.

"Haha…" Chi Lingkong in the air laughed and said, "Cowering in fear like this, cultivators who have natural luck in front of them but don't dare to obtain it, what is the point of letting him live? What kind of accomplishments can he possibly have in the future? It's better to just end his life here."

Many people felt angry inside. This old fellow was truly hateful. If he was fearless, why didn't he go in himself?

"Dao friend, it is your turn. Grab the chance and search for your own natural opportunity." Chi Lingkong said and pointed at the second person.

That individual's face became pale, opening his mouth to say something, but not daring to do so.

"My martial uncle is talking to you, hurry up and go! Stop dilly dallying!" Chi Feng's feminine and handsome face carried a cold smile, urging him to move. 

That cultivator was stupefied. In the end, he walked forward. Otherwise, he would immediately die without any other choice. 

The moment he took a step outwards, symbols flickered about, but he wasn't injured. It was clear that the place where his foot landed was the correct one. He then walked forward a few more times. Right at that moment, light flickered about. This person was immediately hacked into two pieces.

Then, with a pu sound, he collapsed into a blood pool. Then, the surging multicolored light quickly crushed him apart, wiping out both body and spirit. 

"This..." Everyone was horrified. A cultivator died so tragically so quickly.

"You, walk up a step, then take five steps to the left." Chi Lingkong was extremely calm, continuing to point forward to have the third person walk out.

"Forgive me… save me…" This person couldn't help but cry out, truly not wishing to die like this. 

However, when he saw the divine flame around Chi Lingkong surge and raise his finger, he felt absolute despair. While trembling, he walked forward. He had no choice but to risk it all.

However, the first two steps were fine, but the third step made his entire body turn into a sphere of bloody mist, crushed apart by the symbols that shone beneath his feat. He died extremely tragically.

It was dead silent. Everyone clenched their fists. This was going too far, but they had no choice. 

"It's your turn now. Walk forward one step, take one step to the left, and then continue forward." Chi Lingkong in the air pointed towards the fourth person.

This cultivator raised his head. His face turned green. He struggled inwardly, but he suddenly took to the sky to flee.

However, with a pu sound, he directly broke apart in the air, as if he had been hacked by blades. His body turned into more than ten pieces. It seemed like he wouldn't be able to survive. 

"I forgot to tell you that there is a formation in the sky as well. Even though you deserve praise for your courage, do not randomly rush into it." Chi Feng ridiculed. 

"It's your turn." Chi Lingkong pointed towards the fifth person.

"I am going to stake it all against you!" This cultivator was fierce, rather dying than submit. He suddenly erupted with violence. He didn't attack the cultivator that ignited a divine flame but instead brought out a magical artifact to kill that young expert Chi Feng. 

However, he was quickly frozen in place, unable to budge an inch.

"A little pearl can also shine?" Chi Lingkong in the air said coldly. He unleashed his own domain, trapping this person in the void.

"You dare to rebel?" Chi Feng's eyes were malicious. This person wanted to kill him, drawing his fury. The bone sword flickered about, and with a pu sound, he directly removed this cultivator's head. 

Everyone was furious. They tightly clenched their fists.

"Everyone, what are you still waiting for? Let's move together, or else our conclusions are set in stone." Shi Hao transmitted. He couldn't watch on any longer and decided to take action.

Only, there were only two people who replied secretly. The others all maintained their silence. 

This left him speechless. He couldn't bother to care about all of this anymore. Even if others didn't retaliate, he himself was going to take action.

However, right at that moment, Chi Lingkong in the air suddenly said, "Let's stop here for now. Let this old one and several others think for a bit on how to break through this formation."

When the remaining people heard this, they all released a breath of relief, as if they had been pardoned. 

However, everyone felt a wave of sullenness. They were being treated like cannon fodder, not treated like people at all. Some of them really were going to take action with Shi Hao, retaliating together. In the end, however, they still shrank back. 

When Shi Hao saw this, he didn't immediately take action either.

The four great divine level experts sat down, discussing among themselves on how to break through the formation. 

"Everyone, there is an ancient medicine field. Even though it's been abandoned, there are still some spiritual medicines growing inside. This is quite an excellent opportunity. Let's pick them together." Fire Devil Palace's supreme expert said. 

"Correct, let's seize the moment and pick the spiritual medicines from the medicinal field." Chi Feng walked up, forcing a few people. 

The abandoned medicinal field was just up ahead, surrounding the golden mountain. Thistles and thorns grew everywhere. However, there were spiritual medicines that flowed with auspicious multicolored light as well, buried within. 

Everyone was discontent, but they had no choice. It was still better than breaking through that great formation.

"Be careful, even though the formations here are damaged, there are still places that are still dangerous." Fire Devil Palace's people 'kindly' reminded.

Shi Hao thought for a bit, and then he followed everyone inside. He still did not decide to take action. 

Meanwhile, everyone from Fire Devil Palace walked up. There was a cauldron that already had several tens of stalks of spiritual medicines inside. It was clearly picked when they broke through the formation beforehand.

"In a bit, we will help everyone store their spiritual medicines. Once you pick five stalks, you must immediately come back and place the spiritual medicines into this cauldron." Chi Feng carried a bit of cold intent as he said. 

Many people wanted to cut him down immediately, but they could only clench their fists.

"You, you have to gather twenty stalks." Chi Feng suddenly saw Shi Hao, thinking of how he was disrespectful not long ago and said this, giving him a nearly impossible mission.

Shi Hao didn't pay him any attention and continued walking. 

"Not knowing how to appreciate others' kindness, I will be sure to teach you a lesson later!" Chi Feng said coldly. 

It was clear that this abandoned medicine field was extremely dangerous as well. There were formations protecting this place as well. However, the places that could be picked had already been emptied by the Scarlet Feathered Crane Race. The several dozen stalks of spiritual medicines inside the cauldron were their harvest.

After coming to this region, there were still a few people who were successful in the beginning, obtaining a few stalks of precious medicines. However, later on, several people died in the formations, leaving others horrified.

After the four experts finished their discussion, they made a shocking decision, ordering an expert from their own clan to commit suicide. 

"Ah, martial uncle, what is the meaning of this?" That middle-aged man was confused. He felt a trace of fear.

"You have a beast teeth life saving symbol on you, so when you die, you will be immediately sent back. I want you to return and bring back my clan's seven level stairway to heaven," said Chi Lingkong.

The so-called stairway to heaven was a special type of artifact that could travel across all types of formations. The legendary nine level stairway to heaven allowed one to even enter a chaotic magical formation without any problems. 

Meanwhile, the Scarlet Feathered Crane race had a seven level stairway of heaven, which was already quite astonishing. It was a treasure hard to find in the entire world. 

Of course, this type of artifact wouldn't display any offensive use, only being able to temporarily help one cross a formation. In addition, it couldn't be maintained for a long time. 

Despite this being the case, this type of treasure still couldn't be lightly used. If it was damaged, it would be too much of a waste. 

There were too many unknown variables once one entered the Origin Sky Secret Realm. Fire Devil Palace didn't dare to lightly bring it in out of fear of losing it inside. Only now when they were sure there were no competitors and that there was a tremendous opportunity here did the four experts decide to bring it after some discussing.

In the distance, everyone was speechless. Even something like this was okay?

"This secret realm belongs to our Five Elements Province, so the entrance should belong to Immortal Mountain and several other great sects like our own. If they can't accommodate this little bit, then that would mean Fire Devil Palace is too inferior." Chi Lingkong sneered while flying in the air. 

In the end, that person commited suicide, and then he was brought away by symbol light.

Soon after, he returned, bringing a pure white stairway to heaven. The four experts personally set it up, connecting this heavenly staircase to the other side, producing a jade white passageway that led directly to the golden mountain.

"You all, come over." Chi Lingkong spoke up, 'inviting' the cultivators that were picking medicines over. 

Symbols flickered about. Shi Hao and two others were trapped within the medicine field, temporarily unable to free themselves, so they didn't come over.

Chi Feng took joy in their disaster. "If you don't pick twenty stalks of precious medicines, then you can forget about returning alive."

Shi Hao turned around, revealing a cold smile on the corners of his lips. He didn't seem to mind at all, since he didn't want to go over anyway. 

"You all, step on the heavenly ladder and cross over." Chi Lingkong pointed at four people, forcing them to walk on the white jade passageway.

Those four individuals braced themselves and walked forward. Surprisingly, everything went smoothly without any dangers. They reached the base of the golden mountain.

"Carefully search there," Chi Lingkong ordered. Fire Devil Palace's people were incomparably moved. They actually succeeded! 

A honglong sounded. Someone at the foot of the mountain opened a golden gate, revealing the enormous golden palace within, triggering cries of shock and then cheers of joy from the Scarlet Feathered Crane race.

"This is too awesome!"

"You all, go as well. Enter the palace and search together." Chi Lingkong ordered the other cultivators to go as well. 

In the end, these people all safely crossed over, entering that mountain's enormous golden palace. They released cries of alarm and surprise one after another. A great dao divine sound unexpectedly sounded there.

In addition, symbol light shone. It was extremely mysterious, but it didn't end up injuring those people.

This group of cultivators sat down, as if they were listening to some unrivaled inheritance, entering a state of comprehension. They were all incomparably infatuated, not moving an inch. 

"Wake up!" Chi Lingkong shouted from this side, waking up quite a few people. He asked them what kind of inheritance it was.

"It is extremely mysterious, something related to the True Dragon."

"No, it should be a type of unmatched enormous beast's inheritance."

When they heard this, the four experts didn't hesitate any longer and stepped onto the heavenly staircase one after another and were about to rush over. This kind of inheritance cannot land in the hands of bystanders. 

Meanwhile, Chi Lingkong raised his hand, pointing towards the medicinal field. Fiery light dropped down from the sky, and with a hong sound, it directly drowned out Shi Hao and two other people.

In the blink of an eye, an incomparably deep hole appeared in that original spot. 

Chi Lingkong sneered. Only by doing this could he relax. Then, he stepped on the heavenly staircase and walked outwards. He also warned his clan's disciples to protect the other end of the heavenly staircase. Soon after, the four great experts entered the belly of the golden mountain. 

Inside the hole, Shi Hao's entire body was covered in earth and stone. He silently stood up. In his eyes was a cold light. He climbed out from the great hole. 

It was quite unfortunate that the other two weren't able to survive. They couldn't resist the divine might and were killed on the spot.

He walked towards the heavenly staircase. There were four people protecting that area, all of them excited and nervous, waiting for the good news of the four great experts' rewarding journey. 

"Yi, you didn't die?" Chi Feng was shocked. He glanced over at Shi Hao who was walking over. The others also turned around, all of them frowning after seeing him.

"Hurry up and kill him!" These people were extremely decisive. Even though they showed great contempt towards Shi Hao, they still didn't want anything unexpected to happen. They definitely couldn't allow this person to draw close to that place. 

The three supreme experts went forward together, rushing forward murderously at almost the same time.

However, the unexpected happened. The young man that walked over alone carried a trace of a cold smile on his lips. He continuously released three fists, facing them head on without dodging at all.


The three elders were sent flying at the same time, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood from their mouths. Their arms exploded simultaneously, producing bloody mist.


Everyone cried out in alarm, simply not daring to believe what was happening. This was just a weak and easily bullied young expert, so how could he have suddenly became so powerful?

One had to understand that several experts that ignited their divine flames had long inspected these people, determining that their strength wasn't enough and couldn't retaliate. They didn't have that type of qualifications.

Shi Hao followed them, moving as fast as lightly, slaughtering out. He added three fists, and then the three experts seemed to break apart at the same time, turning into large expanses of bloody mist. They all died violent deaths.

This was too terrifying! Everyone shivered in fear. 

"Everyone, move together. Hurry and kill him!" Someone cried out loudly. They also made a report to the other side.

Ka cha!

Lightning streaked across the air. Shi Hao erupted with power like a young heavenly deity, displaying incomparable fighting prowess. The eight or nine figures that rushed up were immediately charred black and blasted outwards. 

He arrived with just a few steps, standing beside the jade white heavenly staircase.


He lifted this treasure and prepared to collect it. 

"You dare?"

On the other side, Chi Lingkong and the other experts all rushed over after hearing the activity. They were absolutely furious, but also incomparably anxious. They were about to step on the heavenly staircase and rush back.

However, Shi Hao brought out a fist sized pill furnace that was suffused with an earthen yellow color. It erupted with divine might, smashing down on the heavenly staircase. With a ka cha sound, cracks appeared on it. 

The stairway to heaven, this type of magical artifact's value was shocking, but that was not on its offensive power. 

The four great experts stopped moving, all of them trembling inwardly. If they stepped on it, this heavenly staircase would immediately crack apart. They would then definitely fall into the great formation and be forever buried here.

"All of you can't even stop a single person? Absolute trash!" Chi Lingkong erupted with rage.

On this side, a group of experts flocked over to attack Shi Hao, but what left them incomparably fearful was that the difference between Shi Hao and themselves was too great.

Shi Hao's entire body shone. His offensive power was too shocking. When a fist smashed out, a supreme expert directly exploded, turning into a rain of blood in the void.

Who was this? Everyone was horrified!

Ka cha!

A streak of electricity flew over. Six or seven people were burned into black coal, hacked apart by lightning.

During this process, Shi Hao put away the seven level stairway to heaven, turning it into the size of his fist. He played around with it in his hands, and then he revealed a cold smile.

He had nothing to worry about now. He completely displayed his strength, and like a dragon among a pack of dogs, he unleashed a great slaughter. Bloody rain flew everywhere. 


A supreme expert was blasted apart by a kick, exploding in midair.


Lightning flew across the air like flames, burning four people into ashes, wiping out their bodies and spirits. 

During this process, there were several people surrounded by light that tore through the void and left. 

"Beast tooth symbol?" Shi Hao's pupils flickered with radiance.

At the entrance of Origin Sky Secret Realm, the elders from each sect were discussing among themselves. They were all making guesses at which sect would receive the greatest harvest, or which exceptional talent would rise in glory, sweeping through his opponents.

"Your Fire Devil Palace really has an advantage. With those waste fish sent along with you guys, your race won't feel the slightest bit of competition. This isn't sincere at all." Some people felt discontent. 

"Heh, it is just exploiting trash. Who told you guys to move so slowly? This old one will let them use their strength for something. They are the last dozen or so anyway, yet they just had to overestimate themselves and enter. Who could they blame for sending themselves to death but themselves?" Fire Devil Palace's elder carried an indifferent smile. There was ridicule, coldness, and complacency.

Right at that moment, the altar shhone. There were people who held life symbols who were killed and transported back. 

"Four people came back at once, arriving at the same time. How pitiful these defeated individuals are," someone said. 

"Yi, not right. Daoist brother, why does it look like your Fire Devil Palace's people?" An elder asked.

When the altar stabilized and the symbol light faded, those four individuals' true bodies were revealed. Everyone saw that they were indeed all Scarlet Feather Crane Race's people. 

The Fire Devil Palace senior elder that was standing guard here was alarmed. He loudly asked, "What happened?"

"Senior elder, the experts from my clan that entered have been practically all killed!" Someone cried out.

"You… what did you say?!" Fire Devil Palace's senior elder turned pale with fright. He stood up and grabbed one of them by the collar.

"Senior elder, what kind of devil king did you send to our region?!" The supreme expert who had his collar grabbed cried loudly. It was just too miserable this time. 

"What? Say it again!" Fire Devil Palace's senior elder simply couldn't believe what his ears were hearing. 

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