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Chapter 645 - A Hundred and Eight Stars

This was a type of intuition. He felt that that person was a bit special and familiar. He had a feeling that there was some blood connection between them. This made his heart jump wildly. 

Shi Hao's mind was shaking. He felt incomparably excited.

This was not something seen through the eyes, but rather a type of instinct, an innate type of intimacy. It was the same type of feeling as what he felt on Fiend Island. 

Shi Hao was extremely nervous. He didn't know if he saw the wrong person. 

It was because the cultivator was too young, only looking twenty or thirty years old, not aged at all and surging with blood energy. He was clearly a young man. His appearance was different from Grandpa Fifteen as well.

"Is it grandfather?"

He brought out the dual-pupil, but he still couldn't see through it. This person did not show his 'true appearance'. 

"Why? I feel like he is quite similar, a type of intimate feeling of the same bloodline." Shi Hao said to himself. He found it hard to calm down. However, when there were so many people here, he couldn't reveal anything. 

He stood far away, using the dual-pupil to observe that person. He found that the other party's pupils would become deep from time to time, carrying a trace of great changes. This was a bit strange, and only with the dual-pupil did he notice this change. 

Shi Hao remained calm and collected, using the true primordial record to hide his aura. No one could detect anything different from him. He looked completely ordinary as he silently watched that person.

Soon after, he saw that person accidentally look towards Immortal Mountain's people, as if he was searching for something.

This made Shi Hao's mind tremble. Perhaps… this truly was his grandfather!

Even at this critical point, his grandfather still came? Maybe he still wanted to see Shi Ziling and the others, reluctant to give up on those emotions.

Shi Hao noticed that this 'youth' that had been accidentally detected by him signed up to take one of the three thousand slots, wishing to obtain the qualifications to enter the secret realm.

"What is grandpa trying to do? He… could it be that he wants to see Qin Hao and seize a chance where they can be alone?" When he thought of this possibility, Shi Hao's mind trembled. This was undoubtedly extremely dangerous. 

He carefully thought to himself and silently analyzed the situation. He wanted to confirm whether or not this was his grandfather. In the end, he felt that he could confirm with seventy percent certainty that this was his grandfather!

Shi Hao could guess how his grandfather was feeling, and he slowly understood. 

Grandpa Fifteen was feeling great emotions, but he didn't want to have any interaction with Immortal Mountain. He just wanted to secretly see how his other grandson really was, so he was going to enter the secret realm and silently take a look. 

"Grandfather…" Shi Hao felt rather sore inside for him.

Grandpa Fifteen truly signed up, wishing to enter the secret realm.

"His broke arm… could it have been regrown?" This was the only part that didn't make sense, being a bit different from Grandpa Fifteen's unique self. 

However, Shi Hao thought of the things his grandpa said. He obtained the demonic sovereign's true blood and refined a portion of it, which lead to quite great effects. 

That was the same as an exceptional precious medicine. If he had time and continuously refined it, perhaps he might be able to regrow his flesh. Could this be the reason?

However, not that many days had even passed! The changes were a bit too fast, making him a bit doubtful. 

Apart from this, Grandpa Fifteen's appearance had changed greatly as well, and he was young and vigorous. He was clearly a young man. Even with the dual-pupils, he didn't see through that much, making him quite puzzled.

"Grandpa had said that he obtained a type of symbol from the demonic sovereign's true blood. I wonder if it has anything to do with this."

Regardless, this young man wouldn't draw too much attention. The Qin Clan, angel of light, and others that wanted to eliminate him should not associate him with Grandpa Fifteen.

After a moment of hesitation, Shi Hao walked up to sign up. He was also going to go inside and follow this 'young man' who was most likely his grandfather. He was going to meet him inside and confirm this.

In the spacious land outside the city, people were gathering, filling this place densely. It was unknown just how many creatures there were here exactly. 

Every sect contributed to maintaining order. Eventually, they had no choice but to separately select the best. There were close to ten thousand individuals in each group, and like that, they still ended up with sixty to seventy groups. 

This left everyone feeling stunned. The creatures that had signed up were a bit too 'enthusiastic'. 

"Let me say it again. Those over a hundred years old cannot sign up. We will have to ask experts that ignited their divine flames to withdraw as well. Do not waste everyone's time!"

A sect master was incredibly dignified and imposing, transmitting this loud sound. He coldly swept his eyes over everyone. It was as if a great mountain was pressing down on them, making everyone feel suffocated. 

Origin Sky Secret Realm had special natural laws that allowed those who had ignited their divine flames to enter. However, the number was limited, and Immortal Mountain as well as the other sects definitely wouldn't give these slots to outsiders.

The selection began!

A great formation shone, releasing green symbols and creating a hazy expanse. This was the first trial. Only geniuses that made it through this trial had the qualifications of taking the test. 

The ten thousand individuals from the first group moved together, rushing into that formaton.

As soon as these people entered, mists soared into the heavens. Everyone scattered apart. The formation was vast and boundless. Many people immediately got lost. 

In the end, only a thousand people successfully made it through. Many people were huffing and puffing, tired to the point of collapse. This formation was extremely profound, leaving them exhausted. 

The remaining eight or nine thousand were all trapped in the formation. Quite a few people went unconscious from exhaustion. This was a shocking great confusion formation.

"So difficult!" Everyone sighed and said. However, they knew that this was how it should be. There were only three thousand slots, which meant that most people were going to be washed out. 

The second group, third group… they were all like this. Of the ten thousand that entered, only a tenth made it through. 

The young man suspected to be Grandpa Fifteen was placed in the twenty first group. As soon as he entered, he smoothly made it across, not making Shi Hao worry much at all.

It was Shi Hao's turn. He was in the forty-ninth group. After he entered the formation, great mists covered the skies, accompanied by the wailing of ghosts that attacked at one's divine senses. Illusions erupted one after another.

Shi Hao intentionally didn't move that quickly, intentionally slowing himself down. However, he still made it through smoothly. 

Of the six to seven hundred thousand creatures, only around sixty thousand individuals remained. They were all well known figures. However, there were still too many, because there were only three thousand slots. 

"Are you kidding me? Didn't they say that this was just a small scale distinguished meeting? Why did so many experts hurry over?!" A few people were upset.

What was rather shocking was that everyone saw a Taotie calmly stand there, making all the nearby creatures' fine hairs stand on end. This was a formless type of pressure.

"Taotie Race's young supreme being, he... why did he also come out of isolation? This doesn't make sense!"

The number of slots was small to begin with, and now, even the heavenly geniuses of such a great race were here to fight against them over it. It was quite likely that it might just accidentally sweep through large numbers of cultivators. It made everyone feel a sense of powerlessness.

Someone else cried out from the other side. A white clad young lady appeared who radiated gentle light from her entire body. She had beautiful eyes and teeth, and she shone brilliantly like jade. It raised quite the commotion. 

"That's Moon Jade Hare Race's number one fairy maiden!"

One shouldn't see this as a name that isn't as great as some others. This was definitely a super powerful race. After the Moon Jade Hare Race's most powerful expert died, it turned into a silver moon that suspended itself in the heavens.

Then, a golden divine vine appeared, as well as a black colored orchid. Everyone couldn't help but back up. 

The former came from Sun God Vine Palace, and the latter came from a forbidden land -- Black Orchid Mountain. They were plant type experts, as well as their race's geniuses. They were the worst to provoke.

Immortal Mountain's people hurriedly appeared, asking these great creatures to please come with them. 

This created quite the commotion. There were actually some young supreme beings who came uninvited, leaving everyone even more excited and hopeful. Everyone understood that the secret realm's exceptional talent power struggle would definitely be an incomparably fierce one. 

The second test began, a test of strength. There were several stone steles up ahead. Everyone was required to smash down on them with all of their strength and examine just how strong their battle strength was exactly.

Shi Hao had left his mark on the demonic sovereign's divine monument, so he naturally didn't fear that he wouldn't pass this test. Instead, he had to be careful of not breaking these monuments. 

As a result, he was ranked in the two thousand nine hundredth or so place, almost not making it. It was because he had restricted himself too much!

"So dangerous!" This left Shi Hao feeling stupefied. He almost didn't make it into the secret realm. He was a bit speechless.

That 'young man' naturally passed smoothly a while ago.

In the end, the ones that failed numbered in the hundreds of thousands. They were incomparably dejected. This was not even including the older generation figures that did not meet the requirements. It could be seen how great the effects of this secret realm starting up were. 

"To prevent an accident from happening and to prevent you all from confronting each other, that was why this limit was set." A sect master that was full of vigor said, his voice resounding through the air.

He swept his eyes over everyone and said, "I will repeat once more here. Origin Sky Secret Realm is extremely dangerous with all types of divine bugs and ferocious beasts. There are fatal dangers lying around every corner. All of you have to properly reconsider if you want to enter."

No one backed out. They all set their minds on searching for great natural opportunities.

Two days later, the time to open the secret realm came. 

A hundred and eight great stars appeared in the sky one after another, carrying chaotic energy as they spun in the heavens. Eventually, they unexpectedly formed two lines, intersecting into a cross.

The void was severed by the cross. Chaotic energy pervaded the air. Then, splendid immortal light surged outwards. An expanse of brilliance appeared in the depths of the mist!

It was a gate, one that was already opened. It stretched out in the boundless heavens. Everyone was deeply shaken. They actually needed to do this to open the secret realm, using the hundred and eight stars, connecting them into a cross to open up a passageway.

It was as if they were going to enter the starry sky and reach the other shore!

A group of young exceptional talents appeared, all of them unordinary. They all occupied their own direction, wrapped around by symbols. They were like a group of divine kings that descended into this world. 

After the secret realm was opened, they were invited in first. This allowed them to be a step closer to the great natural luck.

The stars flickered about. These were all supreme being youths from various provinces. Any one of them appearing in the world would produce a world-shaking effect, yet today, they all gathered like clouds. This was definitely a great distinguished meeting!

These people were all children of destiny. They all had their own great fortune. Today, they were confronting each other for the first time. Who was the true number one? Who could become unrivaled?

All of this would be revealed in the secret realm. Exceptional talents would contend for supremacy, and supreme expert youths would confront each other. Everything was going to unfold from here!

A hundred and eight stars formed a cross, cutting open the void. The dao gate was extremely large. What laid behind it was an expanse of brilliance. 

There was an altar within the gate. Once they stepped onto it, it would take them to another region in this secret realm. 

The great figures of each sect personally stood guard to oversee this place. They led these exceptional talents and heavenly geniuses each onto the altar, sending them into different regions.

No one wanted these supreme being youth to clash as soon as they entered. If that happened, then it would be a bloody chaotic battle.

Every single exceptional talent that ascended the altar was given a pure white beast bone, leaving the crowd outside a bit confused. 

"This is a sacred object previously brought out from the secret realm. After being carefully refined by Immortal Heavenly Deity, it developed a type of use that could protect your lives."

Someone said this softly, making many people's minds tremble. They carefully asked what exactly was going on. 

This type of pure white beast bone teeth was a rare 'life symbol'. If one was killed in the mysterious realm, it could die in the owner's place and also send them back to the altar. 

When everyone heard this, they all gasped. This life symbol was too precious! Meanwhile, they all felt discontent inwardly. This was a bit too unfair.

"Without this type of life symbol, do you think that those undying inheritance's holy children, exceptional talents, and divine ladies would come take risks?" Someone sighed and said. This was the reality. 

The beast teeth symbol could only be used once. Those that held it would be transported back to the altar after being wrapped within the symbols. If they insisted on entering Origin Sky Secret Realm again and they were killed again, then they could only die. 

"After being cut down once and given another chance, there are still people who would take the risk to go in again?"

"That depends. Some exceptional talents firmly believe that they are unmatched, overlooking a province. If they died accidentally or were killed by a sneak attack, they might slaughter their way back in."

Countless people gazed into the heavens. They could only feel envy towards these supreme being youth's protection, because these people had long proven themselves and their lives were sufficiently precious, worth protecting like this. 

Then, everyone became stupefied. It was Immortal Palace's young great one's turn to ascend the altar, but he brought a male and female with him that were of similar ages.

The elders guarding the secret realm's doors were a bit hesitant, but they still agreed to let them in together. 

"How come he ended up bringing assistants?" Below, many people were unsatisfied and discussed quietly. 

"With Immortal Palace's inheritor's nature, he naturally wouldn't want helpers. Those are two servants, both extremely formidable experts that are more powerful than many great sect's sacred children and holy ladies. Their natural talents are astonishing. Bringing them in is to have them search for their own natural opportunities."

"Immortal Palace truly isn't a normal type of strong. They could even do something like this!'


Fairy Yue Chan didn't walk together with Immortal Palace's inheritor, because all of the young heavenly geniuses had been separated, placed in their own region. Some time would pass before they would encounter each other, and then a great clash would occur.

Firegold Clan's Teng Yi sat in the void, behind him a great sun that burned with fiery light. He also entered.

Then, the Taotie, Sun God Vine, Child of Light, and the others went up one after another. 

Behind them, lightning streaked across the air. A person's fist lightning could light up the heavens. That was definitely the Child of Lightning. 

Then, the one that was rumored to grasp condensed blood at birth, Zhen Gu who could pierce through everything appeared. On his back was a pair of golden wings. He also appeared, stepping onto the altar.

The witch with her unique character and crafty face walked through the gate in a relaxed manner, not appearing worried in the slightest. 

Huang Wu had a powerful aura around her that made her appear a bit domineering. Her entire body was covered in symbols, making her appear indistinct. She also crossed over.

Then, Qin Hao appeared. He was the youngest one here, only fourteen or fifteen years old. However, his figure was tall and slender, making him not much shorter than adults.

"That is…" Many people widened their eyes. They saw that he wore five-colored battle clothes. It was formed from five types of divine metals and radiated auspicious light. Five-colored energy rushed into the heavens. 

"So it was like this! Those are long life battle clothes!" A few people cried out in astonishment. 

This came from Immortal Heavenly Deity's hands, an exceptional set of battle clothes he refined himself. Regardless of how high your cultivation was, after wearing it, it could promote one's cultivation realm an entire great realm. 

Previously, many people had their doubts, because even though Qin Hao's natural talents overlooked all ten provinces, after all, he was still young and didn't reach the supreme expert realm yet. Exchanging pointers like this might result in him taking a beating. 

Perhaps, many people had long planned to test him out, seeing just how amazing those two immortal bones were.

Now, everyone understood that Immortal Mountain long made preparations. No wonder they invited sacred children, exceptional talents, divine ladies, and others to compare and learn from each other. With these long life battle clothes, they could fight at the same cultivation realm!

Then, Moon Jade Hare, Black Orchid, Golden Luan, and other clan's heavenly talents also went in one after another, each entering a separate place. 

Then, it was Qin Clan and Five Element Province's several great sects' turn. The secret realm originally belonged to this province's greatest powers. They sent their disciples inside. 

In addition, what left others speechless was that there was no lack of cultivators who had ignited their divine flames among these people. Even though there weren't that many, they occupied all of the slots that this realm allowed. 

Finally, it was the three thousand cultivators from the outside world's turn. They were the final group to go on their way. 

The upper levels that guarded the gate began to distribute these people, placing them into different regions. Every single region had a certain amount of people assigned. 

Of course, every region had an exceptional talent, and then they were paired with this group of experts.

When everyone saw this, they were all quite speechless. 

A few individuals couldn't help but feel like turning around. The so-called great natural luck wasn't that easy to fight for after all! 

Suddenly, the gate shone. A cultivator was blasted out. The higher level figures looked at him coldly. One of the elders said, "Your qualification has been revoked."

Everyone couldn't help but erupt into commotion., 

"I have already said before that the qualification is yours alone and you cannot use spatial magical artifacts to bring others in. You are breaking the rules."

The elder pointed out with his fingers. Purple light shone boundlessly, surrounding this person. A small cauldron flew out from his body, and then it turned upside down, dropping out several individuals.

Everyone was speechless. This cultivator was ashamed. He brought his companions with him and quickly fled. Being able to keep his life was already not bad. 

Shi Hao saw this clearly and sighed with regret. He knew that with sect master level figures overseeing that place, there was definitely no way of getting any cheap tricks by. Originally, he still had the sleeping Silver Phoenix, but earlier, he gave it to the divine striking done along with the Emperor Butterfly to keep with it. 

The only unfortunately thing was that the young man that was suspected to be his grandfather had already been sent in, so the two of them were definitely not going to be in the same place. He needed to spend time looking for him.

Because Shi Hao reserved too much strength during the power test, he was ranked towards the bottom. This group was immediately recognized as soon as they walked closer. 

The great figures that were overseeing the gate looked at them coldly, completely like they were looking at a bunch of mixed fish. Some of them even coldly snorted.

"Let me say it once more. It is extremely dangerous inside." A great figure coldly spoke. It was clear that he thought that this group of people were too inferior and most likely wouldn't be able to survive. 

From the side, an old man actually laughed in a rather profound manner. He personally saw Shi Hao and the others through the altar. "You all should just go to my Fire Devil Palace's region." 

His eyes carried a type of coldness, as well as a type of disdain. This was completely treating them like mixed fish. If he sent these people to the Fire Devil Palace's region, those people wouldn't receive much threat. 

The others elders felt rather regretful. If they had thought of this, they would have fought over this group. These trash fish didn't have much fighting strength and would allow their own sects' disciples have more abundant harvests.

"Wait a moment!" Someone shouted, feeling that this wasn't fair, wishing to seize this group of people that were ranked last. 

Shi Hao was quite speechless. They really didn't treat this last group of people like anything much! This was a bit too apparent, simply looking down on them. 

However, he also inwardly nodded. The symbols recorded in the True Primordial Record truly were extraordinary, hiding his aura without revealing his true divine force. Not even these old fellows could see through it. 

Of the three thousand slots for the outside world, no one was willing to select the people in the front. They were mostly sent to those exceptional talents' regions. These great sects' seniors all wanted to fight over Shi Hao's group, making many of these enthusiastic cultivators feeling speechless as well. 

"Don't waste any time and hurry on your way." An old sect master spoke from the distance.

"We don't want to go anymore. We are willing to back out." A few individuals became dejected. This was going too far, and things were definitely not looking good for them. They weren't going to go inside.

This kind of situation made others not know what to say. 

"Do the rest of you still want to enter?" An elder that wasn't able to win over any people asked. 

"I still want to go in." Shi Hao replied.

"It is very dangerous inside." An elder said. 

"I will not brave death to compete and kill. At most, I will just pluck a bit of medicinal herbs," Shi Hao replied.

"Then just go!" Someone said.

"Start up the transport formation and head for my Fire Devil Palace's region." Fire Devil Palace's old man impatiently sent the remaining people inside. 

"Rumor has it that Fire Devil Palace's creatures are powerful Scarlet Winged Cranes. I wonder what they taste like." Shi Hao disappeared inside, the corners of his lips slightly curled upwards as he muttered inwardly. 

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