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Chapter 644 - Center of Attention

When Shi Ziling, his wife, and Qin Hao walked over, tens of thousands of pairs of eyes focused on them. Many people were calling out loudly. Everyone's eyes gathered on their bodies, making them the focal point of all attention. 

Everyone flocked over to see what the youth with two immortal bones looked like and what parts of him were extraordinary.

Qin Hao was quite attractive, his appearance divine like jade. He wore magical clothes that flickered with incomparable brilliance, as if he was a young heavenly deity. His aura was outstanding. 

"That's Qin Hao, the innate supreme being, one that will definitely rise up in this battle and become one of this era's most powerful heavenly geniuses!"

His eyes were shining brilliantly. He stood on the carriage and proceeded through this place, triggering everyone's heated debates. A few young ladies even directly screamed out, crowding forward to get a closer look.

"He really is quite the supreme being youth. His temperament is steady, and he has a self-confident bearing."

Many people sighed in praise. A single person had two immortal bones! Even though he hadn't produced any battle accomplishments yet, everyone knew that this individual was fated for glory.

Along the way, everyone raised their heads and looked over, all of them watching the youth in that carriage. He was too special, drawing everyone's eyes. 

Even Shi Ziling and his wife became the focal point of everyone's attention. Being able to have this kind of child that could overlook ten provinces, it was proper and to be expected that they became a hot topic of discussion.

The carriage flowed with mysterious symbols. Qin Hao stood there, appeared quite dazzling. 

Shi Ziling and his wife looked at Qin Hao, their faces carrying a bit of doting and a trace of smile. Their second son truly was unordinary, and being focused on by everyone like this left them feeling quite gratified. 

"I am looking forward to seeing the two immortal bones display their power. Just how powerful will they be?"

"We'll find out soon. In this clash between exceptional talents, the most dazzling sparks will definitely be produced!"

The brilliant carriage departed into the distance, but the discussions continued. 

From the rear, Shi Hao silently watched. He stood in the corner alone, with no one paying attention to him. He was currently searching for his grandfather. 

Even though he saw his parents, there was no way they could meet each other. Otherwise, Immortal Palace, Heavenly Country, and other powers, perhaps even Immortal Mountain will secretly take action to kill him.

"Grandfather, where are you?" Shi Hao said softly. He searched through this group of people, sweeping his eyes over many people. 

He knew that his grandfather might have truly come, because the old man was full of sentimental emotions. He would likely come to see his own grandson and meet with the only loved ones he has left in the higher realms. 

Shi Hao was extremely worried, fearing that his grandfather would reveal weakness that would then be discovered by others. 

He searched bitterly through this group of people, feeling extremely worried. He felt that his grandfather should be the same, also silently watching his loved ones. 

Only, there were just too many people in the ancient city. It was bustling with activity and packed with people. There were even many divine birds and vicious beasts roaming about, making it hard for him to find his grandfather. 

This was a distinguished meeting, and quite a few famous inheritances had received invitations. They were all province-shaking great sects, so that was why so many extraordinary figures showed up at once.

The city was incomparably bustling. The streets were packed with creatures, all of them cheering and discussing among themselves passionately as exceptional talents and heavenly geniuses descended from the skies one after another. Great commotions continuously broke out. 

"Wu, this is the Golden Luan Race's young supreme being! His physique is tall and upright, the golden symbols around his body like armor. His eyes are like those of a phoenix, heroic and imposing. How powerful!"

"Yin Yang Academy's Child of Light has arrived as well! He really was like how the rumors say, having a body of light and full of yang energy. Formidable!"


Brilliant figures appeared one after another, drawing everyone's attention. Every single one of these supreme being youth were destined for greatness.

Shi Hao stood in the middle of the crowd, looking at these holy children, exceptional talents, and divine ladies surrounded by halos of light with a calm expression. His heart wasn't stirred up like the ordinary people around him.

Unfortunately, he still never discovered any traces of his grandfather, unable to find any clues. 

Shi Hao didn't know whether he should feel happy or disappointed. He didn't see his grandfather, which meant that Heavenly Country's assassins wouldn't easily have their goals realized. However, if it continued like this, how were they supposed to reunite?

"Grandfather definitely came. Right now, his mood shouldn't be too good. I need to see him!" Shi Hao said to himself. He didn't give up and continued to search through this enormous city. 

Five days later, the people that should be present were pretty much all here. Heavenly geniuses all came, and heroic talents emerged one after another. They were all extremely stunning individuals that came from great provinces. 

Now, it was close to being time for Origin Sky Secret Realm to open. Everything was happening amidst wildly beating gongs and drums. The distinguished meeting was about to start.

This day, regardless of whether it was the inns, restaurants, or other places, they were all incomparably crowded. Too many cultivators came, and this enormous city long ran out of places to stay at. There were just too many creatures.

Even the small towns a bit further out from the enormous city were filled with people, all for the sake of this distinguished meeting. They were going to come and take a look. 

Apart from this, there were many other people eager to give it a try and participate. Instead of being just a bystander, they were going to enter the secret realm and seize some natural luck.

Of course, obtaining the qualifications to enter Origin Sky Secret Realm wasn't that easy either.

Even if it was just a competition to exchange pointers, a meeting called a small-scaled distinguished meeting, the targets of Immortal Mountain's invitations were all the heavenly talents of a province. It was not easy for ordinary people to participate. 

For the sake of making this confrontation a bit more lively, Immortal Mountain did not stop them from entering. The rumor was that apart from the people that were invited, they would allow another four hundred people from the outside world in. There were also other people who were saying that the limit was five hundred.

It was because entering the Origin Sky Secret Realm might mean that they could obtain archaic supreme being true blood, divine medicines, inheritances, and other things. They wouldn't allow too many outsiders to plunge these resources.

This secret realm belonged to Five Elements Province, so only this province's great sects could send large amounts of their disciples inside. 

During these past few days, the sects all consulted with each other to see just how many people they were going to place inside exactly, as well as setting up the regulations and tests. Only outstanding individuals who met the requirements could have a chance. 

"I definitely have to make it inside. Whether or not i can obtain a holy medicine or other natural luck is secondary. The main thing is that I want to observe the exceptional talents' incomparable great battle. I cannot miss out on this!" Some young experts said. They were extremely excited, feeling that this was a rare opportunity.

There were others who shook their heads and said, "Do you really think that is some nice place? That is the remains left behind by a supreme being's nirvana failure, so it will definitely be extremely dangerous. Even though there are special laws that prevent sect master level figures from entering, it is similarly terrifying inside. Rumor has it that there are vicious beasts and fierce birds who have ignited their divine flames inside."

The so-called mysterious realm was a little thousand world. There were all types of creatures inside, and all of them were extremely powerful.

There was someone else that said to himself, "I am going for archaic true blood and those forbidden inheritances. If I can obtain them, I will definitely rise to greatness in one go."

Most people harbored these types of thoughts. Origin Sky Secret Realm had many opportunities. As long as they could obtain one, then it would change their path of life, and from there on make them completely different. 

Only, everyone also knew that if they obtained those divine objects, it would be extremely dangerous. Their lives would be at risk.

At the very least, those supreme being youth, divine ladies, and others would all be present. If they ended up encountering them and overestimated their abilities, they would undoubtedly die. 

"When the time comes, it would be good as long as we avoid them. We definitely cannot conflict with those individuals. If they eat meat, it'll be enough if we just drink soup." A few individuals comforted themselves like this. 

Of course, there were other people who were full of ambition. They carried all types of powerful magical artifacts and wanted to fight it out. If they did end up discovering some world shocking natural opportunity, they just had to risk it all!

During these days, everyone discussed among themselves spiritedly. It was incredibly bustling with many arguments breaking out.

Shi Hao was always looking for his grandfather, wishing to meet him. However, he never found any traces or clues, leaving him feeling quite worried inside.

Ever since he spread the information about Immortal Mountain's scandal, it added even more fuel to the flames. Many people were discussing this. He believed that his grandfather would definitely feel alert, and that was why he did not reveal himself.

"Yi, there are some traces!"

Shi Hao walked within the enormous city and secretly used the dual-pupil. He unexpectedly found the angel of light, which made him tremble inwardly. This assassin was a dangerous individual.

"Eliminate him!"

This was what Shi Hao decided. He wanted to teach Heavenly Country a bloody lesson.

However, he didn't dare to act recklessly. After all, this was Origin Sky City, and many great figures had arrived. As soon as he takes action, there was a chance that a sect master level figure would interfere.

The Emperor Butterfly fluttered about and released a weak light. It released divine senses fluctuations. As a result, they found some ordinary butterflies and wasps. 

Soon after, a few ordinary butterflies and wasps entered that residence. These were all ordinary bugs that could be found everywhere inside of a garden. 

Half a day later, several wasps flew out in succession.

"The angel of light did not discover my grandfather, and his face is rather gloomy too. He actually wants to have that pair of  extremely powerful young geniuses from Heavenly Country enter that secret realm!" Shi Hao was astonished.

He didn't decide to attack the angel as a warning to Heavenly Country and instead temporarily backed off. Since the angel of light didn't discover Grandpa Fifteen, this was already the best news.

"Good news, this time, Immortal Mountain and the other sects are making the decision together, allowing the people from the outside world in. The limit is an entire three thousand!'

When this information was released, it immediately raised an uproar. This place became incomparably noisy. 

No one dared to believe this. It was just too many, far surpassing what they expected. It left everyone stupefied.

"They actually produced such a huge quota, it really is unbelievable! Truly generous of them…"

"I believe that for the sake of convincing the other sects of Five Elements Province, Immortal Mountain definitely paid quite the price. Worthy of being an undying inheritance, doing things so generously."

Many people praised, cheering with joy. An extra slot in the quota meant another opportunity, Quite a few young experts wanted to go inside.

However, there were people who laughed coldly as well, disapproving of this.

"All of you are too naive, not understanding the inner details at all. Qin Clan isn't some charitable group. How could they act so selflessly?! The secret realm is full of dangers with all types of divine bugs, fierce birds, and many dangerous areas. Having so many people go inside is just to attract some of the vicious creatures inside."

"To speak with a bit harsher words, this is just to divert the attention of those poisonous bugs and ferocious beasts, delivering them some food. The more people that go inside, the more those exceptional talents can fight with each other. There's no way that any of you can fight over natural opportunities with them."

Quite a few people discussed softly like this, not daring to proclaim it out loud out of fear of provoking Immortal Mountain's people and bringing about a disaster onto themselves. 

Soon after, the selection and the test were about to start. They were going to fight over the entry slots. Many young experts were eager to give it a try, their eyes burning with passion. 

Exceptional talents and heavenly geniuses from various sects did not need to pass this trial. Their power dominated their provinces respectively, all of them Immortal Mountain's enthusiastically welcomed leading figures. When the time came, they could directly enter.

Apart from this, Five Elements Province had a few other great sects, and the Qin Clan was included inside of this as well. They had their own designated quota. As the owners of this Origin Sky Secret Realm themselves, they could directly send their disciples in without needing to undergo a test.

It was clear that this group of people were extremely special!

Even though three thousands slots was quite a bit for the outside world, once they fought over them, there weren't enough to go around. It was because more and more people were coming with experts from every great clan.

In a spacious area outside the city, there was a high platform where a few experts stood, overlooking the people below. Rumbling sounds rang through the air.

"Exceptional talents will fight for supremacy, and heavenly geniuses will stand off against each other. Who will be the true number one? Signs will appear in this power struggle. Those who are ambitious, come!"

Finally, the test for outsiders began. They were going to determine the candidates for the three thousand individuals!

Shi Hao stood inside this crowd and calmly watched.

"Yi!" Suddenly, he saw someone. For some reason, he had a type of indescribable feeling well up. He said with a trembling voice, "Is he grandpa? He is… going to enter the secret realm!"

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