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Chapter 643 - Small Scale Gathering

Bright and beautiful sunlight descended from the azure skies. There were also fresh and green plants releasing the smell of nature. They were full of life, making Shi Hao who departed from Fiend Island feel greatly refreshed. 

During these past few months, he had always been inside Fiend Island, surrounded by electromagnetic mists. The world had always been dusky and black, giving people a rather stifled and gloomy feeling. 

Today, he finally broke free from that dangerous place, once again bathing in the sunlight of the outside world. He breathed freely, allowing the heaven and earth spiritual essence to nourish his flesh. His entire body relaxed.

Only, after resting for a bit, Shi Hao immediately got up, quickly heading in the direction where his grandfather departed.

"Grandpa is definitely okay. Heavenly Country's angel of light, I will let you experience the feeling of being assassinated!" He said quietly. 

Sure enough, as soon as he got out, he heard from a city that Immortal Mountain invited all provinces' exceptional talents into Five Elements Province's secret land to 'swap pointers'. 

"This truly is great news! This should be a smaller scaled distinguished gathering. Origin Sky Secret Realm is going to open. The place where the archaic supreme being underwent nirvana is going to appear in the world again!"

Shi Hao entered a restaurant, and before he sat down for a long time, he heard all types of discussions. This was precisely what he needed. 

"This time is different from the past. Not only are the disciples of various sects going to head there, a few legendary supreme being youths are going to reveal themselves as well. They will definitely carry out an intense power struggle."

Many people were discussing among themselves, feeling great excitement for this distinguished meeting. This was a major event in Five Elements Province. The most powerful inheritors from many great sects would arrive, and the clash between these individuals would inevitably bring about great sparks. 

By now, everyone knew that the three thousand provinces were going to have a great distinguished meeting. Hundred rivers would converge and outstanding individuals will contend for power. Endless numbers of young experts will rise up and carry out great battles. 

Meanwhile, this gathering to learn from one another was the same as the flames of battle about to burn. It made the mood even more excited, drawing the attention of everyone in this world.

"Unfortunately, my cultivation isn't enough, or else I would definitely join in on this excitement, seeing just how powerful those supreme being youths and heavenly ladies are."

"Immortal Mountain gathered so many people all for the sake of sharpening Qin Hao. It seems like they truly are favoring him! I just wonder if he really can produce the most resplendent results."

Qin Hao was not unfamiliar to most people. He left his name on Fiend Island's divine monument, becoming rank one in talent, overlooking the ten provinces and raising up a great commotion.

A single person had two supreme being bones! This was enough to shock the world. It was impossible for him not to attract everyone's attention!

"Rumors had it that this will be the battle where Qin Hao will make his name known. He will fight the young exceptional talents and establish his unrivaled position as a supreme being youth with two bones."

"For a single person to have two immortal bones, what kind of natural talents is this? It had never happened since the ancient times, at the very least not in my Five Elements Province. He will definitely shine brilliantly."

"Immortal Mountain really has invested quite a lot into this… For the sake of holding this exchange of pointers distinguished meeting, they paid a tremendous price to convince the other sects of this province. This is all for the sake of finding worthy opponents for Qin Hao."

Shi Hao frowned. Everything really was as how he had heard it in Fiend Island. He felt deeply worried, fearing that his grandfather would hurry over there and walk into that death trap. 

He already heard a few rumors. People were adding fuel to the fire, pushing this great battle between geniuses to the peak, continuously broadening its influence. 

"Wu, I heard that this is the first time Qin Hao will display his two bones to the world. I wonder exactly what type of unrivaled power he will produce."

When this information was released, it naturally brought about a huge commotion. Many people wanted to know how extraordinary these two supreme being bones were. Even a few exceptional talents wanted to understand this. 

"I only know that he has an innate supreme being bone that has reincarnation power. Those that are swept by its symbols will not be able to free themselves!"

"I heard this piece of information as well. His immortal bone was obtained from his older brother and not innately produced. It was just something presented to him."

"Don't speak randomly. Who would willingly give others their supreme being bone? How can you even believe those types of rumors? In addition, things like this have raised Immortal Mountain's anger, and they had even executed others. Be careful not to speak randomly."

"Hah, this type of thing can't be concealed. The truth will be exposed eventually. After all, there are some people who have visited the lower realm and understand the secrets. Rumor has it that that bone's true owner is a young supreme being that moved unhindered through heaven and earth, his natural aptitude unrivaled. Unfortunately, his died an untimely death. Otherwise, the true reincarnation precious technique would be even more glorious and brilliant."


The people in the restaurant already began to argue over this matter. Some of them believed that Qin Hao's supreme being bone didn't belong to him and that it was someone else's.

Shi Hao frowned, quietly listening to their discussions.

In the end, his mind fell. Heavenly Country's angel of light did a few things as expected, stirring up a commotion to release some information that might attract Grandpa Fifteen. 

Origin Sky Hidden Realm was located in the eastern region, not too far from Origin Sky Ancient City.

Shi Hao went on his way, heading in that direction. Along the way, he heard some more information. His parents would also appear, proceeding together with Qin Hao to watch him achieve greatness with his two bones. 

Apart from this, there might be a marriage proposal during this great battle, one that will select a heavenly woman for Qin Hao. 

Was this something Heavenly Country was spreading around? Shi Hao frowned. Perhaps his grandpa would truly appear to meet with Shi Ziling. Even if they didn't meet, he would still silently watch from the crowd. 

His own grandfather was feeling extremely great emotions. With Shi Ziling, his wife, and the other grandson there, there would definitely be concern within his heart. 

This old man had gone through a lot these past few years, feeling spiritually weary and physically exhausted. He felt great sorrow inside, valuing familial love greatly. After losing Shi Hao, he felt extremely grieved. He was most likely going to pay that place a visit to silently observe his loved ones. 

When he thought of this scene, Shi Hao felt sadness. His grandfather wasn't willing to interact with the Qin Clan, but there was no way he could give up on Shi Ziling and the others. 

At the same time, he felt a wave of shock. This was extremely dangerous. He had to stop his grandfather ahead of time.

"No, I have to release some news to let my grandfather be careful."

The angel of light was plotting against his grandfather, adding fuel to the fire, releasing some news that he had to eliminate.

That day, he used the seventy-two transformations to turn into various types of cultivators of varying ages. He entered several well known large cities to spread rumors.

"Qin Clan is undergoing an internal struggle. They imprisoned the supreme being youth with two immortal bones' grandfather, sending him to Fiend Island to dig ores. Truly merciless!"

When news of this was released, it created quite the sensation.

Then, news came from another ancient city.

"Big news! A great rebellion has broken out in Fiend Island's Black Prison. Many people broke out!"

"Shi Zhongtian escaped Fiend Island, triggering the Qin Clan's fury. They had Heavenly Country send out assassins in pursuit to eliminate him."

"Secret information… this time, Shi Ziling, Qin Hao, and the others will appear in Origin Sky Secret Realm. If Shi Zhongtian heads there, Heaven Country's assassins will most likely use that chance to eliminate him!"


When this information was released, many people were stunned, feeling as if things were quite chaotic.

Everyone didn't believe this at first, but they felt a bit of interest. After all, it was related to an undying inheritance -- Immortal Mountain. That was why this type of random rumors seemed quite interesting.

In the end, what was shocking was that soon after, people verified it. Chaos did break out in Fiend Island, and a portion of the prisoners broke out. They even verified that Qin Hao's grandfather Shi Zhongtian had previously been imprisoned. 

This triggered an uproar. For Immortal Mountain, this was a scandal.

It was clear that for the sake of this event, they immediately carried out a secret investigation. They were badly burned from head to toe. These were definitely not positive rumors.

Shi Hao didn't care about these things. He just wanted his grandfather to be on his guard in hopes of preventing him from falling into Heavenly Country's assassins' hands. 

"The Origin Sky Secret Realm is about to open. Ambitious people of talent, do not miss out on this chance. There is a secret realm terrain map that has been passed down from ancient descendants for sale here."

As soon as he entered Origin Sky City, Shi Hao heard this type of shouting, peddling some so-called mysterious terrain diagram. 

"Secret Realm vicious beast explanations. This is a great secret recorded in an ancient bone book! If you want to survive inside, you have to understand a bit about the terrifying vicious beasts inside."

Shi Hao was stunned. Origin Sky Ancient City's people were too formidable! They were selling all types of maps, bone books, and other items, really knowing how to do business.

"I have an archaic testament booklet here about the origin sky supreme being's life. If you want to find natural luck inside, this is an indispensable bone book. You have to read this carefully!"

The city was bustling with activity. Many people came during these past few days. It was packed with people with people from all trades. All types of clans from different provinces could be seen here. 

There were Taotie, Pixiu, True Hou, and others on the street, yet they didn't look out of place at all. Many old powerful races appeared. There were even great Golden-Winged Pengs spreading their wings and Green Luans soaring in the skies. 

"Yi, what a pretty butterfly." A young girl said softly, looking at a beautiful butterfly not too far out. Her eyes shone with radiance.

However, her companions' faces immediately became completely white. They pulled her away and said, "Don't speak randomly. That's a Demonic Crack Butterfly, a heavenly ranked divine bug. Once it matures, it can tear apart the heavens."

The city was incomparably bustling and full of activity. Many rare races showed themselves. 

This was a distinguished meeting. Undying inheritances from every province obtained an invitation, and heavenly geniuses came from every clan, making others feel a great sense of admiration. 

Shi Hao maintained a low profile. After entering the city, he carefully observed his surroundings and listened to the discussions of the people around him to secretly search for his grandfather. 

"Heaven Mending Sect's fairy Yue Chan unexpectedly came!"

When these news were released, it raised a huge commotion. Everyone looked over. A group of people flew into the city; this was precisely Heaven Mending Sect's people. Among them, there was a beautiful woman with white clothes fluttering around her. It was as if an immortal entered a world of mortals. Her eyes were full of unspeakable intelligence. Her temperament was outstanding, untainted by the flames of mortals. 

"Yi, who is that youngster?"

Soon after, everyone noticed someone at the fairy's side. There was no way to hide his brilliance. His long hair scattered about, and the light from his eyes shot out like lightning. His body was covered in symbols, appearing indistinct. His gait was powerful, as if he was a deity in a lower realm. 

"It's quite likely Immortal Palace's young great one!"

When these words sounded, many people gasped. Even he came! Who could be his match?

"Truly a perfect match." Someone said enviously.

Fairy Yue Chan and Immortal Palace's inheritor moved side by side, making many cultivators release light sighs.

Ka cha

A resplendent streak of lightning shot through the heavens. That was actually a radiance produced by a person's fist! A young supreme being arrived.

"Child of lightning!"

"He came as well! Thing are going to get crazy now. There will definitely be a fierce battle between giants."

Everyone became extremely excited. The child of lightning was incomparably terrifying and quite eager to fight others. He might challenge Immortal Mountain's inheritor!

The next day, a commotion broke out in the city again. A green-clothed young lady descended. Her entire body wafted out a lotus fragrance, and her appearance was rather hazy. Many people cried out in alarm.

"Lotus Clan's supreme being young lady Qing Xian has come!"

Then, Firegold Clan's Teng Yi, Spirit Clan's Zhen Gu, and a few other well known exceptional talents also appeared. They hurried to his ancient city.

Around noon, Sky Severing Sect's witch appeared. She was dressed in black clothes, elegant and enchanting. Her entire being was beautiful to the point of making others feel suffocated. In addition, when her large eyes drifted about, there was a unique type of emotion behind them. 

Everyone was shaken. Many young heavenly geniuses came at once. There will definitely be a great clash of power. 

"I know what happened. Lightning Province had a natural opportunity. Many of these young supreme beings had previously chased after that silver haired girl, but they ended up with nothing. They hurried here from that place." Someone commented.

Five Elements Province was close to Lightning Province. Upon receiving this information the supreme being youths that were hovering around that area came here one after another. 

Then, a few other heavenly geniuses appeared. They were all heroic representatives who overlooked their peers. This created quite the commotion. 

The great confrontation this time would definitely be one of the highest caliber. Supreme being youths appeared one after another. Any one of them were formidable and stunning individuals. 

"Heavens! They have all gathered together. Will they really clash for dominance?"

"Once Origin Sky Secret Realm is opened, for the sake of divine medicines, archaic supreme being true blood, forbidden inheritances, and other things, there will definitely be shocking battles that will take place!"

Everyone was looking forward to this event. This place became more and more bustling with activity.

"Yi, someone else came. Goddess Province's Huang Wu came!" Everyone was stirred up. Another extraordinary supreme being young lady came, stirring up quite the reaction. 

That same day, Immortal Mountain's people came as well. This made Shi Hao's eyes narrow. He saw Shi Ziling, his wife, and Qin Hao!

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