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Chapter 639 - Meeting Grandfather

Li Yuncong felt a bit suspicious. During the past few days, he was always gazing towards the end of the heavenly river, always feeling like something had happened there. Symbols flickered about and lightning radiance would suddenly erupt. 

Unfortunately, when he was still a hundred or so li from the immortal tomb, he couldn't continue any further. He suffered extremely severely from the curse power, and with a light sigh, he turned around. 

He had only emerged from isolation recently, cultivating the Suan Ni precious technique near the heavenly river. He successfully refined that piece of lightning divine wood that he fished up from the river as well, which resulted in great benefits. 

"I wonder how brother Huang is doing. Could it be that he truly did close in on the immortal tomb?" He turned around to leave, following the same way back. 

Soon after, he returned to those ruins and saw the three thousand zhang tall brilliant monument. Even though a long time had passed, there were still many people here. In addition, there were experts who came here to look at it. 

"Yi…" Li Yuncong heard everyone's discussions and felt quite shocked. He said to himself, "Someone ended up changing the power rankings?"

He walked up and raised his head, and then he immediately became petrified. He saw the seated figure carved at the very top of the divine monument. Even though the 'huang' character was a bit hard to make out, it was still quite eye-catching. 

"Brother Huang… Huang!" He immediately understood that it was the youth he met who established this impressive feat!

This left him greatly shocked. He already knew that youth was extremely unordinary, but he never expected him to be this terrifying, sitting above Qin Changsheng's head. 

The so called power ranking considered one's age, cultivation realm, and various other factors. It represented a ranking of individuals when under similar conditions.

"How formidable!" Even though he was an exceptional talent himself and had once been known as unmatched in a province, Li Yuncong had never thought of himself as someone who could overlook the ten provinces. 

He didn't test himself here, because he didn't want others to learn about his whereabouts. 

Li Yuncong knew that a formidable young supreme being had risen up and was about to leave the higher realms shaken. Meanwhile, he had the fortune of swapping pointers with him, even exchanging lightning precious techniques. 

This youth was like a great resplendent star that would gradually rise and overlook all three thousand provinces!

"Wu, a few suspicious individuals came to Fiend Island. They most likely came for Huang. Three months have passed already, yet no traces of him have been found."

"Huang, where did he go? Could it be that he reached the end of the heavenly river?"

"It's best if he doesn't appear, or else he might be in great danger."

Everyone discussed this. They came from different sects. 

During the most recent period of time, Immortal Mountains' experts all hurried over. They searched around nearby to see what kind of person this Huang was exactly.

Apart from this, there were people from other great sects who rushed over. With the appearance of such a mysterious individual who could overlook ten provinces, a great sensation was unavoidable. A few undying inheritances wanted to rope him in.

"Hao'er… you… are you still alive?"

One could imagine how miserable the elder felt back then. He suffered a disaster at Immortal Mountain. If he obtained news of the lower realm's matters after that, his heart would definitely be in great pain.

"Grandfather… where are you? I have to find you!"

He didn't want his grandfather to feel grief and wished to let Grandpa Fifteen know that he was still alive, that he could even fight against exceptional talents and that he was going to rise up in the higher realms. 

Shi Hao's eyes were cloudy with mist. He stood here for a long time. After thinking for a while, he decided to set this place as the center and search everywhere around it. 

Grandpa Fifteen definitely didn't reach the end of the immortal tomb, because Shi Hao already reached the end, yet didn't find anyone. There weren't any traces of anyone else. 

"Grandfather definitely didn't turn around out of fear of being caught by Black Prison's people. either"

In that case, it was most likely that Grandpa Fifteen followed the heavenly river for a while, and then after feeling that the curse power was too great, decided to leave, thus breaking out. 

When he thought of this, his mind jumped. There were many powerful creatures when one stayed far from the heavenly river. They all understood lightning techniques with no lack of experts who lit their divine flames among them. They were extremely dangerous. 

"Grandpa, we will definitely reunite!"

Shi Hao left the riverside and descended from high up in the sky, flying into Fiend Island's great earth. This was because the heavenly river flowed in the sky.

He called out the divine striking stone and Emperor Butterfly to have them help him search for clues. 

Fiend Island originally suspended itself in midair. There were all types of electrical mists everywhere, and it was incredibly dusky. It was vast and boundless as well, so searching for a single person would undoubtedly be difficult, as well as dangerous. 

Not far out, a pair of golden eyes lit up. Then, a loud cry sounded. A dazzling and brilliant streak of electricity flew over!

This was a strange snake that was entirely golden in color. It was a hundred zhang in length with black horns on its head. On its back was a pair of transparent wings. This creature that had reached the supreme expert realm hiddenly attacked Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao didn't recognize what kind of snake this was, only knowing that it was extremely poisonous and that its lightning precious technique was unordinary. 

He didn't dodge and instead used this chance to test out his several months of cultivation. He allowed that electrical arc to enter his body and merge with his body's lightning symbols. He wasn't even injured at all.

"Too weak." Shi Hao said. With a raise of his hand, a streak of flames surged from his palm, and then it was flung out. With a hong sound, this strange snake was killed, blasted into charred coal. 

When lightning turned into flames, all of its destructive characteristics were unleashed. This was the greatest harvest Shi Hao received from the immortal tomb. He was able to see his direction of cultivation. 

He continued along his way, but in the end, before travelling very far, he met a few other strange golden snakes. None of them were weak. 

One of them, after being killed, left behind a sparkling golden stone in its original spot. The inside contained electricity and flickering symbols. This was an extremely precious material. 

On this Fiend Island, there was a small portion of creatures whose bodies contained this type of crystal. They were precious materials for refining weapons, so in the outside world, they were extremely precious. 

When the eighth strange golden snake was killed, Shi Hao felt as if something wasn't right. Two sun suddenly erupted with brilliance in front of him, appearing exceptionally dazzling in the void.


Shi Hao's fine hairs all stood on end. A fluctuation of life suddenly erupted from the mountain range! That… that was actually an enormous snake that was hiding here, and right now, it revived and stared at him!

It was too thick. This snake stretched itself over the great earth as if it hadn't moved for several hundred years. Dust had accumulated on its body, and right now, its mouth shot out an enormous streak of lightning radiance.


Shi Hao's expression changed. He summoned electricity, turning around and immediately leaving, rushing towards the heavenly river.


The great earth split apart. The black horns on the strange snake's head shone, sending out lightning that collapsed many mountain peaks nearby. The transparent wings on its back moved, bringing it into the heavens, chasing after Shi Hao. 

In the end, when it approached the heavenly river, it hesitated after feeling the curse power and could only helplessly retreat.

After experiencing this disaster, Shi Hao became much more careful. That strange snake just now was formidable, almost crossing into the true deity boundary. It was extremely terrifying. 

"Grandpa, you have to be okay…" He went on his way again. After encountering such a dangerous situation in Fiend Island, he became extremely worried. 

Several days later, Shi Hao entered another region. He found a Silversky Centipede that was a hundred zhang long. It stretched out on the ground, devouring lightning mist and spreading its poison outwards. Its divine flame burned about it in an abnormally terrifying manner. 

This place wasn't called the dangerous region for nothing. He met another divine level ancient bug. 

Shi Hao made a detour around it, not startling this divine bug that was currently cultivating. 

The more he explored this dangerous area, the more terrified he felt. These creatures were not few. They devoured lightning radiance and absorbed electromagnetic mists as they rested here. There was nothing he could do about them. 

Shi Hao continuously searched, crossing over many mountain ranges. He encountered great dangers several times. Even though there were no trees and it was all mountain rocks, they similarly hid enormous beasts and ferocious birds. 


He was shocked. Multicolored light sparkled, as if large numbers of fireflies were flying about here. It was extremely beautiful and gorgeous.

However, before Shi Hao even approached, a resplendent symbol flickered out and a world-shaking angry roar erupted. 

It was a group of Silver Butterflies that numbered in the thousands to tens of thousands. They moved their wings together and displayed their might at the same time, unexpectedly crushing a mountainous golden vicious beast to pieces, blasting it apart with electrical radiance. 

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. The butterflies that looked weak, when grouped together, were actually so powerful.

"There are so many butterflies. If I could command them all, then it would be so great. I would have them all help me look for grandfather…" Shi Hao said softly. 

Suddenly, from his hair, the Emperor Butterfly shone, unfolding its body. It nodded towards him and then flew towards the group of Silver Butterflies. 

"Careful!" Shi Hao became astonished. He never expected the Silver Butterfly would act out on its own like that. However, the results were completely unexpected. As soon as the Emperor Butterfly got closer, countless Silver Butterflies dropped to the ground, unexpectedly trembling in fear in its presence. 

Shi Hao was stunned. The Emperor Butterfly was still a larva that hadn't grown up yet at all, yet it already had such great might!

"No wonder there was that legend that said that an Emperor Butterfly appeared in the archaic era. With a light shake of its wings, the most powerful heavenly ranked creatures of the world were blasted to pieces, turned into ashes. This… race's power is too great."

In the end, all of the Silver Butterflies flew up, rushing in all directions in search of clues. 

Even though it was like this, Shi Hao still quickly called the Emperor Butterfly back, fearing that a few divine level Silver Butterflies might appear. If they suddenly attacked them, the results would be too horrible to even think about. 

Soon after, Shi Hao encountered another race -- Golden Beetles. This was also a group of creatures that numbered in the thousands to tens of thousands and huddled together like golden kernels. They covered the sky. 

In the end, the Emperor Butterfly flapped its wings. With its appearance, these creatures all expressed their allegiance as well.

Forget about Shi Hao, even the divine striking stone was shocked, feeling that this was a bit inconceivable. The Emperor Butterfly was actually this formidable!

"What a pity… back then, it had only appeared once, and that was in the archaic era as well. The world only knows so much about it." The divine striking stone said. 

It only made a single appearance, but that appearance alone was enough to be recorded, because its feats that day were too heavy defying. With just a shake from its wings, several extremely powerful creatures were eliminated. 

Soon after, a few populations of creatures began to move about Fiend Island in search of Grandpa Fifteen. 

Several days later, a silver butterfly flew over, releasing spiritual fluctuations to tell Shi Hao that it had once seen that single armed individual. 

There were some Silver Butterflies that left on their own, departing far from their clan's area of residence. This butterfly was precisely like this, one that had roamed about outside for a long time. It had just returned.

"What?!" When Shi Hao obtained the news, he was immediately greatly shaken. He never expected to see hope so quickly. He hurriedly urged it and said, "Where?"

The Silver Butterfly guided the way. It also told them that it saw him a bit over half a month ago. 

Shi Hao was both startled, happy, and worried. His grandfather was still on Fiend Island after all! He followed the Silver Butterfly for a long distance and finally reached their destination.

"Grandfather, please tell me you took care of yourself! I am coming!"

Soon after, several golden bugs flew over, transmitting with their divine senses that they saw Grandpa Fifteen just ahead. There were also other people tracking his traces. 

"There are still people trying to find my grandfather!" Shi Hao's eyebrows jumped. He naturally rushed over immediately, full of worry that they were enemies.

Just like that, he searched through this place. Two days later, they received precise news that there were people who treated Grandpa Fifteen unfavorably, pursuing him here. 

Of course, there was another group of people who were searching without any malice.

"The group of people that don't have bad intentions should be related to my father…" Shi Hao said softly. 

Despite this being the case, he still found it hard to calm down. There was a group of people pursuing Grandpa Fifteen; this made him extremely angry, wishing to rush there as soon as possible. 

Soon after, he received bad news. The group of people that had good intentions were not able to find Grandpa Fifteen and already left.

"Use every means possible! Have to… find him as soon as possible!" Shi Hao's voice was shaking. He began to panic, feeling fear that something bad happened to his grandfather. 

This was a great pursuit. It had to be said that the Emperor Butterfly was extremely useful this time, having a group of creatures without deities overseeing them obeying its command and aiding in the search. 

"Found him… we are getting close!"

Four days later, Shi Hao's chest rose and fell violently. There was a group of Earth Silkworms who resided in this mountain range who had clues to Grandpa Fifteen's whereabouts. These Earth Silkworms could move through earth, and they also grasped lightning.

A day ago, they had seen several men and women pursuing an elder.


Shi Hao clenched his fists. His eyes stood vertically. He felt both agitation and anger. His body couldn't help but begin to shake.

Several hours later, Shi Hao noticed signs of a middle-aged man and woman. Their speed was neither fast nor slow, and they were following traces left behind by others, also searching for something. 

Right now, these two were talking softly, discussing something among themselves. 

"He is quite formidable. Even though he came from the lower realm, he is quite the individual."

"Indeed not simple, actually breaking free from our entrapment several times."

"This time, we discovered him again. It absolutely must not be a spiritual body. After hunting him down for so long, it should be time for him to die."


Shi Hao operated the divine force recorded in the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, placing his body in a near nonexistent state. He was silent like a ghost as he chased after them. 

He was extremely nervous inside, fearing that something unexpected could happen.

Finally, he reached the destination. Up ahead was a wide open space, but symbols would surge from time to time. Someone laid down a great formation, sealing this place up. 

There were six experts there, both men and women among them, surrounding a single-armed elder inside. Together with the man and woman who just arrived, there were eight people.

There were unexpectedly existences that ignited divine flames among them. Divine flame blazed about, appearing extremely terrifying!

"I want to know, why are you trying to kill me?" The single-armed elder said. He was weather-beaten and worn out. His face revealed an expression of great changes. His body was covered in bloodstains as well. 

"It is because you have a good grandson who has two immortal bones, and someone does not wish you approve of your connection with him. They do not wish for you to use your strange ideology and way of conduct to discipline him," one of them said. 

"My grandson…" The single armed elder's voice trembled. He raised his head towards the sky, his pair of tiger like eyes containing tears. With a bit of sorrow, he said, "I still have another grandson."

"Another grandson, you are talking about the lower realm, right? He's already dead, buried a year ago." Another individual said coldly, expressionless and callous. 

It was clear that the single armed elder already heard about this information a while ago, knowing about this matter. However, he still staggered, feeling greatly pained, as if he was dealt the heaviest blow.

"Don't feel so sad, you still have a healthy grandson who has two bones within him. In the future, his power will definitely shake all three thousand provinces, becoming number one under heaven." An old woman who ignited her divine flame said. 

"Qin Hao… has Immortal Mountain. He does not need me to worry about him." The single armed elder felt a bit disappointed. He was originally a man of steel, but right now, he was powerless. Carrying grief, he said, "My grandson, how could you die?"

Shi Hao came. When he saw this elder so broken-hearted and grieved, his aged face full of hardships, his eyes couldn't help but turn red. Hot tears rolled down his face.

"Grandpa… I am still alive!"

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