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Chapter 637 - Immortal Tomb

"Did we… reach the immortal tomb?"

Up ahead was a hazy expanse. Holy splendor flickered about and lightning radiance surged. There were layers of mists as well, making this place hazy and mysterious.

Several li out, there was an ancient tomb that was several dozen zhang tall resting there. The heavenly river poured inside and disappeared without a trace. 

Of course, this scene was quite indistinct and it was hard to see everything clearly. It was because the curse symbols, holy splendor, and lightning interweaved together, blocking his sight. 

However, he was sure that they arrived at their destination.

Next to Shi Hao's side was a Taotie. It was extremely large and covered in purple scales that flickered with radiance. It was full of a bloody energy. The horn on its head was a bit like a dragon horn, but also like forked goat horns. 

It looked like it had seen a ghost. It couldn't believe that it could truly see the immortal tomb!

The Taotie shivered inwardly. It faced so many difficulties when travelling with its clansmen and even brought the evil warding divine bamboo, but they couldn't even reach this place. This youth never revealed any divine treasures, so why could he resist the curse and come her?

It speculated that Shi Hao definitely had some holy evil warding object, or else he wouldn't be able to resist the curse. In addition, it was because of this divine object that he was able to gradually refine away the curse from its body. 

When it thought of this point, it felt a wave of fury. It was because the reason the other party did this… was all for the sake of eating him!

The Taotie felt like it was going mad. This was truly a type of humiliation. The most powerful aspect of its race was that it could devour all living things. Once it cultivated to the peak, it could even devour the natural laws of heaven and earth.

They were always the ones that ate other races' experts, yet today, it was the opposite. Someone was going to eat it!

The Taotie was one of the higher realms' most powerful races. Its power was unmatched. This race made all other undying inheritances incomparably fearful, not willing to provoke them.

In addition, their clan's archaic old ancestor was still alive. His power could shake all three thousand provinces!

Shi Hao noticed the changes that were happening to it. He stopped and gave it a glace. He had to make some preparations as well. The curse here was more and more powerful, so he needed to adjust himself to his optimal state.

The Taotie also adjusted itself. It knew that the other party wouldn't let it go, but it still didn't want to yield. It had left its name behind on the demonic sovereign's monument, and his ranking wasn't that low.

Perhaps, if it knew that Shi hao occupied the number one ranking for strength, it wouldn't think like this. 

Hou… The Taotie acted, rushing to attack. It was because it felt that Shi Hao wouldn't bring it into the immortal tomb and would get rid of it here. 

Endless blood energy surged, pouring outwards like a sea. The Taotie was truly strong. With a swipe from this young pure blooded creature's claws, even the void became a bit dim.


Shi Hao raised his hand, using his palm to directly face it head on. The Taotie couldn't help but cry out loudly. That claw unexpectedly began to flow out blood! 

So powerful! The Taotie immediately felt fear inside. Their race's flesh was sturdy to the point where ordinary races couldn't compare to them. However, this was a human, yet he was so powerful. 

It opened its enormous bloody mouth to devour all living things. A black hole appeared in the void, surrounding Shi Hao's true body.

"Human, you can go die!" The Taotie staked it all, using its clan's great divine ability, frantically igniting its essence blood. The black hole immediately surged with divine radiance, constructing natural laws to refine Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao took a step. Lightning radiance appeared all around him. A fist blasted outwards, striking through the black hole. He walked out.

The Taotie coughed out blood and staggered backwards. It revealed a look of disbelief. Was its precious technique really destroyed so easily, just like that?

"I can't accept this!"

These two days were a torment for it, as well as humiliation. It was because the other party helped it refine the curse, but didn't even seal it. This was clearly because he didn't fear it trying to flee or retaliate.

Its eyes revealed a vicious glare. It was known as the descendant of a heavenly ranked archaic vicious beast, so how could it become food of another creatures?

"Unleashing sealed power!"

The Taotie roared loudly. Chains appeared one after another around its body. Those were formed from symbols, appearing like divine chains, binding its skeleton and flesh. 


In that instant, these chains all collapsed. A wave of symbol light rushed into the heavens. 

In that instant, the Taotie spat out a mouthful of essence blood, suffering severe injuries. However, its power increased greatly, becoming quite a bit stronger than before. 

Its race had a secret technique that constructed symbols and saved divine force, suppressing oneself. When they released it all at the critical moment to attack a higher cultivation realm, they could immediately succeed.

Shi Hao was shocked and said, "I underestimated you. Only like this will you not leave me disappointed."

"I suppressed myself to light a divine flame, but now, my own dao foundation was destroyed. You have to pay the price!" The Taotie roared. 

Its blood energy surged as it threw itself over viciously. Its entire body was covered in beautiful symbols. With a raise of his hands or raise of his feet, the void would tremble and rumble with noise. 

This time, it exchanged several dozen attacks with Shi Hao. The battle became more and more intense. It was extremely ferocious. In the end, they broke through a hundred exchanges, erupting completely. 

"This powerful?" Shi Hao was shocked. Right now, he felt that this was worthy of being a legendary Taotie.

However, when these words rang through the Taotie's ears, it was like a type of mockery. It released a low roar and said, "As the Taotie clan's young supreme being disciple, no one has ever dared to look down on me like this before!"

All of its body's pores opened, flowing out blood. It ignited itself, completely going crazy to fight Shi Hao to the death. 

Shi Hao was moved. The Taotie Clan had a young supreme being that was rumored to sweep through a hundred races without encountering any that could match it. He had heard of it before, but since they already became enemies, he couldn't let the enemy before him go anymore. 

"Let's end this!" Shi Hao said coldly. He didn't want to stall any longer. He had to adjust himself to the optimal state and enter the immortal tomb. 

This Taotie freed himself from his own shackles, and after unleashing the seal, he truly became several times stronger. After exchanging a hundred and fifty attacks in a great battle against Shi Hao, he was ultimately killed by a streak of lightning. 

It was unwilling. It threw itself forward in an incomparably vicious and sinister manner. However, in the end, its eyes grew dim, and then it collapsed.

"What a pity, I could not obtain the Taotie race's devouring divine ability." Shi Hao shook his head. There were restrictions placed on all of these powerful clans' sea of consciousness. Once outsiders tried to search for it, it would self-destruct. 

The moment this Taotie died, its true primordial bone shattered as well. 

Shi Hao sat there, calmly adjusting his breathing, adjusting every part of his body to the optimal state. Then, he brought out the pill furnace, temporarily transferring the precious medicines into the heaven and earth pouch.

He used his precious techniques to gather the water vapor in the air and produce water. After washing the Taotie's flesh, he then placed it into the pill furnace to stew it with his own dao flame. 

"What a pity it is that I couldn't find my grandfather. Otherwise, we could have eaten a great meal fit for a dragon's son." Shi Hao said to himself. 

He had never eaten Taotie flesh before, but from the sparkling meat inside the pill furnace and the brilliant multicolored light, he knew that this was definitely nourishing and holy in nature. 

This type of heavenly ranked vicious beast was a well-known race among pure-blooded creatures. Their entire bodies were treasures and could be considered great flesh medicine!

"So fragrant!"

Several hours later, Shi Hao began to gorge himself, eating until his mouth was flickering with multicolored light. The meat was extremely tender, and when it entered his mouth, it contained a unique type of fragrance.

"It taste too good! It truly is a rare delicacy!"

Shi Hao was completely infatuated with this meal. The Taotie flesh was extremely tender and delicious, truly worthy of being call a wonderful meat dish. What a pity it was that there wasn't any wine, or else he would have truly drank a few cups. 

The pill furnace didn't look large, only fist sized in height, but it could hold the entire Taotie inside. The inside was roiling with spiritual essence. All of the great medicine's essence were slowly cooked inside. 

Shi Hao wolfed down his food. He looked extremely delicate and pretty, but now, he was like a great stomach king. He devoured a small half of the Taotie in one go, making his entire body radiate holy light.

In the end, he already couldn't suppress it anymore. Every pore in his body surged with divine force. This was a sign that he reached his limit, but he still didn't show any sign of stopping.

It was because it was extremely dangerous aheads. The curse power was exceptionally thick. He was going to make his own divine force surge to its limit, storing the power of the Taotie's flesh.


Shi Hao said to himself after completely eating half of the Taotie. 


Shi Hao walked forward. Divine force roiled, forming a streak of light that wrapped around him, resisting the curse power. 

The following few li of the road was quite unique. Each time he traveled a set amount of distance, the curse power would increase several times, making one feel suffocated. Even Shi Hao was struggling. 

"I'm almost there."

There was one last li left, but the curse power rose rapidly, pouring down like a great rain, drowning him within.

The source of the curse was that ancient tomb!

That was why the closer he got, the harder it was to endure. It was proportionate to one's cultivation, so the higher one's cultivation realm was, the greater the pressure they felt. 

The divine striking stone and Emperor Butterfly were put inside the heaven and earth pouch and then into his heavenly passage. He now faced everything alone to close in on that great tomb.

One step, two steps, three steps…

Shi Hao's body was covered in sweat. The bones in his body were cracking with sounds, as if his body was being crushed up. He ate half of the Taotie, so he was full of divine force, but he still felt exhausted. 

The final li took him three entire days and nights. During this period of time, he had to sit down several times and remove the curse with difficulty.

Ka cha!

During this period of time, there were still streak after streak of electricity hacking downwards. It was extremely terrifying, landing on his body from time to time. Blood splashed out from his shoulders, even injuring his body. 

This place was seething with spiritual essence. Lightning interweaved, and curse power covered this place densely. The electricity carried a trace of immortal dao aura. 

He was only lacking the final few dozen steps, but Shi Hao couldn't hold on any longer. The pressure was just too great, and the curse couldn't be removed. His flesh showed signs of collapsing, and his mind was completely exhausted.

"This is a type of cultivation…" Shi Hao said to himself, entering a state of meditation. He sat down to resist these powers, treating this as a life and death self-improvement. 

His mental state changed, making him clear-headed and calm. He treated this like a type of refinement, carrying out a transcendence of the self and understanding the power of the lightning in the void.

One step after another. The final several dozen steps took Shi Hao another three days. He finally reached the great tomb.

It was created from piles of yellow earth, existing here for endless years already. The great river was overflowing, directly pouring into the tomb. This place had endless symbols flickering about and a terrifying great dao aura. 

The dried up tomb was a type of great dao!

This was what Shi Hao felt. When he arrived, this was the thought he came to. Perhaps the true great natural opportunity was this grave.

In this place, the entire ancient tomb had a type of natural law that would release symbols from time to time. In addition, it would erupt with lightning radiance that rushed into the ninth heaven.

"Was there truly an immortal that died here, buried in this tomb?" Shi Hao asked himself. His head was covered in sweat. He sat there with difficulty, enduring the tremendous pressure.

He took out the dual-pupil to see through the mist and lightning radiance, peering into everything in the immortal tomb. 

"That is…" His eyes widened, observing everything below with shock. That place was covered in an expanse of scarlet redness. There was brightly colored blood that carried an undying aura. It surged with a vitality that was red and translucent, sparkling like that of gemstones. 

"Is this the immortal's blood, or the demonic sovereign's blood?" Shi Hao's voice was trembling. He felt a bit moved, clenching his fists tightly. However, he knew that he definitely couldn't obtain it.

The ancient tomb was a type of great dao. It might represent the immortal dao, but it might also contain the demonic sovereign's supreme dao natural laws. He definitely couldn't enter it just by himself.

He gave it a test, bringing out a magical artifact. In the end, as soon as it approached, it was burned into ashes by those sparkling symbols.

"I'm not going to enter the immortal tomb and am just going to sit here to comprehend the great dao and natural laws!"

Shi Hao made this decision. He did everything he could to resist the curse while meditating, comprehending the 'immortal tomb's great dao'. 

During the first few days, Shi Hao felt incomparable pain. This was a type of bone crushing torment. The curse entered his body and lightning radiance hacked down, covering his body in blood. His flesh was becoming dim.

In the end, he finally began to slowly adapt to this place, and things turned slightly for the better. In addition, from time to time, he caught traces of the dao, and he studied these traces. 

Half a month later, Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised to find that he finally sensed it. This place contained a great amount of lightning force, and he could capture a bit of their trajectory. 

"Immortal dao aura…"

Shi Hao studied this aura, closing his eyes and sensing these broken symbols. Then, he saw strange scenes one after another. Those were the transformations of lightning, profound and mysterious.

"Lightning, it has life, turning into plants that contain thriving vitality."

Shi Hao said softly. This was what he comprehended. Lightning did not only contain destructive power, but it also embodied life. He seized this insight. 

Then, he looked at the earth formed from lightning. There were earthen rocks resting one after another, thick and majestic.

Then, he saw a river. Lightning turned into liquid, becoming water that flowed between heaven and earth. 


A metallic sound rang through the air. All types of lightning congealed into various types of metal weapons, turning into spears, halberds, and others. Their power was heaven overflowing.

Lightning could also become metal and possess great sharpness.

On the immortal tomb, symbols continuously changed, revealing all types of profound mysteries. Shi Hao immersed himself within this, completely throwing himself in. 

This was clearly lightning, but Shi Hao saw the most original elements of this world: wood, earth, water, metal, fire.


Finally, several streaks of lightning with different characteristics collided. Strands of chaotic energy actually seeped out. This electricity was terrifying to the extreme and suffused with immortal dao aura. 

Shi Hao comprehended for an extremely long time. The lightning dao precious technique became much more powerful. Unknowingly, a month had already passed. 

Just this single period of comprehension took up an entire month. If news of this got out, it would definitely leave others stupefied. All dao comprehension states were hard to continue. They should be short moments of insight. 

"I've seen the way. I know how I should cultivate the lightning dao." Shi Hao said softly. This month of dao comprehension allowed him to see the most foundational changes of the lightning dao, but also the most valuable changes. 

Soon after, Shi Hao's body surged with flames that carried a destructive aura, blazing furiously.

"I already grasped one type of foundational transformation of the lightning dao -- flames. Along with destruction comes flourishing vitality, as well as light."

This was precisely the case. His body looked like it was seething with fiery light, but it was lightning. This was electricity, but it was pulsing like a flame, burning with great power. 

The current lightning dao he grasped was without a doubt much more powerful than that of the past. He was becoming more intimate with lightning. The electricity turned into flames, wrapping him within.

Shi Hao got up. After grasping this foundational and profound transformation of the lightning dao, he seemed to form some kind of connection with the immortal dao lightning here. The curse's affect on him became much weaker as well.

He moved around this great tomb to see what other areas might contain. 

"There are priceless plants that contain lightning symbols!"

Shi Hao was shocked. At the other side of the great tomb were a few plants. There were strange grass, shrubs, and tender flower buds. They all carried electrical radiance and contained mysterious symbols. 

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