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Chapter 624 - Heavenly Geniuses Rise

After not meeting for more than a year, Fairy Yue Chan's main body became even more beautiful. It was no longer tainted by the world of mortals. She had beautiful eyes and teeth, and as her white clothes fluttered behind her, she was like a fairy that walked out from a painting. 

Unknowingly, a pressure was exuded from her body. The power of her soul was astonishing, making even the people like Scholar Tree City's city master feel great fear. 

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes. He didn't look in that direction, but he couldn't calm down. This Yue Chan main body was more powerful than before. She was gorgeous, and an immortal aura was being released by her body. 

He knew a long time ago that fairy Yue Chan wasn't a simple person. There were shocking irregular phenomenons as soon as she was born, which had triggered quite the sensation in the higher realms. Then, she was sealed. 

Back then, he and the witch discovered some clues when they dealt with Yue Chan's second body. In the depths of her consciousness, there was a charming and exceptional female sleeping. There was an undying life force exuding from her. 

"Does this mean that she had started to unseal the restrictions and released the soul force? Her origins are too astonishing!" Shi Hao sighed inwardly. 

The young great one from Immortal Palace was still as mysterious as before. Symbols covered his entire body, making it hard for one to see his true appearance, but his presence still made everyone incomparably respectful, not daring to look at him face to face. 

The two streaked across the air, as if they were a pair of jade. 

"That's Heaven Mending Sect's fairy. As expected, she is an unrivaled beauty, beautiful to the point of almost seeming unreal!"

"Only that Immortal Palace young great one can have this kind of exceptional fairy accompany his side."

"They are a perfect pair, like daoist immortal companions."

As this pair traveled across the sky, it raised exclaims of admiration. There was fear, admiration, and even jealousy. Their expressions were complicated. 

"There is definitely something special going on. So many people came and startled so many sects. Did they all come for that silver-haired woman? Exactly what kind of thing happened?" Shi Hao said to himself. He felt that if there was some kind of great natural opportunity, he would most likely be caught up in the disturbance as well. 

Inside the arena, most people wouldn't pay attention to the changes happening to Scholar Tree City, especially the youth. Their spiritual senses weren't as strong, so the selection competition continued. 

"Watch me!" Vermilion Village's youth walked up. After taking a deep breath, he released a grunt, and then with a rumbling sound, he picked up a great cauldron weighing ten thousand jin. 

"Wow!" His peers nearby were all in admiration and shouted loudly. 

"What is so special about that?" On the side, someone carried a look of contempt. Python Village's people walked over. A robust youth grabbed a large cauldron with one hand, and then with rumbling sounds, he raised it. 

"What great power!" Everyone cried out in astonishment, because they came from ordinary tribes. For a teenager to depend solely on his flesh without any symbols and raise a ten thousand jin great cauldron was quite impressive. 

The people here speculated that if that Python Village genius used all of his strength and both arms, he shouldn't have any problems raising a large cauldron weighing thirty thousand jin. It was extremely shocking. 

"Not bad!" Scholar Tree City's city master nodded his head in praise and revealed a smile. 

"Group of little spiders, you all are too weak." Python Village's youth turned around and looked at Vermilion Village, and then he began to laugh loudly. The people behind him followed in laughter and revealed expressions of ridicule. 

"Let me try!" Vermilion Village's most powerful youngster appeared. He walked up, and then with a roar, he also raised up the ten thousand jin ancient cauldron with a single hand, leading to exclaims of admiration as well. 

Shi Hao was extremely calm. Back then, when he was only seven years old and training his body, he had already raised up a hundred jin boulder with a single hand, exceeding his limit. 

Then, he understood that this country town was just a 'preliminary event'. This selection competition was mainly to weed out the overly enthusiastic youth without any strength. 

If one believed that they were powerful enough themselves, they could directly head to the prefectural city and participate in the great battle. However, if they did something like that, there was a chance that they might lose their lives. 

That was why he didn't participate. If there was truly some great opportunity and he had to participate in a decisive battle, then he'll just directly head towards the prefectural city. 


An enormous streak of lightning streaked across the air. It shook half the sky. It was actually brilliance that came from someone's fist. It was incomparably terrifying, the power behind it was world shocking.


Someone cried out miserably. Five or six individuals were blasted until half their bodies exploded. They fled with their ruined bodies in disarray. They were all supreme experts that had been attacked to this extent. 

"Child of lightning!"

Someone cried out in shock, recognizing his identity.

Legend had it that he was born within a great storm. As soon as he came into this world, the top of his head shone, and then it immediately suffered a strike of lightning!

It was rumored that lightning poured out like an ocean back then, instantly pouring down in torrents. In the end, they were all absorbed by the crown of his head, turning into a symbol that engraved itself into his skull. 

It was a miracle!

His clansmen and parents were incomparably shocked, naming him child of lightning. This implied that he was a child of the heavens. As soon as he was born, instead of harming his body, the lightning helped him refine his body. 

From that day forth, he was closely connected with lightning. When his fist smashed outwards, endless lightning power would appear. He had never been defeated before.

"Even you all dare to plot against me?" The child of lightning's golden hair danced about, as if it was burning. His entire body was shining with endless golden lightning radiance. 

"We didn't know you were the child of lightning! Divine child, please show forgiveness!" An individual cried out loudly.


The child of lightning pointed out. A streak of lightning radiance streaked across, and then that person was completely blasted apart. He first turned into a bloody mist, and then he became scorched ashes. 

Everyone in Scholar Tree City watched while trembling with fear. This individual was too formidable, not even treating supreme experts as anyone special. They were clearly at the same cultivation realm, but it was so easy for him to kill them. 

"Worthy of being the child of lightning." Someone sighed and said. 

"I want to know if the rumors are true." The child of lightning overlooked Scholar Tree City towards those great powers' troops and asked. 

The ones that were there stared at him and all shivered inwardly. This child of lightning received the protection of the heavens. He suffered a thunder strike as soon as he was born, but not only did he not die, a symbol condensed on his skull. He was one of the world's most powerful heavenly geniuses!

An old supreme expert opened his mouth and said, "The outside world were all saying that the silver haired woman obtained some great natural opportunity, and that was why she ended up being pursued by Immortal Palace's young great one."

"Tell me the main points!" The child of lightning said with a profound voice. 

The old supreme expert hurriedly added, "Someone said that she obtained a supreme treasure, a three world copper coffin. Someone else said that she discovered the Supreme Hall. As for which one it really is, we do not know."

The others hurriedly nodded, agreeing with what he said. 

Xiu! The child of lightning disappeared, moving with lightning radiance. He only left behind an afterimage. 

Shi Hao finally knew why that silver haired woman was being hunted down by Immortal Palace's people. It seems like she found something. No wonder the other exceptional talents and great powers were hurrying over. 

He didn't know what kind of magical artifact a third world bronze coffin was, but any item called a supreme treasure in the higher realms was definitely formidable! Meanwhile, he knew some stuff about Supreme Hall, and he also knew that it returned to the higher realms. 

Even though Scholar Tree City's selection competition could still be considered lively, due to the sudden commotion and the arrival of many experts, this competition instead seemed rather dull. 

Meanwhile, Scholar Tree City's city master's face became pale. As the master of this place, in front of these experts from great sects, he truly wasn't all that important. Even those old servants were supreme experts with enough power to sweep through this place. 

"Children, we should leave." Third grandfather felt as if something wasn't right. As soon as the selection competition ended, they immediately prepared to leave. 

Vermilion Village's youth were extremely disappointed, because they were completely defeated. The country town only selected the ten best individuals. There were quite a few youth from the nearby tribe, so not a single person from Vermilion Village approached the top ten. 

"Haha… little spiders, obediently hide back in your village, or else it'll be dangerous!" A few individuals from Python Village laughed loudly. One of their people entered the top ten and openly provoked Vermilion Village. 

Along the way, the black shelled snail crawled rather quickly, but along the several hundred li road, it was a bit terrified. From time to time, light would erupt in the skies. It was clear that experts were fighting a great battle.


An expanse of brilliance emerged in the distance. A male was seated in the void while surrounded by symbols. He was surrounded by a great sun, making him look exceptionally holy. There was also fiery light around him.

"He also came!" Shi Hao recognized him. That was Firegold Clan's Teng Yi. In the past, they had fought. This was an extremely terrifying individual. If not for the other party's true body being restricted, it would have been hard to decide who would have been the victor. 

At this moment, he was fighting a great battle against a group of Golden Ants. Every ant was the size of a barbarian ox. They were all pure-blooded creatures and incomparably fierce. 

The group of Golden Ants had extremely powerful flesh. It was difficult for precious artifacts to injure them. If other people encountered a single one, it would already be hard for them to win, but Teng Yi was actually fighting against a whole group.

"Heavens… a single person fighting a great battle against the Golden Ant Race, terrifying as expected. Worthy of being Firegold Race's unmatched Teng Yi!"

Someone was watching from the distance, gasping in surprise. 

Vermilion Village's people passed by. They were all shivering in fear. The great snail increased its speed and fled from this place. 

Shi Hao's eyes flickered with radiance. He longed to fight against these people, but right now, he couldn't expose himself. The natural laws were still being replenished, so he couldn't act recklessly. 

"It is better if I sneakily seize natural opportunities," Shi Hao said to himself. He didn't tarry here and followed Vermilion Village's people back. They made it through this dangerous road. 

After returning, Shi Hao didn't do anything risky. He waited for his body to recover, until he could use precious techniques. Before that, he would do anything rash. 

For several days, this region was extremely restless. From time to time, great battles would erupt. Powerful experts rose one after another. There were people who hurried over from all different sects. It was almost as if this region was going to be overturned.

During these days, the nearby tribes were all quite unpeaceful. None of them dared to go out to hunt, because there were experts roaming the mountains and intense battles broke out from time to time. 

Rumors had it that the silver-haired woman didn't escape, that she was hiding in this region. The experts that were roaming about this area of several thousand li were all looking for her. 

"Finally done!" Five days later, Shi Hao's body surged with multicolored light. Pi pa sounds rang out. He didn't need to restrict himself anymore. His symbols were replenished, becoming fully complete. He could use precious techniques again. 

He felt an unprecedented amount of power. When he moved his arms or legs, it harmonized with the world, as if he could make stars fall!

When he noticed Vemilion Village's predicament, Shi Hao moved and hunted back some prey, for example Dragon Horned Elephants, Two Headed Fiery Rhinoceros, Six Footed Camels, and other creatures. They were all enormous beasts. 

"Many thanks to little friend!" Third grandfather expressed his thanks. If they didn't have this food, these following days would definitely have been rough. They would have only been able to eat some meager grains. For the youngsters that were currently growing and cultivating, their blood and qi wouldn't be sufficient. 

"I should go and take a look as well." After Shi Hao recovered his body, he became like how he was in the past again. He decided to take action and tour around the mountains in search of the legendary great natural opportunity. 


As soon as he entered the depths of the mountain range, he saw an intense confrontation. There were many people watching nearby, not daring to get any closer.

Immortal Palace's young great one held a void halberd. His long hair scattered about behind him, his divine might world changing. There were symbols all around him. As he stood there, it was as if he was a divine king that descended into this world, one that was overlooking the world.

Beside him, fairy Yue Chan's white clothes fluttered about. She stood together with him. The two were like a perfect pair, working together to face off against the other two individuals. 

"There are people who dare to challenge this pair?" Shi Hao was shocked, revealing a strange look when he got closer. This really was an inevitable clash between enemies. 

At the other end of the mountains, the witch was smiling sweetly. Her large eyes were intelligent, and her black dress revealed her body's wonderful curves, forming a stark contrast with fairy Yue Chan's white clothes. 

"No, this is her real body." Shi Hao was astonished. He discovered that this black clad woman was a bit different from in the past. Her appearance possessed all of the strong points of the heavenly fox fairy and previous witch. 

"This girl…" Shi Hao finally understood that the witch he met before was only a spiritual body!

Next to the witch's true body sat an individual that was wrapped within flames. The flames were made of symbols, mysterious and holy in appearance. This was a young man. He was somewhat indistinct as he sat within, but Shi Hao could feel how powerful this individual was. There was a divine lamp at his shoulder that swirled with a mysterious energy that filled the void. He could actually stand against Immortal Palace's young great one, so it was quite clear just how terrifying he was. 

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